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Last updated: April 22, 2024

We Vibe Bond Review: Best Ring for Your Penis? (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: April 22, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Penis stimulation
  • Public play
  • Long-distance play
  • Clitoral stimulation
Key features:
  • App control
  • Remote control
  • Waterproof
  • Custom Fit link
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  • Easy to use 9.7
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Meet Bond, We-Vibe Bond. Although this cock ring is not as intense as James Bond, it is effective. Our We Vibe Bond review will show you that this toy is unlike most penis rings you’ve seen before. It is wearable for an extended period and stimulates the penis using multiple vibration patterns.

Furthermore, the We-Vibe Bond cock ring offers various control options, including an app control and a remote controller. Despite using a rechargeable battery, this penis ring is waterproof. We haven’t even scratched the surface. Join us as we take a much closer look at the We-Vibe Bond cock ring.


Our #6 pick for the best we vibe reviews


Overall dimensions
1.8 x 2.9 x 1.7 in
Working time
2 hrs
Charging time
1.5 hrs
2-year limited

The We-Vibe Bond is not a perfect cock ring. Still, it is effective thanks to vital features such as fit, app control, remote control, materials, durability, stimulation, etc. This article will discuss the functions of each of the cock ring’s features and how they can benefit you.

We-Vibe Cock Ring Overview

The We-Vibe cock ring is all about fuller longer-lasting erections, pleasure, and comfort. It boasts a discreet wearable design that means you can wear the ring in public without a stranger knowing. Also, it uses soft and body-safe that ensure comfort. Furthermore, the cock ring is compatible with a free app that allows a wide range of control, including long-distance control.

Pivot vs Verge vs Bond

We-Vibe offers wide range of products of all types and has different features for their cock ring models, including optioning for pleasure of both partners

Bond is not We-Vibe’s only cock ring; there are others, such as Pivot and Verge. Due to these cock rings’ seeming similarities, we’ve decided to do a Pivot vs Verge vs Bond comparison. This comparison will help you learn the differences between the three devices and decide which one is worth your money.

At first glance, you can tell that the We-Vibe Pivot, Verge, and Bond are different. The differences in their physical designs are visible. For example, you can see that the Pivot has a thick circle to enclose your dick. Steal a look at the Verge, and you’ll see a much thinner ring and body.

Although thick as the Pivot, Bond has a clip between the oval enclosure. The clip opens and closes, making it easier for you to put your penis in the ring and take it out. This convenient feature is absent in Pivot and Verge.

Let’s talk numbers. The Bond measures 2.9 inches in length and has a maximum width of 1.8 inches. Also, Verge is 4.5-inch long and has a total width of 2.4 inches. Lastly, Pivot measures 2.8 inches in length with a maximum width of 1.2 inches. These measurements should tell you which cock ring is the right fit for your penis.

Clearly, the construction of the three We-Vibe cock rings is different. The differences extend to performance too.

While all three cock rings have multiple vibration modes, the numbers differ. Pivot comes with 11 vibration patterns, while Verge and Bond offer ten modes. It’s always a plus to have as many modes as possible.

Moreover, Pivot, Verge, and Bond are compatible with app control. However, Bond offers more. It has a separate remote controller that keeps you going if the app malfunctions or you don’t want to go through the hassle of an app connection.

Let’s talk stimulation. We-Vibe designs Bond for light play and prolonged wear, thanks to the cock ring’s relatively gentle vibration. It is also easy to put on and off. If you’re looking for intense stimulation, Pivot is your guy. This toy’s vibrations are more rumbly. Verge also offers stronger vibrations than Bond.

Apart from stimulating your dick, Bond and Verge provide your perineum with tantalizing sensations. If you want a cock ring that can stimulate your partner’s clitoris during sex, Pivot is the ideal candidate. The top part of the penis ring vibrates, thus stimulating your partner’s clit.

Besides, Verge is a non-stretchable cock ring, but you can squeeze it if you want to. On the other hand, Bond and Pivot penis rings are stretchable, which gives your dick a more seamless wrap. Furthermore, Pivot and Verge come with a 2ml lubricant sample that will get you started immediately.

However, you won’t get a lube sample in Bond’s box because its open-ring design means lube application is not necessary. Finally, Bond arrives with a black bag for discreet storage, but you won’t get that luxury with Pivot and Verge.

App Control

As you already know, the We-Vibe Bond offers app control. Below, we will discuss how to connect the app to the cock ring and how to use it.


We-Vibe Bond can be paired with app to an account of your choosing including allowing your partner to control the toy

The first step is to download the We-Vibe app to your smartphone. You can download the app for free via the App Store or the Play Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can move to connect it to your Bond cock ring. The app connection uses Bluetooth connectivity, so turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

After launching the app, you’ll find the ‘Toys’ menu on the homepage. Tap the ‘+’ icon just below the menu, and it’ll direct you to a page with many We-Vibe sex toys that are compatible with the app. The page will ask for the toy you want to add. Your app will likely show Bond as the first toy on the list. Tap the Bond menu, and the app will look for your toy’s signal.

If you’ve not turned on your phone’s Bluetooth, the We-Vibe app will ask you to activate it. Once you do that, the app will ask you to press the button on your Bond until it vibrates twice. Follow this direction, and your app will find the cock ring’s signal. Once the app finds a good signal, it will create a connection between your smartphone and Bond.

If you can’t get a connection, chances are you’re missing something. A few tips.

Ensure that your smartphone is within three meters of the cock ring. Also, the toy should not be underwater when connecting it to the app. Once you do all the right things, you’ll get a connection.

That works for short-range connections. There’s a different process for long-distance connection. To create one, make your partner download the We-Vibe app. Then, click the ‘Long Distance Play’ menu just below the ‘Toys’ icon. Next, input your partner’s name and tap ‘create.’ Afterward, tap ‘send invite.’ This move creates an invite link to share with your partner.

Once your partner opens the link, they’ll be redirected to the We-Vibe app and be visible as a contact on your We-Vibe Center. Tap the contact, and you’ll be ready to play with your partner who’s miles away. Needless to say that both of you will need a stable internet connection for the long-distance connection.


Once you finish creating a connection, the app will open you up to a world of pleasure possibilities. You’ll find various menus you can use to control the We-Vibe Bond cock ring. In the Vibe Gallery, you’ll find two categories; system vibes and your vibes. System vibes include your cock ring’s default vibration patterns.

Your vibes are the patterns you create. Tap ‘Create Vibe’ to create your own vibration patterns. You’ll get the ‘Touch’ and ‘Beat’ modes to help you out here. With the ‘Touch’ mode, you can use your finger to control Bond’s vibrations. You can also use your finger to raise the intensity of the vibrations.

On the other hand, the ‘Beat’ mode uses your music playlist to create vibes. Your Bond will vibrate in sync with the beats of songs. This one can get pretty exciting because you don’t know what to expect. You can do a lot more with the We-Vibe app that you’ll find out when using it. The app is intuitive and provides necessary instructions, so ensure you follow them.


There are two sides to consider here; short distance and long distance. You can’t be too far away from the toy for a short-distance connection. More specifically, your Bond and smartphone shouldn’t be more than nine meters apart if you’re face to face with the person wearing the cock ring.

The range gets even narrower if you’re backing the wearer. In this case, you shouldn’t be more than six meters apart. Note that the range is not absolute. It can reduce depending on interference and obstacles. So, always keep the cock ring and smartphone as close as possible.

Now, the other side. The long-distance connection has an infinite range. The only limit you have is your internet connection. As long as you and your partner have a good internet connection, you can control it from any distance.


The We-Vibe Bond cock ring’s unique construction sets it apart from traditional models. Below, we will delve into the world of Bond’s construction and dissect the relevant features.


We-Vibe Bond is easy to put on – the ring stretches around the member and you can simply secure the lock

From our comparison of Pivot vs Verge vs Bond, you can tell that there is one significant difference; Bond has a Custom Fit link, while others don’t. This link is a unique inclusion, considering the difficulty of wearing most cock rings. Not only does it allow you to wear the toy easily, but it also helps you get a good fit. The link lets you adjust the ring’s size until it is satisfying.

Besides, the Custom Fit link has a quick-release feature that lets you loose the We-Vibe Bond penis ring at a moment’s notice. This feature is an excellent safety function.

Overall dimensions and weight

The We-Vibe Bond’s overall dimensions tell us more about the cock ring’s fit. At its widest point, the ring measures 1.8 inches, which makes it best suited to average penis girth. People with above-average penis might not find it comfortable.

Furthermore, the We-Vibe Bond cock ring measures 2.9 inches in length with a maximum thickness of 1.7 inches. These modest measurements reflect in the toy’s compactness. Besides, this penis ring is lightweight, weighing only 1.4 ounces. Hence, it is comfortable for your penis to carry for prolonged play.


The We-Vibe Bond cock ring has many positives, which include its waterproof capability. The cock ring’s waterproof design means there’s no restriction when you play with the toy. Do you want to play with your Bond in the shower? Go right ahead. Do you prefer to play with the toy in the bathtub? Nothing is stopping you.

The We-Vibe Bond cock ring can take any wet play you subject it to. Apart from allowing you a relaxing time in the bath, the waterproof design makes cleaning a breeze.


We-Vibe Bond is made of body-safe silicone that is pleasant to touch

The We-Vibe Bond cock ring features two materials; ABS plastic and silicone. The plastic makes up the toy’s inner structure while the silicone covers it. Since silicone forms the outer layer that contacts the penis, we have a few things to say about the material. Firstly, it sports a matte finish that looks great. Apart from the look, it feels soft, which bodes well for your dick’s comfort.

Also, the cock ring’s silicone is medical-grade and hypoallergenic. It does not contain latex, phthalates, or bisphenol A (BPA). According to Cleveland Clinic, Latex triggers scary allergic reactions Trusted Source Latex Allergy: What It Is, Symptoms, Prevention A latex allergy is a reaction to natural rubber (or latex), which is used to make things like examination gloves and balloons. There is no cure for allergy to latex. in some people, while research has linked BPA Trusted Source Health risk of exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA) - PubMed Bisphenol A (BPA) belongs to chemicals that are produced in large quantities worldwide. It is commonly used as monomer in polycarbonate synthesis, plasticizer in the production of epoxy resins, as well as an additive for the elimination of surfeit of hydrochloric acid during the polyvinyl chloride. to health concerns. So, you won’t be exposing your body to harmful chemicals.

Ultimately, you can trust Bond’s materials not to pose any health risk to you.

Durability and warranty

In terms of durability, the We-Vibe Bond cock ring is not a pushover. It is made of high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. Regardless, your Bond’s durability largely depends on maintenance. This sex toy can stay working for years as long as you maintain it properly. On the other hand, poor maintenance can cut short the penis ring’s life.

If Bond’s durability does not convince you, We-Vibe’s two-year warranty offer should take care of your doubt. This warranty cover manufacturer defects that are not caused by your negligence. Finally, the best way to get many years out of your cock ring is to ensure good maintenance.


With app control and construction out of the way, our next stop is talking about the performance of the We-Vibe Bond cock ring.


We-Vibe Bond stimulates you while in use, you can simply push a button to start and even to get erect

The We-Vibe Bond penis ring doesn’t only make you feel like there’s something wrapped around your penis, but it also stimulates you using vibrations. Bond’s vibrations are not regular; you can choose from ten modes. Each mode offers a different vibration pattern and sensation. You can guess a mode’s level of stimulation from its name.

For example, the ‘Low’ vibration mode offers the gentlest vibrations. You can build up from this mode to other intense modes. Also, the ‘Medium’ mode provides regular vibrations, but they get intense when you move to the ‘High’ mode. Furthermore, the ‘Wave’ mode delivers wave-like sensations that go from up to down repeatedly.

The ‘Tease’ mode works just like it sounds; it delivers tantalizing sensations that tickle the sensitive skin of your penis. The ‘Heartbeat’ mode also mimics heartbeats in its vibrations. The ‘Pulse’ mode doesn’t vibrate; it pulsates rapidly to give you a different kind of stimulation. Other preset vibration modes are Cha-Cha, Ultra, and Tempo.

As we mentioned when explaining the app control, the We-Vibe app offers several more vibration patterns you can play with. Such patterns could be those you create or ones your music beats provide.

Besides, the We-Vibe Bond cock ring stimulates the perineum and clitoris too. You should stay in one place and maintain the same vibration mode if you want to stimulate your partner’s clit.

Overall, Bond offers a rumbly feel with moderate intensity, making it ideal for beginners who want to experience the sensations of a cock ring.

Noise level

We-Vibe advertises Bond as a whisper-quiet cock ring. While that claim might be a reach, this toy is not what you call a loud penis ring. If you wear Bond while you’re naked, the toy’s noise will likely get out, but it won’t be enough to catch the attention of the person in the next room.

This cock ring gets even more discreet when you wear it under your pants. It gets so quiet that the person sitting next to you on the bus will have no idea your penis is having the time of its life with the ring.

This discreet operation makes Bond ideal for on-the-go fun. You can wear it to the park or the club, hand the remote control to your partner, and have them control the vibrations. No one will notice a thing.


If you have any experience with traditional cock rings, you’ll know that, sometimes, they can be very uncomfortable. Some of them are even made of metal and can be difficult to wear and remove. The We-Vibe Bond impresses us because it gets rid of the discomfort often associated with cock rings. It uses soft silicone that feels good and provides exceptional comfort.

That’s not all. You can open and close Bond with a hook-type fastener, thanks to the Custom Fit link. This system makes it much easier to wear the cock ring. Simply get your dick in, stretch the two sides of the ring to join, and close the link. Besides, you can even adjust the ring using the link if you’re not comfortable with the fit.

Remote control

We-Vibe Bond can also be controlled via remote, it works at the 25-feet range

As we mentioned earlier, the We-Vibe Bond cock ring comes with a remote controller. Of course, you can control the ring via its lone button, but that’s not the ideal way to use the toy. The one-button operation is just cumbersome. On the other hand, the remote controller offers buttons with separate functions to ensure ease of use.

The remote control features five buttons, including the ‘wave’ button that you’ll use to pair the Bond cock ring with the remote. Apart from the ‘wave’ button, you’ll find a ‘+’ button on the controller. This button performs the dual role of turning on Bond remotely and increasing the intensity of the vibration patterns.

On the other hand, the ‘-‘ button lets you stop the vibrations or discreet the speed. There are two more buttons; the left and right arrows. Both buttons help to cycle through the ten preset vibration modes.

Moreover, the remote control has a range of three meters. Hence, your partner should stay within that distance to maintain the connection. Unlike the cock ring, the controller is not rechargeable. It uses one coin cell (CR2032/CR2016) battery to operate.

Working time

Another top feature of the We-Vibe Bond cock ring is its runtime. At full charge, this penis ring offers up to two hours of operation, which is incredible in our opinion. Ideally, you won’t wear the ring for more than one hour per session. Hence, you can use a full charge for at least two sessions without recharging the ring between the sessions.

Charging time

We-Vibe Bond features convenient magnetic charger that will finish the process in just 1.5 hours

Many sex toys have longer charging time than working time. That’s not the case with the We-Vibe Bond cock ring. It uses a shorter time for charging than working. While the ring works for 120 minutes, it reaches full charge after 90 minutes. There are only a few cock rings that offer such a good ratio.

Moreover, Bond uses a magnetic USB charging cable that attaches to the magnetic part of the toy. A flashing light will indicate that your cock ring is charging. The light will stay on once your toy reaches a full charge. Try to remove the charger as soon as possible.


We’ve mentioned before that the We-Vibe Bond cock ring needs proper maintenance to stand the test of time. Below, we will discuss the best ways to maintain the toy.


In case you’ve forgotten, Bond is waterproof. Hence, you shouldn’t let the fear of water stop you from cleaning the cock ring properly. Pour warm water into a small bowl and add little mild soap to it. Then, dip the We-Vibe Bond inside the water and gently scrub it with your fingers. Rinse it with clean water afterward. Next, leave it to dry in the open air.

Note: Don’t put the remote control under water; it’s not waterproof. If you need to clean it, wipe it with a dry, soft cloth.


We-Vibe saves you from spending a few more dollars to buy a storage bag. Bond comes with a black storage bag that seems durable. The bag is relatively small, making it a discreet bag that won’t arouse suspicion. Once your Bond is fully dry and charged, put it away in the black bag for next time. Ensure you place the bag in a dry environment without direct sunlight.


In your quest to buy a suitable cock ring, you may want to consider alternatives to the We-Vibe Bond before making a decision. Here are some worthy options:

Lelo Tor 2

Lelo Tor 2 is a compact cock ring that can be used for both partners’ pleasures

The Lelo Tor 2 cock ring features two parts. A square bullet vibrator at the top transmits sensations to your partner’s clit during play. The other part is the stretchy ring that hugs the base of your dick. Moreover, the vibrator offers six vibrating functions that you can adjust to your satisfaction. At full charge, this cock ring can last up to an impressive four hours.

Lovense Diamo

Lovense Diamo offers various types of wear, including ball-cuddling and stimulation

The Lovense Diamo is another impressive alternative to Bond. It oozes luxury and offers interactive play, thanks to its compatibility with the Lovense app. Regardless of the distance between you and your partner, the app ensures you’re always in touch whenever you want. Apart from the default four vibration patterns and three speeds, the app allows you to create up to ten patterns of your own.

Je Joue Mio

Je Joue Mio is a very quiet cock ring that perfectly fits for beginners providing gentle vibrations

If you want a cock ring more suited to couple’s play, the Je Joue Mio seems to have the right features. It has a stretchy circular ring that is comfortable to wear. And the other part of the toy acts as a clitoral stimulator that gives your partner intense vibrations. Additionally, this cock ring comes with five vibration patterns with five different intensity levels.

Fun Factory NOS

Fun Factory NOS is one of the most stimulating cock rings that takes care of both male and female pleasure and can be worn on strap-on dildo

Instead of using trickle-down vibrations to stimulate your partner’s clit, the Fun Factory NOS takes a different approach. It uses two tips with powerful motors to directly stimulate your partner’s clit while you penetrate them. Besides, you can play around with four settings. And the intuitive touch control ensures easy operation.

Although this cock ring doesn’t use app control, it’s a good choice for couples. If you’d like to see more alternatives, you’ll find top products on our list of the best cock rings.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to wear
  • Ten vibration patterns
  • Waterproof design
  • Long-distance control
  • Remote control needs button cell


Our We Vibe Bond review has shown this cock ring to have many attractive and vital features that you’ll probably like to explore. The Bond allows clitoral stimulation and exciting public play in a short-distance relationship and offers long-distance control if you’re far away from your partner. We like this toy for long working time and easy maintenance, you won’t have much trouble cleaning the device after each user, thus saving time for more “opportunities”.

Additionally, this cock ring is suitable for those who want a device that can stimulate their penis and their perineum simultaneously.


Latex Allergy: What It Is, Symptoms, Prevention
A latex allergy is a reaction to natural rubber (or latex), which is used to make things like examination gloves and balloons. There is no cure for allergy to latex.
Health risk of exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA) - PubMed
Bisphenol A (BPA) belongs to chemicals that are produced in large quantities worldwide. It is commonly used as monomer in polycarbonate synthesis, plasticizer in the production of epoxy resins, as well as an additive for the elimination of surfeit of hydrochloric acid during the polyvinyl chloride.
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