What is Oviposition Kink? Egg Laying Fetishes, Alien Impregnation, and Oviposition Play

Oviposition Kink is a sexual fetish for having eggs laid inside you or laying eggs inside someone else.
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Oviposition Kink is a sexual fetish for having eggs laid inside you or laying eggs inside someone else. An oviposition kink may be referred to as an “egg laying fetish”. Those interested in oviposition kink enjoy the idea of laying eggs or watching others lay eggs in either a sexual or non-sexual context.

There is overlap between oviposition kink and alien impregnation kink. In alien impregnation fetishes, the focus of the kink is on an alien or monster laying the eggs for the purpose of impregnating the subject.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore an oviposition fetish, egg laying kink, or have an interest in alien impregnation then read on. We will discuss how to engage in this fantasy, how to use ovipositor dildos, and the different types of alien dildos available.

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How can you engage in oviposition kink play?

Oviposition kink like many fantasies is best performed with an open mind and good sense of imagination. No extra tools or toys are necessary, but there are specialized sex toys available if you want to explore that route. 

Oviposition kink play involves a degree of role-playing. Depending on the desires of the partners, oviposition kink play may involve role-playing as a creature that lays eggs or as a person who has eggs laid in them. Depending on which role appeals to you, you can role-play as the dominating creature laying their eggs in the submissive partner or you can swap roles and be the creature’s “host” for their eggs.

We’ll talk more about ovipositor dildos and egg toys. If you are utilizing egg toys you must make sure they are designed for whatever orifice you’re placing them in

What is an oviposition egg toy?

Ovipositor eggs made from gelatin in a specially designed mold.

There are two main types of oviposition eggs: those made of silicon and those made of gelatin. Eggs made of gelatin are designed to break down in the human body and are safe to be swallowed or inserted into the anus. Oviposition eggs made of silicon do not degrade and should not be inserted into the anus or swallowed. These types are only safe for vaginal insertion. You should never insert anything fully into the anus and you should never insert anything into the anus that does not have a flared base.

What is an Alien Impregnation kink and how is it different from an Oviposition kink?

Alien impregnation fantasies can be viewed as an overlapping subcategory of oviposition kinks. Oviposition kinks are the parent fantasy that revolve around egg laying while alien impregnation fantasies are specifically interested in the fantasy of being impregnated by an alien creature. Not all alien impregnation fantasies involve an alien laying an egg inside someone, but many alien impregnation fantasies involve the alien laying an egg in the “host”.

What is an Ovipositor Dildo?

An ovipositor dildo is a special dildo that is hollow throughout the length of the shaft. This allows you to insert either silicon or gelatin eggs in the base of the ovipositor dildo and “lay” the eggs out of the tip. Ovipositor dildos are normally made of a soft silicon than tradition dildos to allow the flexibility needed to slide the eggs through the shaft.

How do Ovipositors Function?

Ovipositor eggs made from silicon.

Once the ovipositor dildo is inserted the egg is placed into the base of the shaft. The egg is then pushed forward either by pushing down the shaft with a finger or massaged forward down the shaft. Once the egg reaches the tip of the ovipositor it is squeezed out the end.

How are ovipositors different from Alien Dildoes?

Ovipositors by definition allow you to “lay” eggs with them either inside yourself or inside your partner. Some alien dildos are ovipositors by design while others are solid dildos. Both have their place, but if you’re looking to engage in an egg laying fantasy role-play then you’ll want to look for an ovipositor specifically. The good news is that many ovipositors are designed to look like monster cocks or alien impregnation tubes so if you’re interested in alien impregnation fantasies you won’t have to look far to find an ovipositor that fits your needs.


The Xenuphora Alien Tentacle by Uberrime 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide has provided you with the information that you need to explore your oviposition, egg-laying, and alien impregnation fantasies. Oviposition kink play is not for everyone, and it is important to engage in this type of activity only if all partners involved are fully consenting and comfortable with the activity. It is also important to engage in oviposition kink play with trusted and respectful partners who prioritize safety, communication, and mutual pleasure.

Check out Zoë Ligon’s YouTube video on Ovipositors. This video does not contain any nudity.

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