11 Common Big Dick Problems You Never Knew About

Learn about big dick problems that people have to handle everyday and how to resolve them easily
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Men, especially the young ones, are usually obsessed with having big dicks because of the popular belief that most women love them. This belief is not entirely true as many women have come out to disclaim it. People with big dicks are well aware of the downsides of their big members.

Moreover, big dick problems can limit sexual pleasure due to the size. For instance, you might find out you can’t practice some sex styles with your partner. Also, your big dick can simply embarrass you in public by showing through your pants. All of these problems have ways you can manage them to make you feel much better.

Are you tired of the inconveniences you suffer as a result of your big dick? It’s time to forget about that; help is here. This article will discuss the different big penis problems and their solutions to help you get over them.

Are There Medical Downsides to A Large Member?

Yes, there are a few medical downsides to a large member. Below are some of the medical disadvantages:

  1. It has the highest risk of injury compared to small and average dicks.
  2. Its large girth can cause tearing, especially during anal sex.
  3. The restriction of some sexual acts can affect the mental health of the owner.

Huge Penis Problems

Let’s be frank here, a big penis is not as great as some people, especially pornstars, will want you to believe. It comes with several challenges that limit what the owner can do. Below, we will discuss the most common huge penis problems and suggest the solutions you can apply to deal with them.

1.    Toilet Water Touch

When you have a cock that is too big, there’s a huge chance that it often touches the toilet water every time you have to hiss yourself. That increases your risk of contracting a toilet infection.


Of course, we won’t ask you to cut off your penis so that it stops touching toilet water. What we advise you to do is get a deeper water closet in your toilet to make sure your dick’s closeness to the water is reduced. You can also place your dick on your hand instead of leaving it to dangle inside the toilet bowl.

2.    Uncomfortable Seating Positions

Another problem big dick causes is making some seating positions uncomfortable. There are some ways you sit and you find yourself sitting on your huge cock. Besides sitting on your member, your seating position may give it little space to breathe.


A big dick doesn’t affect all seating positions. Ensure that you find a seating position that feels comfortable with your cock. Make sure it’s not squeezed; let it have a breathing space.

3.    Buying Clothes Is A Challenge

As someone who has a big dick, buying tight pants is not for you. Also, you can’t buy tight jeans because your penis won’t be comfortable in them. Apart from making the penis uncomfortable, tight trousers can also make your member obvious, causing you to feel uncomfortable.


The simple solution here is to buy big pants that provide space for your big cock. Plus-size trousers also help to hide the bulge from your large member.

4.    Swimming Pool Staring

If you have a big dick, then you’re no stranger to your big dick showing through your bathing shorts at the swimming pool. The bulge gets you glances as well as disapprovals from the pool visitors because it’s simply difficult to cover it up.


You can prevent this situation by buying oversized bathing shorts to wear at the swimming pool. If this move doesn’t solve the problem, consider avoiding public pools. If you can afford to have a pool in your home, go for it.

5.    Partners Are Being Intimidated

It’s not surprising to see your sexual partner shocked at the sight of your big penis the first time. Although some partners get used to it with time, others don’t stop being intimidated by the large member. If your dick is too big for her, she may fail to come back.


The only viable solution is being with a partner that understands that’s how you’re built. You should also assure them that you will be gentle and won’t hurt them. When it’s time to have sex, be gentle as you promised and get frequent feedbacks from them to ensure that you don’t hurt them.

6. Limited Sex Positions

Your big dick won’t let you be able to practice some sex positions because they will be inconvenient for your partner or even you. You also don’t want to risk fracturing your huge cock.


The simple solution here is to practice simple sex positions that are convenient for both you and your partner. There are some interesting positions such as missionary, doggie, and cowgirl that allow you to hit your partner right without any issue. You can even get yourself the best sex swing to spice up your sex life. It allows you and your partner to try other comfortable and exciting positions.

7.    Condoms Won’t Fit

Another problem associated with a big dick is condoms not fitting in. Struggling to find a compatible condom can be frustrating and exhausting.


Yes, the normal-sized condom won’t size but you can find plus-sized condoms specially designed for big dicks in stores.

8.    Half Way In

According to Wikipedia, a woman’s vaginal length and width are between 2.7 to 5.8 inches and 1.9 to 2.5 inches respectively. The sizes vary with different women, making it hard to find a lady who can take the entire length of a penis. Some women just take the big cock halfway in.


If your partner’s vagina length or width is not enough to take the whole of your dick in, you’ll have to make do with half penetration or find a partner big enough to take it all in but this can be very challenging.

9.    Tiring Masturbation

Masturbating a big dick can be tiring because you’ll probably need your two hands to do the job properly. This can get your hands tired. You will also need a big amount of lubricant to get through the exercise.


You don’t have to stress your hands when there are high-quality and reliable sex toys out there to help you out hands-free. Acquire the best male masturbator or the best male vibrator with different exciting features to stimulate your huge cock just as you love it. While at it, get the best lube to make the activity seamless.

With a sex toy like the Ana Foxxx Fleshlight, you have intricately crafted chambers that idealize the incredible pussy and powerful anus of the pornstar. Even though it might not take the whole of your big penis, it guarantees you great pleasure.

Another impressive option is the THRUST Pro Elite Katya Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator that features super-soft skin and squeezable cheeks to grab. It also boasts vaginal and anal openings with heavily textured canals to give you a complete experience.

10.  Blow Job Is An Ouch!

Big dick can also make blow job a nightmare. There’s the likelihood of your partner’s mouth not being able to take it all in as you will like. That makes it hard for your partner to deepthroat your large dick without hurting themself. Plus, obviously, the teeth will definitely scratch your sensitive member causing an erection to go down immideately.


If you want a partner that will deepthroat your penis, find one with a mouth large enough to do that. However, if you’re stuck with a partner who doesn’t take it all in, you’ll have to live with the whole of your penis not getting sucked. But we can offer to ask your partner to simply lick the sides of the penis, take more time to caress the head while stroking the rest with hands. Read our article about handjob techniques that can help.

11.  Even Sex Toys Are Against You

Some sex toys are designed for small and average-sized dicks so it’s not surprising that they won’t accommodate your large member.


Sex toys’ internal lengths differ, you have to find products that offer the ideal sizes for your big dick.

Interesting Big Dick Facts

There are some interesting facts about big dick you should know. We will highlight them below:

  • According to the Daily Mirror, Mexican Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has the world’s largest penis which measures 18.9 inches. The size doesn’t allow him to have sex and he claims it also makes him unable to kneel.
  • An internet-based surveyinvolving more than 50,000 men and women revealed that 45% of men would like their penis to be larger.
  • According to a 2012 studyby Dr. Richard Lynn of Ulster University, men in the Republic of Congo possess the biggest average penis size globally at 7.1 inches.
  • Indian mystics, better known as Sadhus, are knownto increase the size of their dicks by stretching them from a young age with weights.

Final Thoughts

Big dick can be a nightmare but you don’t have to see it in that light, especially if it’s natural. Although big dick problems can be frustrating, you can live with them but you have to make some concessions as we’ve advised above. You don’t have to brood over something you can’t control, you have to find a way to accept it and make your life about exploring other options. Finally, don’t see your big dick as a problem, see it as a normal part of you and you’ll definitely feel much better about it.

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