DIY Sex Swing: 3 Best Ways to Make It

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If you want to mix things up in the bedroom, there are many ways to do it. You can add some fun new toys, like dildos or vibrators to spice things up with your partner. There are also larger pieces you can add, like a sex chair or a sex pillow, both of which offer different positions to try out. A sex swing is another great option. You can purchase a decent model or make a DIY sex swing to save a bit of money and create the perfect swing to meet your needs.

There are a few different styles to consider when making homemade sex swings. You can create one using a pullup bar, try out a stand, or make yourself a hammock. If you’re interested in one of these sexy devices but aren’t sure of how to come up with some DIY sex swing plans on your own, check out the following sections.

Indoor sex swing on a pullup bar

One option for making your DIY sex swing is using a pullup bar for the support system. These types of sex swings can be used in any doorway, as long as it is wide enough to secure the bar and give you the room you need to use it.

What you’ll need

There are only a few things you need to acquire to create your pullup bar sex swing. The first is, of course, the pullup bar. It should be a bar that you can add and remove from your door frame whenever you need it.

You also need some nylon, straps, and either a sewing machine or the needles and threads necessary to create the body of the swing, the leg supports, and the handles. You can also buy a sex swing kit if you don’t have the sewing skills needed or the time to create the pieces yourself. The Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit is a good option for this since it comes with all of the straps, stirrups, and handles needed, with the perfect loops at the top to fit over the pullup bar.

To hold everything together, you’ll need a couple of carabiner snap hooks. These should be sturdy and well made, plus secure enough to keep them from coming loose when you’re using the swing. The Black Diamond Hotforge Screwgate Carabiner 3 Pack is a good option since these are lightweight, yet strong, plus includes locking connectors that keep the straps they are holding firmly in place.

You may also want to add some painter’s tape to your supplies to use under the pullup bar to keep it in place on the door jam.

How to make it

To make this swing, start by feeding the loop at the top of one of the straps through the carabiner. Do the same with the other strap and the second carabiner.

Place the pullup bar on the door jam, using the instructions to be sure it is placed correctly. Then hook the loops on the straps over the ends of the pullup bar, making sure that they are not twisted as you loop each side over the ends of the bar. You should also make sure the straps aren’t wedged between the wall and the bar since this will affect the flow of the swing when you’re using it.

Pull the straps for a tighter loop, making sure the carabiner is close to the bar to keep the loop in the straps from getting too loose. There should be a slight gap of about 2-4 mm to ensure slight movement in this area when the swing is in use.

Widen the straps as needed to make sure the person sitting in them is comfortable. You can also adjust the height as needed, depending on the position you and your partner are planning to try out. Once all of these adjustments are made, your swing is ready to use.

Indoor sex swing on a stand

If you don’t have the doorframes to support a sex swing, you can always try out a sex swing stand. This is similar to a ceiling-mounted sex swing, though the stand can be moved now and then if needed, plus you don’t need to worry about secure installation in the ceiling to fully support the weight of the person in the swing.

You can buy a stand if you like, though you do need to make sure it fits in the area you have available and has the weight capacity to support the person using it. You can also build your own if you have the skills necessary for this project.

The setup of your DIY sex swing stand should only take about 10 minutes. It will take up a fair bit of space when fully assembled, so be sure you start this process in an area you know it will fit.

What you’ll need

Though you can buy a stand and sex swing kit separately, there is a way to make one of these at home.

First, you’ll need to choose something to be the platform for your sex swing. This is the area you the person in the swing will be sitting on. This can be made of whatever material you like or you can add a harder piece in there for a sturdier seat to sit on, depending on the position you’re using the swing for.

You will also need four or more straps to create the seated area. The NewDoar Climbing Sling Runners are a good option since they come in varying sizes and colors, so you can choose the right ones for the height needed for each of the straps on your swing. You’ll also need a few extra straps for the handles and stirrups. You’ll also need some sort of hook to secure the straps of the swing to the stand.

For the stand, you’ll need some metal or wood for the frame and sturdy screws to hold it all together. You’ll also need some bolts or hooks that are strong enough to hold the swing and the weight of the person inside of it. If you’re going to build your own stand, it is best to have some experience working with the metal or wood you’ll be using to ensure you’re building it correctly. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, you buy a stand designed for this purpose.

How to make the swing

To make the swing, choose the platform or seated area you’ll be using. Attach the straps to the seat area, working your way outward. The other ends will be attached to the hooks on the frame. The stirrups and handles should then be made and attached so that they will be comfortable for the person using them. Adjustable straps are best to ensure you can alter them as needed for any position you’re trying out.

How to make the stand

Making the stand yourself is a tricky process unless you already have some experience with wood or metal work. First, measure the area you plan to use for your sex swing stand. Then create the frame using the sturdiest metal or wood possible to ensure it can support the person in the swing and the movement during intercourse.

The best way to create the stand is with four legs and four cross beams at the top that meet in the middle. Make sure the area in between the legs is wide enough to give you freedom of movement. Secure the pieces together using large screws or bolts to ensure it holds together.

Attach a hook to each of the crossbeams near the corners of the frame. Attach the straps to the hooks and adjust the height and length of the stirrups and handles if needed. Now your sex swing is ready to use.

Be very careful when creating your own sex swing stand. If done improperly, the stand could break during use, which could cause injury to you or your partner. If you aren’t completely confident in your abilities in this area, it may be best to buy the swing and stand. Though it may cost more, these swings are designed for this purpose, with all the testing needed to ensure your safety.

Outdoor hammock-style swing

If you want to take your sexual adventures outside of the home, a hammock-style sex swing is a good option to try out. Of course, you need to know how to make your own sex swing hammock for your backyard, which needs a bit of skill with a sewing machine or some needles and thread.

What you’ll need

For this project, there are a few things you’ll need to acquire. These include:

  • A rectangular piece of canvas material
  • A cushion
  • 10 10’ straps with easy-thumb release cambuckles on the ends (cut the straps into 5’ straps, so half have an S-hook and cambuckle at one end and half are plain)
  • 3 yards of Velcro
  • Upholstery thread
  • 2 steel O-rings

Measure out the canvas to the proper length for the person using the swing. This should give you room to comfortably lay back on it.

How to make it

Lay out your canvas. Cut the Velcro to fit the long sides of the canvas, then place the pokey Velcro sides on each side of the material. Pin the Velcro and then sew them in place.

Place a plain strap across each of the short ends of the fabric, pinning them in place. Then place three more straps intermittently between the two ends. Be sure to leave equal amounts of strap on the sides of the material, as these will be the ones used to hold up your swing and should be as even as possible to limit adjustments later. Pin the straps in place, then sew each one, making sure they are all secure to be sure they don’t come loose later.

Take the S-hooks off all of the cambuckles. Cut the cambuckle end of the strap loop off of the strap next to the manufactured sewed area, leaving about 4” of strap with the cambuckle on. Lay this small strap area over the base straps attached to the canvas piece, then pin them in place.

Sew them securely, keeping in mind that these pieces will hold most of the weight when the swing is in use. Repeat this process with all the base straps. Slide the remaining 5-foot straps with S-hook ends through the cambuckes, going in through the bottom.

Take your cushion and sew the remaining soft side of the Velcro along the long sides of it. Then place it onto the canvas, making sure the Velcro pieces line up properly to secure the cushion in place.

You can also add stirrups by folding the ends of the straps to create a loop, sewing it in place, and then sewing it in place on the sides of the canvas. Hang your new swing anywhere you like using the O-rings and S-hooks.

Cheap swings and their alternatives

There are many sex swing options on the market for you to try out. There are door jam models, like the one we described above, which are made of a few straps and adjustable pieces. There are also slings that include a more comfortable seat area, which can also be flattened to lay down for varying positions. You can try to make your own if you like, though you do need to be careful to ensure no one is getting injured with your homemade model. To be safe, it is best to buy a sex swing that is safety tested and includes a weight limit, so you know how much it can handle.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re looking to expand your sexual activities or just try out something new once in a while, a sex swing can be a great addition to your couple’s activities. These pieces allow for new, exciting positions, plus they can increase comfort levels, especially for those of varying heights that can’t fit quite right when trying to have sex in a bed.

Though there are several models available for purchase, if you’re handy enough, you can try to make your own DIY sex swing. There are a few options available using a pullup bar, a stand, or even making an outdoor hammock for some private fun out of the bedroom. If you’re going the DIY route, be sure all the pieces are secure and well-made to keep you and your partner as safe as possible.

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