What is a Goon Cave? (Fall 2023)

Goon caves are dedicated spaces for gooners, who are individuals that spend hours or even days indulging in porn and masturbating. These individuals claim that their surroundings and the community are critical to their pleasure. Gooners have been around for years, but their community has grown exponentially in recent years.
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What is Gooning?

The term “goon” has evolved to mean a trance state where a person becomes completely hypnotized by the feeling emanating from their penis. Gooning is not a rushed or frenzied masturbation session but rather an extended edging session marked by mindlessness, loss of control, and total surrender. It is a flow state that is characterized by being enraptured by the shadows on the cave wall and willfully shunning the sunlight of reality. According to Google searches, gooning has been trending upward for years, and interest in it has recently peaked.

The Goon Cave Setup

The goon cave is a thoughtfully constructed setup for viewing porn for hours or even days. It often includes multiple screens, mounts for tablets and phones, sex dolls, and other stimuli that can enhance the viewing experience. Gooners create an environment that improves the viewing experience by flooding their senses with the most stimulating stimuli. They get lost in the screens, sounds, and sensations, go into a trance-like meditative state of euphoria, and lose track of time and reality, truly living in the moment. Many gooners use sex toys, autoblow machines, ai sex machines, fleshlights, cock rings and other fuck toys in their goon sessions.

Gooners on Reddit

The subreddit /r/GoonCaves and /r/GOONED are dedicated to gooning. /r/GOONED describes themselves as: A reddit based bastion for all bate addicted fistfuckers. Post captions, stories, porn, selfies, or anything as long as it’s not illegal and keeps you GOONED! /r/GoonCaves describes themselves as: A subreddit dedicated to people showing off their setups for watching/worshiping porn. Other subreddits that engage in related cum activities are /r/ShootMoreCum and /r/Edging.

The Gooning Community

The gooning community is a growing and vibrant community of individuals who share a unique fetish. The community is catered to by content creators who specialize in gooning, providing videos and photosets that feature models speaking directly to the viewer in a jerk-off-instruction-style, edited with mesmerizing, colorful graphics and text. Many camgirls focus their entire persona on chronic masturbators. The gooning community is a subset of other domination kinks, such as hypnosis and jerk-off tutorials that lead the viewer through how to touch themselves and mantras to repeat.

The Rise of Gooning

Interest in gooning has reached a tipping point, and more mainstream adult sites are catching up to the phenomenon. Clips4Sale recently added gooning as an official category, acknowledging its emergence not just as a sexual practice like edging but as a distinct fetish with its community and style. Gooning is the first new major fetish of the 2020s, and its community has exploded in recent years.

Gooning Stats

Gooning saw a MASSIVE uptick in popularity in 2021, and has been growing exponentially in searches since then. As you can see from this google trends graph, gooning isn’t showing any sign of slowing down

Final Thoughts

Goon caves are dedicated spaces for gooners, who are part of a growing community that is focused on achieving a meditative state of sexual ecstasy. Gooners have created an environment that enhances their viewing experience, and their community is being catered to by content creators. Interest in gooning has reached a tipping point, and more mainstream adult sites are acknowledging its emergence as a distinct fetish. The gooning community is a subset of other domination kinks, and its emergence as the first new major fetish of the 2020s has exploded in recent years.

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