6 Best Fleshjack Boys for Your Unforgettable Solo Nights

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Joy Nights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Ready to enjoy the most intimate area of your favorite gay porn star? A Fleshjack is what you need. Of course, not all models live up to the hype, which is where we come in. We’ve researched the best Fleshjack pieces on the market for you to try out.

When picking our 6 models, there were a few features we focused on to ensure you are getting the perfect toy. The first is the materials used to make the case and the sleeve. All of the Fleshjacks in our reviews are made of high-quality materials to ensure you’re getting a safe model that will last for years. All of the included models feature tight, textured canals for you to experience the best sensations ever. The toys are modeled after a variety of men, including a few porn stars, a fashion designer, and a rapper/songwriter, so you can choose the man you like best.

Top 6 Fleshjacks Review 2022


Fleshjack Boys Levi Karter ButtEditor's Choice

  • CockyBoys.com star
  • Born in Paraguay
  • The sleeve begins with a pert, perfectly rounded tight opening and a cute little swirl

The Fleshjack Levi Karter is called Explosive for a reason. This piece, designed to mimic this CockyBoys.com star’s bottom, is created to give you the most satisfying and amazing orgasms possible.

The entry to this sexy sleeve is nice and tight like a real anus would be. Once inside, you’ll feel the swirl and a triple row of rings right near the opening. This leads to head-to-head beads and a variety of ripples and protrusions as you push further in. Together, these varying stimulators create a pleasurable experience and the explosive finish that its name promises.

The materials used in the sleeve are body-safe, free of phthalates, and non-allergic, so you can use them as you like without fear of a painful reaction. It also has Levi’s signature on the fleshy piece for an extra authentic touch. The case is a lovely blue, with an adjustable end-cap for friction control and a cover to keep the soft opening safe and clean.

What do we love it for? Though you may think all Fleshjack sleeves are identical, there are some major differences. This one has an extra-tight entry, with intense texturing inside for powerful orgasms every time you use it. The quality materials used combined with the adjustable friction add to the pleasure.

What were we disappointed with? Like other Fleshjack models, this one can be tricky to clean since it has all those ridges and nodes that can trap residue. Using some mild soap or toy cleaner can help speed up this process.

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Fleshjack Johnny RapidBest Tight Fleshjack

  • Films exclusively with Men.com
  • Best Porn Star: 2014 Cybersocket Web Award and Best International Porn Star: 2014 Prowler Porn Awards winner
  • The sleeve features tight twists and turns

If you’re interested in the gay best Fleshjack model but don’t have a ton of money to spend, the Fleshjack Johnny Rapid may a great model to try out. It isn’t as expensive as some other models while still offering high-quality materials and amazing pleasure.

The sleeve is made of Real-Feel SuperSkin, which feels so life-like that you’ll think this handsome man is in bed with you. The entry is nice and tight, with ribbed sides beyond it for some sensual massaging. There are also diagonal ribbing and a variety of ridges and bumps for you to enjoy as you use this toy.

The powder blue case complements the sleeve coloring, plus it gives you a discreet package to house your new toy, especially when you add the top cap. The end-cap adjusts to add more or less suction as needed to give you the ultimate pleasure experience.

Why did it make our list? We liked almost everything about this sexy piece. The SuperSkin material has a realistic feel, which combines with Johnny’s signature Man Cave texture for an intense session. The price is nice for those on a budget, plus this product contains no latex or phthalates, so it is safe to use whenever you need it.

What is not ideal about it? All of those bumps and ridges are great for stimulation, but they do have a downside. They are tricky to clean, especially if you want to get rid of every little bit of residue.


Fleshjack Boys Milan Christopher KingBest Musician Fleshjack

  • Award-winning songwriter, producer, and music artist
  • Owns a line of intimate apparel
  • 5 inches of insertable length

The best Fleshjack to buy doesn’t necessarily have to be modeled after a porn star, as this model proves. The Fleshjack Milan Christopher is molded from this handsome rapper’s behind, so you can close your eyes and pretend he’s in bed with you.

The sleeve has a lovely chocolate brown color that matches this sexy songwriter’s natural coloring. The sleeve has a tight opening but widens once your inside. A variety of patterned folds, ridges, pleasure nodes, and bumps offer intense pleasure that will have you coming back for more night after night.

The case is gold, which complements the color of the sleeve nicely. On one end is the adjustable end-cap that can be loosened or tightened to give you the friction you like. A cap on the other end keeps dust and debris from soiling your toy between uses, plus creates a more discreet package.

What are its best features? There is so much to like with this sexy toy. First, it is modeled from the handsome Milan Christopher, with the Signature King texture for an intense experience. The long length can handle even the largest men, with adjustable suction for the perfect friction.

What could be improved? The downside to the Fleshjack Milan Christopher is that it is a bit hard to clean. This is due to the ridges inside, which can collect your juices and the lubricant you use. You do need to spend some extra time cleaning all the ridges and bumps to remove any residue or bacteria.

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Fleshjack Diego SansBest Porn Star Fleshjack

  • Men.com star
  • Squirt Fan Favorite, Best Top (twice!), and Web Performer of the Year
  • Tight opening with waves of pleasure folds, followed by a series of intense nodules, bumps, and ridges

The Fleshjack Diego Sans has been molded from this sexy Brazilian porn star, so it feels like you have him in bed with you every time you pull it out of your toy drawer. This Fleshjack boy’s anus toy is made of Real-Feel SuperSkin material, which feels like the real thing.

There are a variety of different sensations in the sleeve, with a tight opening that is followed by pleasure folds and stimulating bumps, ridges, and nodules to add some intensity for an amazing experience and a powerful orgasm.

The outside of the piece is blue plastic, with an adjustable end-cap that you can loosen or tighten to alter the suction as needed for the perfect amount of friction. There is also a cover for the anus end to keep it clean between uses, plus it turns it into a more discreet piece if found by someone else.

What do we love it for? There is very little not to like with the Fleshjack Diego Sans model. It has a long insertable length of 8.5 inches, so it will fit anyone. The realistic look, tight opening, and fantastic sleeve offer amazing sensations that make every session a pleasurable one. This may just become your favorite toy in no time.

What were we disappointed with? Though this toy looks and feels realistic, you do need to use a lot of lubricant when using it to keep you moving smoothly inside of it. Otherwise, it could be too sticky, making it more uncomfortable than pleasurable.


Fleshjack Boomer BanksBest Tender Fleshjack

  • CockyBoys.com star
  • Head designer at BANKKS
  • Born in Mexico

The Fleshjack Boomer Banks model is a replica of this handsome star’s fantastic derriere. It looks great, plus it feels quite realistic, from the tight entry to the soft, textured inside.

The case for this model is a stylish powder blue, with a textured grip to keep it firmly in your hands while you use it. There is an end-cap that you can tighten or loosen to adjust the level of suction to meet your preferences. The top cap keeps the entry clean and keeps the piece as discreet as possible.

The sleeve is soft, with a realistic skin-like feel. It has an insertable length of 8.5 inches that fits even the longest members. Inside the tight entry is a swirl, which leads to some textured ridges and bumps for some tender stimulation that will please you for as long as you can stand it.

What makes it special? There was a lot to like with the Fleshjack Boomer Banks model. You can adjust the suction as you see fit. It also has an impressive length and nice texturing for a pleasurable experience. The material is also free of phthalates and other harsh materials for a body-safe toy.

What cons did we find? The Fleshjack Boomer Banks is a great toy for those long sessions, but it isn’t as tight or stimulating as some other models. This means you may not get the explosive orgasm you may be expecting, despite what the Sonic Boom name may suggest.


Fleshjack Cody CummingsBest Unique Fleshjack

  • America’s famous bisexual
  • Has his own website with exclusive videos
  • The sleeve’s inspired by Cody’s never-before penetrated ass

If you’re looking for the best Fleshjack sleeve, this one is a great one to try out. The Fleshjack Cody Cummings model is nicknamed Untouched since this star works mostly with women and has yet to be penetrated himself. This lets you engage in fantasies that haven’t been seen by his viewing audience.

This piece includes a tight inner sleeve with a unique inner texture that is unused by any other Fleshjack model on the market. There are tight, cylindrical chambers with connection canals between them that massage your member during those long sessions. There are also flat, rectangular bumps that are large in the canals and smaller in the chambers for varying textures and stimulation.

The whole piece is 9.75 inches long, with an insertable length of 8.5 inches, so men of different lengths can all enjoy the pleasure of Cody Cumming’s replica Fleshjack toy. The case is a soft powder blue, with an adjustable end-cap to set the friction as you like it and a top cap for discretion and cleanliness.

What are its best features? The tight entry and inner sleeve combined with the unique inner texture make this a great model to try out. The realistic color and feel add authenticity to the experience, plus it’s easy to clean.

What could be improved? Though the variation of tight and loose chambers can be nice for some longer sessions, this model doesn’t offer the intensity level of some other models, which some people may find a bit less interesting.

Things to Consider

There are a lot of different types of sex toys on the market for you to try out. The Fleshjack line is designed to replicate men’s backsides, so they are a great option for gay men or even straight ones that want to experiment with anal sex. All of the models in our reviews are quality pieces, designed to mimic the derrieres of a few handsome stars, so you can try out your favorite or get a few of them and mix it up in the bedroom.

Some words about the Fleshjack Boys line

6 Best Fleshjack Boys for Your Unforgettable Solo Nights

The Fleshlight has been around for a few years, becoming a popular choice in the sex toy market. They are designed to look and feel like lady part’s including the vaginal area and the anus, so you can try out the one you like best to enjoy or keep your stamina up when you’re between girlfriends.

The new Fleshjack Boys line has taken these toys to a new level. This line is marketed for gay men, giving them a toy that is similar to the Fleshlight in sleeve material and case, though they are created to replicate a man’s anus instead of a woman’s parts. There are also a few Fleshjack mouths and dildos in this line, so you can expand your bedroom activities as you see fit to get the experiences you’re craving.

There are a ton of Fleshjack models to choose from, mimicking a variety of porn star’s parts. The Fleshjack Milan Christopher is designed to replicate this music artist’s bottom, so you can expand your fantasies as you see fit.

There are also a variety of intensities to choose from when picking your favorite model from the Fleshjack Boys line. The Fleshjack Cody Cummings offers gentle stimulation for slow massaging and long sessions. At the same time, the Fleshjack Levi Karter has more ridges and bumps for a more intense experience that lets you finish quickly or work to increase your stamina over time.

Features to consider when choosing a Fleshjack

There are a variety of Fleshjack Boys models on the market, so it can be hard to figure out which one is the right one to give you the stimulation and intensity that you’re looking for. The following sections should help to make this decision a bit easier, so you can pick the right one and get started with it as soon as possible.

Which adult star it’s inspired by

There are a lot of male adult film stars out there, so it’s no wonder that the Fleshjack toys are modeled after so many of them. In fact, five out of the six Fleshjack models in our reviews are designed to replicate a specific porn star’s behind, so you can pick your favorite star and buy the toy that matches.

This allows you to bring the toy into your bedroom and play out your fantasies with that particular adult film star. You can pretend you’re in one of their films or make up your own. There are even mounting options, so you can expand your playtime with the toy as you see fit. Having a piece that replicates a real person can make the experience even more realistic and enjoyable for you.

Another great thing about these toys is that every man is different, and the toys are designed to match them. For instance, Johnny Rapid calls his anal cavity “The Man Cave”. The Fleshjack modeled after him is created with this in mind, with a signature design you won’t find on any other toy.

6 Best Fleshjack Boys for Your Unforgettable Solo Nights

Cody Cummings is mostly filmed with women, so his backside has yet to be penetrated. This is why his toy has a unique design and is even called “Untouched”, just like he is. You can experience him in a way no real person has when using this toy, adding a touch of excitement by being the first one to do so.

Of course, not every toy in the Fleshjack Boys line is modeled after a porn star. Milan Christopher is a rapper, producer, actor, and model, so you can try him out in your bedroom, creating fantasies for this model that no one else could experience.

What’s inside the sleeve

Though the look and feel of the outer area of the sleeve will please you aesthetically, the area that’s inside the sleeve is where the pleasure really happens. This area needs to stimulate you in ways you enjoy. Otherwise, you may not want to use it as often as some of your other toys.

There are a variety of sleeve insides to choose from, depending on how intense you want the experience to be. These toys include swirls, bumps, ridges, and many other types of designs to create the stimulation needed for an enjoyable session.

The more pronounced these protrusions are, the more intense the feeling as you move inside of the Fleshjack sleeve. For instance, the Fleshjack Levi Karter starts with swirls and three rings, then moves on to beads, ripples, and other protrusions, so the stimulation varies, creating an intense masturbation session that feels amazing.

If you prefer something a bit milder for longer sessions that massage instead of rushing you to climax, a softer model with less intensity is a good piece to try out. The Fleshjack Cody Cummings uses a series of canals, chambers, and rectangular bumps to create altering sensations as you move inside of it. These stimulate you less intensely, so you can take your time with the toy, enjoying it for as long as you like.

Overall length and insertable length

There are two lengths to look at when considering which one is the best Fleshjack to buy. The first is the overall length of the entire piece, case and all. This tells you how big the Fleshjack is, so you know how much space you’ll need to fit it in your drawer or closet when you’re not using it. This also helps you determine how comfortable it will be to hold while you’re using it since the bigger it is, the more of it there will be to hang onto.

The insertable length is the other feature to look for in this area. This tells you how long the piece is inside, which is where your member will be when you’re using it. The longer the sleeve is on the inside, the more room you have to thrust into it during your masturbation sessions. Though a shorter insertable length may not fit everyone, a longer one can accommodate even the longest members.

All of the listed models feature 8.5 inches of insertable length, which is more than enough for most people. You don’t even need to reach the end of it to get the stimulation you’re looking for since these sleeves have their ridges and bumps all the way to the end to make sure every man enjoys it, no matter how big he is.


6 Best Fleshjack Boys for Your Unforgettable Solo Nights

The case

The case may not be made for you to enjoy sexually, but it does need to have certain features to ensure that the sleeve inside is getting the use it is meant for. All of the cases in our reviews are made of durable plastic, which is thick enough to handle even the roughest sessions. The coloring of the plastic also needs to look good, complementing the sleeve inside. Almost all of the models in our reviews are a lovely blue. The exception is the Fleshjack Milan Christopher model, which is a fancy gold color that matches the chocolate brown of the sleeve perfectly.

There should be a cover for the opening of the sleeve, which keeps it clean and free of dust and germs when you’re not using it. This also adds some discretion to the case since it makes it look more like a flashlight and less like a sex toy. If someone unexpectedly finds it, they may dismiss it as a normal device.

Another handy feature on all of the cases in our reviews is the end-cap. These are usually adjustable, so you can alter the suction in the sleeve when you’re using it to create more or less friction. This can enhance your pleasure, plus the end-cap keeps this end clean and free of dirt and bacteria.


When cleaning your Fleshjack, the best cleaner to use is the toy cleaner recommended in the instructions. Of course, you don’t have to buy a special cleaner for these types of toys. You can use some mild soap and water if that’s all you have on hand to get rid of any of your bodily fluids and excess lubricant. This will also help to keep bacteria from growing between uses. Be sure to let the sleeve dry completely before inserting it back into the case.

Yes, you can buy the sleeve separately for all of the Fleshjack models in our reviews. Though the materials used in these types of sex toys are meant to last for quite some time, they can wear out eventually, especially if you use the wrong type of lubricant or cleaner on them. The case is much stronger, so it will likely last longer than the sleeve, so you can replace the part you need instead of the whole thing. You can also use different sleeves in one case if you like a bit of variety in your toys.

Water-based lubricant is recommended for the Fleshjack models. This type of lubricant works well with all types of material without causing any deterioration or damage to the sleeve. If you use the wrong type of lubricant with your Fleshjack sleeve, you could end up destroying it. Be sure to check out the instructions included with these toys, and any other toy you buy, to be sure you’re using the right one.

Our Verdict

There are a variety of Fleshjack models on the market to choose from, but some have a bit more to offer than others. We’ve picked a few of our favorites for you to take a second look at.

Our top choice is the Fleshjack Levi Karter, which has a tight opening, followed by a swirl, triple rings, beads, ripples, and protrusions that offer an intense experience. This model is body-safe, with no allergens or phthalates, plus includes a nice blue case with an adjustable end-cap.

The Fleshjack Johnny Rapid is made of Real-Feel SuperSkin that feels like the real thing. The Man Cave texture of the inner sleeve includes a variety of bumps, ridges, and ribbing for stimulation. It contains no phthalates or latex and comes in a powder blue case with adjustable suction.

The Fleshjack Milan Christopher has a chocolate-colored sleeve that matches the skin tone of this handsome rapper and comes in a stylish gold case. The sleeve includes the signature King texture for an intense experience and has an adjustable end-cap for suction control.

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