How to Clean Onahole – Care for Delicate Sex Toy Properly

This article will help you understand how to clean onahole - we'll advise on proper care for any type of toy as well as how to store it right
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Thanks to the internet, there are literally Trusted Source Sex toys, sex dolls, sex robots: Our under-researched bed-fellows In the 21st century, sexual products such as sex toys, sex dolls and sex robots are openly marketed on the Internet. on the market, varying in type and usage, so you can get exactly what you need to enjoy yourself in the privacy of your home. You can choose realistic vagina models or the more compact pocket pussies to take your toys with you anywhere you have to go. Unfortunately, toys like the onahole can become quite unsanitary without proper cleaning.

Luckily, learning how to clean an onahole is easier than you may think. You don’t need any special materials or cleaning agents, though there are a few available if you prefer to use them, which means you have no excuse to avoid washing these toys when you’re done using them. If you aren’t sure how to clean your sex toys, the following sections can help.

Onahole Anatomy

The onahole is a Japanese sex toy designed for men. The name of this toy was derived from combining Trusted Source onahole - Wiktionary Borrowed from Japanese オナホール (onahōru), a portmanteau of オナニー (onanī, “masturbation”, from German Onanie) and ホール (hōru, “hole”, from English hole) , “onani”, which means masturbation, and “horu”, which means hole. They are easy to use, giving you a similar sensation to actual sex, with varying textures and looks to choose from. Of course, due to the materials used for these toys, you do need to use lubricant to really enjoy them. You can also use a Sleeve Warmer to warm up the toy to the perfect temperature without damaging the material for an extra life-like experience.

Material and orifices

Onaholes and other quality sex toys are made mainly of silicone since this material is soft and pliable, plus it can be molded to feel almost identical to real skin, with texturing and orifices that match the body parts they are simulating. The onaholes use a softer silicone material on the inside, with a more durable plastic on the outside that is easy to grip when you’re using your favorite toys.

There are a few options available when it comes to the orifices of these quality sex toys. They are designed to resemble mouths, vaginas, and anal cavities, so you can pick your favorite one to play with or keep a few on hand to mix things up a bit in the bedroom. Many of the models also include torsos, giving them an even more realistic appearance to fulfill your fantasies and enhance your playtime. 

When You Should Clean Onahole

Knowing when to clean your onahole toy is a must, especially when you consider what you’re using it for. A dirty toy can cause skin irritation or infection, so taking care of it is a must to ensure your health as well as your enjoyment.

After each use

The best time for onahole cleaning is right after you use it when all the lubricant and other juices are still in their liquid state. Once they harden, it will be a much more difficult process to remove them.
You should also remember that it doesn’t take long for mold and other bacteria to begin forming on your toy, so for safety’s sake, it is best to get this dirty job done as soon as possible. Best of all, cleaning it right after you’ve finished with the toy ensures that it is ready for you the next time you want to use it.

Improper storing

Properly storing your onahole and other sex toys keep them clean and protected between sessions. Improper storage may result in a dirty toy that you won’t want to use or a damaged one that doesn’t last nearly as long as you expect it to. Tossed on a dresser or under a bed are the wrong places to store them, so keep them somewhere safe. We’ll discuss the best storage options below.

Onahole Cleaning Tips

If you’ve purchased a new onahole or other pocket pussy but aren’t sure how to clean it, the following information can help get you started. Once you know how to keep your new toy sanitized, you can enjoy it as often as you like.

What you’ll need

Before you can clean your onahole, there are a few things you’re going to need for this process. Most of these items you should already have at home, so don’t worry about purchasing special products unless you want to.

For the proper cleaning method, you’ll need a mild, unscented soap, warm water, and something to dry your toy with, like microfiber towels and cotton swabs. There are also dedicated toy cleaning products, like the Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner, which is water-based and comes in a handy spray bottle. You’ll also need some type of powder to reduce the tackiness of the toy after you’ve cleaned it, like baby powder, cornstarch, or Renewal powder.


Using warm water, give your onahole a good rinse on the inside, letting the water run through it or filling it a few times and dumping it out again, depending on the toy you’re cleaning. Do this for about 30 seconds or so to be sure you’re removing as much of the residue as you can. You should also rinse the outside of the toy at the same time to get rid of any lubricant or man juices that may be present. Use your fingers on the inside and outside of the toy to massage these areas to help remove anything that is stuck on.


Once the toy has been thoroughly rinsed, it’s time to add some soap to that water to remove any excess residue and prevent any bacterial growth on your onahole. Lather up the entire toy, using your fingers to gently rub the soap into the crevices of the toy. Don’t forget to wash the outside of the toy as well. When your toy is completely lathered and you’re sure it is as clean as you can get it, rinse those suds away, along with anything else that’s collected on your toy.

Powder and dry

Once your toy is clean, shake out as much of the excess water as you can. This makes it easier to dry the toy. Using your microfiber towel, dry the outside of your onahole. Then cover a finger with the towel and insert it into the toy, gently rubbing the internal area to get into all of the textured crevices inside. 

Do this for a few minutes to make sure you’re getting every drop of water possible out of the toy to reduce mold and mildew growth. You can also use a cotton swab to get into the toy if needed, set it in front of a fan, or leave it upside down on a towel to allow any moisture in the toy to drip out.

To reduce the tacky feel of the toy after it has dried, it’s a good idea to dust the outside of the toy with powder. This ensures that the toy’s body is smooth and easy to grip. Add a light dusting of powder and gently massage it into the toy’s exterior.

Store it right

The proper storage helps keep your toy clean and protected between uses. You can wrap your onahole in a towel, place it in a breathable bag, or store it in a hard case, whichever you have on hand or have access to. It will need some airflow to keep it intact, plus it should be kept out of direct sunlight to reduce damage.

Final Thoughts

Sex toys like the onahole are somewhat expensive, so you likely don’t want to have to replace them very often if you can help it. Proper care and storage are necessary to ensure these toys last as long as possible, which is why learning how to clean an onahole is a must. This helps keep the toy free of mold, mildew, and other bacteria.

The cleaning process is simple, taking only a few minutes of your time, with no specialized products needed. Though they do take a bit of time to dry out completely, there are also ways to speed up this process. Then you can store your favorite toy away until the next time you need some pleasure.


Sex toys, sex dolls, sex robots: Our under-researched bed-fellows
In the 21st century, sexual products such as sex toys, sex dolls and sex robots are openly marketed on the Internet.
onahole - Wiktionary
Borrowed from Japanese オナホール (onahōru), a portmanteau of オナニー (onanī, “masturbation”, from German Onanie) and ホール (hōru, “hole”, from English hole)
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