Onahole vs. Fleshlight: What’s the Difference and Which to Choose?

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Sex toys have come a long way in recent years, especially when this technology is shared from other cultures. There are now many masturbatory devices that simulate the feel of real flesh and this it can be confusing to know just which toy to purchase. Thus, is the predicament when deciding between an Onahole vs Fleshlight. These two sex toys have a similar goal but they are designed differently. The Fleshlight is more common in the United States while the Onahole is a Japanese creation that is slowly entering the American market. Stay with us as we explore these two pleasurable sex toys so you can decide exactly which one you want to experiment with.


The onahole comes from Japan and gets its name from the Japanese word for masturbation, onanie. While it did originate in Japan, it has become increasingly popular in America and the rest of the world because of both its realistic sensation and the many types you can choose from.

What is it?

The Onahole is a sex toy for masturbation purposes. It is mainly used by one person although can certainly be used in partner play as well. While the inside of an Onahole, where you would insert your penis, is meant to replicate a real person’s sensation, the outside of an Onahole can be either realistic or fictional. There are certainly styles that mimic a regular attractive person, and there are also styles that take on anime personas.

What types exist?

Within the category of the Onahole there are actually many different varieties, all created to stimulate different parts of the body.

The most common is the vagina Onahole, which is designed and shaped like a vagina. It comes with outer labia and a clitoris although these don’t have any sensations. The real draw is being able to insert your penis into the simulated vagina.

Another similar type is the anal Onahole. It usually consists of butt cheeks, a vaginal area (that isn’t insertable) and an anus that you can insert your penis into.

A further type is the breast Onahole. Quite simply, it looks like a pair of large breasts with enough room between them to insert a penis. How realistic the breasts are depends on the model you purchase. Some have hollow breasts that can be manipulated for a more hands-on experience.

Another popular type is the mouth Onahole. This is the simulation of an open mouth into which you can insert your penis. It is interesting to note that most mouth Onaholes only feature the mouth and nose of a person, not the eyes or rest of the face.

Next on our list is the torso Onahole which features the midsection of a woman. Included will be the breasts, butt cheeks, a vaginal hole, and an anal hole. It is very versatile and because it is just the torso, it is more portable and easier to store away.

Finally, if you really want a complete experience, there is the full-body Onahole. Basically, this is similar to a sex doll in that it will feature a replica woman, from head to toe. There are many different ways to use a full-body Onahole, meaning there is little chance of ever becoming bored with it.


By far, the biggest benefit to an Onahole is the life-like realism that aids in any masturbatory session. The materials used in the construction of an Onahole are very realistic, with most people agreeing that it is second only to real-life people.

Another benefit with an Onahole is that there are many types to choose from. If you are a person who really gets off on the thought of breasts, then that type may be a real winner. No matter what you get excited about, there is a version that will meet those needs.

Finally, one benefit of Onaholes is that it can help men who want to last longer with real people. Once in the act, it can get very exciting and hard to control yourself. However, if you can practice more self-control with an Onahole and increase your stamina, when you engage in a real sex act, you can last long enough to really satisfy your partner.

Where to get it?

You can probably pick up an Onahole from your local sex store but online is the better option. Because there are so many options, most brick and mortar stores won’t be able to stock all the varieties. The better option is through an online retailer. For example, the Toysheart Onahole is readily available on Amazon.

Just be aware that for obvious reasons, once you open an Onahole package they are most likely not returnable. Because there are so many varieties, be sure to read reviews and information articles, like this one, to know which one you would ultimately prefer.


If you live in the United States, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the Fleshlight. Basically, a Fleshlight refers to both the sex toy and the brand, and there are other similar products that are produced by different brands.

What is it?

A Fleshlight is made to replicate a human vagina. This is done by both the appearance and the material it is made out of, which mimics the inside of a vagina as close as possible.

There are two parts to a Fleshlight: the inner sleeve and the outer case. The case is made of a hard plastic that is easy to grip. It also looks a bit like a regular flashlight, which is how the toy came to be.

What types exist?

While there are certainly different types of Fleshlights, they are quite similar in their construction and not as varied as Onaholes.

The most popular Fleshlight is made to replate a woman’s vagina. It has an outer labia and clitoris at the opening of the sleeve.

Another popular type of Fleshlight is an anal version. It is often referred to as a fleshjack boy.

In addition to these two standard Fleshlights, there are other more niche ones that you can find. There is a Fleshlight ice, which has a transparent sleeve so that you can see inside as you are using it. Despite its name, it still uses the sensitive material the standard Fleshlight uses.


When it comes to masturbation, finding a sex toy that closely mimics the feel of either a vagina or anus has always been the goal. The Fleshlight was able to design incredibly sensitive material that really closely resembles human flesh. Thus, you can masturbate as if you were with somebody else.

Another benefit of a Fleshlight is that it is very easy to use. The outside sleeve is made of hard plastic and it is easy to grip. Furthermore, because of its size, a Fleshlight can be stored just about anywhere and it is even compact enough to travel with.

Where to get it?

Similar to the Onahole, some sex stores will carry Fleshlights but online stores are definitely the better bet. There is more selection and you also get a secure, discreet way of purchasing one.

If you head to the Fleshlight website, you can even select models based on popular porn stars, such as this Nicole Aniston Fleshlight.

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So, which is better?

Now that we’ve gone through what exactly a Fleshlight and a Onahole are, it’s time to see which is better. Below are important categories to consider and a comparison of the two types of sex toys.

In terms of assortment

The Fleshlight has a few different designs, and while its most popular is in the shape of a vagina, there is also an anus model that is very realistic. However, both are only available in hand-held models.

The Onahole, on the other hand, comes in many, many different models. The most basic varieties include the vagina, anus, mouth, and breasts. There is also a torso model and a full-body model.

While these basic iterations are impressive themselves, there is a further, wider category of really kinky models. Anime is huge in Japan, and there are many anime models of Onaholes, including exaggerated female bodies and cartoon versions. There’s even a vampire mouth version of an Onahole.

The beauty of Onaholes is that they are very creative. If you’ve decided that you want to purchase an Onahole, it’s best to go through the catalogue to see what is available. There are so many varieties and most of them won’t have even met your imagination.

Overall, the Onahole is the clear winner when it comes to variety and assortment.

In terms of materials

There’s a reason the Fleshlight has become a product synonymous with its brand. Just as Kleenex is the go-to for tissues, the Fleshlight is the go-to for male masturbators. The material that it is made of really replicates real-life skin. The inside sleeve is as close to a vagina or anus that you will get, without actually coming into contact the real-life version.

There are similar products to the Fleshlight that are all good but if you want ultimate quality, then you should stick to the original Fleshlight products.

Now, having said all that, Onaholes are almost equally as good as Fleshlights. They are made to replicate human skin and do a very good job at it. The biggest issue is that there are many brands that sell Onaholes so you need to do proper research before purchasing one.

The best material an Onahole can be made up of is thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It is the most life-like material, and this should be the one you try out first. Unfortunately, TPE doesn’t last as long as other materials so you may have to replace your Onahole sooner than you would like.

Another material that Onaholes can be made out of is silicone. This is the traditional material that many dildos are made out of, so it should be recognizable to many people. Silicone is durable, soft, and easy to clean.

Overall, the Fleshlight has a slight edge over the Onahole in terms of materials.

In terms of realism and sensations

Realism is in the eye of the beholder and the winner of this category depends on what part of the body you are looking for.

Fleshlights definitely resemble vaginas. They are made to have the same outer appearance and the inside has folds and soft material to make the sensation as life-like as possible. There are even Fleshlights that have been made to resemble the vaginas of adult film stars.

The biggest issue when it comes to the realism of Fleshlights is that they are only about the vagina, or anus. While these are life-like, it is just one part of the body and so if you want a more realistic experience, then the Onahole might be a better option.

Onaholes can come in many different forms, including vagina, anus, mouth, breasts, torso, and even whole-body. So, if you are looking for a realistic experience that is more than just a hole, then the Onahole has options for you. Similar to Fleshlights, there are also Onaholes that have been made to resemble real people.

For sensations, both the Fleshlight and the Onahole have options for different textures. There are varieties of both that have more ribbed contours so you can decide what you’re in the mood for.

Overall, the Onahole wins for realism, as related to the replica of the vagina.

In terms of maintenance

As with all sex toys, cleanliness is key. Some sex toys, such as vibrators, are often used on the outside of a person’s body. However, with both a Fleshlight and a Onahole, you will be inserting your body into both of them. Whichever you decide needs to be cleaned properly. If not, bacteria can quickly grow and mold can form. Not only does this mean you will need to replace your sex toy but it could also lead to a bacterial infection in the most private part of your body.

With both a Fleshlight and a Onahole you need to clean the inside with just water. Do not use soap and do not use sex toy cleaners. The material used in both types of sex toys is very delicate and sensitive and could potentially be ruined if not cleaned properly. If you are worried about deep cleaning your toy, there is a special Fleshlight cleaner that can be used.

In addition to using water, you will need to clean the inside with your finger. A cloth can be too abrasive and won’t be able to properly clean the ridges and folds. The inside of both a Fleshlight and a Onahole isn’t flat; both have textures inside and your finger is needed to clean inside all the folds.

Once you have cleaned either sex toy, it then needs to be air dried. You can leave it on a towel upside down or hang it to dry. Just make sure it is completely dry before you store it away. Too much moisture can lead to bacteria growth.

Overall, both the Fleshlight and the Onahole are similar when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

In terms of price

Once you start looking at either Fleshlights or Onaholes, it will become very clear that Fleshlights are more expensive. However, their price is justified.

Fleshlights are designed to be almost completely realistic. Their construction is reflected in the price and many users will attest that the price is worth it.

However, Onaholes are also quite realistic and depending on which type you purchase, can be almost as good as a Fleshlight. Just note that if a specific Onahole is a lot cheaper than a standard Fleshlight, it probably won’t be of very good quality.

The one thing to be aware of with price is that Onaholes come in a wide range of sized and models. There fore, a simple mouth Onahole will be cheaper than a torso Onahole. So, how much you spend on this version will depend on the model you’re looking at.

Overall, while the Fleshlight is more expensive than the Onahole, it is ultimately worth the price.

In terms of quality and lifespan

When it comes to quality, the Fleshlight really reins supreme. While it is more expensive, you won’t have to replace it as often, thus making it a good investment. The quality of a Fleshlight is amazing and you won’t be disappointed.

Most Onaholes are also made of good quality and can last quite some time. The biggest factor in the lifespan of an Onahole is what material it is made of. TPE has a better texture to it but it can absorb odors more than silicone, so may need to be replaced sooner than later.

Silicone, on the other hand, is more durable but doesn’t have the same life-like feel to it that TPE has. You’ll have to decide whether lifespan or quality is more important with the type of Onahole you purchase.

Both the Fleshlight and the Onahole, however, will only last so long if you take good care of them. Each session of using either sex toy will result in both lube and cum inside. This needs to be cleaned out right after use. You may be tired or uninterested but letting your toy sit overnight can result in a lot of bacteria forming which may make it harder to clean.

Thoroughly clean your Fleshlight or Onahole and let it fully dry. This way your sex toy will last as long as possible.

Overall, the Fleshlight has a slight advantage when it comes to quality and lifespan.

Final thoughts

Searching for a new sex toy is a fun experience. There are so many to choose from and while it can be hard to know which will work best, there’s a certain anticipation when waiting for your next pleasure session. For men, masturbation has always been a tried and true staple but if there is a way to enhance the experience, why not give it a try? Both the Onahole and the Fleshlight are two sex toys that can take masturbation to a whole new level. While the Fleshlight is made of amazing quality, it is more expensive than the Onahole which has some very creative designs. Ultimately, when deciding between Onahole vs Fleshlight, you probably won’t be disappointed with either.

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