5 Best Lubes for Your Fleshlight Toys — Play It Smooth!

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Joy Nights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

There’s a lot more to consider with lube for Fleshlight toys than you might once have thought. While the function of lube remains the same, the formula and composition can greatly impact the efficacy of your favorite toy. We’ve found five of the best lubes for your consideration so you can understand just what makes them unique.

To choose the best lube for Fleshlight, we’ve considered a number of factors. To begin with, it should be water-based, which all of the lubes on our list are. From there, you can decide on the quantity of the product you will need, and whether you prefer a squeeze bottle or a pump one. We will also look at how thick the lube is and its properties both during and after use. Together, you’ll get the full picture of each lube and better understand if it will work for you.

Top 5 Lubes for Fleshlight Review 2022


Fleshlight FleshlubeEditor’s Choice

  • Lubricant type: water-based
  • Bottle type: squeeze
  • Volume: 3.4 oz.

More features: travel-sized; designed specifically for Fleshlights

Fleshlight Fleshlube is designed specifically for Fleshlights. It is the go-to lube because it is expertly crafted to enhance your senses. Not all lube is created equal and for best results, you will want something that is created well.

What really makes Fleshlight Fleshlube stand out is that it comes in a travel-size tube. Holding 3.4 ounces, you can easily take this tube with you, wherever you might be. If you’re on vacation, or heading to a party, you can store this tube of lube in any bag or even a pocket. It’s convenient and discreet.

Fleshlight Fleshlube is water-based, which is what you want to look for in a lube for your toys. It easily squeezes from the tube and is quite simple to administer. It adds a bit of extra slipperiness when using it, which will enhance the overall sensation.

Another great feature of Fleshlight Fleshlube is that it lasts for  long time during a session. You don’t have to continually add more, which really increases the longevity of such a small bottle. It also doesn’t produce a sticky residue and won’t dry out.

While Fleshlight Fleshlube isn’t super cheap, it isn’t too expensive, either. Still, for the price that it comes at, and given the size of the bottle, you will want to be careful when using it. If you really like the product, you might want to search for larger sized bottles which can provide a bit of a discount. Still, this is a quality product and you won’t run out of it right away.

What do we love it for?

  • Has a nice, even texture
  • Bottle is small and discreet
  • Even a small bottle lasts for a long time

What were we disappointed with?

  • A bit costly for the size of a bottle

ID GlideBest Bulk Fleshlight Lube

  • Lubricant type: water-based
  • Bottle type: pump
  • Volume: 129 oz.

More features: comes with a travel-friendly 2.3-oz. bottle of lube

There are occasional and everyday lube users. If you are in the latter group, it just makes sense to buy lube in bulk. Enter the ID Glide. This product comes in a massive 129-ounce bottle. Yes, you read that right.

However, before you start thinking this is too much, here are some details that may sway you. First, your purchase comes with a separate 2.3-ounce bottle of lube. This is extremely portable and refillable. You can use the large bottle for refills and know that you will always have a smaller, more discreet bottle with you, just in case.

Second, there is a very handy pump top that goes with ID Glide. So, even though it is a large bottle, you can simply pump what you need. This means not having to upend and possibly spill the entire container, which would be quite unfortunate.

The overall price of ID Glide is quite expensive but when you break it down into per ounce, it is very economical. This might be considered a bit of an investment but if you know you will be using it, it is the smart decision.

Finally, for those still apprehensive about purchasing such a large quantity of lube, take heart that this is indeed a solid product. It is smooth and works well. You won’t be disappointed. It can get a bit sticky at the end, but not to the point where it disrupts anything.

Why are we impressed?

  • Very economical purchase
  • Includes a pump top and travel bottle
  • Nicely formulated

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Can get a bit sticky at the end

Lovehoney EnjoyBest Value

  • Lubricant type: water-based
  • Bottle type: pump
  • Volume: 8.5 oz.

More features: suitable for all sex toy materials

While some of the products on our list are made specifically for Fleshlights, Lovehoney Enjoy is an all-purpose lube. Yes, you can use it with Fleshlights, but you can also use it with other sex toys, or even in the act itself. This is a very versatile, affordable lube, and one that most people should consider.

Lovehoney Enjoy comes in a medium-sized, 8.5-ounce container. It has a pump top for easy use. There’s no need to disrupt what you’re doing to fiddle around with tops or openings. Simply pump how much you need and you’re good to go.

This is a water-based lube which is always preferable. The texture is quite nice and is slippery rather than sticky. You don’t need much, which means the large bottle goes even further. Many people have commented that it is now there go-to lube.

Yes, even though this is an affordable product, it doesn’t compromise on quality. If you really like Lovehoney Enjoy but want a smaller option for travelling, there is a 3.4-ounce container you can also purchase. It costs a but more per ounce but it’s always nice if you can discretely fit a bottle of lube in your purse or bag.

The only complaint we could find is that some people felt they had to use a few more squirts than with other lubes, but this was not universal and might be more of an individual preference. Really, this is a solid lube that won’t disappoint.

What are our favorite features?

  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Perfect for many applications
  • Rave reviews

What could be better?

  • Might need to use more than anticipated
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Sliquid H2OBest Vegan Lube

  • Lubricant type: water-based
  • Bottle type: squeeze
  • Volume: 8.5 oz.

More features: 100% vegan; hypoallergenic and pH balanced

When it comes to your most intimate areas, it makes sense to find a product that is completely natural. Sliquid H2O fits this profile. It is 100% vegan. It is also hypoallergenic and pH balanced. If you have reacted badly to lube in the past, this is a good option to consider.

Sliquid H2O comes in an 8.5-ounce bottle. It’s in between travel-friendly and bulk, and a good middle ground. The bottle is a squeeze bottle, which, while not the most convenient, is still very easy to use.

Another nice feature of Sliquid H2O is the label. It’s a pretty blue color and honestly you can leave this product out in public and not be embarrassed by it. You can use it with all your favorite toys and clean up is a breeze. You can also use it solo or with your partner. Really, it is quite versatile.

The best attribute of Sliquid H2O is its consistency. It is not sticky. Instead it goes on smoothly and a little lasts for a long time. This is a quality lube that many people come back to again and again.

The biggest concern with Sliquid H2O is its price. It’s almost double similar lubes and might seem like a bit of an investment. If you’re not sure about the price, just think about what it has to offer. Lube not only protects your intimate areas but makes everything more pleasurable. Perhaps spending a few more dollars may be worth it.

What makes it stand out?

  • Very versatile
  • Vegan and eco-friendly
  • Comes in a nice-sized container

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • More expensive than other products

ID Xtreme H2OThickest Lube

  • Lubricant type: water-based
  • Bottle type: squeeze
  • Volume: 8.5 oz.

More features: flip-top lid; long-lasting formula

ID is a prominent distributor of lube. This item from them, ID Xtreme H20, is unique in that it is much thicker than the other lubes on our list. It is still water-based, which is key, but won’t feel runny when you use it.

The beauty of a thick lube is that you don’t have to use at much at one time. It will also keep its consistency longer, meaning you don’t have to reapply. If you like to use a lot of lube in a session, ID Xtreme H2O is perfect for you.

ID Xtreme H2O comes in a squeeze bottle. It would have been nice if it came in pump container, however. This is because the thick consistency means it can take a bit more effort to get it out of the container, especially if you’re nearing the end of its use.

The bottle is 8.5 ounces, which isn’t too big, but the thickness of the lube means it will last for longer.

You can use ID Xtreme H2O with toys or with your partner. It is quite versatile and won’t dry out easily. If it does, a small drop of water is all it takes to reactivate its consistency.

ID Xtreme H2O doesn’t have any smells or tastes. There are no harsh chemicals and you can use it with a partner without it disrupting the natural flow of your play.

This is an affordable product that many people love and use over and over again.

What makes it special?

  • Lasts for a long time
  • Reactivates quickly with a bit of water
  • No smells or tastes

What cons did we find?

  • Would be better with a pump top

Things to Consider

Lube can be a highly personal purchase. While one lube might work for one person it might not work for another. Before you spend your money on lube for Fleshlight toys, please consult this guide to know more about what exactly you should pay attention to.

Features to consider when choosing a lube for Fleshlight

Fleshlight toys are fun to engage with, both in solo-play and with others. They work best with lube and to create the perfect results, finding the right lube is pivotal. These are the features to consider so that your lube needs are always met.

Should it be water-based?

Good lube for Fleshlight toys should be water-based. Silicone-based lube can be hard to clean up, both from your body and from your sheets. Furthermore, you should always use water-based lube if you are using sex toys. After use, toys should always be washed to increase their longevity. Water-based lube comes off easily and won’t leave a residue behind it. All of our recommended Fleshlight lubes are water-based.


Water-based lubes are created by combining water and cellulose, in combinations proprietary to each specific brand. Some might also include scents or tastes, although none of the items on our list have done so.

Because of the formula, water-based lube can dry out in use. However, a bit of water or saliva will reactivate it. At the end of a session, there will most likely be a bit of residue leftover from the lube. This is easy to clean and just needs a bit of warm water and mild soap.

Bottle size and type

Bottles of lube really range in size. Some are small enough to fit in your pocket while others are large enough to last you for years. On the small end of the spectrum is Fleshlight Fleshlube which comes in a 3.4-ounce container. This is a travel-size bottle that you can take with you everywhere. On the large end of the spectrum is ID Glide and it comes in a 129-ounce container. This size is definitely meant for those that use on a regular basis.

In between these sizes is the standard 8.5-ounce bottle. All the other products on our list come in this size. It’s a good amount of lube that will last you for a while and it is small enough to fit in a drawer or even carry with you on travel if needed.

As for the type of container, you will find either a squeeze bottle or a pump bottle. Both allow you to select the amount of lube you need at a time and both are relatively easy to use. However, pump bottles have a slight edge in the usability department.


5 Best Lubes for Your Fleshlight Toys — Play It Smooth!

Lube can really differ between brands, especially when it comes to thickness. Some are a bit watery, which means you may have to use more than you thought you would. Others, like the ID Xtreme H2O are made specifically to be thicker than normal. If you feel like you usually use a lot of lube at a time, look for a thicker formula. This will last longer and you won’t need to use as much, saving you a bit of time and energy.

If it’s vegan-friendly

There are many choices when it comes to lube products. Some, like Sliquid H2O are 100% vegan. If you want to make sure all your product purchasing aligns with your core values, make sure you check labels to see what is inside and if there are any certifications involved.


The old information what that silicone-based lubes aren’t recommended for any type of sex toys. New formulas mean you can use them now. However, it’s best to err on the side of caution and use water-based lubes for your Fleshlight. They make your toy much easier to clean and won’t leave any stains on your sheets.

The nice thing about using a water-based lube with your Fleshlight is that it is easy to clean afterwards. You can use a mild soap and warm water to remove any lube leftovers. Alternatively, you can purchase a specific soap to clean sex toys with.

Most water-based lubes will last for one to three years. Each package should have an expiry date on it, so be sure to check with it. So, if you don’t plan on using a lot of lube, don’t purchase a bulk bottle just to possible save costs.

Our Verdict

Your search for the best Fleshlight lube is over. Our Editor’s Choice is Fleshlight Fleshlube. Designed for your favorite sex toy, this lube gets the job done well. If you’re someone who regularly uses lube for multiple uses, you might as well stock up. ID Glide comes in a rather large 129-ounce bottle. However, its pump top and companion travel bottle make it versatile for all occasions. Finally, if you want an economic choice for the best lube for Fleshlight toys, then you can’t go wrong Lovehoney Enjoy. This is an affordable option but still a quality product. Lube is an important part of an enjoyable sex life. Now that you know what your best options are, you can engage in maximum pleasure.

  1. Heya! I bought a new version of the fleshlight toy and my lube does not seem to work with it. It doesnt make the material slipperyand it seems like as soon as I start using it as if right away, the lube just rubs off. So can anyone suggest a lubricant that can be used with this newer version of fleshlight?

    • did you try adding water? it helps when lube goes sticky or disappears. i have a bottle of ID which is mixed with water and it seems to work better for me

  2. Does anyone know if a silicone lube for fleshlights is bad or is it ok as long as it’s not oil-based???

    • Mckinley Conner January 10, 2021

      First, you need to test the lube to see if it will damage material. Put a drop of the lube and wipe it off. Wait for about two minutes and look for any changes in the surface. If there are any blisters, then this is not compatible with your toy.

      • ONLY use water based lube with your fleshlight!! silicone and oilbased lubes will ruin the soft cyberskin material of a toy, over time they cause it to break down or get tough. Im sure you dont want to have a rough texture because it is supposed to feel real.

  3. Can anyone share thoughts and experiences on fleshlights? Do I need to use much lube with them?

    • I bought fleshlight a year ago. They feel amazing… but lube is VERY important. I use plenty of good lube when I’m using my sex toy regularly.

    • I think a bottle of id Glide is enough for regular use of fleshlights lol

  4. whyyyyyyy do you need fleshlights guys just find a girl lmao

  5. Darien Orozco March 7, 2021

    do you guys know if lovehoney enjoy lube for fleshlights is ok? no allergic reaction or skin irritation?

    • I didnt notice any irritations. I think this is like other water-based lubes out there. It is slippery and good for solo play. But I do NOT recommend it for longer play sessions unless you are okay with reapplying…

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