Thorough Guide to Chastity Cage Sizes – Find a Perfect Fit

Instructions on chastity cage sizes - how to measure for them, choose the right type for your scenario as well as wearing the toy properly
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A chastity cage has many purposes. It can be used in a BDSM relationship to hold power over someone or it can be used simply to deny an orgasm and thus create a bigger release at a later point. A chastity cage is meant to fit over a man’s penis, and for the greatest effect, you want to be aware of chastity cage sizes. Here, we’ll help you understand what different size options are, how to measure for a chastity cage, and how to best use one, either solo or with a partner. Any time you use a new sex toy, you want to be as safe and comfortable as possible. Before you purchase and then use a chastity cage, be sure to read on for more information.

Should You Measure for Chastity Cage?

When you purchase a chastity cage, there will likely be a few size options. The reason for this should be pretty obvious. Penises come in very different sizes. While the average penis size Trusted Source What is the average penis size? Many people worry that their penis is not big enough, but that may not be the case. Here, see what research says about the average penis size. is 3.5 inches long, this is not a standard size.

Likewise, chastity cages are aware of different penis sizes. You want to measure yourself first to find the best fit for the perfect chastity size. Too loose and it won’t have the desired effects. Too tight and it will be uncomfortable and you won’t wear it.

How cage should fit?

The best chastity fitting will provide a cage that restricts some blood flow from an erect penis but won’t cut off circulation completely. Your penis is a pretty sensitive organ, so the better the fit, the better you will feel.

Before You Take Measurements

What do you know about chastity cages? This information will help you determine if you want to purchase a toy. Knowing more will also give you a better idea of their design and purpose.

Types of cage materials

There are many different cock cage designs you can choose from. Metal and silicone are the two most common, and each has its own advantage.

Silicone is a better choice if you are brand new to chastity cages. For example, the Man Cage Medium Silicone Chastity Cage offers a warmer material with a slight give to it. Silicone will still restrict blood flow but can seem less intimidating than other materials.

Metal is another common material for chastity cages. It offers a strong, durable feel. The metal can be cold, which is either a positive or a negative. Metal is also a good option as it usually has that classic cage look.

One other material you might want to be aware of is hard plastic, which is often paired with an electric shock feature. This is not for everyone, and only those with a lot of experience with BDSM should use this kind of cage. For reference, the ElectroShock Electrostim Chastity Cage provides a range of sensations, including shocks and vibrations.

Chastity cage parts

There are two parts to a chastity cage. There is the ring, which goes around your testicles, then there is the cage itself, which goes around your penis.

The ring that goes around your testicles is perhaps the most nerve-wracking part of the apparatus. You will need to slip the ring over them and then be able to remove it later. While most men have average-size testicles, others may have large or bulky ones. If you’ve ever used some of the best ball stretchers, you may have larger testicles, and thus the ring should be loose enough to fit over them.

Measuring for Cock Cage

Even if you know what kind of cock cage you want, you will need to measure yourself first. This way, when you go to purchase your item, you can accurately select the size and thus can get using your new toy right away.


Before you start the measuring process, there are a few tools you will need. These should all be found in your home.

  • Thick string
  • Pen or marker
  • Ruler
  • Scissons
  • Calculator or phone

Chastity cage ring size

As we mentioned, a chastity cage has a ring part to it. Start by measuring for this part of the toy.

Take your piece of string and wrap it around the base of your penis. It should lie between your body and your testicles.

When you are doing this step, you need to be limp and not at all erect. The two measurements will be different, and a chastity ring’s measurements are based on a flaccid penis.

Tie the string loosely around this area. You want to be able to fit a finger between your skin and the string. After you tie the string, mark it with a pen, and then cut the string. You should end up with a piece of string that is the same distance as the circumference of the base of your penis.

Take this string and line it up with your ruler. This will tell you the circumference, but you need the diameter as that is what a chastity ring is measured in.

Divide the length of the string by 3.14 to get the diameter. Round up to the nearest decimal for an even number.

While you may only need to follow this process once, we do recommend doing it two or three times. Sometimes your calculation may be off, your string may be too loose or too tight. By taking the measurement three times, you can then find the average, which will be more accurate.

If the idea of slipping a ring over your testicles is too intimidating, there are versions of chastity cages that only go over the shaft of the penis. The Doc Johnson TitanMen Stretch-to-Fit Cock Ring Cage is made from silicone and offers a better experience for beginners.

Cock cage measurements

The actual cage part of a chastity cage is all about the length. This is a slightly simpler process than finding the diameter of the ring.

Again, start with a flaccid penis. If you can, measure three times, once in the morning, again during the day, and then at night. While you might feel self-conscious about measuring your penis when it isn’t erect, know that this is the proper way to follow the steps.

Take your ruler and place it underneath your penis. You may need to move it around a bit to find a comfortable angle. The ruler should be above your testicles and as flat to your skin as possible. Finally, add half an inch to the measurement so the cage doesn’t end up being too tight.

Diameter measurements

We measured the diameter of the chastity cage ring, but you also need to measure the diameter of your penis. Start by finding the thickest part of your penis. If you aren’t sure, grab a mirror and move it around to find the thickest part.

Again, take a piece of string and tie it loosely around this thick part. Mark the string and cut it to the right length. Then, place the string along your ruler.

This is the circumference so you need to divide by 3.14 to get the diameter.

How to Put Cock Cage on?

As more and more Americans experiment with a BDSM lifestyle, Trusted Source Americans Are More Into BDSM Than The Rest of the World | Smart News|Smithsonian Magazine Not only is BDSM far more common than you might think, it’s also far less of a red-flag when it comes to health and psychology new tools are needed to enhance the experience. These steps will help you when you want to securely fit a cock cage.

Safety and Expectations

Before you start using any kind of chastity cage, it’s important to be aware of all the safety precautions. In particular, if you are using one with a partner who holds the key, then you need to have a series of conversations.

The best chastity cages will have a lock and key with the item. You don’t have to use the key but many people choose to do so. Start by talking to your partner. You want to have trust in them that they will listen to your needs. If not, then you should walk away.

Always have a safe word in case your chastity cage feels too constricted. You should also agree on a maximum amount of time for wearing the cage. Beginners should always err on the side of caution and start for small amounts of time before deciding to wear one for hours at a time.

Another thing to consider before wearing a chastity cage is if you want to groom yourself, first. Cages are tight and they can trap pubic hair, leading to a painful pinching feeling. Total hair removal is not necessary, however. Instead, you may want to lightly trim your hair to make sure it doesn’t get caught.

Finally, always have lube on hand. You may not think it necessary, but lube can help enhance the feeling. It can also make it easier to put the cage on, especially the ring part.

Silicone and leather cages

Silicone and leather chastity cages offer some great experiences. These products have a warmer texture to them, so they can be better for beginners. You won’t feel that biting cold that other materials have.

Within these materials are many different types of cages. For example, the Penis Prison with Pin Prick Lining is made from leather but inside has a series of prickles that add a bit of torment. The cage itself is made of a zippered pouch, however, so it isn’t as fierce as other options.

Plastic and metal cages

For a harder texture option, you can try a chastity cage that is made out of plastic or metal. These are harder materials and, especially with metal, don’t come with any give. They are harder to get on, especially with the ring section.

Lube can be very helpful with this ring part with plastic and metal cages. Apply lube liberally to your body and the cage itself. Try to stick with a water-based lube.

If you measured properly, the ring should feel tight but still somewhat comfortable. However, if during this process you become worried it is too tight, stop and reassess the situation. You don’t want an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

An alternative to a chastity cage is a penis extender. While these devices are built to increase the length and girth of your penis, they can also be used to cage yourself in. This list of the best penis extenders is a good place to start if you are interested in these products.

Shocking cages

Those that want to take their chastity cage experience to the next level can invest in a shocking cage. These are simply cock cages that have an extra element to them. You can control the extra feeling, alternating from a subtle, pleasurable vibration pattern to a more intense experience.

The purpose of a shocking cage is to give more power to your partner. They can tease and torment you. The vibrations can arouse you but the confinement of the cage will stop you from expanding. Adding a shocking element will add even more of a pleasure/pain experience.

Final Thoughts

Men may want to experience the pleasure of an orgasm over and over again, there are some braver men out there that understand what it means to deny yourself that pleasure. If you can hold off on an orgasm, you can make the eventual release that much more powerful. You can also bequeath power over your body to a partner as part of a BDSM relationship. A chastity cage fits around your penis and testicles. It can be made from silicone, metal, leather, and other materials. You can even find products that will shock or vibrate. Before you purchase your new toy, it’s imperative you understand chastity cage sizes. Measure yourself accurately so you can find a size that fits your unique body. This way you will have the right balance of pleasure and pain.


What is the average penis size?
Many people worry that their penis is not big enough, but that may not be the case. Here, see what research says about the average penis size.
Americans Are More Into BDSM Than The Rest of the World | Smart News|Smithsonian Magazine
Not only is BDSM far more common than you might think, it’s also far less of a red-flag when it comes to health and psychology
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