How to Use a Fleshlight (Summer 2023)

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In the ever-evolving landscape of adult wellness, seeking avenues for relaxation and pleasure after strenuous days has become increasingly pertinent. The Fleshlight, over time, has positioned itself as a go-to device for men looking to elevate their self-intimacy experiences. While the allure of this renowned product is undeniable, our sexual health product testing team has noticed a common thread among new users: a sense of uncertainty regarding optimal usage of a pocket pussy.

For those embarking on their Fleshlight journey, understanding the rudiments is paramount. This includes pre-use preparations such as warming the device to a comfortable temperature and mastering effective stroking techniques. Our product testers emphasize that an informed approach to using the Fleshlight can significantly enhance one’s pleasure and satisfaction.

To truly unlock the Fleshlight’s potential and delve into a realm of heightened sensation, it’s essential to explore beyond the basics. With insights gleaned from our rigorous testing process, this article serves as a comprehensive guide to maximize your Fleshlight experience.

Optimizing Your Fleshlight Experience: Findings from Our Testing Team

The utilization of adult wellness products, such as the Fleshlight, has been on the rise due to their potential to enhance self-intimacy experiences. To assist users in getting the most out of these devices, our sexual health product testing team has compiled a comprehensive guide based on their extensive evaluations.

Pre-Use Preparation: Achieving Authentic Warmth

Why Warmth Matters:
While the Fleshlight’s design masterfully replicates the aesthetics of human anatomy, it doesn’t inherently possess the warmth characteristic of real skin. Our testers highlighted that warming the Fleshlight sleeve prior to use can significantly bridge this gap, making the experience feel profoundly more lifelike.

Warming Techniques:
To achieve the desired warmth, submerge the sleeve in lukewarm water for several minutes after removing it from its case. For those seeking a more specialized approach, the Fleshlight brand offers dedicated sleeve warmers. It’s imperative to mention that microwaving the Fleshlight is strongly discouraged. Such an action can overly heat and potentially damage the material, as found by some members of our testing team.

Proper Sleeve Assembly: Ensuring Stability

Securing the Sleeve:
Once warmed, it’s crucial to properly position the sleeve within its case. The sleeve’s ‘orifice’ end should resemble the bulb of a flashlight, while the ‘tail’ end extends into the case, securing with a silicone lip. This design ensures stability during use. Our testers have repeatedly confirmed that with the sleeve properly anchored, it withstands varied thrusting intensities without dislodging.


Lubrication: Crafting the Genuine Sensation

Importance of Lubrication:
While the Fleshlight visually mirrors human anatomy, creating a tactile experience that’s reminiscent of real skin requires additional steps. Our product testing team can’t stress enough the significance of lubrication in this regard.

Choosing the Right Lube:
Due to the specific materials used in crafting the Fleshlight’s sleeve, it’s paramount to opt for water-based lubricants. Our testers found that other lubrication types might compromise the integrity of the sleeve material. When selecting a lubricant, consider your personal sensitivities and the texture of the sleeve. You might find varying consistencies—like thinner or thicker lubes—suit different scenarios or preferences. Experimentation can be key in pinpointing the ideal lube consistency for your sessions. As a general rule of thumb, our team found that more viscous lubes can temper the intensity of the Fleshlight’s sensations. From homemade lube to official Fleshlight lube, use what works best for you!

Exploring Your Fleshlight: Traditional Vs. Innovative Approaches

The Fleshlight, as evaluated by our sexual health product testing team, offers an array of self-intimacy methods. These range from the classic manual approach to some ingenious techniques that might enhance the pleasure quotient. Delving into feedback from our expert reviewers, let’s explore these methods in more detail.

Traditional Manual Technique

Understanding the Basics:
The traditional method of masturbation—using the hand to stroke the penis—is one that most are familiar with. However, when incorporating a Fleshlight, there’s a need to perfect the technique for optimal pleasure.

Using this manual method is straightforward: insert the penis into the sleeve, grip the device, and move it in a rhythmic manner. For those seeking customization, the Fleshlight’s end cap can be adjusted to modify tightness, thereby personalizing the sensation. One notable advantage this method provides, according to our testers, is complete control over speed and angle, ensuring tailored pleasure.

Points of Consideration:
Our testing team did, however, flag a potential challenge. The standard sleeve, with a width ranging from 2.5 to 4 inches, might be cumbersome for extended periods. This could detract from the pleasure experience. If you’re inclined towards the manual technique but seek more comfort, opting for sleeves with more ergonomic designs might be beneficial.

Fleshlight Mount: A Hands-Free Experience

Diversifying Your Experience:
For those looking to simulate a more realistic experience without manual intervention, the Fleshlight mount emerges as an enticing option. This hands-free accessory is designed to mimic the physical dynamics of intercourse, allowing users to move their hips in a naturalistic fashion.

Set-Up and Use:
Equipped with a robust suction cup, the mount attaches securely to flat, hard surfaces, with our testers finding it particularly compatible with shower walls. Privacy is an added perk in such setups. After securing the suction base, simply affix the Fleshlight onto the mount using the provided screws. Our team found that the flexibility to adjust angles post-setup ensures that users can find their optimal position.

To conclude, whether you’re a traditionalist or an innovator, the Fleshlight offers diverse avenues to explore and heighten your self-intimacy experiences. As always, our product testing team recommends experimenting with various methods to discover what resonates best with your preferences.

Quickshot launch

What do you think about having a robotic sex toy that allows you to indulge in automated, hands-free masturbation just at the touch of a button? Well, you can get all that from the Quickshot launch. It possesses large handles that offer an exceptional grip. Also, the button controls are quite intuitive and help to switch between strokes and speeds with ease.

Depending on the Quickshot launch you’re choosing, you get different stroke speeds to try out. If you want different sensations moving up and down your shaft for amazing pleasure, the Quickshot launch gives you just that. There are four variable stroke speeds and stroke lengths to choose from. Besides, the Quickshot launch moves as quickly as 250 strokes per minute. It also comes with a universal smartphone mount on top that gives you the option of watching your favorite content hands-free.

The Electric Blanket Warm-up

Understanding the Electric Blanket:
An electric blanket is typically used for keeping you warm during cold nights, but our testers found it can also enhance your Fleshlight session. How? By gently warming up the Fleshlight’s sleeve, offering a more lifelike feel.

How-To Guide:

  • First, ensure the sleeve is removed from its case, cleaned, and dried.
  • Lightly apply water-based lube to moisturize the interior.
  • Roll the sleeve within the electric blanket, tying it securely.
  • Activate the blanket and monitor the heat to prevent potential damage to the sleeve.
  • Once adequately warmed, your sleeve is primed and ready.

Remember, choosing an electric blanket with adjustable heat settings is recommended to avoid overheating the material.

Vibration Boost with Bullet Vibrators

Vibrating Model Hack:
While Fleshlight does offer models with built-in vibration, our testers discovered that you can add a vibrating touch to any sleeve using bullet vibrators.

Steps to Vibratory Bliss:

  • Each Fleshlight sleeve has flaps in the ‘neck’ area. Pair them up to create pockets.
  • Insert a bullet vibrator into these pockets. Depending on vibration intensity preference, use one or multiple vibrators.
  • Once the vibrators are in place, reinsert the sleeve into its casing, lubricate as needed, and prepare for an intensified experience.

Adding vibrators, like the Vibro Bullet, can not only enhance pleasure but also potentially improve stamina and endurance.

Hands-Free Fun with Your Mattress

Utilizing Your Bed:
Our team found a hands-free technique that uses your bed setup, specifically your mattress, for a unique Fleshlight experience.


  • Set up your Fleshlight with preferred lubrication and warmth.
  • Lift the mattress slightly and place the Fleshlight in the created space.
  • Adjust the toy’s ‘orifice’ end to your desired exposure level. This depends on user height, bed size, and preferred posture.
  • With everything set, start your session. If necessary, sturdy furniture can aid in maintaining a consistent rhythm.

A bonus of this method is the convenience it offers in terms of positioning your visual aids—be it smartphones, tablets, or magazines—ensuring an immersive experience.

By embracing these methods, users can explore a spectrum of sensations and pleasures. As always, it’s about personal preference, so we recommend trying out these techniques to discover what truly resonates.

Cleaning after use

Cleaning Process Simplified:

Immediate Post-Use Cleaning:
After each use, it’s essential to promptly remove any residual material for hygiene reasons.

  1. Using lukewarm water, detach the sleeve from its casing.
  2. Rinse the Fleshlight thoroughly, ensuring all traces of lubricants and other residues are removed.
  3. Place the sleeve in a well-ventilated area, allowing the Fleshlight to dry completely. This is crucial as any retained moisture can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Avoiding Common Cleaning Missteps:
Our testers emphasize the importance of using the right cleaning agents.

  • Avoid Harsh Soaps: Using aggressive cleaning agents can deteriorate the Fleshlight’s unique material. Refrain from using dish soaps or other potentially damaging substances.
  • Opt for Specialized Cleaners: There are cleaning solutions specifically designed for Fleshlights and similar pleasure devices. These are formulated to clean effectively without compromising the device’s material.

Consistent and appropriate care will not only prolong the life of your Fleshlight but also ensure that every experience is as safe and pleasurable as the last. Fleshlight cleaning is a must!

Final thoughts

There aren’t many feelings that transcend sexual pleasure and reaching climax. It’s even better if you can achieve them conveniently in your space anytime you desire. Masturbation has been proven to help improve sex stamina and prevent prostate cancer, which is why a sex toy like Fleshlight is quite helpful, especially if you get a fleshlight modeled after your favorite adult film star. Acquiring a model is one thing, knowing how to use a Fleshlight is another thing. Luckily for you, we have comprehensively explained how you can properly use a Fleshlight and the most exciting techniques to use to make your lone sex more fun.

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