7 Amazing Sex Swings for Fun and Joyful Experience

Last updatedLast updated: January 23, 2021
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Joy Nights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

What good can a sex swing bring into your romantic relationship? Many people view sex swings and anything to do with BDSM as alien and too much to handle. But taking a closer look, you will discover that sex swing might be the key that has been missing from your intimate life. A sex swing allows you and your partner to try those crazy erotic positions and all those kinky fetishes that you’ve been fantasizing about.

When it comes to picking your best sex swing that will help you explore your sexuality and dip your toes into the deep end of the BDSM world, you must consider some factors first. A sex swing is designed to be hoisted on some doorframe, ceiling, or it can be free-standing. The other thing to note about this swing is that it comes with a maximum carrying limit that shouldn’t be exceeded. We have taken a more in-depth look into the features you should consider when shopping for this item.

Top 7 Sex Swings Review 2021

  • Weight limit: 330 lbs
  • Material: metal, fabrics
  • Type: ceiling hang

More features: latex-free, carabiner clip fastening, 20.5-in length, padded straps

For all your Kama Sutra fetishes, the Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing will, without a doubt, help you achieve them. The swing, which has been made from industrial grade steel, will comfortably handle weights reaching up to 330 pounds. To reinforce the swing’s capability, the manufacturer has used extra support straps. It is a perfect spinning sex swing that will easily hang from the ceiling and allow you to enjoy all the sex positions you have been reading about in your Kama sutra book.

For a night of endless wild pleasure, the swing boasts of two body support straps. You also get two stirrups, which also amplify accessibility for both partners. The plush pads guarantee comfort even when you decide to enjoy night after night prolonged sensual lovemaking.

With this sex swing, you have the key to the world of erotic and kinky lovemaking. The item comes pre-assembled, and installing it is super easy. Moreover, this bondage sex swing, whose height is 20.5 inches, allows you to adjust the position of the ‘swinger’ and the stirrups hence giving both of you incredible maneuverability.

What we liked: We love the sturdiness and reliability of this swing, which is enhanced by the steel frame and the carabiner clip. The swing is also latex-free and is excellent for a BDSM beginner.

What could be better: You will need to do some pre-planning before installing this swing. We also noted that the handlebars could be much better if more padding was done on them.


Purple Reins Sex SlingBet Sex Swing Sling

  • Weight limit: 308 lbs
  • Material: leather, metal
  • Type: ceiling hang

More features: nylon padding, carabiner clip, latex-free

Have you been wondering what it is like in the world of sex bondage? Well, a great adult sex swing that will introduce you into this world with comfort and ease is the Purple Reins Sex Sling. This swing has been designed with the needs of the everyday adventurous couple in mind. It is super comfy, and the strong sling supports the swinger for that ultimate kinky exposure and pleasure.

The Purple Reins Sex Sling will handle weights reaching 308 pounds or 140 kg. To ensure that the swing remains strong and sturdy for your everyday use, the manufacturer has used metal and leather. Industrial strength C-shape support frame has been used to ensure that you can hang the swing on any firm high ceiling and strong rafter. With this ceiling hang swing, you can apply extra restraints to secure the ‘swinger’ on the swing comfortably.

When it comes to your mind-blowing kinky sex pleasure and comfort, the manufacturer has used nylon materials over the leather. It is a well-padded swing that is fully adjustable. Using the four reinforced corner straps, you can adjust the height for both of you and get to try several great sex positions.

We liked: The strong carabiner clip that makes it easy to set up and remove the swing.

What could be better: There is no denying that this is one of the best sex swings out there, but the price might keep it out of reach for many.

What we liked:

  • Very comfortable
  • Adjustable height
  • Extra restraints
  • Well-padded
  • Weight limit: 325 lbs
  • Material: neoprene
  • Type: door jam

More features: acrylic barbells, nylon cushioned

Upright intimacy should no longer be an impossible escapade for you. We no longer live in the era when sex swings were a preserve of those with solid, firm ceilings. When you buy the Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit, you are guaranteed to enjoy long comfortable, kinky sex while hanging from any one of your door frames.

This sex swing is made from neoprene, which is a tough yet extremely comfortable material. With this swing, you can explore the BDSM world while hanging from any wooden beam. The unit can support weights reaching up to 325 lbs or 147.5 kgs. It is the best door sex swing because the manufacturer has used nylon cushioning that cradles the buttocks comfortably and acrylic barbells to accentuate its effectiveness and practicality. For comfort and stability, the manufacturer has included sturdy foot stirrups and comfortable handles.

Its design provides even couples with smaller living spaces with incredible sex position options. The two suspending straps can be adjusted to allow your lover and yourself to find the ideal height to exert your fetishes. The foot stirrups will adjust independently to let you secure the sex swing at your favorite positions. But remember that safety starts with you. Always test the weight a door can handle before using the swing on it.

What we liked: This swing gives you the best value for money. It allows you to explore the world of BDSM and a whole world of other sex fetishes at a very reasonable price.

What could be better: The swing is super easy to set up, but the straps can dig into your thighs.

What we liked:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maneuver her/ him
  • Good value for money
  • Well cushioned
  • Weight limit: not specified
  • Material: velvet
  • Type: door jam

More features: velcro cuffs, blindfold and bondage kit included

You have read all the Kama Sutra positions and tried them out, yet you don’t feel like you are doing it right. The secret to becoming the ultimate sex position master and a comfortable BDSM explorer lies with the Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit (8 Piece) sex swing. This swing, which is made using a strong frame and super comfy velvet fabric, will let you explore all your kinky sex dreams.

It is an over the door sex swing that is easy to assemble. To ensure that you get the best of the BDSM world, the manufacturer has packed it with some exciting and cool accessories. The 8-piece position enhancer, which also comes with a blindfold for sensory deprivation play, is designed to help you feel like a queen/ king. Also included in the package are four Velcro cuffs and quick–release clips that help keep the play safe and comfortable.

Even though the manufacturer hasn’t specified the actual weight this piece can handle, it feels pretty strong for all your erotic and acrobatic sex moves you can think of trying on it. To suit your particular needs, the unit comes with adjustable straps

and stirrups that make it easy to adjust the height and even the sex position you want.

What we liked:  This is the best bondage sex swing that is adorned with a myriad of accessories for maximum pleasure. The manufacturer has added an inflatable sex position wedge that allows for fool-proof penetrative pleasure.

What could be better: The swing doesn’t have a seat, making it a bit of a challenge for curvaceous ladies.


Extreme Sling and Swing StandBest Sex Swing Stand

  • Weight limit: 400 lbs
  • Material: leather
  • Type: freestanding
  • Stand dimensions: 82 x 85x 58 in

More features: 8 spring snap clips, 4 chains, waterproof

The one thing that the Extreme Sling and Swing Stand boasts of is its practicality and sturdiness. This free-standing sex swing combines a sling and a swing hence making it possible for you to explore and master BDSM. Having been made using heavy-duty steel, and the sling with genuine leather, this sex swing can handle weights reaching up to 400 pounds. The design of this swing is such that the ‘swinger’ can completely lie on it hence giving you full access to every part of their body.

This sex swing is very easy to assemble. The manufacturer has included a sturdy and reliable stand to help you enjoy kinky sex for prolonged hours. Also included in the package are 4 chains to hoist the sling on to the stand. You also get 8 spring snap clips, 2 removable feet stirrups, 4 rings and a leather sling. When fully assembled, the sex swing frame and sling measure 82 inches high, and 85 x 85 inches at the base. It is the best sex swing stand,  and boasts of 38 inches in length and 21 inches in width. With this swing, you can adjust the sling height, hence making accessibility easy for both of you.

What we liked: We love the practicality of this free-standing sex swing. You don’t need a door frame or ceiling to have enthralling fetish sex. The unit is also compatible with normal sex swing even though you have to but it as an extra.

What could be better: If you don’t have a small apartment, this is probably not your ideal sex swing. The premium price might also be an issue for many BDSM lovers.


Strict Leather Premium Black Leather Sex SwingBest Leather Sex Swing

  • Weight limit: 305 lbs
  • Material: latigo leather
  • Type: freestanding

More features: plush pillow, stirrups included

If you are looking for a high-quality leather sex swing, then the Strict Leather Premium Black Leather Sex Swing will answer all of your wishes. This swing, which is made out of latigo leather, is firm. This leather is very tough and stiff, which serves to reassure you of your safety. The included pillow is quite comfy, but for those who love lying on their back entirely, the pillow may prevent it.

For that night, you feel like becoming naughty and want to go the erotic way, this free-standing sex swing will do. It is important to note that the manufacturer does not include the chains, but you can buy them alongside the swing. These chains allow you to hang the swing from any spot you choose. The measurements of the swing in inches are 37.5L x 23W x 23W inches. To enhance your kinky sex experiment, the manufacturer has included two stirrups and D-rings. It can handle a ‘swinger’ weighing as heavy as 305 pounds.

What we liked: The good thing with this sex swing is that it comes with a hard seat that is a good addition for those who love BDSM. Another thing you will like about this swing is the ease with which you can assemble it on a doorframe.

What could be better: Even though the manufacturer has discontinued the making of the swing, it is still a great add-on to your erotic bedroom escapades. The lower straps tend to cut the outer flesh of the thigh if the lady is curvaceous.


Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex SwingBest Spinning Sex Swing

  • Weight limit: 400 lbs
  • Material: nylon, ABS, metal
  • Type: ceiling hang

More features: padded support, torque bar

Are you shopping for the best spinning sex swing that will rejuvenate the sex mood in your relationship? Well, the Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing, which allows you to maneuver your partner 360 degrees, is the ultimate companion to help you achieve this.

The swing is pretty strong, having been made from metal. For sturdiness, comfort and strength, the manufacturer has also used nylon and ABS. With this ceiling hanging swing, you are free to hang it from any high-enough ceiling.

You deserve the best experience that a sex swing can give. For this reason, the manufacturer has used a spinning design that allows you and your partner to explore countless kinky sex moves and positions. The back of the swing is well padded and will hold you firmly. Moreover, your thighs, butt, and legs rest on well-padded surfaces that make it possible to enjoy prolonged sex sessions.

If you weigh 400 pounds and below, then this is the swing to invest in this year. Measuring 36 x 6 x 9 inches, you can use this swing with a sex swing stand. The extras you get after buying this unit include extra-wide nylon straps that have self-tightening buckles.

What we liked: The obvious advantage of owning this sex swing is its ability to rotate 360

degrees, hence giving you a chance to access your partner’s body fully.

What could be better: There is no doubt that this is a unique and one of the best cheap sex swings in the market. But we feel that height adjustment would’ve been a smart move.

Things to Сonsider

Sex swings used to be a preserve for those that lived in houses with high ceilings, and people living in apartments could not even dream of owning one. Today, things have changed, thanks to changing technology and the willingness of sex partners to revitalize and keep young their love for each other strong. In this review, we look into the features that every buyer of a sex swing must check out before committing their credit card. We have also answered a few FAQs to help you further make an informed decision.

Benefits of sex swing love making

A sex swing, if properly used, can take you and your partner into a whole new world of intimacy. Properly here, meaning that both partners consensually agree to try using it. Experts and BDSM enthusiasts agree that a sex swing comes with unique benefits that cannot be enjoyed in any other way. Here are some of the benefits;

  1. They offer a sex couple endless possibilities for sex positions
  2. They are fun to use once you have learned the ropes
  3. With a sex swing, you get to enjoy some complex Kama sutra sex positions with very little effort
  4. If you are curvaceous or big-bodied, a swing will help partners fully explore each other’s’ bodies
  5. A swing helps break the monotony of having sex in the bed. Provided your ceiling or door frames are strong, you can enjoy kinky sex pretty anywhere in your home.

How to secure your sex swing

7 Amazing Sex Swings for Fun and Joyful ExperienceDifferent sex swings are installed differently. The first thing to bear in mind when you buy a swing is that safety comes first. No matter how excited you can be, always read the user manual first. This will allow you to set up the swing expertly. As indicated earlier, sex swings can be differentiated by how they are set up. There are door frame swings, ceiling sex swings, and freestanding ones. It is therefore critical that you read the product’s description before purchasing a swing.

To securely set up your ceiling sex swing, you will need to identify a strong ceiling beam. On this beam, drill in a strong hook screw. Make sure the entire screw is inside the beam (about three inches). You can use a flat plate mount, which requires two or four screws. Don’t use nails to secure a sex swing anchor. Once the hook is secured correctly, you can insert the carabiner.

In the case of door frame sex swings such as the Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit, you will need to identify the right door frame that can support the weight of the person in the swing. A sex swing allows you to use your imagination when setting it up. You can opt to insert the screw in the door frame, the door itself or even the hallway. Even though door frame swings can pose some motion and accessibility restrictions for the bonking partners, they are a little bit easier to secure.

When it comes to the freestanding sex swing like the Strict Leather Premium Black Leather Sex Swing, your DIY skills might not be needed as much. However, read the manual carefully so as to use the clasps and other attachments correctly. When setting up any sex swing, read the instructions carefully and be ready and willing to test and retest it once it is set up. By taking your time to set up, testing, and feeling out the swing, you are preventing any accident or ugly incident that might arise due to its poor installation.

Improve your sex swing experience

A sex swing brings with it the chance for you to be creative and be open to the world of bondage. Being in handcuffs, blindfolded, and or tied have all been proved to be highly effective ways to enjoy BDSM. With a sex swing, you get to set sail on a journey that takes you to a land of unending orgasms and pleasure with your partner. Here are some tips on how to enjoy your sex swing;

  • Enjoy the swinging cowgirl position – In this pose, he sits and leans on the swing, and she straddles him. When he gets his feet off the ground, she will have total control of the journey.
  • The push-me position – in this pose, she sits in the swing with her feet hanging pendulous while leaning forward. She should hold on to the straps with their hands. He, on the other hand, stands behind her and holds her hips as he penetrates her.
  • The ultimate cunnilingus – She will sit and lie in the swing. He, on the other hand, will kneel on the floor. This will make their face come into contact with her crotch. This pose gives him unrivalled access to her nether regions.

Features to consider while buying the best sex swing

You already know what a sex swing is. You also know that it can add fire to your sex life. For this reason alone, you will need a quality swing that can be used night after night for many years. To get the best deal, you will need to identify the right features to look out for. This will help you pick the perfect sex swing that will carry your weight and that of your partner. Here are some of the crucial features that you should use to come up with your ideal swing.

Weight support

7 Amazing Sex Swings for Fun and Joyful Experience

A swing is designed to be suspended vertically. This being the case, the point or the beam from where your swing hangs should be strong enough. The hook screw used should also be strong to handle the weight of the swing together with the occupants. Despite you having selected the strongest beam or frame and even having picked the toughest screw or carabiner, a swing can fail to help you accomplish your erotic mission. This is why you must read carefully the maximum weight that such a swing can handle. In the case of Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing, the maximum weight is 400 pounds, while the Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit can handle 305 pounds.


A sex swing is a great investment for those that love experimenting and exploring the world of sex. But for a novice, the prices are not low enough to warrant impulse buying. After all, you will need to set up the apparatus in order to get the intended value out of it. This is why you will need to select your swing carefully. Our reviewed sex swings’ price range starts from as low as $69, and the higher-end ones go for about $250.

Swing type

Depending on the design and the materials used to make your home, you can opt to own any three of the sex swings available in the market. Even though the ceiling swings used to be a preserve of homeowners with high and sturdy ceilings, you can now own such a swing if the ceiling is reasonably high and is supported by strong beams. You can go for the door frame sex swing, which is the more common type. This swing affords you easy installation and can be used by anyone that has doors in their homes. The only catch is that the door frame or even the door used should be strong and able to support your weights. The free-standing swings come with their own stands, and no assembly is required. All you will be required to do is set the stand and then attach the swing.


Once you decide to get kinky in a sex swing or sling, comfort should be a key consideration. Manufacturers have to go to great lengths to try and make their products offer plush comfy, sexy experiences. In the case of the Strict Leather Premium Black Leather Sex Swing, the manufacturer has used wide, tough hide and a plush pillow to help the supine partner get a comfy sex ride. A majority of the featured sex swings, though, come with handles and stirrups as standard. You will find Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit and Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swings to be well padded to enhance your comfort.


7 Amazing Sex Swings for Fun and Joyful ExperienceThe materials used to make a swing will determine the comfort of the users and the swing’s longevity. For sturdiness, reliability, and durability, manufacturers use tough materials such as leather and steel. In Strict Leather Premium Black Leather Sex Swing, the manufacturer has used latigo leather, which is very tough, to make the entire swing. For ease of washing, comfort, and durability, materials such as nylon are also used. When picking your sex swing, you should bear in mind that the lower the quality of materials used to make it, the lower the chance of enjoying the swing, a least in the long run.

Straps quality

A good sex swing should come equipped with quality straps. These straps should not cause skin infections. You will find that a swing can afford you several straps for various purposes. In the BDSM world, the more the straps, the better the experience can be.  You will find hand straps, body straps or leg straps. These straps should be well padded like in the case of Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit. These straps should not cut into the skin even after a prolonged erotic session.

Easy set up

It would be understandable to hasten to have an unending crazy night of sex once you have bought the swing, but this would be unwise. The first thing to do once you have bought the sex swing is to read the instructions carefully. These instructions will help you set up the swing expertly. In the case of the Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing, the set up might be a little harder than that of the Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit. This is because the former should be fixed on a strong ceiling beam while the latter should be fixed on a sturdy door frame. Still, there are unique benefits that come with owning the Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing. So, the setup process should remain just one of the many features to consider.

Extra features

To make a sex swing unique and more appealing, manufacturers usually throw in some exciting extra features. Some of these features may rhyme with the BDSM theme, while others are just meant to improve your experience. The Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit (8 Piece) affords you Velcro cuffs, blindfolds, and other cool extras. On its own, this swing will help you explore the BDSM world. The other extra features to look out for include carabiner, waterproof capability, and the ability to rotate 360 degrees.


There is no particular sex swing that is best suited for anal sex. With a swing, you will be surprised at the number of Kama sutra sex positions you will be able to try out comfortably. Don’t inhibit your potential to try new things with a sex swing.

After bonking on your sex swing, there is bound to be fluids, and you definitely want to clean that. For a basic swing such as the Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit, simply detach the straps from the main bar and hand wash them. Hang them to dry. In the case of swings or slings that have some metal components like carabiner, detach the straps and wash them inside a laundry bag. To dry these swings, put them in a drier but don’t put heat as the plastics can melt. For leather sex swings such as the Strict Leather Premium Black Leather Sex Swing, invest in a leather cleaner.

Having an erotic kinky night on a swing should be as safe as enjoying the same in bed, if not more. The first thing to remember when it comes to using a sex swing is to read the set-up instructions carefully. These instructions should include advice on the maximum weight a swing can handle and the beam or frame type to hang the swing from.

Our Verdict

Our editor’s choice is the Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish sex swing. This swing is ideal for any couple that wants to experiment and explore the world of bondage sex. The unit can carry a maximum of 330 pounds and can be hung from the ceiling. It boasts strong padded straps and carabiner clip fastening.

Our pick for the second place is the Purple Reins sex sling. It is the best sex sling you can get today at an incredible price. The frame is made of strong metal, and the straps are of leather but heavily padded with nylon. Many kinky sex lovers agree that this is the best sex swing for a beginner.

For the best value for your money, pick the Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit sex swing. This swing can carry a maximum of 325 pounds and can be hung from the door. It is a simple yet highly effective BDSM tool that you will come to adore.

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