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Last updated: January 20, 2024

Autoblow Ai Review (Fall 2023)

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Last updated: January 20, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Single men
  • Men with women who don’t like giving blowjobs
  • All penis sizes
  • New experiences
  • A variety of settings
  • Simple controls
  • Edging function
  • Body-safe materials
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

There are literally dozens of different sex toys for women on the market, but for the boys, there aren’t that many great options to choose from. The ones that are available all require your hands to do most of the work, forcing you to exert yourself instead of just enjoying the experience. That is, until the Autoblow AI came onto the scene. If you’ve never heard of this revolutionary new men’s blowjob device, our Autoblow Ai review is just what you need.

This new sex toy for men uses innovative technology to simulate a blowjob more realistically than any other device on the market. It is easy to use, requires no batteries, and has a variety of great settings and functions to give you the most pleasurable experiences possible. If you’re intrigued by this toy but need more information, check out our Autoblow Ai review below.


8.6 x 6.2 x 3.9 in
Inner length
7.8 in
Inner diameter
0.3-2 in
Motion settings
silicone sleeve, ABS plastic
Power source
110V-240V outlets
3.3 lbs
30-day return policy

Autoblow Review

Artificial intelligence is a part of many adult industry electronics now, including cam girls, sex toys, and porn. The AI blowjob machine is unlike almost any other toy on the market, with a unique design and great features that give you an experience as close to the real thing as possible without having someone else in bed with you. Since this autoblow can change and adapt, it’s so much more than your average Autoblow or Fleshlight.  We’ll break down what this toy has to offer in the following sections.

Overall performance

The quality of performance is the most important thing to consider with any sex toy, since they goal is for it to be good enough that you’ll use it again in the future. The Autoblow AI meets these specifications, due to the amazing amount of research and upgraded technologies used to create this device. It feels as close to the real thing as you can get with a sex toy due to the materials used for the inner sleeve, the way the device grips your penis, and the multiple patterns and speeds to choose from.

How the Autoblow AI works

This auto blowjob machine is extremely easy to use, even if it’s your first time trying out a toy of this type. To use it, you slide your penis into the internal sleeve and then turn it on. There is an internal gripper that moves at the pattern and speed you’ve selected using the internal microprocessor and sensors to create realistic sensations and movements. You can adjust the pattern for new sensations and raise the speed for a more intense experience or slow it down to take your time with the toy. It’s best to start at a low speed and then work your way up, to make sure you’re OK with the intensity.


The design of the Autoblow AI machine gives you the perfect balance of friction, grip, and velocity, thanks to the dual-ridged silicone sleeve that rests above and below a durable ABS carriage. Once you’re inside this device, the variety of stroking patterns provide you with several different gripping sensations that can accommodate penises of all sizes perfectly, so no one is left out of the fun.

Motion technology

This toy was created by analyzing a wide variety of oral sex videos and using that information to create the perfect movements of the machine to simulate an actual blowjob. The Autoblow AI is the only toy that uses artificial intelligence for this purpose, providing you with several different oral sex technique options using this advanced technology.

After inserting your penis into the device and pressing play, the gripper moves in a set pattern to stimulate you the way a real mouth would. The lead screw on the machine is secured right to the motor, so not only is the device compact, but it also maximizes the stroking distance for the most enjoyable experience possible on every setting.

Number of patterns

There are 10 patterns to choose from when using the Autoblow masturbator. Each one has a different stroking technique used to give you some variety in the sensations. The Full Stroke moves along the entire length of the penis with no variation while the Intense Edge fully strokes you for 8 seconds and then pauses for 3 seconds, repeating this pattern until you’re done. The Fast Edge is similar to the Intense Edge, only with 20-second strokes and 5-second pauses.

The Slow and Fast Combo gives you a mix of these stroking speeds. The Top Stroke focuses on the area at the top of the machine, which is perfect for short members, while the Bottom Stroke works the bottom area of the machine to give those longer guys a unique sensation. The Top and Bottom Stroke alternates these two movements.

There is also the Masterstroke setting that combines top, bottom, and full strokes and the Masterstroke Two that adds speed variations to that combo for a bit of extra stimulation. Last but not least is the Full AI Experience, also called the surprise setting, which randomly combines the features of the other techniques for a new experience each time you turn it on.

Number of speeds

As well as the 10 patterns, there are also 10 speeds to choose from for each of the settings. This allows you to speed up or slow down the movement of the gripper as you see fit to get off quickly or take your time with the device. You can customize it however you like, depending on the session you’re in the mood for.


The controls for the Autoblow AI are quite simple to use since there are only a few buttons to work with when using this masturbating device. The bottom button starts the machine and allows you to scroll through the different patterns. The downside is that after reaching the last setting, it goes back down through the settings to get to the first instead of jumping from 10 to 1. This makes it hard to slow things down unless you have quick fingers.

Above the start button are minus and plus buttons, which are the ones used to control the speed of the patterns. There is also a pause button on top that lets you halt the movements of the gripper for some edging, giving you time to get a hold of yourself for a longer session and a more powerful orgasm.

There is also an LED indicator below all of the buttons that tells you what mode you’re using in blue and the speed you have set in green. This eliminates any guesswork when using the toy and helps you figure out which settings you like best.

Inner length and diameter

The inner length and diameter of the toy are something to consider, though this toy is designed to fit men of all sizes. The length is 7.8 inches, so even the longest penis should still fit comfortably. The diameter ranges from 0.3 to 2 inches, expanding or contracting to grip you perfectly once you’re inside the device.


The Autoblow AI comes with a device and a removable inner sleeve but there are a few accessories that you can purchase separately if you want to expand the enjoyment and alter your experiences. There are a few other sleeve options available, like a replacement Autoblow AI Sleeve or a Premium Super Realistic AI Vagina Sleeve.

There are also a few other handy extras, like a Set of 3 Silicone Penis Rings for enhanced orgasms or the Virtual Reality Smart Phone Headset for watching porn while you use the blowjob machine. An Autoblow AI Accessory Package Deal gives you several extras in one handy package. You can even buy a Discreet Autoblow Storage Case to keep all your gear in one secure place.

Even if you don’t want all of those extras, you do need to buy one item outside of the Autoblow AI machine to use it properly. This is the lubricant, which allows the machine to glide as it’s supposed to without too much friction and irritation. The Fap Lube is a good option since it is water-based, so it won’t damage the silicone sleeve and it’s easy to clean.

Noise level

The motor on this blowjob device is all metal, which makes it heavy-duty and durable enough to last for years. It has also been redesigned from past models to make it a much quieter machine while adding more power than the Autoblow of the past. This doesn’t mean that this toy is completely silent, though. There is still some noise when it’s running and it does get louder on the higher patterns and speeds.

If you find the noise distracting, it is easily covered with headphones and your favorite porno movie.


The materials used to create this toy are high-quality and designed to handle regular use. The motor is heavy-duty metal, so it is durable and powerful. There are magnetic sensors that track the gripper’s location, an IR Beam sensor that moves it over 250 points, and a microprocessor that controls the entire mechanism. There is also a premium silicone sleeve on the inside and an ABS plastic body for a more pleasurable and durable machine.

Cleaning easiness

Cleaning the Autoblow AI after use is a simple process since the sleeve is removable, so you don’t need to worry about damaging the mechanical aspects of this toy as you rinse away the residue inside. Wash the silicone sleeve using soap and warm water. You can use a small brush to get into all those nooks and crannies if needed. You can also use Autoblow Advanced Antibacterial Cleaner afterward to make sure you’re getting rid of every bit of bacteria from the sleeve. Let it dry, then place it in a plastic bag with some Sleeve Renewal Powder to protect the sleeve and keep it feeling silky smooth while you use it.

Power source

The Autoblow AI doesn’t require any batteries or charging cables. Instead, it plugs right into the wall using an AC to DC converter, so you can use it anywhere for as long as you like with no interruptions. This also increases and maintains the power level of the machine for consistent use. There are also Autoblow AI U.S. Adapters and Autoblow AI EU Adapters available to ensure you can plug this toy in almost anywhere you go.


Though it isn’t the lightest toy on the market, at only 3.3 pounds the Autoblow AI won’t cause you too much discomfort, even if you’re holding it in place for a marathon masturbation session. Depending on how you position yourself, you may not even have to hold it at all, making the use of this device even less difficult than it already is.


The Autoblow AI blowjob machine has a 1-year warranty for the device. This doesn’t include the sleeve, though, so if this piece gets damaged, you’ll have to buy a replacement for it. Luckily, there are a few replacement options available, so you can buy a few different types to give you a bit of variety for your sessions.

Discreet shipment

Though some men may be all right with other people knowing what toys they are buying, this isn’t the case with everyone. Flashy packages with the name of the sex toy written on them may discourage you from purchasing these types of toys. Luckily, the Autoblow AI includes the most discreet shipping possible to prevent anyone other than you from knowing exactly what is in the box that shows up on your door. The box itself is plain brown with no distinguishing marks and comes from a fulfillment warehouse that is used by hundreds of websites to fill orders, all of which use the same type of box, so no one can tell what’s in each package until it is opened.

Price tag

The price tag may be a deterrent for some men, especially those on a budget, since it is quite high when compared with some of the other toys on the market. The retail price on the Autoblow website is $299.95. This could drop significantly if there happens to be a sale, though it will still be a pricey sex toy. Of course, the amazing settings and functions this toy has to offer may make it worth the price, especially if it replaces all of your other toys.

  • Multiple patterns and speeds
  • Surprise mode
  • Realistic feel
  • Fits all penis sizes
  • Silicone sleeve
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Some motor noises
  • Pricey


There are a variety of sex toys to choose from but few of them include the research and technological advances that went into the creation of this handy device, which you should be able to tell from our Autoblow AI review. This toy has advanced capabilities that allow men to enjoy a simulated blowjob any time they like without the experience becoming too repetitive, even with regular use. The features and functions this toy has to offer are like no other, making it worth a try, plus it is easy to clean and includes a handy wall plug to ensure it’s ready to go whenever you need it.

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