10 Best Sex Machines and Thrusting Vibrators for Unforgettable Experience

Last updatedLast updated: December 20, 2020
Joy Nights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Joy Nights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Whether you`re single or looking to spice up your couple`s activities, you need a great toy to really enjoy your sessions. Unfortunately, there are many of these devices on the market, not all of which live up to the hype. If you`re looking for the best sex machines and thrusting vibrators, we`ve done the work for you, picking the top 10 models available for you to consider.

When choosing the devices for our reviews, we focused on some specific features. All of the models we picked are powerful and functional sex machines and thrusting vibrators that can be used by both men and women for their bedroom adventures. We also chose large sex machines that do all the work for you, as well as portable thrusting vibrators that you can use wherever you like. We even added some remote or app-controlled models for added convenience and enjoyment. If you`re ready to try out the best sex machines and thrusting vibrators but aren`t sure what to look for, check out our detailed reviews and handy buying guide for more information.

Top 10 Sex Machines and Thrusting Vibrators Review 2021


Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex ChairEditor’s Choice

  • Type: manual
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Insertable length: 7 inches

More features: Vac-U-Lock adaptor; comes with a storage cover

If you only want the best-rated sex machines in your collection, then the Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-on Sex Chair may be one to consider. This model is made of quality materials that are built to last while you pleasure yourself endlessly in the most natural way possible.

This model is easy to set up when you purchase it, with only a few pieces to attach to get it ready for its first use. This means you don’t have to spend hours exhausting yourself putting it together, so you can enjoy it in no time.

This sex chair has no electronic components built into it, which allows you to rock and thrust naturally to achieve the pleasure you’re looking for. The F-Slider also lets you adjust the placement of the dildo, so you can move it up or down and forward or back, depending on how you’re using it and how deeply you want the penetration. You can even adjust it for different positions, including both anal and vaginal penetration, using the handle on the machine.

Included with this model is a 7-inch insertable dildo, which is veined and colored to look just like the real thing. If you’d like to switch to a different dildo, there is also a Vac-U-Lock, and a universal dildo adapter included. When you’re done, you can use the storage cover to keep it discreet and dust-free.

What we liked: This model has a high weight capacity and adjustable levels for versatile use. It also includes dildo adapters and a storage cover.

What could be better: Though the Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-on Sex Chair is a high-quality fucking machine, it is rather pricey at over $800, so those on a budget will likely need to save up to afford it or choose a cheaper model for their bedroom entertainment.

  • Insertable length: 7.5 inches
  • Circumference: 5.5 inches
  • Speeds: 7 patterns and 3 speeds
  • Runtime: runs on batteries

More features: pronounced veins and glans

Those interested in the best cheap sex machines will love the Long John Realistic Thrusting Vibrator. This model has a great low price but still comes with a ton of great features that may make it a favorite in the bedroom.

This device is 10.5 inches long, with an insertable length of 7.25 inches, allowing you to use as much of it as needed to give you the pleasure you seek. It is made of soft plastic with firm flexibility. The vibrator is colored black, with raised, throbbing veins along the length of the shaft and a rounded tip, all of which make this model look and feel as authentic as a real member.

The buttons on the handles are raised so you can feel them when you’re using this vibrator. This gives you the control you need to cycle through the 7 vibration patterns, as well as the 3 thrusting speeds, so you can use this wand however you need to for those amazing orgasms.

The Long John Realistic Thrusting Vibrator is versatile, so you can use it on your own or with a partner, enjoying it both vaginally and anally as you see fit. It is also waterproof for some fun in the shower or bath, plus it is easy to clean when you’re pleasure session is done. This model is also free of latex and phthalates.

What we liked: This cheap sex machine has a decent price, with easy-to-use buttons, and 10 modes to choose from. It is also latex and phthalate-free for added safety.

What could be better: Though this a battery-powered model, there are none included, so you need to purchase some at the same time you buy the unit to avoid waiting to use it. It is also quite loud, so it may not be best for those living with multiple family members.

  • Insertable length: 5.5 inches
  • Circumference: 5 inches
  • Speeds: 7 speeds and 3 patterns
  • Runtime: 120 minutes

More features: tapered, slightly curved head; waterproof

Those who prefer handheld devices over the larger pieces may enjoy the Fun Factory Stronic Real Rechargeable Thrusting Realistic Vibrator. This piece is made of soft silicone, with a lovely flesh pink color that is appealing to the eye as it is to your more private areas.

This thrusting vibrator is 8 inches long, with an insertable length of 5.5 inches and a circumference of 5 inches. It is comfortable to use, with firm flexibility and a handle that is easy to grip. The silicone is also phthalate-free and is fully submersible, so you can use it in the shower or bath, plus it is easy to clean when you’re finished with it.

Instead of batteries that require regular changing, the Stronic is rechargeable using the magnetic USB cable included in the box. This magnet is strong, so it won’t fall off in the middle of charging, ensuring this device is ready when you are. Once charged, this vibrator gives you up to 2 hours of pleasure.

There are simple buttons on the handle, including a Fun button to turn the unit off and on, as well as + and – buttons for adjusting the multiple speeds and patterns for the most pleasurable experience possible. There is also a travel lock to keep it off until you’re ready to use it.

What we liked: The Stronic thrusting vibrator is waterproof, with multiple speeds and a long runtime, plus it is waterproof for added enjoyment.

What could be better: The silicone material is high-quality, but it does tend to attract dust and lint. The addition of a storage bag would help keep this model clean between uses. The handle of the device is also a bit small for some hands, making it difficult to adjust the settings during use.


Lifelike Lover Luxe Thrusting and Rotating DildoBest Waterproof Thrusting Vibrator

  • Insertable length: 6.5 inches
  • Circumference: 5 inches
  • Speeds: variable
  • Runtime: 60 minutes

More features: harness compatible; suction cup

If you prefer your toys to look like the real thing, you may enjoy the Lifelike Lover Luxe Thrusting and Rotating Dildo. This device is made of soft silicone colored flesh pink that is more firm than flexible. It also has a realistic head, textured veins, and lifelike balls, so it looks and feels as if a real man is in bed with you.

This rechargeable model has an insertable length of 6.5 inches and a 5-inch girth. The material is waterproof, so you can add this toy to your shower or bath for some extra enjoyment out of the bedroom. It has varying speeds and patterns, so you can adjust them as needed for the most pleasurable experience possible, no matter where you’re using it.

As well as using this model as a handheld device, it also has a few other usage options you may want to try out. There is a suction-cup base that can be stuck to any clean, flat surface for some hands-free use. The base is also harness-compatible, so you can try some simulated strap-on or pegging play with your partner. This toy can be used with your favorite water-based lubricant for smooth, sensual thrusting.

What we liked: The Lifelike Lover Luxe dildo is one of the best sex machines for men and women since it is made of waterproof soft silicone with a realistic look. It has a suction base that is harness-compatible for versatile, hands-free use.

What could be better: Though the varying vibrations are enjoyable, it can be difficult to adjust the settings while you’re using this toy during solo play. The addition of a remote could improve this issue. The vibrator is also a bit noisy, so not as discreet when there are others in the house with you.


The Cowgirl Premium Sex MachinePremium Pick

  • Type: electric
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Insertable length: 5 inches

More features: 1,200 RPM; 1-year warranty; vegan leather saddle; app-controlled

The Cowgirl is a handcrafted saddle made of vegan leather that you can use to simulate riding your partner in the bedroom. Not only does it position you as if you’re sitting on top of your significant other, but it also moves as if you have an actual person in bed with you for a more authentic experience. It is padded with silicone bumpers for slip-proof use.

This model doesn’t need batteries, and you don’t have to worry about it losing its charge while you’re using it since it includes a wall adapter, allowing you to plug it in and use it for as long as you want. There is also a carry handle on each side, so you can move it wherever you like to use and store it when you’re not riding this sex machine.

There are 6 vibration patterns to choose from, all of which vibrate at 1200 RPM. You can adjust the settings using the plug-in remote control. This model can also be paired with Kiiroo’s VR technology for some solo play or you can connect it to the Bluetooth app to give your partner control no matter where in the world they are located.

Another feature that makes this the best fucking machine is the 2 included silicone dildos that allow you forward and reverse use.

What we liked: This model is made of high-quality materials, with comfort padding and a slip-proof base. It also includes a remote control.

What could be better: This model is quite expensive, so it may not be the best option for those on a budget unless you plan to save up for a bit to get it. The 1200 RPM vibrations also create a rather loud noise, so you may not want to pull this out unless you’re home alone or with your partner.


Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Remote Control Sex MachineBest Warming Thrusting Vibrator

  • Insertable length: 6 inches
  • Circumference: 5 inches
  • Speeds: 7 vibration patterns, 7 thrusting patterns
  • Runtime: 60 minutes

More features: internal heat function; wireless remote control

Though the Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Remote Control Sex Machine isn’t as strong with the thrusting and vibrations as some other models, this may actually make it the best sex machine for amateur women who are just learning how to use these types of toys.

The shaft has a gentle curve with some subtle ribbing and a thick knobbed head that hits your g-spot perfectly. The handle is thick, with a removable suction base on the end that you can adjust to position the shaft however you need it.

The controls on the handle allow you to adjust the 7 vibration and 7 thrusting patterns as needed during your session to give you the pleasure you crave. A wireless remote control gives you hands-free use as well, plus you can hand this off to a partner for some couple`s fun.

This model is lightweight and portable, plus it includes a USB charging cable that allows you to charge this unit anywhere you go. It also has an internal heating function that warms the shaft up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, making it feel more like the real thing. This silicone thrusting vibrator is also submersible for some extra enjoyable baths and showers.

What we liked: This model is portable and USB rechargeable, so you can take it with you wherever you like for some fun on the road. It also includes a warming function and a wireless remote control for hands-free pleasure.

What could be better: The handle is a bit bulky for some people. There have also been some issues with the suction base not sticking to some surfaces during use, so a stronger one may be a good upgrade on the base of this device.

  • Type: electric
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Insertable length: 8/6.8/6 inches

More features: 3 speeds; 3 dildos included; remote control

If you want your fuck machines to do all the work for you, the Dark Magic Inflatable Remote Control Thrusting Sex Machine may be a good one to try out. This model includes an inflatable chair with an ergonomic design that allows you to sit back and let the dildos pleasure you with very little effort on your part.

There are 3 dildos included with the chair, each with different lengths and girth to suit your pleasure needs. The small one is even curved to hit the g-spot perfectly. Each one has a realistic look and feel, with textured veins and a knobbed head. The small vibrator needs a single AA battery, while the other two need two AA batteries to run, with eight C batteries needed to power the thrusting unit of the chair.

For hands-free use, this model also includes a remote control. This lets you cycle through the 3 vibrations speeds as you see fit to give you the amazing orgasms you’re looking for. There are also two 23A batteries included, so you can use one for the remote and keep a spare on hand for when the first one runs out.

What we liked: We liked that the Dark Magic sex chair has ergonomic back and leg support for optimal comfort when using it. It also includes 3 vibrators and a remote control, plus it has a decent price that fits into most budgets.

What could be better: Though the manual foot pump is handy to have, it does take a long time to inflate the chair with it, so an alternative may be needed. When turned on, it starts at the highest thrusting speed, which many people don`t like.


Auxfun Sex MachineBest Versatile Sex Machine

  • Type: electric
  • Speed: up to 450 thrusts per minute
  • Adjusting angle: 0-90 degrees

More features: 7 dildos included; suction cup base

The best fuck machines are as easy to use as they are to set up. The Auxfun Sex Machine takes no time to put together since it is almost fully assembled when it arrives. There are also several dildos in the package of varying sizes, including anal models and even an extender that can be used whenever needed. These attach using the 3 XLR connector on the thrusting head of the device.

This machine is built well, with an adjustment knob on the side that allows you to alter the angle up to 90 degrees. It has a powerful motor that connects to a wired remote, allowing you to set the thrust as needed, from 0 to 450 penetration thrusts per minute, so you can achieve your orgasms quickly or take your time with the machine.

On the bottom of the device are 4 suction cups that can be affixed to any smooth, flat surface to help keep the machine in place as you use it. This also provides you with hands-free stimulation, plus allows you to use the unit almost anywhere. The compact size and light weight of the Auxfun Sex Machine make it extremely portable as well.

What we liked: This handy sex machine is easy to assemble and portable, so even beginners or those who travel a lot can enjoy it. It includes multiple attachments for varying pleasure options, plus has a decent price.

What could be better: Though the lower settings are relatively quiet, the higher ones can be quite loud, so you may not want to use this with a house full of people. The suction cups may also shift position or come loose during use, so you may want to weigh them down when you’re using it.


Hismith Table Top 2.0 ProBest Adjustable Sex Machine

  • Type: electric
  • Speed: up to 240 thrusts per minute
  • Adjusting angle: -15 to 15 degrees

More features:  6.7 inches of insertable length; up to 50dB of noise level

If you`re looking for a sturdy, durable sex machine that will last for years, the Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro is a great model to check out. It`s made of aluminum alloy and steel, so it is built to last as long as you do, even if you`re using it regularly.

This model has a sturdy metal base that can be used on any surface, including the floor, a table, or even your bed. It has a stroke length adjustment that can be quickly altered using the handy knob, so you don`t need any tools to get this positioned as you need it for strokes between 1.96 and 5.12 inches.

As well as adjusting the stroke length, you can also shift the machine from the flat base to the side, standing it however you need it to accommodate your favorite positions, including standing, kneeling, sitting, or lying down.

There are also a few different ways you can control the thrusting mechanism of this fucking machine. There is a speed control box attached to the device for power and speed control. There is also a remote control for wireless use and the Hismith app that you can use yourself or give control to other app members for some couple or group sessions.

What we liked: This model is made of high-quality materials, includes 3 speed control options and adjustable angles, plus it comes with a handy travel bag.

What could be better: Despite the high-quality materials used, this model is light with no way to secure the base, so it may move around a bit as you use it, which some users don`t like. It also needs an extra adapter to be able to use it with some of your other toys.


Hismith Auto Sex MachineBest Quiet Thrusting Vibrator

  • Type: electric
  • Speeds: 3 speeds and 8 patterns
  • Adjusting angle: 0-120 degrees

More features: remote control; detachable suction cup base

The best sex machines for women are versatile enough to give you the pleasure you want with little effort on your part, so you can enjoy it without straining yourself. The Hismith Auto Sex Machine is one of these thrusting toys, doing all the work for you.

This model is made of durable materials, including the powerful motor and silicone dildo that is soft and ribbed on the end for the perfect g-spot stimulation. The KlicLok system allows you to use other Hismith attachments as well for a bit of variety. There is a suction base that can be adjusted for the perfect angle, plus it is detachable for handheld use whenever you like.

Also included with this thrusting vibrator is a small remote control. This can be used to adjust the speeds and vibration patterns. There are 3 thrusting speeds and 8 penetration frequencies to choose from, so you can alter them as needed as you use the machine to give you the pleasure you want.

Another benefit of this device is that it is relatively quiet when compared with similar models, so you may even be able to use it with others in the house without drawing any attention. It is also lightweight and portable, making it a great travel model.

What we liked: We liked that this model includes a powerful motor without raising the noise level, plus it offers multiple speeds and has a removable suction base.

What could be better: This model works great, but it needs to be plugged into an outlet to use it. The cord is also short, so an extension cord may be needed. There is no power button on the remote, so you can only turn it on or off using the base controls.

Things to Consider

Sex machines and thrusting vibrators are designed to give you the pleasure you want without having a partner in bed with you unless you want one to join in the fun. There are a wide variety of models available, including small handheld devices, medium-sized thrusting machines, and full-sized saddle or chair units that get your whole body in on the action.

Features to consider when choosing a sex machine or a thrusting vibrator

With so many different types of sex machines and thrusting vibrators available, it may be hard to choose the right one to meet your sexual needs. The following sections discuss the different features these types of toys have to offer, ensuring you get the perfect model for your bedroom activities.


10 Best Sex Machines and Thrusting Vibrators for Unforgettable Experience

When choosing your new fucking machine, there are a few options for you to consider. This will tell you where and when you can use these machines, so you can make the right decision based on your usage needs.

The first type is the electric models, which include a cord that you need to plug into a wall outlet in order to power the unit. These models are a great choice since you don’t need to worry about keeping a bunch of extra batteries on hand or about the unit losing its charge in the middle of the action. They are not as portable as the other models, though, since you can’t expect to always have a nearby outlet to run them.

Rechargeable models are a favorite since they usually have a decent runtime as long as you charge it fully before you use it. Some of them are even USB rechargeable, so you don’t need a power outlet nearby. Instead, you can plug them into any USB device, including a computer or a portable charging brick for added convenience. Some of them even have magnetic charging capabilities, like the Fun Factory Stronic Real Rechargeable Thrusting Realistic Vibrator, which means there are no holes to get clogged with dust or debris between charging.

There are also battery-powered models, usually requiring AA or AAA batteries, so they aren’t very costly to run, though there is no guarantee that the batteries won’t run out during your session. You do need to keep some extras on hand, just in case, making them a bit less convenient than other models.

Both handheld and large sex machine models can also be manual toys, like the Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair. With these models, you do all the work yourself, so it is more like the real thing than the other models. They can tire you out easier, though, so be sure to build up your strength to get a really good bedroom workout with these toys.

Weight capacity

Though handheld models don’t have any weight capacities to deal with, some toys do have to support your entire body during use, so you need to consider how much weight they can handle before using them. This ensures that the machine you’re using won’t crack or break, possibly hurting you in the process.

Of the three ride-on models in our reviews with weight capacities, the one that handles the least amount of weight is the Dark Magic Inflatable Remote Control Thrusting Sex Machine, which can hold up to 300 pounds. This is still a lot of weight, so almost anyone can enjoy this sex machine without worrying about popping it.

The other two ride-on machines have weight capacities of 400 pounds, so even larger people can still enjoy these toys without the threat of damage or injury. If you’re buying any of these types of devices, be sure to check out how much weight it can hold before spending your money to be sure you’re the right size to use it.

Dildo features and how many of them are included

When considering which toys to add to your collection, another thing to consider is the dildo used on the device. These need to be built well, with great features that make them enjoyable to use.

The first thing to consider is the material the dildo is made of. Most of the ones in our reviews are made of silicone, which is durable enough to handle regular use. This material is also soft, feeling more like the real thing than some other materials. The downside to silicone is that you can only use it with water-based lubricants since other types will damage the silicone material, making it unusable.

There are also plastic models available, like the Long John Realistic Thrusting Vibrator. These are more rigid than silicone but allow the use of more lubricant types, so you can use whatever you like with them.

Another thing to look for is the style of the dildo. Some are smooth, while others are more authentic, with textured veins along the shaft and a realistic head on top. They also come in a variety of colors, from flesh pink to purple to black, so you can pick whatever you like to add to your bedroom activities. There is no right one for everyone, so choose the one that fits your taste in this area. Models like the Auxfun Sex Machine even include a variety of dildos for vaginal and anal use, so you can get a few options to try out all in one package.


10 Best Sex Machines and Thrusting Vibrators for Unforgettable Experience

When using a manual sex machine, you control the speed you use it at. The powered models do the work for you, allowing you to relax while achieving the pleasure you’re craving. Depending on the machine, the type of speed can vary.

For instance, sex machines like the Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro do all the thrusting, with a simple dial that allows you to turn up or down the speed as you see fit during use. There are no other patterns to choose from, so you’re only dealing with how many times the machine penetrates you each minute, so it isn’t difficult to choose the setting you like or adjust it as needed while you’re using it.

Other models, like the handheld Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Remote Control Sex Machine, have several different speed and vibration patterns to choose from, so you can adjust them as you see fit, choosing slower speeds and patterns in the beginning to warm you up and then switching to faster speeds and patterns to finish you off. Some people also prefer the slower, gentler motions while others like it a bit rough, so you can adjust the settings as you see fit for the pleasure you prefer in the bedroom.

Adjusting angle

The adjusting angle is another great feature you may want to consider when choosing a new sex machine or thrusting vibrator. Angling options can add to the fun by making it possible to use the toy in a variety of positions. Some models offer decent adjustments, like the Auxfun Sex Machine, which has an adjustment range between 0 and 90 degrees, allowing you to use it on your back or all fours. You can also use it standing up if you place it on a table or other high surface.

The Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro has less angle adjustment at -15 to 15 degrees, so it seems as though it has limited use when compared with the Auxfun model, but this isn’t the case. The Hismith also allows you to use it on the normal base or standing up on its side. This lets you be even more adventurous with this device, so you can experience any position you like without straining yourself or risking damage to the machine.

Even some of the handheld models have adjustment ranges to pick from. The Hismith Auto Sex Machine has a suction base that combines with an adjustment range of 0 to 120 degrees to give you more pleasure options to choose from.

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions of the unit aren`t always going to be an issue, depending on the type of machine you`re choosing. The small handheld devices are usually quite compact, so you can fit them in a drawer or closet when not using them to keep them out of sight whenever needed. The larger saddle and chair models don`t have this luxury since most of them don`t break down into smaller pieces. The exception is the Dark Magic Inflatable Remote Control Thrusting Sex Machine, which you can inflate before you use it and then deflate it again when you`re done, so it`s a smaller, storable piece. If you need a portable model, the handheld ones are the way to go.

When considering dimensions, you also need to consider the dimension of the dildo since this is the piece that is actually inserted inside of you. More experienced users can handle more girth, while those trying these toys for the first time may want a slimmer, shorter dildo in the beginning. The larger dildos also take up more space, so if you want a travel model, smaller models may be the better choice.

The weight is another feature to consider, especially if you plan on moving your sex machine from room to room to spice up your sexual activities a bit. The heavier the piece is, the harder this is going to be. You don`t want to wear yourself out hauling a weighty toy around, so lighter may be better. Of course, a heavier machine will also stay where you put it more easily, especially when you`re moving vigorously on top of it, so in this case, more weight can be an advantage. For these pieces, you may want to choose a spot for it and leave it there for your sessions.

Other features

Though the features we discussed above are the most important ones to consider when choosing a new sex machine or thrusting vibrator, there are a few other features that you may want to keep an eye out for. These make your new toys more convenient to use, so you can enjoy them a little more every time you pull them out.

One extra feature you may want to look for is a suction base. This can be found on several of the handheld devices, turning them into a hands-free model. The suction base can be attached to a variety of smooth, flat surfaces, like floors, tables, mirrors, and even shower walls, so you can use this toy in a variety of different ways and positions. Some of the suction bases are even removable, so you can turn the toy back into a handheld model whenever you like.

Another great extra that some of these devices include is a remote control. Though most of them have buttons on the device that allow you to adjust the settings, a remote control makes this process easier, especially since you don’t have to try to find the buttons while you grip a slippery, vibrating toy. The remote control also has an added benefit that is great for couples play. You can hand it off to your partner, giving them control of the settings for a bit of extra excitement in the bedroom.

A downloadable app is similar to the remote control in that it gives you hands-free use for easy setting adjustments. The app also has the bonus of giving those who are not even in the room with you control of the device. This way, if you and your partner are in different homes, or even varying cities or countries, you can still enjoy some couple`s play.

Some safety tips when using a sex machine

Using these types of toys can be a fun adventure, but you also want to make sure you’re being as safe as possible to prevent any infections or injury. The following tips can help get you started.

  • Thoroughly wash the dildos when you receive them and between each use. This will prevent any buildup of fluids and prevent bacteria growth on the device.
  • Wear a condom with your dildos. No matter how clean the piece is, it could still cause an infection if any dirt or debris is missed when you wash it. A condom can keep you safe, especially if you’re sharing the model or using it for both vaginal and anal play.
  • Use plenty of lubricant each time you use the sex machine. The lube will keep the toy slippery, so it moves easily inside you, giving you pleasure instead of pain. The lubricant also adds a protective barrier between you and the dildo, keeping your sensitive areas safe from harm. Be sure to check which type of lubricant is recommended for each toy to avoid damaging them.
  • Start small. Trying to use a large toy when you aren’t sexually experienced can cause unnecessary pain or damage to your body. Use the smaller models first and work your way up to larger pieces, especially if using them anally.
  • Get to know the device. Each one has different dimensions, texturing, speeds, and patterns, so be sure to test them as needed to get to know what they`re like. This also includes features like suction cup bases or remote controls. The more you know the machine, the more enjoyable you’ll find it.


The quietest model on our list is the Hismith Auto Sex Machine. This model is designed with a powerful motor that gives you the speeds and patterns you want without the loud noise of other vibrators. It runs at about 30 to 40 decibels, which is quieter than your voice during a normal conversation. Once it is inserted, the noise level will be dulled even more, even at the higher speeds, and it will be quieter still if you have a thick blanket over you. Even someone in the next room will have no idea that you are using this device.

Most of the toys in our reviews are not specific to men or women, though some may be more comfortable to use for men. The Long John Realistic Thrusting Vibrator or the Lifelike Lover Luxe Thrusting and Rotating Dildo are great for men to use during solo or couples play, with varying insertable lengths that allow them to use as much or as little of it as they like, depending on their experience. The Lifelike Love model is even harness-compatible, so it can be used for pegging, as well as hand-on use.

This depends on the machine you’re using. Models like the Auxfun Sex Machine uses suction cups to keep it in position, so it needs to be right up against the floor in order to work properly. The Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro has small rubber feet that hold it in place without damaging the surface, so you need nothing underneath it. The only issue may be with models like the Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair, which has no such protectors, so you may want to put it on a mat or towel to keep it from scratching the floor as you use it.

Our Verdict

If you`re looking for the best sex machine or thrusting vibrator, any of the models in our reviews are great options. Of course, we do have a few favorites that we`d recommend.

Our top choice is the Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair. This manual model includes a realistic dildo with a 7-inch insertable length and ribbing for extra stimulation. It is easy to set up, has adjustable height and positioning, a 400-pound capacity, and comes with 2 toy adapters and a storage cover.

The Long John Realistic Thrusting Vibrator is a soft, black, plastic handheld toy with textured veins on the shaft and raised buttons on the handle. It is waterproof, free of latex and phthalates, and has 7 patterns and 3 speeds to choose from.

The Fun Factory Stronic Real Rechargeable Thrusting Realistic Vibrator is a rechargeable model with a magnetic USB charging cable and a 120-minute runtime. This model is made of soft silicone with a tapered shaft and an easy-grip handle. It is also waterproof, with multiple settings and a travel lock.

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