How Do You Know If a Man is Bisexual?

This article will explore the main signs of bisexuality in males - from analyzing close friends' behavior to checking poses he prefers in bed
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If you’ve ever had to question your man’s sexuality, chances are that he is exploring his bisexuality. However, confirming your suspicions can be tricky. In this kind of situation, you don’t want to make wrong assumptions. And the best way to confirm your suspicions is by knowing what to look for.

Trust us, the signs are always there but you’ll only identify them if you know them. Rest assured, this article will discuss the signs of bisexuality in males. If you see any man showing any of these signs, there’s a huge chance that he’s bisexual and wants to be with both men and women. How do you know if a man is bisexual? How to spot a bisexual man? What makes a man bisexual? Am I bisexual for guys? These and more questions will be answered as we unpack everything about bisexual men’s signs.

Let’s Define Bisexuality

You probably have an idea of what bisexuality is but let’s provide you more insight. Bisexuality is basically being sexually attracted to two different sexes. Specifically, a bisexual man recognizes and respects his physical, mental, and sexual attraction to both men and women.

We must also point out that mere appreciation of both sexes doesn’t necessarily mean a man is bisexual but wanting to be intimate with men and women shows bisexuality. Besides, we must make an important clarification that a bisexual man is not necessarily gay. While a gay man is attracted to only men, a bisexual man is attracted to both men and women.

Also, some people who have a distinct but not complete sexual preference for one gender over the other identify themselves as bisexual according to a 2005 study published in the Journal of Sex Research. Trusted Source Sexual Identity Development among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youths: Consistency and Change Over Time A longitudinal report of 156 gay, lesbian, and bisexual youths examined changes in sexual identity over time.

Overall, a bisexual man stays in the middle of homosexuality and heterosexuality and never really chooses between the two: he’s just comfortable being intimate with both genders. That’s fluid, isn’t it?

Is it a sudden change?

When most people discover their partner’s bisexuality, the common question on their lips is “is it a sudden change?” Frankly, bisexuality is not a sudden change. It’s not something that happens overnight. Most people are born bi but many of them don’t find out early because they don’t have the chance to explore. Some don’t find out as a result of self or social prejudice.

Hence, you must understand that bisexuality doesn’t just manifest out of the blues, it’s been coming for years. Besides, a 2004 study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics Trusted Source Sexual Orientation and Adolescents The American Academy of Pediatrics issued its first statement on homosexuality and adolescents in 1983, with a revision in 1993. contends that biological models are responsible for sexual orientation.

Signs a Guy is Bisexual

It’s time to discuss bisexual signs in a man. Even if your man is not seeing it or they’re denying it, these signs will reveal your man’s sexuality to you.

1.   Homophobic tendencies

Weirdly enough, some people show their likeness for something by appearing against it. This is usually done to appear not invested in the thing. It’s also not uncommon for a bisexual man to be aggressive towards his fellow men if he feels attracted to them. These homophobic tendencies usually show a man living in denial. This is one of the symptoms that your guy is bisexual.

2.   Love of anal stimulation

Another sign that a man is bisexual is the love of anal stimulation. Even though the man will enjoy having sex with a woman, he won’t still mind having a prostate massager stuck in his butthole as it massages his prostate. He may also ask for his butthole to be fingered.

Moreover, you can’t put it past a bisexual man to ask you to stimulate his butthole with a strap-on. Besides, high-quality options such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Strap-On Pegging Kit are in high demand. With the kit comprising two dildos, an adjustable harness, a bullet vibe, and three O-rings of different sizes, a user will definitely enjoy being penetrated.

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3.   Fantasies about other guys

Amongst signs a guy is bisexual is fantasizing about other guys. If you realize that your man has fantasies about other men, it’s safe to conclude that he’s bisexual and he’s probably looking forward to exploring that side of him.

4.   Threesome requests

Usually, a threesome request is not something to be suspicious about. However, if your man asks for another man to join you for a threesome, that may be a sign that he’s bisexual.

5.   Anal sex preference

Besides showing love for anal stimulation, a bisexual man will probably like to take girls from behind. That provides him the feeling of invading another man’s backdoor. Such a man may also prefer buying sex toys that require anal penetration.

For example, a bisexual man will prefer to buy a Fleshjack (with anal orifice) instead of a Fleshlight (vaginal orifice) for masturbation. If you stumble on a Fleshjack and a lubricant for Fleshlight in your man’s drawer, you should know that he’s probably exploring his sexuality.

6.   Close friendships

Naturally, a bromance between two men shouldn’t raise any suspicion. However, if your man enjoys spending a lot of his time with his male friends and you often find him sitting uncomfortably around them, that’s something to be suspicious of. Also, the level of intimacy shared between your partner and his closest male friend can give you some perspective.

7.   Gay porn preference

If you’ve noticed that your partner is interested in gay porn, then he’ll probably not have any issue with homosexual behavior. Frankly, it’s pretty unlikely for a heterosexual man to be hooked on gay porn.

8.   Complimenting other men

To be clear: complimenting other men is not out of place. However, when a man starts commenting on how another man’s lips look or how shapely the man’s butt is, there’s something to learn from that. You’ll hardly see a heterosexual man make such comments, albeit jokingly.

9.   Past experiences

If your partner has discussed their past experiences with you, there may be some things to pick up from those experiences. For example, an experience that your man described as unusual may actually be his sexuality manifesting itself.

10.  No desire for sex

How’s your man’s sex drive? Do you always initiate sex? Is your man always anxious to finish? These are questions that you should answer. If you concluded that your man has little or no desire for sex, that’s among the signs he’s bisexual.

11.  Certain costumes

Role-play can spice up a relationship and it often involves couples wearing costumes that are usually in accordance with their fantasies. If your man wants you dressed up in masculine costumes for role-playing, chances are he’s trying to satisfy his fantasies to be with a man.

Final Thoughts

Many people argue that most women are bisexual, curiously exonerating men. Although there may not be as many bisexual men as bisexual women, bisexual guys do exist. However, telling their sexuality can be a bit difficult because you could be reading the signs wrongly. Notwithstanding, there are fairly accurate signs of bisexuality in males.

Of course, these signs are far from being absolute but they inform you that something’s going on that you haven’t been aware of. And not all men will exhibit all of these signs. However, this guide should help you know even if it’s only one sign that is being exhibited.


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A longitudinal report of 156 gay, lesbian, and bisexual youths examined changes in sexual identity over time.
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The American Academy of Pediatrics issued its first statement on homosexuality and adolescents in 1983, with a revision in 1993.
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