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What JoyNights.org is

Yes, it is what it almost sounds. Joy night. Night, full of pleasure and unforgettable sensations. Something you can’t wait for during your long, dull working day.

We are the ones who make your regular nights full of joy. How? No, we don’t provide you with the love of your life (check out some dating sites for that). However, we can help you get all the rest what’s necessary for incomparable intimate experience, no matter who your partner(s) is and if there’s one at all.

On our website, you’ll find unbiased, detailed reviews of the best sex toys available on the market today. Looking for the quietest vibrator, so that even your roommate wouldn’t wake up while you’re playing? Or for a compact masturbator that can be stored in your bag without causing any questions, even if somebody notices it? Or probably you’re in a long-distance relationship and need a toy that can be controlled via an app? Here, on JoyNights.org, you’ll find all of this, and so much more.

Our team

Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday

Expert Consultant

Laura Rose Halliday is the founder of School of Squirt where she teaches men and women about sexuality, squirting, dating, relationships, how to squirt and have an amazing sex life. Her philosophy is that couples with a good sex life stay together.



Expert Consultant


Expert Consultant



How we select the best of the best

Studying the topic: The first stage is always a research. Our experts dive into each topic to fully understand all the nuances. At this very stage, we decide what features are important to look for and which specifications to pay extra attention to.

Exploring the market: Next, when we know what exactly to look for, our search begins. We scour the market to find the most trustworthy, reliable, and bestselling products out there. Everything is taken into account, including the product’s rating, its sales stats, and feedback.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff: After we compiled the initial list of the most impressing models, we start to study the real buyers’ reviews for each of the chosen products. This way, we know for sure what is worth including in our list, and what is actually not what it seems.

How the articles are created

The list of the top products is ready. Next, our experts use our patented NightScore system to give each model its position on the list. This system allows us to give the most unbiased ratings possible. At this stage, our team of the most talented and experienced authors comes into play. Their goal is to highlight the product’s most remarkable features as well as to underline its drawbacks to warn you against a potentially wrong choice. Sometimes, they even share their own experience in case one of the selected products had been tested by themselves.

What’s our interest?

You might think we’re trying to promote a particular product or brand using our reviews. Rest assured, that it’s not the case. We get a commission after each product is sold via a link on our website, however there’s no diversification between brands or models. This lets us be unbiased in our reviews and honestly express our own opinions and findings.

Any questions left?

In case you have any questions, suggestions, or comments on any of the articles or the website in general, feel free to contact our editorial team. We are always open for new ideas, critiques, and collaborations.