Simple Tips on How to Dry a Fleshlight Right

Best methods and tips on how to dry a Fleshlight - from using household objects to purchasing specific devices from the toy manufacturer
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Do you see mold inside your Fleshlight? The most likely cause is improper drying. So, the best way to solve your mold problem is to pay full attention to drying your toy’s sleeve.

From regular household items to engineered devices, there’s always a tool for drying your Fleshlight. However, drying a Fleshlight is not as easy as it might seem. The sex toy’s sleeve features various stimulating textures that make it hard to dry. Not to worry, we have many tips on how to dry a Fleshlight.

This guide highlights the items you need to properly dry your Fleshlight’s sleeves and explains how to use them. Read on to find all the relevant information.

Do you Need to dry a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight produces several stimulating sleeves. What they all have in common are their varying textures, including ribs and ridges that easily trap water. The resultant water presence is usually unknown to users, who store their toy’s sleeves semi-dry. Unfortunately, the water causes severe damage.

If you didn’t know, the Fleshlight sleeve is made from the brand’s patented SuperSkin material. While the material is made to feel like real skin, it has a significant disadvantage; its porousness. That makes it vulnerable to mold growth when it is wet.

When water remains in your Fleshlight during storage, mold and mildew grow inside the sleeve. So, you need to dry your Fleshlight to stop mold growth.

Mold and bacteria

The last thing you want to do is stick your penis in a Fleshlight sleeve coated in black mold. You’ll find such an environment when you don’t fully dry your toy. Not only does the mold look bad, but it’s also dangerous to your health. The dark and moist environment is a friendly breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.

So, you must not give mold and bacteria room in your Fleshlight sleeve. Letting them survive in your sex toy exposes you to infections Trusted Source Are sex toys safe? - NHS Sex toys are safe if used responsibly and kept clean. This is because sex toys can pass on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infections passed on through the blood (blood-borne infections). , as the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) warns. Of course, the best way to keep mold and bacteria away from your Fleshlight is by ridding it of every ounce of water and other liquid substances.

Best Way to Dry Fleshlight

Frankly, there’s no single best way to dry Fleshlight; you have to choose your own best method out of the lot. Here are the most effective methods you can employ in drying Fleshlight:

Hair dryer

The nice thing about drying a Fleshlight is that you can use items you already have in your home. One of those items is a hair dryer. If you own one, you’ve got a very effective tool to dry your Fleshlight and don’t need to look elsewhere. Before drying your toy with the hair dryer, remove the sleeve from its case and dry it with a clean cloth or towel.

Then, direct the dryer’s nozzle straight at the sleeve’s opening. As you probably already know, the dryer shoots out hot air at an incredible speed. So, it won’t take long to dry up the fluid inside your Fleshlight’s sleeve. You should have a completely dry sleeve in about ten minutes of shooting hot air. Rest assured, the hot air will cause no damage to your Fleshlight.

Car shammy

It’s easy to conclude that regular, thick cotton is the best at soaking in liquid when you haven’t seen car shammy in action. This item is another easily accessible Fleshlight drying tool that works wonders. It is made with absorbent microfiber fabric.

Hence, car shammy offers maximum absorbency at a level you’ve not seen before. And the material’s softness makes it gentle on the Fleshlight sleeve. So, your toy is completely safe. Besides being excellent at wiping fluids dry, car shammy is relatively easy to use for drying Fleshlight.

Remove your sleeve from the Fleshlight case. Then, roll the car shammy up and slip it inside the sleeve through the orifice. Next, flatten the sleeve’s textured parts by squeezing the toy tight. Squeeze the sleeve for a few minutes until you’re satisfied. Then, remove the car shammy and leave your toy’s sleeve to dry.

How long does it take for a Fleshlight to dry in this case? It takes about three to four hours.

Rubbing alcohol

There is a solution that not only quickens the drying time of your Fleshlight but also helps kill off harmful bacteria. That solution is rubbing alcohol (or isopropyl alcohol). It boasts a formula that is toxic to mold and bacteria. So, applying the solution to your Fleshlight inhibits the growth of bacteria in your toy.

Another quality of rubbing alcohol is drying quickly. In fact, it evaporates much faster than water Trusted Source UCSB Science Line Rubbing alcohol consists mainly of ethanol or isopropanol. . Hence, cleaning your Fleshlight with the solution makes sense to speed up the drying process. However, wash your toy’s sleeve with soap and water to break up the dirt first. Then, you can go on to clean out the dirt with isopropyl alcohol.

Start by pouring a small amount of alcohol on a paper towel and working it inside the Fleshlight sleeve. If there’s no paper towel, pour some alcohol directly into the sleeve and spread it around with your fingers. Then, leave the sleeve to dry for some hours.

However, we don’t encourage regular use of rubbing alcohol because it can damage the SuperSkin material. Use the solution every few months to eliminate mold and bacteria.

Aquarium pump

An aquarium pump is one household item you may think has no other use beyond its primary purpose, but that’s not correct. You might find this hard to believe, but your aquarium pump can come in handy to dry out your Fleshlight. The pump sends out air that can dry up fluids in no time, making it ideal for drying Fleshlight.

Before you apply the aquarium pump, wash out your Fleshlight’s sleeve and drain as much water as you can with a towel. Then, put the end of the air pump’s tube into the toy’s opening. Next, plug in the machine and start it. Move the pump around to circulate the air to all parts of the Fleshlight sleeve’s interior. This method takes about 20-30 minutes.

Tampons and cotton pads

The most realistic Fleshlights are not cheap because of their exceptional performance. So, you want to do everything you can to protect your valuable asset. Surprisingly, cheap items such as tampons and cotton pads can be the materials that save your expensive realistic Fleshlight from untimely damage. They are very absorbent and body-safe.

Tampons and cotton pads shouldn’t be hard to find if you have a woman in the house. If you do, snag some of her tampons or cotton pads to dry your Fleshlight’s sleeve. Next, drain out as much water as you can from the sleeve. Then, put a tampon or cotton pad inside the Fleshlight. Leave it there for a couple of hours, and it will dry up every fluid inside.

Build Fleshlight hanger

We can’t discuss how to dry the inside of a Fleshlight without saying something about the storage position. When you store your toy on its side, you leave fluids trapped inside. However, the liquids will naturally drip out if you hang the sleeve vertically with the opening facing down.

There’s no way you’re hanging the toy with your hands for hours. So, you need an item to hang it while you attend to other things. The cheapest solution is building a Fleshlight hanger in the comfort of your home. Build the hanger to slow-dry your Fleshlight if you don’t want to use the other labor-intensive methods.

All you need to build a Fleshlight hanger is a wire coat hanger. Hook the lip of the head of the Fleshlight sleeve to the bottom of the hanger. Then, hang the hanger off the bottom of a different cloth hanger. Your makeshift Fleshlight hanger can stay in any place of your choice, whether in your closet for privacy or a doorknob for more air.

It’s worth mentioning that the Fleshlight hanger on the doorknob will dry your sleeve faster than the one in the closet. Generally, it takes a few days for the hanger to dry the Fleshlight sleeve completely.

Heating fan

If you own a heating fan, you have another tool to dry your Fleshlight. The good thing is you don’t need to make any effort to use the fan. Firstly, dry the inside and outside of your Fleshlight sleeve with a towel after washing as usual. Then, return the sleeve inside its case. Next, turn on the heating fan and lay the opening of the sleeve in front of the blower.

Set the heating fan at high speeds and leave the Fleshlight to dry. The sleeve should fully dry in 30 minutes to one hour.

Dish drying rack

If you don’t have a wire coat hanger or you don’t fancy the idea of building it into a Fleshlight hanger, there’s an alternative; a dish drying rack. The best part of drying your toy with the rack is the ease of doing it. The dish drying rack offers a ready-made item to hold your Fleshlight sleeve while the fluids inside it drip out.

Place your Fleshlight sleeve vertically on the dish drying rack after cleaning and drying with a towel. Also, ensure a lot of airflow at the rack’s location to aid the drying process. Like the Fleshlight hanger method, drying your Fleshlight on your dish drying rack takes days. Needless to say that this drying method is only suitable if you stay alone or have no privacy concerns.

Fleshlight Dryer Types

If you want more than the homemade solutions to dry your Fleshlight, here are devices engineered to do the work:

Screw Dry

The Screw Dry is a Fleshlight drying rack. It provides the best position to dry your Fleshlight sleeve. More impressively, this aluminum rack fits all standard-size Fleshlight sleeves. So, you don’t need to worry about whether it’s going to suit your sleeve. As expected of a top drying solution, the Screw Dry drying rack is easy to use. Here are some tips for using the device:

  • Return the Fleshlight sleeve to its case after washing it but leave the top cap aside.
  • Unscrew the cap at the bottom of your Fleshlight case and screw on the Screw Dry drying rack in the vacant space.
  • Place the drying rack and Fleshlight on a flat surface that’s not exposed to water. And keep the devices from any electrical sources.
  • Give the Fleshlight sleeve ample time to drain its fluids and air dry. Placing the sleeve close to an airflow source can quicken the drying process.

Hang Dry

The Hang Dry is another drying rack that works as its name suggests. Made from coated aluminum, this item is far more sophisticated than a DIY Fleshlight hanger. It features a wide space at the bottom that can accommodate all standard-size Fleshlight sleeves. Here are some tips for using the Hang Dry drying rack:

  • After cleaning your Fleshlight sleeve, secure it onto the space at the bottom of the drying rack.
  • Then, hook the rack onto a sturdy bar or rod in an area not exposed to water. Essentially, don’t hang the toy on a shower handle or bathroom towel rack. Also, keep the drying rack away from electrical sources.
  • Leave the Fleshlight sleeve near an airflow source to air dry.

Stand Dry

The Stand Dry drying rack is precisely what you think it is; you don’t need to hang it anywhere because it stands. Like other Fleshlight drying racks, this one is made of coated aluminum. And it can take all standard-size Fleshlight sleeves. Here are tips for using the Stand Dry drying rack:

  • After cleaning your Fleshlight sleeve and draining a lot of water, secure it onto the drying rack. Push the bottom of the sleeve inside the rack until the toy’s lip sits on top of the drying tool.
  • Place the drying rack and Fleshlight sleeve on a flat surface like your dressing table. You can put a small cup under the rack to collect the fluids from the sleeve so that your table does not take water. Don’t place the drying tool near any electrical sources for safety reasons.
  • You can speed up the drying process by keeping the Stand Dry drying rack and Fleshlight sleeve near an airflow source. Then, leave the sleeve for several hours or days to air dry.

Fleshlight Air

For example, if you own one of the best Fleshlights for small penis, using a sophisticated dryer like the Fleshlight Air is only fitting. This dryer offers three dry-time settings, including 20-, 40-, and 60-minute intervals. Furthermore, it comes with ring adapters to fit all standard-size Fleshlights and a few other unique models.

Here are a few tips for using the Fleshlight Air:

  • Keep the Fleshlight sleeve in its case and lock it into the Fleshlight Air’s drying point with the relevant ring adapter.
  • Press the device’s button once to start a 20-minute drying cycle for Quickshot products.
  • Press twice to initiate a 40-minute drying cycle for GO/Flight products
  • Press three times to use a 60-minute drying cycle for full-size Fleshlight cases.

Final Thoughts

From discoloration to health risks, the consequences of semi-dry Fleshlights are not pretty. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to keep every ounce of fluid out of your Fleshlight. While some drying methods are homemade solutions, other sophisticated options need buying. You should go for solutions that best serve you at the moment.

Interested in making a homemade fleshlight? Check out our DIY guide.

Also, always ensure that you give enough time for your Fleshlight sleeve to dry, depending on the method you use. It’s up to you to protect your investment and penis health by ensuring your toy is always completely dry. Now that you know how to dry a Fleshlight, you can invest in the best Fleshlights and be confident of keeping them for a long time.


Are sex toys safe? - NHS
Sex toys are safe if used responsibly and kept clean. This is because sex toys can pass on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infections passed on through the blood (blood-borne infections).
UCSB Science Line
Rubbing alcohol consists mainly of ethanol or isopropanol.
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