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Take your sex life to a whole new level with our expert advice, tips, instructions, and sex toys ratings. On JoyNights, you’ll find all you need to spice up your sex life, no matter how exotic your fantasies are.
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Ideas and Advice
Ideas and Advice
Improve your intimate experience with our fresh ideas
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Maintenance Tips
Learn how to keep your toys in top condition
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Product Ratings
We find and review the best sex toys out there
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How to
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Video Reviews
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Sex Toys & Products Reviewed by Experts

Find expert advice, tips, instructions, and sex toy ratings.

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And since we conduct all the product tests ourselves, we know for sure what we advise and warn you against. We don’t hide our faces behind fake photos and names. To learn more about who’s involved in the process, check out their brief bios below and visit our “About Us” page.
Doris Edwards
Doris works at an adult toy shop, so she knows everything about practically any kind of device you might be interested in. She's our main consultant, especially when it comes to something technically complex and unknown.
Martha Pinkerton
Martha is a talented copywriter who has her own blog where she shares her ideas and personal sex life experience. For our portal, she also conducts product tests when needed and shares her findings without hiding anything.

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