Fleshlight vs. Hand: Is Buying the Famous Pocket Pussy Worth It?

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No matter how much you love sex, the truth is that that you can’t always get it when you crave it. So, what do you do when you have a huge desire for sexual pleasure and there’s no partner around to help you quench it? Of course, you help yourself. For men, the traditional method of masturbation used to be by hand, but since their advent, male masturbators such as Fleshlight have completely changed the game, taking self-stimulation to a whole different level.

You are probably wondering: Fleshlight vs. hand, which is more pleasurable? While Fleshlight offers different textures and designs to stimulate your penis, using your hand only helps you control the stimulation of your organ. As you might have thought, both methods have their benefits.

In this article, we will help you learn the better method of masturbation to help you improve your sex life and have the best of sexual pleasure. Ride along with us as we explore everything you need to know about masturbating by Fleshlight and hand.

What is Fleshlight?

Before we dive into the properties of a Fleshlight, let’s discuss what exactly is this sex toy. A Fleshlight is known as a masturbation sleeve that is lined with various ridges, bumps, and similar textures, designed to simulate the feel of a real vagina. It’s quite similar to a Fleshjack which mimics the real backside of male porn stars. Although a Fleshlight is popular for its vagina openings, it also has models with anal openings for lovers of anal sex.

A Fleshlight, also known as pocket pussy, is crafted from a sleeve of SuperSkin material which feels very much like real flesh. The intent, of course, is to allow you to enjoy the feel of real flesh. This is not to say the material feels exactly like the real flesh, it only mimics the real deal. The material is housed in a solid case that gives it structure and shape.

Fleshlight models such as the Eva Lovia Fleshlight are readily available in stores. This impressive model mimics the vagina of a porn star, Eva Lovia. It is designed to bring your fantasies to reality. This sex toy offers both pussy and anal openings, leaving you to make a choice based on your preference. The Go Torque™ Ice is another Fleshlight model designed to give maximum sexual pleasure. The GO sports a light, discreet, and compact design that makes it easy to use.

Likewise, the Quickshot Vantage™ Fleshlight is made to give you powerful orgasms. Thanks to the unique, fully exposed orifices on both ends of the Fleshlight, you’re in for an amazing sexual experience.

However, there are certain steps you must take before using a Fleshlight. Unlike the real vagina that lubricates itself, this sex toy cannot do the same for itself. You will need to lube up the toy yourself and get it ready for action. If you don’t lube it up, there’s no enjoying your masturbation exercise.

How does it feel?

As we mentioned earlier, a Fleshlight is textured to feel like a real female orifice and help you reach exciting orgasms. Below, we will discuss the properties responsible for how a Fleshlight feels.

1.    Texture: realistic opening and canal

A Fleshlight is not only designed to feel like a real vagina, but it is also made to look like the real deal. This sex toy sports the look of a real female orifice and features a realistic opening that entertains your penis.

Like real vaginas, different Fleshlight models feature different openings. You will have to choose a model depending on the opening you prefer. Of course, the Fleshlight’s type of opening contributes to the level of pleasure you derive from the pocket pussy.

Apart from the opening of the Fleshlight, its canal also matters. The canal is the inside of the pocket pussy. You will agree with us that a Fleshlight is as good as its inside because that’s where you get the feel of a real vagina.

Fleshlight’s canal is often designed to be tight. The level of tightness varies, so you will have to make a choice based on your preference. A typical tight pocket pussy offers intense stimulation, thus delivering an amazing climax.

Essentially, the texture of a Fleshlight creates realistic stimulation with different intensity and warming sensations as well as a strong suction effect. As we hinted before, different textures vary with various models.

2.    Material: soft and lifelike

As we stated earlier, a Fleshlight is made from SuperSkin – a soft, flesh-like material. The idea behind using such material is simple: the manufacturer wants you to enjoy the feel of real skin when masturbating. With such skin, you almost feel like you are having real sex with your partner.

The SuperSkin is quite soft – a quality expected from an ideal Fleshlight. Just like the soft inside of a real vagina, a Fleshlight offers a soft interior that makes your penis move smoothly when masturbating.

A Fleshlight’s material is also lifelike, giving you the feeling of being inside real flesh. An ideal Fleshlight offers you a lifelike feel and helps you achieve powerful orgasms as if you were in a real vagina. No doubt about this, the pocket pussy is specifically designed to give you maximum sexual pleasure without the need for a sexual partner.

3.    Temperature

Have you ever had your penis in a real vagina? If you had, you are familiar with its warm feeling. Of course, a Fleshlight won’t naturally give you that same feeling. However, there are ways you can make it give you a similar warm feeling. Without the warmth, you’ll probably not enjoy your lone sex and you don’t want that.

You can use different methods to warm your Fleshlight and get it ready to give you intense sexual pleasure. We will discuss some of those methods below:

  • Fleshlight sleeve warmer

You can use a Fleshlight sleeve warmer to heat your pocket pussy and get it ready for a pleasurable sexual activity. A sleeve warmer is a USB-powered device that ensures mess-free use. Once you put your Fleshlight sleeve on the warmer, it heats it. The sleeve warmer warms the sex toy to a sensual temperature, simulating the feel of a real vagina.

  • Warm bath

This method of warming up Fleshlight is quite popular and is also easy to use. As the name suggests, you need to bathe your pocket pussy with warm water. The process is straightforward: fill your bucket or sink with warm water, remove the sleeve from the case, place it inside the warm water, and let it stay for about five minutes before returning it into its container.

  • Fleshlight Fire

Fleshlube fire, as the name suggests, is a lubricant made from high-quality medical-grade ingredients for Fleshlight. Apart from lubricating the Fleshlight sleeve for smooth and enjoyable solo sex, it uses a warming-lubricant technology to produce exciting warmth in the sleeve.

When these methods and other means of warming up a Fleshlight are used correctly, pleasurable lone sex is easily achievable. No doubt, you won’t enjoy such pleasure from using only your hand to stimulate your penis.

Where to get it?

Are you worried about where you can get a Fleshlight while not exposing yourself to potential embarrassment? Don’t fret because you can easily get a Fleshlight online without the knowledge of a third party. Such purchase ensures that your private sex life stays private as you probably want it.

You can buy a model from the Fleshlight online store. Fleshlight models are also available for purchase on popular online stores such as Amazon, amongst others.

It’s better than your hand and that’s why:

As we have hinted several times in this article, there’s no disputing the fact that a Fleshlight is better than your hand at masturbating. You are still yet to be convinced about this fact? We will clear your doubts below:

1.    Looks and feels more realistic

When you use your hand to stimulate your penis, it’s simply masturbation. Using your hand to masturbate doesn’t come close to having sex. What comes close to real sex? The use of Fleshlight. As we explained earlier, this type of male masturbator is designed to mimic a real vagina.

A Fleshlight looks like a real vagina and gives you the feel of real sex. That means you don’t have to be with your partner to have sex as long as you have a Fleshlight. Although this sex toy looks like a real female orifice, it doesn’t feel exactly like it. This is very expected because a Fleshlight is only built to simulate the real vagina.

Notwithstanding, masturbating with a Fleshlight feels more realistic than using your bare hand to stimulate your penis. This sex toy helps you get more powerful orgasms thanks to the exciting designs in place.

2.    Adjustable suction

Did you know you can adjust the suction of a Fleshlight? Of course, you can. You need to adjust the suction to achieve the right fit for your penis, thus enjoying maximum sexual pleasure.

An ideal Fleshlight features two end caps. While one keeps the end of the pocket pussy clean and dust-free in storage and gets removed before use, the other controls the suction and pressure during masturbation. How does it control them? It does so by loosening and tightening the sleeve.

Trust us, this feature allows you to get the right suction and feeling for amazing and fulfilling orgasms. Although you get to control how tight your hand is on your penis during masturbation, you don’t get the same exciting feeling you get from a Fleshlight sleeve.

3.    Variety of types, colors, and shapes

Have you ever been stuck with the same type of game before? If you have, you must have gotten bored of the game at some point. That’s not to say you were tired of playing games, you were only tired of playing that type of game. In essence, the human brain easily gets tired of one thing when variety is lacking.

That’s also the case with masturbation. Masturbating by hand has only one method and this can be tiring. Also, it can restrict you from getting the level of pleasure you desire. A Fleshlight, on the other hand, does not have this limitation.

As you might be aware, a Fleshlight has different types. If you’re tired of using a type of Fleshlight, you can opt for another model that suits your preferences. You also have the luxury to choose a Fleshlight with your favorite color. Pocket pussies come in different colors that suit different people.

Besides, you can decide to opt for different shapes of a Fleshlight. If you don’t fancy or find the shape of a model comfortable, you have the luxury of replacing it. No doubt, the hand does not offer all of these luxuries that enhance sexual pleasure.

4.    Fleshlight accessories to enhance your experience

Fleshlight does not just work alone. It has various accessories that aid its use. These accessories are designed to enhance ease of use and your masturbation experience.

Did you know you don’t have to hold your Fleshlight in your hand before using it? With the help of a shower mount, you can get your pocket pussy attached to your shower wall. Hence, you get to simulate real sex by moving your hips and pushing your penis in and out of the mounted Fleshlight.

A sleeve warmer is another accessory that can enhance your experience. As we described it above, it helps to heat the sleeve of the Fleshlight, thus providing you with a warm “vagina” for realistic, enjoyable, and pleasurable sex.

Moreover, vibrations help to increase the sensation from a Fleshlight. While some models offer vibrations, others do not. If you buy a model without the feature, a bullet vibrator can help you out.

A bullet vibrator causes the Fleshlight’s sleeve to vibrate. You can insert the vibrator in the sleeve by pairing up the sleeve’s flaps to form bullet pockets. The level of vibration depends on the number of bullet vibrators you insert into the pockets. After inserting the vibrators, you can start masturbating and enjoy new heights of pleasure.

5.    Better for your stamina

Trust us, you will hardly find a man who would not want to last longer in bed. Men’s sexual stamina varies. While some go for several minutes, others go for a few minutes that may not satisfy them. Did you know using a Fleshlight to masturbate can help you improve your sexual stamina? Of course, it does help. Your hand doesn’t help as much.

As we mentioned before, Fleshlight models have different textures. These textures help to improve your stamina but not at the same level. You must choose the right texture to practice.

How do you identify the right texture? When you’re sensitive and you use a texture with high intensity, you are likely to get off earlier than you want to. That doesn’t help your sexual stamina. You need a texture that is designed with moderately intense structures. This type of texture provides reasonable stimulation.

As you improve your endurance, you can move to higher intensity textures and maintain good stamina. This way, you can last much longer than you used to.

Final thoughts

Fleshlight and hand are both means of masturbation but make no mistake about this: they don’t have the same effects. Although using your bare hand is the easier and quicker way to masturbate, it doesn’t deliver as much pleasure as using a Fleshlight.

Besides, a Fleshlight is designed to give nearly the same level of pleasure you enjoy from a real vagina or ass. Apart from that, it features unique textures such as ridges and bumps that your hand is not able to give you. So, in a Fleshlight vs Hand duel, Fleshlight is the clear winner. If you are bored of using your hand to masturbate, you should turn to a Fleshlight for superior pleasure.


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