Top 8 Furry Memes!

In the colorful realm of the furry community, memes are more than just passing jokes; they're a cultural cornerstone that celebrates the unique identity of this diverse fandom. From the affectionate "OwO" to the witty nods to popular media like "Beastars," each meme is a thread in the fabric of furry fellowship. As we delve into the whimsical world of furry memes, we uncover the joy, the self-awareness, and the boundless creativity that fuels this dynamic subculture. So, let's take a playful pounce into this collection of memes that resonate with furries around the globe.
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Last updatedLast updated: March 22, 2024
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The furry community, like many subcultures, has its own set of popular memes that circulate within and sometimes beyond its borders. These can be lighthearted jokes, common experiences, or popular phrases and images that have gained traction among furries on reddit and are popular at furry conventions. Here are eight furry memes that have been popular within the furry community:

“OwO and UwU”

These emoticons represent cute faces often used by furries online. They have become synonymous with the community and are a playful way to convey innocence or happiness. They have also been turned into various meme formats poking fun at how frequently they’re used in furry conversations. Who remembers the Hannah Owo “uwu” video?

“This is Fine” Dog

Adapted from the webcomic “Gunshow” by KC Green, this image of a dog sitting in a burning room sipping coffee and saying “This is fine” has been widely adopted by furries and non-furries alike. Furries have put their own spin on it, often using it to humorously depict maintaining composure in awkward or chaotic situations related to furry fandom activities.

Protogen Memes

Protogens are a popular species in the furry community, known for their robotic features. Memes involving Protogens often play on their cybernetic nature, featuring them in various tech-related scenarios, sometimes poking fun at their complex designs or imagined functionalities.

Majira Strawberry

As a well-known furry YouTuber, Majira Strawberry has become somewhat of a meme himself within the community. His recognizable fursuit and presence at conventions have inspired various jokes and parodies, often about the experiences of being a furry or attending furry events.

“Beastars” References

With the popularity of the anime “Beastars,” which features anthropomorphic animal characters, the furry community has embraced it wholeheartedly. Memes often reference characters or specific scenes, drawing parallels between the show’s content and the personal experiences of furries.

Sergal Cheese

Sergals, a race of shark-like creatures from the fictional world of Vilous, are quite popular in the furry community. A meme has emerged where a sergal’s wedge-shaped head is humorously compared to a slice of cheese, leading to a myriad of playful images and jokes within the community.

“I’m Not a Furry, But…”

This meme typically features someone claiming they are not a furry, followed by a statement or action that suggests otherwise. It pokes fun at the sometimes blurred lines between those who are part of the furry fandom and those who are “furry-adjacent,” appreciating the art and culture without fully embracing the identity.

Furry Trash Can

Playing into the self-deprecating humor that’s common in many internet subcultures, the “furry trash” meme involves furries jokingly referring to themselves as “trash” for their intense love of anthropomorphic characters. This often features images of fursuiters or furry art with literal trash cans or the phrase “furry trash” proudly displayed.

Final Thoughts

The furry community’s affinity for humor and self-expression shines brightly through their memes. Whether it’s through the playful language of “OwO” and “UwU,” the shared laughter over the existential “This is Fine” dog in a furry context, the techy quirks of Protogen culture, the celebrity status of figures like Majira Strawberry, or the animated nods to “Beastars,” these memes serve as a form of social glue, uniting the community. The honorable mentions – the Sergal Cheese, the “I’m Not a Furry, But…” quips, and the tongue-in-cheek “Furry Trash” self-commentary – further illustrate the diverse humor and creative spirit of this vibrant subculture. Together, they weave a tapestry of a group that can laugh at itself, while also celebrating the unique aspects that make it a welcoming place for so many.

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