Does Losing Weight Increase Size or Is It Just a Myth?

In this article, we'll tell for sure does losing weight increase penis size and give tips for extension methods that work
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Last updatedLast updated: May 21, 2024
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Men are typically very conscious of the size of their penis. While many decide to accept it as it is, others take different steps to enhance the size although that is not always successful. Some even believe dieting can improve their member, but does losing weight increase size? You’re about to find out.

Understandably so, obese men tend to find their penis size small. This is usually due to their pelvic fat. The fat may even stop them from enjoying sex. As you might expect, the only solution to this challenge is losing some weight.

This article will help you understand the relationship between weight loss and penis size.

How To Measure Penis Length

Before anything, know what you’re measuring. You’re going to measure your penis length from its base. Though the base starts well inside your body, you’ll have to measure from what you can see outside and measure up to the tip of your dick. Get a ruler, press it into your groin and measure your erected penis from its base to the tip. What you get is the length of your penis.

Does Obesity Influence Penis Size?

Does losing weight increase penis size? Does your penis grow when you lose weight? Does losing weight make your dick bigger? These are some of the questions obese men ask because, at some point, they start to battle with low self-esteem. Thankfully, you’re about to get answers to them.

Obese men are believed to gain one inch of penis length after losing 30 – 50 pounds although no scientific study has proven this belief.

However, if you’re of average weight and you lose the same range of pounds, you won’t notice any gain in length. Frankly, losing weight doesn’t necessarily increase penis size, it only makes your member more visible.

Does Losing Weight Increase Girth? 

Realistically, weight only affects the length of the penis, not the girth. So, if you end up losing weight, there’s no chance of your girth size increasing.

Penis Length Before and After Weight Loss

It’s not unusual for obese men to suffer from a condition known as buried penis syndrome. This condition causes your dick to be buried under your supra pubic fat pad. A 2007 study even confirms that the presence of significant pelvic fat will cause the dick to the partly buried. So, your penis can look small when you’re yet to shed your weight.

However, after weight loss, your penis length could be seen to have increased because the organ is no longer buried under your pelvic fat. Surely, this can boost your confidence in the bedroom.

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How To Lose Pelvic Fat

No doubt about it, pelvic fat can be a pain in the ass and you should get rid of it. Below are very important tips that can help you lose pelvic fat:

  • Consult with a dietician and get the right instructions on how to change for diet. Do away with fatty & processed foods and turn to foods rich in vitamin c, calcium, and omega 3.
  • Exercise! Your goal here is to burn your pelvic fat, so you have to do exercises that target that area. Such exercises include reverse crunches, leg raises, and scissor kicks.

  • If you have too much weight to lose through exercise, you might have to consider the supra pubic fat removal – a procedure that gets rid of fat.

Final Thoughts

Does losing weight increase size? Of course, it does not in the real sense of it as you’ve now learned from this article. Instead of increasing the size of the penis, it makes it more visible. You must follow the right steps to lose weight so that you can feel more confident about your penis size and get over low self-esteem troubles.

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