How to Use a Fleshlight: Learn All the Nuances

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It’s always nice to have pleasure and relieve your stress after a long day. Over the years, Fleshlight has emerged as a popular sex toy for men who want to masturbate and satisfy their sexual urges. It’s perfectly normal for a new user to have some confusion about how to use a Fleshlight. Like every other device, Fleshlight has certain rules to follow to get the most out of it.

Before going ahead with using a Fleshlight, you should know the basics like getting your pocket pussy warmed up, using the right stroking method, amongst others. Learning everything you can about how to properly use a Fleshlight helps you get more satisfaction while masturbating.

If you want to have absolute fun and pleasure using a Fleshlight, you need to go beyond the basics and learn the most innovative ways to use the sex toy. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you learn all that in this enlightening article.


Are you using a Fleshlight for the first time? That’s no problem because we are here to help you understand the basics of how to use it and even more. Just like a partner, you need to explore the toy, know how it fits your body, and how you can satisfy yourself with it, even if you have a small penis. You don’t just get on using a Fleshlight, you need certain preparations to get you started for a lovely time.

Fleshlight is lined with various ridges, bumps, and other textures to make it feel like a real female vagina. Below, we will give you important tips to get the best pleasure from your new masturbation sleeve.

Warm it up

Like we mentioned earlier, you don’t just get your penis into a Fleshlight without any prior preparation. If you do this, you are at risk of not getting your desired level of pleasure and that will be solely on you, not the sex toy. The first thing to do before getting your masturbation sleeve to work is warming or heating it. That way, you can get it more ready for your masturbation exercise. Although a Fleshlight looks like the real thing, it lacks the warmth of the real thing. Getting your toy’s sleeve warmed up helps make the toy feel more realistic, like a real vagina.

How do you warm the sleeve up? Quite simple, get some water warm, get the sleeve out of its case, and soak your toy in the water for a few minutes. If you are not able to use warm water, you can buy a specially designed sleeve warmer from Fleshlight.

We must note that you should never place your Fleshlight in the microwave. If you do this, you run this risk of getting the sleeve material too hot, thus getting it damaged.

Fit the sleeve into its case

After getting your masturbation sleeve warmed up and ready for action, the next thing to do is fitting the sleeve into its case. The ‘orifice’ side of the sleeve is designed to swell out like a flashlight bulb while the ‘tail’ side trails into its case, and is locked with a reliable silicone lip. In essence, what this design does is ensure that the sleeve stays stable regardless of the level of thrusting it may be subjected to. By fitting the sleeve into its case, you won’t have to worry about how enthusiastic your thrusting gets, the sleeve will hold up.

Lube it up

Like we noted earlier, while a Fleshlight offers you the sight of the real thing, it does not offer you the feel of the real skin unless you take certain actions that are important to your quest for absolute pleasure. Unlike a real vagina, your Fleshlight will surely not lubricate yourself, it needs you to do that. So, how do you get your pocket pussy to feel like the real skin aside from warming it up, you lube it up!

With the correct lube in place, you can enhance your sexual experience. Due to the materials used to make the sleeve, it’s important that you only use water-based lubricants. Using other lubes might get the material damaged, thereby rendering your pleasure device useless. Surely, you don’t want that headache.

You should choose a lube based on your sensitivity and the intensity of the sleeve’s texture. For instance, you may find that a thinner lube works better for you. Other times, you may find a thicker lube more appropriate. You may have to experiment a bit to identify the best type of lube for your sex toy. But generally, if you use a lot of thicker lube, you can lessen the intensity of your Fleshlight.

The process: traditional and innovative ways

Your Fleshlight offers you various options to masturbate yourself to ecstasy. These options involve different methods you can utilize in using your sex toy. While you can try out the traditional way, there are even more innovative and easier ways to get maximum pleasure from your sleeve. Let’s delve into those methods below.

Traditional manual method

You’re probably aware of the traditional method of masturbating that involves stroking your penis with your hand to stimulate your member. Like you might be aware, the manual stroking method doesn’t require much work or processes to get done. But with a Fleshlight, you still have to do it the right way to enjoy the level of pleasure you desire.

As we said, the manual method is pretty simple. Simply insert your penis into the sleeve, grip the sex toy with your hand firmly, and move the device up and down to simulate real sex. If you’d like to modify the tightness for more pleasure, you should adjust the end cap located at the end of the Fleshlight.

While basic, you stand a good chance of acquiring a lot of enjoyment from traditional manual stroking. This method offers you absolute control over angle and speed, leaving you to get just what you want from the sex toy.

However, the manual method has a major disadvantage that can encourage you to try out other more innovative techniques later on. The size of the standard sleeve ranges from 2.5 inches to 4 inches wide. Holding it for any length of time can be uncomfortable and that doesn’t offer absolute pleasure. Or does it? It does not. If you still fancy the manual method, you can opt for sleeves with smaller designs to have comfortable masturbation sessions.

Fleshlight mount

When it comes to using a Fleshlight, it’s not compulsory to use your hands to simulate sex. You can simply get hands-free accessories like the Fleshlight shower mount to help you out. Instead of using your hands to reach climax, the Fleshlight mount helps you get the realistic sensation of having sex as you get to move your hips like you do with a partner.

The mount features a strong suction cup that adheres to flat, hard surfaces. It is best attached to your shower wall for some much-needed privacy.

Once you have the suction cup in place, get the required screws, and screw your Fleshlight onto the attachment. That’s all you need to do to start having sex in your shower. If you don’t like the angle, you can adjust the angle to suit your preference.

Quickshot launch

What do you think about having a robotic sex toy that allows you to indulge in automated, hands-free masturbation just at the touch of a button? Well, you can get all that from the Quickshot launch. It possesses large handles that offer an exceptional grip. Also, the button controls are quite intuitive and help to switch between strokes and speeds with ease.

Depending on the Quickshot launch you’re choosing, you get different stroke speeds to try out. If you want different sensations moving up and down your shaft for amazing pleasure, the Quickshot launch gives you just that. There are four variable stroke speeds and stroke lengths to choose from. Besides, the Quickshot launch moves as quickly as 250 strokes per minute. It also comes with a universal smartphone mount on top that gives you the option of watching your favorite content hands-free.

Putting it into an electric blanket

To start with, what’s an electric blanket? It’s another device designed to enhance your sexual pleasure by making the Fleshlight’s sleeve warm. Trust us, it’s quite easy to use and mess-free. The best type of electric blanket for your sexual exercise is one with adjustable heat settings.

To get things started, remove your Fleshlight’s sleeve from its case and ensure that that it is clean and dry. You can then moisturize the inside with a water-based lube. Next, roll the sleeve in the blanket and tie it firmly. Then, turn on your blanket and check periodically to ensure that heat doesn’t damage your sleeve. After you’re done heating it, hold the blanket roll in place and your warm sleeve is ready for playtime.

Add a bullet vibrator inside

Although Fleshlight offers vibrating models, you can turn any sleeve into a vibrating variant. You ask, “how do I do this?” It’s an easy and simple process. An average Fleshlight sleeve features right flaps in the ‘neck’ area. While they’re used to hold the sleeve in place, you can tweak them to keep a bullet vibrator instead. A bullet vibrator helps the sleeve vibrate, thereby enhancing your pleasure.

To get your bullet vibrator into the sleeve, you need to find a space for it first. How do you do this? You should pair up the sleeve’s eight flaps to form four bullet pockets. You can then insert your bullet vibrator. Depending on the level of vibration you prefer, you can insert only one or the entire four bullet vibrators into the pockets. Then, you can insert your sleeve into its container, lube it up, lay back (or anyhow you prefer), and thrust into the most quivering, sleekest Fleshlight ever.

You can easily get a bullet vibrator like the Vibro Bullet from stores. With it, you et to improve your stamina endurance levels while enjoying new heights of pleasure.

Let your mattress hold it

How about getting your mattress to help you have some fun? Oh yes, you can make it help you. This technique allows you to enjoy hands-free penetration. First, you need a bed setup with a mattress and a box spring. Before you proceed with any other thing, you should set up your Fleshlight to suit your preferences of lubrication and warmth. You can now lift your mattress a bit, place your sex toy into space, and then let the mattress back down.

The next step is to adjust the ‘orifice’ end till it pokes out to your desired level. Of course, your height, the size of the bed, and how much you want to bend will determine that. After getting everything in order, you can start thrusting. A nice piece of furniture can help you thrust as hard as you desire without having to worry about your Fleshlight or bed moving suddenly or unexpectedly.

A big advantage of using this mattress method is, you get a safe and convenient space to place your porn, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a magazine, while you thrust away and enjoy the sensations.

Cleaning after use

Just like every other device, a Fleshlight requires utmost care to continue working perfectly. Luckily, cleaning this sex toy has nothing to do with a complicated process. After you’re done masturbating, get some clean, warm water, remove the sleeve from its case, and rinse your Fleshlight thoroughly in the water to get lube and sperm residue out of the sleeve. Then, leave the sex toy out in a dry spot and wait for it to be completely dry.

We must warn you that using soap to wash your Fleshlight can cause damage to its material. Therefore, you should abstain from using soap; only water can do. However, there are cleaning products specially formulated to help clean Fleshlights.

Final thoughts

There aren’t many feelings that transcend sexual pleasure and reaching climax. It’s even better if you can achieve them conveniently in your space anytime you desire. Masturbation has been proven to help improve sex stamina and prevent prostate cancer, which is why a sex toy like Fleshlight is quite helpful, especially if you get a fleshlight modeled after your favorite adult film star. Acquiring a model is one thing, knowing how to use a Fleshlight is another thing. Luckily for you, we have comprehensively explained how you can properly use a Fleshlight and the most exciting techniques to use to make your lone sex more fun.

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