Lumberjack Festival Interviews

Amidst the towering pines and the rugged landscapes of Denver, the 2023 Lumberjack Festival roared to life, celebrating the storied tradition of lumberjacks. Our lenses focused on the steel-eyed concentration, the raw power of axes cleaving through timber, and the infectious joy permeating the festival. These moments, now immortalized through social media, capture the essence of a community deeply connected to the wilderness and the enduring legacy of the lumberjack.
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Denver, Colorado, renowned for its majestic mountains and robust pines, set the stage for the 2023 Lumberjack Festival—a celebration of timber, tradition, and the tenacity of the woodsman spirit. We love interviewing people. We go to furry conventions, collecting conventions, oddities and curiosities expos, and more! This year’s festival saw flannel-clad attendees from near and far, coming together to revel in the sawdust-filled air, the resonant echo of axes, and the camaraderie that only such an event can forge. Our team was on the ground, weaving through the throng of plaid to capture the heart and soul of the festivities through candid interviews with participants. These snippets—now making the rounds on social media—offer a glimpse into the unique world of lumberjacks and jills, where every log split and every tree climbed tells a story of heritage, skill, and the deep-rooted connection to the forest.

Lumberjack Festival Fun


Fun with lumberjacks, @FluentlyForward , @TYLER , and Sasquatch. Too bad I didn’t record any audio 😢 #lumberjack #denver #lumberjackfestival #sasquatch #Bigfoot #chainsawbear

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Sasquatch at the Lumberjack Festival


For those that know me, you know how big of a deal this is #bigfoot #sasquach @JoyNights @TYLER

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Final Thoughts

As the sawdust settles and the echoes of cheering crowds fade into the Denver skyline, the 2023 Lumberjack Festival leaves behind a trail of memories as enduring as the timbers hoisted by its competitors. The stories gathered and shared through our interviews offer more than just a view into the life of log rolling and axe swinging—they reveal a community bound by grit, gusto, and a love for the lore of the lumberjack life. The success of these videos on social media is a testament to the universal allure of the great outdoors and the time-honored traditions that continue to captivate and inspire. In the end, the festival is not just an exhibition of skill, but a celebration of a rugged lifestyle that honors the past while chopping its way into the future.

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