Fleshlight vs. Tenga: Which Will Bring You the Best Sensations?

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We all do it. And yet the subject of masturbation has long been a taboo subject. Thankfully, as more people embrace their sexuality, and along with the innovative technological developments around this subject, there are more and more devices to aid in the pursuit of self-pleasure. In the world of masturbation sex toys, there is a debate between Fleshlight vs Tenga. These two devices have the same goal but are constructed very differently. Perhaps you have used one, but are curious about the other, or maybe you are still in the dark about the benefits of either toy. Have no fear as we will explain how each sex toy works and compare the two devices. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly which toy will help you reach those pinnacles of pleasure.


At first glance, you might mistake the Fleshlight for a flashlight, which is how it got its name. However, there is a lot more to this very innovative toy.

What is it?

The Fleshlight is a name brand of a masturbation toy, although other similar devices exist from different manufacturers. There are two parts to the Fleshlight: the outer case and the inner sleeve. The outer case is hard and is easy to grip onto. Inside, you will find a textured sleeve in which you can insert your penis.

Why the Fleshlight has achieved such widespread popularity is because of its patented material. Basically, the inside of a Fleshlight is about as close to the feeling of a real vagina that you will come across. When you insert your penis into the Fleshlight, you will feel soft contours that help increase sensations.

In order to operate the Fleshlight, you are in control of the pacing. You can decide how fast you or slow you go.

What types exist?

The most common type of Fleshlight is one that looks like a vagina. There is an opening on the front that is made to look like the vulva area of a woman.

There is also a line of Fleshlight Girls, which are modeled on the real-life vaginas of real-life porn stars. You can select different models, or even collect your favorites. Similarly, you can find Fleshjacks, which are made to replicate different male anuses.

Another type of Fleshlight is quite different. It is smaller, and meant to be slipped on a penis for enhanced masturbation. However, unlike the traditional Fleshlight, it is not meant to cover the entire penis. Furthermore, it is clear in appearance and is made of one sleeve, rather than the two parts of a traditional Fleshlight.


Tenga is both a company and a masturbatory product. The Tenga is made to replicate the feel of a vagina by inserting your penis into the sleeve.

What is it?

When you use a Tenga, you are in charge of how it moves. You can grasp the outside of the sleeve and move as slow or fast as you would like. There is only one component to the Tenga, and it is easy to figure out.

What types exist?

There are many types of Tengas, so you can choose which one is the best for your needs. In addition to a traditional Tenga, one of the most popular options is the Tenga flip hole. This is a sleeve and case that you can open in half. Inside the sleeve, the surface is textured and there are four different color, with corresponding textures, to choose from.

Another popular option is the Tenga egg. This is a more compact version and while it starts out in the shape of an egg, it can quicky stretch its shape for comfort. While this is a nice option, just be aware that it is meant to be a single-use product and needs to be disposed of after use.

Which is better?

Both the Fleshlight and the Tenga are used around the world. They are some of the best masturbatory toys available, and it is hard to decide which is the best. Really, it more comes down to personal preference.

Comparison table



  • Outside is a hard plastic material
  • See-through materials
  • Outside looks like a flashlight
  • Inside is textured and realistic
  • Many choices, including full-sized and plastic sleeves
  • Many choices, including full-size and ring-sized
  • TPE plastic
  • SuperSkin (patented)
  • Outside is a plastic case
  • Inside is shaped like a real vagina
  • Outside looks like a vulva
  • Some are modeled after pornstars
  • Compact and small
  • Doesn’t really look like a sex toy from outside
  • Eggs are very discreet
  • Long but small
  • Easy to clean
  • Dries very quickly
  • Easy to clean
  • Takes a long time to completely dry
  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Eggs are disposable
  • Extremely good quality
  • Will last for years
  • Average to high priced
  • Eggs are cheap but will cost with multiple uses
  • High priced

In terms of design

The Fleshlight is a more accurate representation of the female vagina. The entrance to a Fleshlight is made to look like the opening of a vagina, and there are different skin tones you can choose from. On the other hand, the Tenga is less realistic, although whether you want the realism is a personal preference.

Inside, both the Fleshlight and the Tenga feel like a real vagina. The material used is soft and mimics flesh. Inside are bumps and textures, and the canal even narrows, similar to a vagina.

In terms of assortment

While both the Tenga and the Fleshlight have their signature designs, they have now branched out into a wider assortment of options. The line of Fleshlight Girls takes the signature design but adds a personal connection. You can discover how your favorite porn stars feel, adding a bit of role play to the experience.

The line of Tenga products have more single-use products. These are affordable and mean you don’t have to bother about cleaning. However, they are not sustainable if you fall in love with a particular toy and have to constantly re-purchase it.

In terms of materials

The reason the Fleshlight and the Tenga are constantly best-sellers is because of their life-like material. If you are looking for an experience as close to vaginal penetration as possible, then either product will not disappoint.

However, there is a slight advantage to the Fleshlight. Really, when it was created it revolutionized the field of sex toys. While some toys, like the Tenga, have come close, no one has been able to top they yet.

The Fleshlight wins in the category of materials, although this win is reflected in its price. If you are working with a smaller budget, or don’t think it is worth it, giving the Tenga a chance won’t lead to disappointment.

In terms of realism and sensations

When comparing the insides of both the Tenga and the Fleshlight, they share a lot of similarities. Both are made to mimic the feel of a vagina. Therefore, there won’t just be a smooth hole to place your penis into. Instead, the inside of both devices is contoured and even narrows further down.

One interesting sensation that the Tenga has is that it makes a bit of noise when you use it. This noise is not deafening and probably won’t attract the attention of roommates, although you might want to play some music, just in case.

In contrast, the Fleshlight is entirely silent. The Tenga has a slight sound to it, in part because of its construction, and in part to mimic the sounds of sex. Sex is not a quiet affair and with the mixing of bodily fluids, things can get a bit slippery and noisy. If you enjoy this extra sensory aspect, the Tenga might be a real winner.

While the Fleshlight is designed to be realistic, the brand’s line of Fleshlight Girls, takes this realism to a whole new level. These Fleshlights are designed to replicate real-life porn stars, including the popular Nicole Aniston. Therefore, you can choose to experience how your favorite porn star feels.

In terms of maintenance

Construction of the Fleshlight includes two parts: the sleeve and the outer case. When it comes to cleaning, the inner sleeve needs to be removed and cleaned properly. Warm water or a proper Fleshlight cleaner can only be used, because of its special material; using soap could damage the material. Then, once it is cleaned, the sleeve needs to be completely dried.

With the Tenga, because it is all one piece, it simply needs to be opened in order to be cleaned. Furthermore, it doesn’t take as long to dry because of the design of the case.

Overall, while both toys are not difficult to clean, the Tenga is easier. It is more solid in construction and takes less time to dry. With the Fleshlight, you may have to leave it out overnight to completely dry, and if you have people coming over, this could potentially lead to an embarrassing conversation.

It can’t be stressed enough than when you use any sex toy, you need to properly clean it after every use. Even if you are too tired, or think the effort isn’t worth it, just think about the fact your most private, sensitive, are of your body could potentially come into contact with bacteria and even mold.

Because both the Fleshlight and the Tenga are made to have hidden crevices, they need to be cleaned properly. Furthermore, they need to be properly dried. If not, bacteria can grow and potentially cause an infection.

If you are someone who does not like the hassle of cleaning sex toys, there are few Tenga products to consider. Both the Tenga cup and the Tenga egg are single-use toys. Once you are done with them, they should be disposed of. While this is convenient, you should consider how often you plan on using them, as well as the impact this has on the environment.

In terms of price

The Fleshlight is a premium product. It is made to closely resemble human flesh as possible and as a result, its price is higher than the Tenga.

Don’t worry that the Tenga is a cheap product, however. It is still really well made and will last for quite a while. While it may not be quite as superior as the Fleshlight, it is still a quality product and one that gives a lot of value to it.

If you are on the fence, it might make more sense to try the Tenga. There’s a good chance it will meet your expectations and, in the meanwhile, you will be able to save a bit of money. However, if you plan on using your new toy a lot, then the Fleshlight might be the investment you’re looking for.

In terms of quality and lifespan

While the Fleshlight has a slight advantage in terms of quality, make no mistake that both products are made to the highest of standards.

If you were to directly compare both toys, you would notice that the Fleshlight is a bit heavier, a bit sturdier, and feels a bit more expensive.

However, the Tenga is still made well and will last a long time. It is not cheaply made and therefore will last for quite some time.

You can expect both the Fleshlight and the Tenga to last for quite a few years, depending on how frequently you use them and how thorough you clean them. If you do notice and hints of mold on your toy, it’s best to throw it out and start over again.

Tenga Flip Hole vs. Fleshlight Girls

Within the brands of Tenga and Fleshlight, there are specific products that produce a lot of pleasure. We’ll take a look at options from both brands to see how they stack up.


If you purchase a Fleshlight girl, you will notice that it looks fairly similar to the standard Fleshlight. There will be a hard case outside and a simulated vagina experience with the inner sleeve. The difference, though, is on the inside. Each Fleshlight girl is modeled after a real-life porn star. You can visit their website and get to know each woman and decide which model you would like to try out.

There are many different Fleshlight girls to choose from. You may already be familiar with some of the women they are modeled after, or you may find yourself choosing a new person. Each Fleshlight girl is structured differently for a very unique experience.

The Tenga flip hole is made to simulate a vagina but it does not have a life-like appearance. In fact, it is a clear case with a hard plastic exterior and a softer, flesh-like material on the inside. You can see exactly what is happening with the Tenga flip hole.

Another difference with the Tenga flip hole is that it has a hinge on it so it can be opened. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. First, you get to see exactly what the inside shape is. There are many ridges and textures for enhanced pleasure and it’s kind of interesting to see how this is made. With the Fleshlight, while you can insert your fingers to feel the texture, the inside of the sleeve is never full visible.

Secondly, the hinge on a flip hole makes it more convenient to clean. You can open the case up, clean it fully, and let it to dry in a much faster time.

Internal texture

When the Fleshlight girl, and other toys from the company were first created, there was a real stir. The internal texture is as close to real flesh as possible. It has the same velvety texture of a real vagina, which is why so many people flock to it.

While the Tenga flip hole is not quite as amazing as the Fleshlight girl, it is still very impressive. The internal material, known as TPE plastic, is also soft and able to almost replicate the inside of a vagina.

Both the Fleshlight girl and the Tenga flip hole are designed to have folds and ridges inside, similar to a real vagina. Furthermore, they become more narrow towards the end of the canal. The difference is that while the Tenga flip hole has a standard internal texture, the Fleshlight girl will differ, depending on which porn star’s model you choose from. Therefore, you can expect slight differences between different Fleshlight girl models.


Both the Fleshlight girl and the Tenga flip hole are very discreet. While they are both long enough to fully encapsulate a penis, they are not unnecessarily large. Therefore, you can easily take either toy with you on a journey without worrying about them taking up too much space. They are even small enough to fit inside a briefcase or a backpack.

The Tenga flip hole does have a slight advantage over the Fleshlight girl in terms of discreetness because, at first glance, it might not be completely obvious what it is. The case is a hard, clear plastic and somebody might easily mistake it for a carrying case of some kind.

In contrast, the Fleshlight girl has a distinct, vulva opening that at first glance is quite obvious to know what it is. While the case does have a hard plastic that looks similar to a flashlight, if someone where to see the opening, they would have a lot of questions. Therefore, if you are worried about a snoopy roommate, or are worried your might leave a toy out when you have company, the Tenga flip hole might save you a lot of embarrassment.


Both the Fleshlight girl and the Tenga flip hole are easy to maintain. The key for both, and any sex toy, is to clean them immediately after use. Even if you feel tired or unmotivated, the mixture of cum and lube left behind can quickly breed bacteria, and an infection could result.

The Fleshlight girl needs a few extra steps for cleaning but once you get into the habit of them, they aren’t too difficult. For starters, you cannot use regular soap with it. Instead, use warm water or a special Fleshlight cleaner. The material is far too sensitive for soap. Furthermore, it’s recommended to use your fingers to clean the sleeve, in order to get into all the crevices. A cloth may be too abrasive and also won’t get into all the folds.

The Tenga flip hole is easier to clean as you can use a special sex toy cleaner. While you may use a gentle cloth, you might want to use your fingers with this toy, as well, just to give it a gentle but firm cleanse.

One aspect that the Tenga flip hole really shines with its is ability to flip open. This makes cleaning much easier. Furthermore, it cuts the drying time in half, compared to the Fleshlight girl. Drying is almost important as cleaning a sex toy. If there is any moisture left inside the toy, it can lead to mold, which is quite dangerous.

The Fleshlight girl has an inner sleeve that needs to be removed for cleaning. However, the inside of this sleeve needs to be left in a proper place for it to fully dry. Either turn it over so that water can drip out or create a way to hang it to dry. Whichever way you choose, you will want to leave it out overnight for it to dry completely.


Both the Fleshlight girl and the Tenga flip hole are premium sex toys. They are not cheap because they are not made from inexpensive materials. Furthermore, their construction is made so that you can have a very pleasurable experience.

However, the Fleshlight girl does cost slightly more than the Tenga flip hole. On average, you can expect to pay about $100 for a Fleshlight girl while a Tenga flip hole will set you back about $80.

Tenga Egg vs. Fleshlight Quickshot

While the Tenga and the Fleshlight are known for their full-penis enclosures, there are other, smaller options for a slightly different experience.


If you’re familiar with the Fleshlight, you might be is surprised to realize the Fleshlight quickshot is from the same manufacturer. It’s in the shape of a thick ring that is meant to go around a penis, like a mini-sleeve. Like the Fleshlight, you control it on your own, with the inner part of the ring meant to provide texture and stimulation. The Fleshlight Quickshot is usually found in a see-through material so you can see all the action.

Meanwhile, the Tenga egg is a bit of a misnomer. While it comes packaged in the shape of an egg, it is actually a sleeve that stretches and expands over your penis. There are many different textures to choose from, and you can either purchase one egg on its own, or a package of them with different textures.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the Fleshlight Quickshot is the messiness of it. Not only is the material a bit sticky, but if you use lube, as is recommended, it can quickly get everywhere. With the Tenga egg, however, because it is a sleeve, all liquids are contained within. This is not a deal breaker but it is something to consider if you have an issue with sticky substances.

One other consideration with both the Fleshlight Quickshot and the Tenga egg is that there can be a lot of noise with both toys. While this noise is not mechanical, as you control the movements, the noise is practical. Lube and cum make for slipper noises and these can become quite loud. The Fleshlight Quickshot is open-ended so the sound can escape the ring. And, while the Tenga egg is a sleeve, it is thin and again, sound can escape.

There should be nothing off-putting about the sounds the body makes during masturbation but if you live in a home with thin walls, or have roommates, this is a definite consideration. Perhaps some music or a movie should be playing while you’re enjoying yourself.

Internal texture

The Fleshlight Quickshot has a ribbed inner texture. The material is not rigid, however, and will expand according to the size of your penis. Because the Quickshot is only a few inches in length, it will not cover the full length of a penis, so you may need to slide it around for ultimate pleasure.

The Tenga egg comes in many different textures. While most are available, some may be sold out; however, the fun is in trying out different textures. Some popular textures to choose from include wavy, silky, and thunder. In essence, you can think of the egg as being ribbed, similar to a ribbed condom, but with the edges made more for a man’s pleasure.


Unlike the full sizes of traditional Fleshlights and Tengas, both the Fleshlight quickshot and the Tenga egg are much smaller, and therefore more discreet. You can easily take either toy with you on your travels, and they will fit compactly in any small bag or backpack.

Do to its size and packaging, the Tenga egg is perhaps a little more discreet. In fact, because the sleeve is always inside the egg, even if someone were to discover it, they probably wouldn’t know what it was.


There is a huge difference between the Fleshlight quickshot and the Tenga egg when it comes to maintenance. The Fleshlight quickshot is a sex toy that is made to be used many times. Therefore, you need to ensure you properly clean it after every use. However, because it is small in size, cleaning it is quite easy. Simply give it a good clean with a sex toy soap and leave it to air dry. Unlike a full-size Fleshlight, it will dry relatively quickly.

In contrast, the Tenga egg is a single-use toy. It is meant to be removed from its packaging, used, and then disposed of. There is no fuss and no muss. If you are someone who dislikes the tediousness of cleaning your sex toys, then the Tenga egg is an excellent choice.


Without a doubt, the Fleshlight quickshot is much more expensive than the Tenga egg. Expect to pay around $50 for this toy. While it is considerably less expensive than the full-size Fleshlight, many people are not as satisfied with this version, so you may want to think if it’s not worth it to upgrade to the full size.

The Tenga egg can be found for about $6 an egg, and you can also find multi-packs of six eggs for $40. There’s a lot to consider with this product. First, while you may be excited to find a good sex toy that is so inexpensive, remember that you can only use an egg once. Therefore, if you find yourself wanting to come back to the Tenga egg, realize that it will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

The six-pack is definitely more economical, and as an added bonus, there are multiple sensations to test out. Again, though, if you plan on masturbating more than six times with a toy, you will quickly be spending a lot of money on this product.

Final thoughts

In the world of masturbatorial sex toys, there are quite a few options. Self-pleasure is always fun and if you can find a toy that will take you to new heights, all the better. There are many to choose from, and two of the most sought-after brands are Fleshlight and Tenga. Within these brands are multiple toys, including the porn star-inspired Fleshlight girls, and the disposable Tenga eggs. Whether you want a toy that will last for years or you just want to experiment with a new sensation, there is a toy for you. When it comes to deciding between Fleshlight vs Tenga, it all comes down to how often you want to pleasure yourself and how you want it to feel like.

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