How to Make a Homemade Sex Toy for Men

Easy DIY masturbators, fleshlights, masturbation sleeves, and male strokers.
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Making a sex toy at home is simple and we’ll show you how. In this article we discuss how to make DIY masturbators, homemade masturbation sleeves, and male strokers. We will also talk about DIY prostate massagers and cock rings.

Chances are you have most of the materials you need already. We’ll walk you through easy to make homemade sex toys for men and discuss vibrating options you can create with things you can find around your house.

If you decide that you’d rather buy an off-the-shelf solution you can check out our reviews of the best fleshlights and best masturbators on the market.

Homemade Sex Toys for Men

Homemade sex toys for men come in many styles. There are homemade masturbators made from a variety of materials including latex gloves, towels, sponges, cornstarch, bubble wrap, and pool noodles.

With a bit of ingenuity you should be able to make a homemade sex toy from something you already have at home. If you don’t already have some, you should go ahead and get some lube. Not interested in buying lube? Here are some lube alternatives you can consider.

Homemade Sex Toy Ideas

Let’s walk through some of the best homemade sex toys starting with the Fifi and then moving on to DIY sponge masturbators, cornstarch strokers, homemade vibrators, and homemade dildos.

How To Make a Fifi

A Fifi is a homemade male masturbation toy made from a towel, a latex glove, and (optionally) a rubber band. They function like homemade fleshlights.

To make a Fifi, take a towel and wrap it up tightly. Place a latex glove on one end and press it into the hole made in the towel roll. Take the open end of the glove sticking out from the towel roll and flip it back over the end of the towel. Secure in place with a rubber band. 

We recommend that you use lube with your fifi, but you can try it without and see which sensation you like best.

You can also use a toilet paper roll instead of a rolled up towel. Start by removing the inner cardboard tube and place your latex glove inside of the roll.

How To Make a DIY Masturbator With a Sponge

You’ll need a sponge, but you’ll also need a tube such as a plastic bottle or a Pringles can. If you are using a bottle, cut off the top but make sure the edge isn’t jagged. 

Take your sponge and stuff it inside your tube. Pack the sponge (or sponges) tighter or looser depending on how much sensation you want.

Leave a small hole in the middle of your sponge. Place a latex glove into the middle of the hole and add some lube. You can then insert your penis and grip the side of the can or bottle for movement. If you don’t have a latex glove, you can also use a condom. 

How To Make a Homemade Masturbator Using Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can be used to make an excellent homemade masturbation device. Take a layer of bubble wrap and roll it into a bundle. Then insert a latex glove or condom into the opening and use the device in the same manner as a fifi or sponge mastubator.

You can choose to either hold the bubble wrap together or use duct tape for a tighter roll.

How To Make a DIY Stoker From Cornstarch

Chances are you have a box of cornstarch in your pantry. You can use this cornstart to craft your own homemade sex toy. 

Start by mixing ¼ cup of cornstarch with 100 ml of warm water. Stir until it is dissolved into the water. Once fully dissolved add another 100 ml of water and give it a good mix. 

Place the mixture into the microwave for 1 minute. When you take it out, it should be a gel-like consistency. Gently hollow out a hole in the center of the mix. If the mixture is too runny you can put it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds. 

Place the cornstarch container into your fridge and leave for an hour. When you remove the cornstarch from the fridge it should be a solid mass with a rubbery feeling. 

Slide the mixture out of the jar. It should hold together. You can either use your cornstarch masturbator like this or place it into a ziplock bag for easier clean-up.

Making a Homemade Masturbator From a Pool Noodle

You can use a pool floatie as a masturbation toy if it has a small enough hole. The material can be abrasive, so it’s best to use either a latex glove or a condom. This will increase the slippery feeling and ensure you don’t get a painful rash from the friction. 

Making a Homemade Masturbator From an Ice Pack

Ice packs are not actually made out of ice, but a gel material. You can harness this gel for your own purposes. 

Start by taking an ice pack and opening it up. While you may be able to use the pack itself, if the shape doesn’t permit it, you will need to put the gel substance into a different, wider container. Use a condom for easier clean-up. If you’re into it, you can use the gel when it is still cold. It will be firmer, but obviously the cold sensation may be unpleasant.

DIY Vibrating Sex Toys

While all the toys above will provide excellent homemade sensation, you may want to consider making a DIY vibrating sex toy. These devices are more involved, but the end result is an affordable homemade vibrator.

Electric toothbrush

If you use an electric toothbrush you should use one with a new head to it. You will also want to place a condom over your electric toothbrush. A condom will add a layer of protection and as long as you use a thin condom, you’ll still be able to feel everything.

Electric razor

Take advantage of something you likely already have at home: an electric razor. Remove the blade from the razor for safety and use the handle end of the razor as the contact point. Place the razor against anywhere on your body and gently massage yourself. Try using the electric razor around the base of your penis or rimming around your perineum and asshole.

Vibrating kit

Are you willing to spend a bit of money on a kit? The Clone-A-Willy and Balls Vibrator Molding Kit allows you to make a mold out of any penis. This could be yours, if you so wish, or a partner. It is perfect if you have a partner in a long-distance relationship but still want to be close with them.

Household Prostate Massager

Many men find that stimulating your prostate gland to be very pleasurable. There are a number of items you can use around your house to massage your prostate.

Using a Banana

Before using a banana as a prostate toy we recommend placing a condom over it. This will help with lubrication and smooth out the rough texture of the banana peel. 

Using a Hairbrush

If you have a hairbrush with with a long, thin handle, you can use this as a homemade sex toy. Make sure there are no cracks in the hairbrush. Having it break off is the last thing you want. We also suggest using a condom with the hairbrush for an extra layer of protection against abrasions. 

Using a Wooden Spoon

A wooden spoon can be used as a prostate massager. Make sure the spoon sturdy and free of cracks. You may also want to purchase a new one and keep it separate from your other cooking supplies.

Again, using a condom over your wooden spoon is recommended. It will provide lubrication and prevent cuts and abrasion.

DIY Cock Rings

Cock rings work by restricting the blood flow out of the penis. This leads to a firmer erection and can increase sensation. 

Shoelaces as a DIY Cock Ring

Regular shoelaces are an easy way to craft your own cock ring. All you need to do is take a shoelace and tie it around the base of your penis.  You should use a knot that is easy to untie, like a bow. Have scissors on hand to remove the shoelace if you have trouble untying the knot when you’re finished.

Hair Tie for Homemade Cock Rings

Hair ties make for perfect DIY cock rings. Choose one that is as thick as possible to spread out the pressure. Try different sizes: start large and then try gradually smaller hair ties.

Also note that different hair ties have different elasticity and some may be looser than others. If you find one that is too loose, either purchase a different one or fold it over for a tighter constriction.

Homemade Sensation Toys

Looking for more? You can try incorporating new sensations into your masturbation sessions.

Ice cubes

Ice is a popular sensation toy as everyone has it at home and it is relatively safe. Try rubbing one on and around your penis or rimming your anus with it. Try rubbing your body with an ice cube and then removing it to warm up and then placing it back on again. 


Sometimes a small enhancement can make a big difference. If you are a fan of traditional masturbatory practices, why not trying a bit of oil when going about your task. Oil is a lovely lubricant that is easy to wash off. 

Coconut oil is a good starting place. You can also try a more elegant option, such as Earthly Body Dare to be Bare Soothing Miracle Oil. Made from tea tree oil and hemp seed, this has a great smell to it and will provide a wonderful sensation. 

Final Thoughts

Why not get a little creative? Pleasuring yourself is a natural act and everybody does it. For those that are tired of their hand, or want to try something new there are many DIY contraptions you can craft. Whichever homemade toys you decide to make be sure to use plenty of lube.

Don’t let your dick get ahead of you brain: If you decide on inserting something into your anus make sure it has a flared base and is sturdy. Crafting a homemade sex toy is a fun a creative way to enhance your own pleasure. 

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