How to Warm Up Your Fleshlight: 6 Easy Ways

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Last updatedLast updated: April 24, 2024
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Have you ever returned home after a long day in the office, alone, hoping you can have a nice time with your Fleshlight but realizing that it is cold and wet? Your reaction to such situation is quite predictable: disappointed! There’s a natural warm feeling you get from the real vagina, but you won’t get it from your sex toy because it lacks the natural ability to get warm.

Can this situation be remedied? Yes! But you need to know how to warm up Fleshlight without damaging it. There are different ways you can get your pocket pussy warm just like a natural vagina. You have nothing to worry about because these are simple processes and the materials needed for them are readily available in your home. So, rest assured, nothing is taking that pleasurable experience from you.

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to warm your favorite Fleshlight and have a lovely time alone in the comfort of your room or bathroom.

1.      Fleshlight sleeve warmer

Using a Fleshlight sleeve warmer is the first method on our list to help you learn how to heat up a Fleshlight and it may even be the best way to warm Fleshlight. It is a USB-powered device that makes it easy to warm up your Fleshlight sleeve. Trust us, this method is mess-free and easy to use. All you need to do is, plug the device into an electric outlet, put your sleeve on, and watch it light up at the base, indicating that it is heating up your sleeve.

The warmer warms your sleeve to a sensual temperature that mimics the feel of a real vagina. This device is smart enough to switch off automatically once it attains the optimal temperature.

2.      Warm bath

This is a pretty popular method and one you should get familiar with in your quest to learn how to warm up your Fleshlight. Just like the name suggests, it has to do with bathing your Fleshlight sleeve with warm water. How do you go about this? Simply fill your bathroom sink or mixing bowl with warm water. Get the sleeve out of its case and place it in the sink. Let the sleeve soak in the warm water for about five minutes and then rinse it with hot water and put it back in its container. Don’t get the water too hot (never close to boiling) or you can damage the Fleshlight, or worse, burn yourself.

large mixing bowl

To prevent possible heat loss, you can get a towel and get the sleeve wrapped up in it. When you’re ready to have a nice time, simply apply the lube, and start thrusting, while enjoying the warm feel of the sex toy. Clean the Fleshlight after you’re done masturbating.

3.      Electric blanket

If you’ve been searching for how to warm Fleshlight, using an electric blanket like this one from Amazon is another effective method. An electric blanket features adjustable heat settings that help you heat up your Fleshlight to your desired level. To deploy this blanket for warming your sex toy, simply lay it out and fold it many times into a long rectangle so that the heating elements can be concentrated more efficiently. Then, remove your Fleshlight sleeve from its case, roll it in the blanket, and tie it firmly. After, turn your electric blanket on and wait for about 10-20 minutes to let the sleeve heat up, and it will become ready for use. Remember to turn your blanket off after use.

4.      Fleshlube Fire 

Fleshlube Fire, as you might have guessed from its name, is a lubricant for any Fleshlight sex you. The beauty of this product is, it doesn’t just lubricate the Fleshlight sleeve for some nice time, it also uses advanced warming-lubricant technology to create pleasurable warmth in the sleeve. Besides being safe to use, this product helps enjoy a smoother and more stable masturbation experience.

The Fleshlube fire is made from high-quality medical-grade ingredients to provide a great silky feel and enhance sexual pleasure. This water-based lubricant won’t stain your sheets or clothes and it is also gentle on sensitive skin. While this is commonly used with Fleshlight, you can also use it with your partner.

5.      Hair dryer

When it comes to warming up Fleshlight, a hair dryer is another effective method that can help. You are probably familiar with how a hair dryer works. It blows out hot air to get rid of moisture. In this case, you need the dryer to warm up your Fleshlight sleeve. Simply get the sleeve out of its case and place it on a dry and flat surface. Turn on the dryer and direct the hot air into the opening of the sleeve canal. Ensure that you keep the sleeve at a safe distance so that you don’t end up melting your pocket pussy due to the high level of heat coming out of the dryer.

Many suggest that using the hair dryer is more effective than using warm water. Expectedly, heat from the hair dryer also lasts longer since there’s no water involved.

You don’t need anything fancy. A simple and cheap hair dryer like this one will do the trick.

6.      Your body temperature

The reality is you can’t always use the above methods. What happens on a day none of those methods is inaccessible and you have a strong urge to get yourself off? You can simply rely on your body temperature to warm up the Fleshlight. Fit the Fleshlight sleeve into its case and get ready to thrust. Insert your penis into the sleeve canal and thrust. Never mind if the inside is cold, it will get warm in a few minutes after continuous thrusting.

Although this is not the most reliable or effective method, it can come in handy on days you are left with no choice.

Final thoughts

There’s no real vagina experience without warmth. While the Fleshlight doesn’t offer you a real vagina, you can make it mimic one by preparing it. You need to heat up your Fleshlight sleeve to enjoy absolute pleasure. Learning how to warm up Fleshlight is a major step towards achieving that pleasure, and is a common topic of discussion on online sex forums. This article has discussed at least six methods by which you can warm up your Fleshlight for exceptional sexual satisfaction. All you need to do now is read carefully and follow the easy-to-understand steps.

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