Autoblow vs Fleshlight: Which is the Best AI Toy?

Main factors that influence the choice between Autoblow vs Fleshlight: considering price, stimulation and usability
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Last updatedLast updated: March 17, 2024
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Struggling to decide whether you want the blowing wonders of the Autoblow automatic masturbator or the exciting strokes of the Fleshlight? Don’t beat yourself up; you’re not alone in that boat. The similarities between both automatic masturbators make it difficult to choose.

So your headache does not endure, we’ve done a matchup of Autoblow vs Fleshlight to help you learn the differences between the sex toys. This comparison covers various aspects of both masturbators, including how they work, their stimulation, their designs, functions, materials, intensity, noise level, etc.

Rest assured, this article provides comprehensive information about the Fleshlight and Autoblow automatic masturbators so that you can know enough to make a suitable choice. Let’s get to it!

Fleshlight Automatic Masturbator

The Fleshlight automatic masturbator is the stroke king. It drives itself in such a way that no human being could ever push their body. In short, this masturbator is a true pleasure machine. It makes you forget the era of wanking your dick with your bare hands or pushing a masturbator up and down your penis.

The masturbator features two handles you need to hold when using it. The good part is you don’t need to move your hands when it is operating; the toy moves automatically. All you need to do is keep your hands steady, and the Fleshlight will go back and forth, stimulating your dick.

Besides, the Fleshlight automatic masturbator lets you control its stroke speeds and patterns. That leaves your pleasure journey totally in your hands. You can decide to build up your pleasure by going from the lowest speed to the maximum speed. Alternatively, you can opt for the highest speed from the start if you want intense stimulation. It’s your call!

The Fleshlight automatic masturbator’s controls are on both sides of the toy. Your left thumb controls the stroke length, while your right thumb controls the speed. Notably, the masturbator uses various sensual Fleshlight sleeves to stimulate your dick. Some sleeve models are labeled after the hottest porn stars, while others are neutral. It’s up to you to choose your favorite one.

Of course, the Fleshlight automatic masturbator has a space to which you can easily attach your preferred sleeve. A sturdy lockable strap keeps the sleeve secure. It’s also worth mentioning that the toy features a smartphone holder. This holder keeps your phone in place while you watch your favorite erotic videos or video chat with your long-distance partner.

As an automatic masturbator, the Fleshlight Universal Launch unsurprisingly features a battery. Luckily for users, the battery is rechargeable. That saves you from the cost of constant purchase of batteries. At full charge, the masturbator offers around one hour of service. However, the runtime might be shorter depending on your stroke speed.

How it works

As we already suggested, the Fleshlight automatic masturbator cannot work without a sleeve. Therefore, you must secure a Fleshlight sleeve to the masturbator. The device features a padded ring with a latch system that can lock almost any cylindrical male masturbator in place. Furthermore, the latch lets you set the correct tightness for the sleeve. Assembly is a breeze.

With the sleeve in place, the Fleshlight automatic masturbator is ready to work. The device’s right handle features a power button. Hold the button for three seconds to turn the toy on. With the masturbator turned on, press the power button once, and the device will begin chugging. Another press of that button pauses the toy. Turn it off by holding the button for another three seconds.

The stroke speed button is just above the right handle of the Fleshlight automatic masturbator. Press the button to set how many strokes you want from the masturbator per minute. It can go up to a whopping 250 strokes per minute. That’s an unreal speed you can only get from a machine. No woman is riding you at such a high speed.

Moving to the masturbator’s left handle, you’ll find two more buttons the toy uses to work. A rocker button sits at the top of the handle. It works for adjusting the stroke length. Press the button up with your thumb to increase the stroke length and press it down to decrease the length.

On the side of the left handle is the stroke position button. This button lets you choose whether you want the masturbator stroking the head of your penis, shaft, or toward the base. Ultimately, you can customize the Fleshlight automatic masturbator to suit your taste. That’s some way to maximize your masturbation experience.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold for prolonged use
  • Easy to control with convenient buttons
  • Active Launch Mode allows plug-and-play operation
  • The Smartphone mount enhances the user experience


  • Construction is a bit fragile
  • No interactive function

Autoblow Automatic Masturbator

The first impression you get when you see the name of the Autoblow automatic masturbator is that it’s designed for blowjobs. Indeed, it is designed to simulate realistic oral sex, but that’s not all that is to it. With vaginal and anal sleeves, you can turn the blowjob toy into a sex machine. Expect exciting stimulation from Autoblow sleeves as they mimic natural skin.

Moreover, the Autoblow automatic masturbator offers some level of hands-free experience. It uses five sets of beaded springs that align along the shaft vent to produce an up-and-down stroking motion. Essentially, the gripper on the inside sucks your dick like a natural mouth. So, there’s no need for you to manually move the toy up and down to stimulate your penis.

Despite Autoblow’s automatic strokes, you need to hold it with one or two hands. Furthermore, you can control the speed of the masturbator’s strokes. In fact, it offers ten different speed options you can explore during your masturbation sessions.

The speed options are not all there is to the Autoblow automatic masturbator; it provides varying sensations too. The manufacturer used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to study over 6,000 minutes of porn to create a compilation of real blowjob techniques. The result is ten different blowjob techniques that deliver various sensations.

Despite being blowjob techniques, they work for vaginal and anal sex too. So, you can expect different, exciting sensations from the Autoblow automatic masturbator even when you use vaginal and anal sleeves. The toy does have a limitation. It doesn’t use a rechargeable battery. Instead, the device uses direct electric power, but safety is not a concern.

How it works

Like the best male masturbators out there, the Autoblow works with sleeves. So, the first thing to do when getting it to work is to put your preferred sleeve in the adjustable penis gripper. It’s worth mentioning that the sleeve is easy to insert. And the gripper lets you set the tightness level to your preference.

Furthermore, the Autoblow automatic masturbator’s gripper moves across more than 250 points. And it boasts a five-inch long stroke plane that guarantees real blowjob experience. After all, that’s the average distance of a regular blowjob.

The Autoblow automatic masturbator gets into action when you plug it into a wall outlet and press the switch button near its bottom. The “+” and “—” buttons near the top of the device let you increase and decrease the stroke speed.

With ten different stroking motions, the Autoblow AI masturbator always has the perfect motion for your penis size and sexual mood. The motions include the Full Stroke, Intense Edge, Fast Edge, Teasing Slow Stroke, Top Stroke, Bottom Stroke, Top & Bottom Stroke, Masterstroke One, Masterstroke Two, and the Full AI experience, which is full of pleasurable surprises.

Besides, the Autoblow automatic masturbator connects to the internet, allowing you to control your toy via your smartphone and download countless blowjob experiences for offline use. The most impressive part of the online remote control is the Freestyle mode which lets you customize the stroke length and speed in real-time. It leaves you totally in charge.

However, the Autoblow stops short of featuring a virtual reality Trusted Source
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With technology changing a mile a minute, it can often feel like we’re living in a sci-fi movie. There’s no doubt the future is upon us, and new innovations are constantly changing the way we do just about everything. Take for example the metaverse — a new virtual world made up of elements of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) that has been referred to as the future of the internet.
(VR) mode. If that’s a feature you fancy in your masturbator, check out this review of the best VR sex toys. All you need to do to get connected is to input your device token on the web app.


  • Intuitive controls
  • Various blowjob speeds and modes
  • Offers realistic oral, vaginal and anal sex
  • Internet connectivity provides a wide range of pleasure possibilities


  • It needs to be plugged into an outlet to work, limiting usability
  • Handle does not come with the regular purchase

Difference between Fleshlight vs Autoblow

Below, we will pit Fleshlight vs Autoblow and let you know the differences between their vital features.


The Fleshlight and the Autoblow masturbators have some sharp differences in prices. The prices differ based on the model you’re going for. For example, the Autoblow AI costs slightly above $200, but the Autoblow 2+ XT sells for less than $150. On a positive note, both models come with a free sleeve. You’ll need to pay more if you want an extra sleeve.

On the other hand, the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch and the Universal Launch sell for around $190-$200. However, they do not come with Fleshlight sleeves like the Autoblow masturbators. Depending on your preference, a sleeve costs between $60 to $80. Overall, Autoblow offers more at a lower price.

Winner: Autoblow

Stimulation feels

Stimulation is another point of Autoblow AI vs Fleshlight showdown. The Autoblow masturbator is famous for using AI to engineer its performance. At its peak, it combines varying intensities and motions to deliver a random blowjob. And the device uses an almost flesh-like sleeve that feels great on the penis when you use a generous amount of lube.

On the other hand, the Fleshlight masturbator offers speeds up to 250 strokes per minute. Additionally, you can control the stroke positions to target specific parts of your penis. And the device uses the Fleshlight sleeve, which feels like natural skin and has a wide variety.

While the stimulation from the Autoblow and Fleshlight masturbators feel incredible, the latter has the slight edge in terms of the variety of sensations from its many sleeve options.

Winner: Fleshlight


The Autoblow offers ten different speed levels and ten stroking modes that you can explore for mind-blowing orgasms. Most impressively, it does not limit itself to the buttons on its body. Rather, this toy uses a web app and internet connectivity to widen your fun options. With the app, you’re fully in charge of the action.

In contrast, the Fleshlight lets you switch the stroke speed, position, and length. Disappointingly, it’s not compatible with an app. So, there’s no remote control function. No doubt, the Autoblow offers more functions to enhance your masturbation sessions.

Winner: Autoblow


Both the Autoblow and Fleshlight masturbators use materials that mimic real skin, but one is more realistic than the other. The Autoblow uses 100% body-safe silicone to create a real-feel sleeve. Like other silicone toys, the sleeve is non-porous, making it easy to clean and unaccommodating to bacteria.

On the other hand, Fleshlight uses its patented SuperSkin material, which has become famous for its smoothness and lifelike sensations. Like Autoblow’s silicone, Fleshlight’s SuperSkin is easy to clean.

Besides the internal materials of both masturbators, the exterior materials are body-safe and free of allergens such as phthalates and latex, which causes skin itching Trusted Source Latex Allergy A Prevention Guide (98-113) | NIOSH | CDC for some workers, exposures to latex may result in allergic reactions. Reports of such reactions have increased in recent years–especially among health care worker. , breathing difficulty, and other health challenges. Overall, the Fleshlight offers a better material construction, especially in terms of realism.

Winner: Fleshlight


There’s no Fleshlight Launch vs Autoblow competition without comparing intensity. As you already know, Autoblow uses ten different speeds. The speeds go from teasingly slow speed to intensely high speed. Nevertheless, Autoblow’s maximum speed is not close to the Fleshlight’s maximum of 250 strokes per minute.

Therefore, Fleshlight has the edge when it comes to intensity.

Winner: Fleshlight

Noise level

The Autoblow features a noisy motor that is a bit distracting. This masturbator is not a toy you use when you’re concerned about privacy. It will expose you in seconds. While the Fleshlight is also noisy and not discreet, especially at maximum speed, it’s not as loud as its competition.

Winner: Fleshlight

Designs and durability

At first glance, you can tell that the Autoblow and Fleshlight masturbators sport different designs. The Autoblow sports a compact design and houses its sleeve on the side. Even though the original does not feature a handle, the manufacturer offers an easy-grip handle as an accessory, albeit at an extra cost.

On the other hand, the Fleshlight masturbator houses its sleeve in the middle with a sturdy handle on both sides. Both handles feature easily accessible buttons for a smooth operation. Nevertheless, we couldn’t shake the feeling that the Fleshlight was fragile. In contrast, the Autoblow feels robust and promises longer life.

Winner: Autoblow

Comfort of use

It’s no longer news to you that the Fleshlight comes with two handles. These handles are effortless to grip. There’s also an added advantage of the toy’s lightweight construction. On the other hand, the Autoblow does not have the luxury of two handles, and it’s heavier, making it less comfortable to use.

Winner: Fleshlight

Working and charging time

The Fleshlight reaches full charge after about 90 minutes of continuous charging. You can get up to one hour of pleasure out of it at full charge. In contrast, Autoblow does not have a rechargeable battery. So, it relies on direct electric power for every session. That means there’s no blowjob for you anytime there’s no power. There’s no such limitation with the Fleshlight.

Winner: Fleshlight

Cleaning and storage

Frankly, the Autoblow and Fleshlight masturbators are easy to clean. They allow you to remove their sleeves with relative ease, and you can clean them with just mild water and soap. However, Autoblow’s compact design makes it easier to store than the Fleshlight.

Winner: Autoblow

Which should You Choose?

Now that you’ve learned the differences between the Autoblow and Fleshlight, here are some tips for making the right choice:

Choose Autoblow

  • If you’re looking for the best blowjob action from a sex toy
  • If you want plenty of control options
  • If you want a remote-controlled masturbator

Choose Fleshlight

  • If you want intense stroking sensations
  • If you want a hands-free sex toy
  • If you want a rechargeable masturbator

If you want to see alternatives to the Autoblow and Fleshlight masturbators, our list of the best automatic Fleshlights features plenty of top options.

Final Thoughts

When two giants go up against each other, there’s usually a winner and a loser, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Although we saw winners and losers when we compared the Autoblow and Fleshlight masturbators based on prominent features, we couldn’t settle on an overall winner. It’s up to you to choose the final winner since it depends on your needs and preferences.

Ultimately, settle the Autoblow vs Fleshlight war by choosing the one with the necessary features to satisfy you. For example, the Fleshlight is the obvious choice if you want a masturbator that can work even when power is out. However, the Autoblow takes the crown if you’re looking for a truckload of fun options.



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With technology changing a mile a minute, it can often feel like we’re living in a sci-fi movie. There’s no doubt the future is upon us, and new innovations are constantly changing the way we do just about everything. Take for example the metaverse — a new virtual world made up of elements of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) that has been referred to as the future of the internet.
Latex Allergy A Prevention Guide (98-113) | NIOSH | CDC
for some workers, exposures to latex may result in allergic reactions. Reports of such reactions have increased in recent years–especially among health care worker.
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