Sex Positions for Deep Penetration: Go Deeper!

Deep penetration sex can be pleasant but challenging to reach. Some particular positions are required for that. Which ones, though?
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Chances are you’ve heard enough people describe deep penetration (DP) sex as fun and enjoyable, but you’ve struggled to experience it yourself. Whether you don’t know how to go about doing DP sex or you’ve tried unsuccessfully, help is here.

Although enjoyable DP sex requires great preparation, the most important move is to utilize an effective sex position. As you might have guessed, not all sex positions are ideal for DP sex. Hence, this article will explain various sex positions for deep penetration so you can get some balls-deep pleasure. Interestingly, you don’t need a big penis to achieve deep penetration. Rest assured, this article will satisfy your curiosities by discussing everything you need to know about achieving DP sex.

Is Deep Penetration Worth the Hype?

As we suggested in the introduction, deep penetration sex can be very satisfying and pleasurable when done right. Of course, the deep thrusts give you and your partner an incredible feeling of fullness, but the excitement goes beyond the physical. You can experience physiological arousal from deep penetration, which makes everything feel amazing.

The thought of driving your dick so deep into your partner’s hole pushes you to only intense orgasms. Needless to say, deep penetration sex is intense for both you and your partner. While you do some hard thrusting that encourages you to go faster, your partner feels the intense thrusts that arouse them like never before. So, frankly, deep penetration is worth all the hype.

Orgasm intensity

The idea of deep penetration is to hit the spots buried deep inside the vagina or the butt. Speaking of deep spots, the vagina has two incredibly sensitive spots that make orgasms more intense.

One of them is the A-spot, which is along the vagina’s front wall near the cervix. And this incredibly sensitive spot is a big part of why about 18% of women can achieve orgasm Trusted Source Women's Experiences With Genital Touching, Sexual Pleasure, and Orgasm: Results From a U.S. Probability Sample of Women Ages 18 to 94: Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy: Vol 44, No 2 The study purpose was to assess, in a U.S. probability sample of women, experiences related to orgasm, sexual pleasure, and genital touching. In June 2015, 1,055 women ages 18 to 94 from the nation… through intercourse alone. Clearly, most women miss out on A-spot orgasms due to a lack of deep penetration.

The second spot you can hit with the deep penetration is along the back wall of the vaginal canal, close to the anal wall. Hitting this spot also delivers very intense orgasms that you can’t get from regular penetration.

Safety Tips

Let’s be very clear: Deep penetration should not be painful but completely pleasurable. Unfortunately, it can be if you’re making a wrong move. Here are some vital safety tips to keep your DP sex enjoyable:

  • Use more and more lubricant to keep the vagina or asshole wet.
  • Spend plenty of time stretching the vagina or butthole.
  • Communicate with your partner and pay close attention to their signals.
  • Always be ready to stop if your partner complains about pain or discomfort; never ignore your partner’s pain.
  • Only use sex toys designed for penetration to avoid any accidents.
  • Deep penetration may cause mild spotting or bleeding, but it usually goes away in a few hours. However, if bleeding or discomfort persists for more than a day after sex DP sex, call or visit your doctor.

How to Prepare for DP Sex

Before we talk about sexual positions for deep penetration, let’s talk about making proper preparations for this sexual activity.


Foreplay is practically the first step toward any enjoyable sex. Of course, quickies are usually fun, but you can’t do them every time. If you’ve got time on your hands, you shouldn’t hesitate to do foreplay before penetration. Foreplay is the activity that gets you in the best possible mood for sex. That’s how you get aroused and wet for the deep action that’s coming to hit you.

Moreover, there are various things you can do for foreplay. You and your partner can caress and explore your bodies. Alternatively, you eat your partner’s vagina or butthole for as long as possible. It should go without saying that their breasts are not off-limits. Also, your partner can suck your dick to their satisfaction.

Ultimately, do everything that can arouse you and your partner.


As we mentioned earlier, deep penetration can get painful due to a few factors. One of them is a very tight hole. Specifically, penetrating deep inside a tight vagina can cause internal bruises and pain.

So, the best way to avoid such a headache is to stretch the hole, whether it’s the vagina or the butthole. Stretching makes the holes more ‘elastic’, thus making them more welcoming to deep penetration.


It’s no longer news to you that deep penetration is unlike regular sex or quickies. While you can do quickies and regular penetration without any preparation, DP needs the receiving partner to prepare their mind for what is about to come. That means relaxing their mind as well as their body. A tense body can make deep penetration more difficult and painful, so it’s best to be relaxed.

Lube up

Although the vagina self-lubricates, the natural lubrication might not be enough for deep penetration. You need all the lubrication you can get due to the intense nature of deep penetration. So, we recommend that your partner apply plenty of lube to their vagina. You should also lube up your penis to ensure the smoothest thrusts.

Moreover, you can’t do without lubes if you’re doing deep anal penetration. Even the best positions for deeper penetration can’t save you from lubing up for anal because the anus does not provide its own lubrication Trusted Source Is Anal Sex Safe? – Cleveland Clinic Your anus doesn’t create its own lubricant. That means you’ll need to lubricate it yourself. Without lubrication, the delicate tissue inside of your anus can tear, which can be painful and put you at risk for infection. . And don’t even try to choose saliva over lubes. We advise you to apply more lube during intercourse for the best experience.

Add toys

Toys can help you prepare for deep penetration. More specifically, they can help you in various spheres of preparation, including foreplay and stretching. During foreplay, you can use thick and long dildos to help your partner get a familiar feeling of deep penetration before you insert your dick. These dildos can also come in handy for stretching.

Speaking of stretching, butt plugs are excellent tools to prepare for deep anal penetration. They can help your partner stretch their butthole enough for them to be comfortable with deep penetration.

And if you don’t have a partner to play with, you can always go alone. There’s no better help than an extra-long dildo. Since you’re looking for deep penetration, we recommend dildos that measure at least 10 inches. We’ve reviewed the best 10-inch dildos on the market, so there’s a great chance of you finding a suitable option among them.

More pillows

Pillows are great tools for achieving deep penetration. They are known to push up the receiver’s butt for excellent access. For example, depending on the position, if you place a pillow under your partner’s hips or butt, you’ll have much better access for easier deep penetration. The best thing is that pillows can help you enhance many sex positions for deeper penetration.

Although a regular pillow can be an effective makeshift option, we recommend sex pillows because they’re specially designed for sex and don’t compress. If you’re struggling to find high-quality options, check our list of the best sex pillows for great choices. Ultimately, use as many pillows as possible to put yourself and your partner in great positions for the deepest penetration.

Best Positions for Deep Penetration

There are plenty of pleasurable sexual intercourse positions, but they limit the depth you can hit. On the other hand, some let your dick travel deep into the vagina or butthole without inhibition. If that sounds like what you want, we’ve put together the best sex positions for deep penetration you should explore. Read up on them below:


Everyone knows about the missionary sex position, but many people don’t know the anvil position—a variation of the missionary style. Naturally, the missionary position is not a great fit for deep penetration, but the anvil sex position enhances the missionary style.

In the anvil sex position, your partner is on their back like in missionary. Then, you lean over your partner. Instead of letting their legs stay down as in a missionary position, raise them and push them back towards their upper body. By folding your partner’s legs, you lift their hips and butt, leaving their vagina and butthole in a great position for deep penetration. You can call on a pillow to support your partner’s butt in the anvil position.


The pretzel sex position is another excellent position for deep penetration. You won’t have trouble getting in the position if you’ve had a cuddle or spoon fuck before. While a cuddle fuck requires you and your partner to lie on your side, the pretzel sex position requires only the receiving partner to lie on their side.

While your partner lies on their side, ask them to bend their knee upward. Then, straddle their lower leg and penetrate them in an upright position. You either thrust in and out of your partner while standing or lean over them while penetrating them.

If you prefer to stand, grip your lover’s ass and thrust in and out of them. However, if you’re leaning over your partner, plant your hands on either side of them and pound away. Either way, you’ll always achieve deep penetration.


The sandwich sex position is another variation of the missionary style that works well for deep penetration. It requires the receiver to lie on their back. However, instead of stretching their legs straight, they must put them up. Once your partner has their legs up, lean over them like you would in the missionary position.

Instead of lying over your partner, put your hands on the back of their thighs and push them back and down towards their stomach. Push the thighs, so the knees face up towards your partner’s breasts. We recommend putting a sex pillow under your partner’s butt.

Once you’re comfortable in this sandwich position, you can start penetrating your lover’s hole and find your dick traveling deep with ease.

Hot seat

The hot seat sex position is exactly what you’re thinking. It’s basically your partner sitting on the hot seat that is your dick. For the hot seat position, sit on the edge of a bed and ask your partner to sit on your dick. Then, hold them by their waist and ask them to rest their hands on your thighs. Now, they can begin bouncing up and down on your dick while you hold their waist for support.

Alternatively, sit on a chair if you want more stability and let your lover ride you, as we’ve explained. Not only does the hot seat position leave great room for deep penetration, but it also gives control to the receiver.


The cowgirl position is one of the most popular sex positions because it is freaking hot. It’s one of the few positions that give total control to the girl during sex. Interestingly, it’s an excellent option for deep penetration. Since the girl controls the action (movement, pace, and depth) in this position, it’s unarguably one of the safest deep penetration positions for sex.

For the cowgirl position, sit on the bed and have your lover straddle. Let them insert your dick in their vagina or asshole and ride you. Besides ensuring deep penetration, this position also enhances intimacy. While your partner rides you, you can make eye contact, play with their breasts, rub their clit, stimulate their asshole, and kiss them.

Moreover, you can improve the cowgirl position by making your partner sit on a sex position enhancer chair like the Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair. The chair’s wide, reinforced elastic offers satisfying bounce and support. You sit under it, and your partner sits on top of it, bouncing up and down on your dick. Best of all, this sex chair can enhance more positions.


The turtle position looks like the famous doggy style, but both sex positions are a bit different. Although both positions require you to enter your partner from behind, your positioning for the two styles will differ. For the turtle position, make your partner get on their knees. Instead of putting their hands on the bed or ground, help them pull and wrap their arms behind their knees.

Then, insert your dick in their vagina or butthole. With your lover’s butt pushed up, you have the perfect access for deep penetration.

The eagle

The missionary style is as old as time, and it’s only right for it to evolve into different variations. The eagle sex position is one of those variations. Since the missionary position is too basic to achieve deep penetration, the eagle position switches things up. While this position makes the receiver lie on their back as they would in the missionary position, it requires them to pull their legs up as far back as possible.

When your partner pulls their legs back with their knees touching or almost their breasts, their vagina and butt will be exposed for deep penetration. You can then straddle them and insert your dick in the hole your partner has consented to. Then, put your hands under your lover’s thighs to support them and start thrusting.


The jockey position requires your partner to lie on their stomach on the bed. Then, you can straddle their butt in a kneeling position and enter them from behind. Start thrusting with your hands resting on the ground or bed. Your partner has two options: support their body with their arms or lie down directly. If they prefer to lean on their arms but find it inconvenient, they can turn to a pillow and lay their chest on it.

Prone bone

The prone bone position is very similar to the jockey position but is slightly different. As you might have guessed, this position also allows your partner to be lazy. All they need to do is lie facedown on the bed and take whatever you throw at them. However, they need to push their hips up slightly and spread their legs a bit to give your dick easier access to their vagina or butthole.

Once your lover is in position, straddle them with hard and deep thrusts.

Viennese oyster

We can’t seem to run out of the missionary sex position variations because the Viennese oyster is another. Don’t consider this position if your partner is not flexible because it’s quite intense. For the Viennese oyster sex position, ask your partner to lie on their back and raise their legs. Then, help them bend their legs back as far back as possible, leaving their holes exposed to deep penetration.

Instead of removing your hands, keep them on their legs and hold them down by the ankles while thrusting.

Right angle

The right-angle sex position requires you to sit on the bed with your legs extended straight right in front of you. Then, have your partner lie on their back in front of you with their vagina and asshole facing your dick. Their arms should sit inside your legs. Then, raise their legs to rest on your shoulders. Now, you can penetrate deep inside your lover’s holes.


At first glance, you can tell that the doggy position is perfect for deep penetration. It requires your partner to kneel in front of you on all fours while you penetrate them from behind. Hold their hips while thrusting to support yourself.

Deep Impact

The deep impact position’s name gives it away. It’s focused on delivering deep penetration. For this position, have your partner lie on their back. Then, kneel by their butt and slide your thighs under their butt. Next, insert your dick and start thrusting deep inside your partner’s vagina or butthole.

Positions for Solo Deep Penetration

If you don’t have a partner around and want to give yourself deep penetration, it’s absolutely possible, and we’ll discuss the suitable positions below.

Is it possible without toys?

Frankly, deep solo penetration is almost impossible without toys. If you don’t rely on toys, you have your fingers, which are unreliable for DP. Of course, long fingers can scratch the surface, but they won’t give you the thickness and depth of toys you need for intense and pleasurable DP. Ultimately, we recommend toys for deep solo penetration.

Sex machine use

You have the option of a sex machine for deep solo penetration. The best thing about the sex machine is that it thrusts into you automatically as a human partner would. Also, it lets you attach your preferred size of dildo. So, you can choose a thickness and length that can deliver the deep penetration you want.

Sex chair use

A sex chair is another reliable option for deep solo penetration. Unlike the sex machine, the sex chair does not thrust into you; you ride it. The pace and depth of penetration are completely in your hands in this case. The top sex chairs, such as the LoveBotz Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Stool, provide you with the luxury of a universal dildo adaptor for attaching your favorite dildos.

Big dildo use

If you can’t spend hundreds of dollars on a sex machine or want to avoid the bulky sex chair, opt for a big dildo with a suction cup. Stick it to the floor and ride it to your satisfaction.


Do you still have questions that we’ve not answered? We’ll answer a few vital questions below.

Would it always hurt during deep penetration?

Deep penetration gets painful when the penis or toy hits the cervix Trusted Source Possible to penetrate the cervix during sex? The long and short of it is that the penis cannot penetrate the cervix during sex. The cervix has a small opening called the os that enlarges during childbirth. , but this cannot always happen. So, it won’t always hurt during deep penetration as long as you don’t hit the cervix and run out of lube.

Can a guy with a small penis still perform a DP?

A guy with a small penis can still perform a DP, but he will need help from an attachment like a penis sleeve. The guy can wear the sleeve to extend the length of his small penis so that it’s long enough for DP. You can find the top-quality options on our list of the best penis sleeves.

Final Thoughts

There’s no question that deep penetration makes sex more intense and pleasurable. The deeper you go, the more sensitive nerves you hit for powerful orgasms. But doing deep penetration is not always as straightforward as it sounds. As mentioned earlier in this article, not all sex positions can give you deep penetration. Hence, we’ve discussed various deepest sex positions in this guide.

What distinguishes the best sex positions for deep penetration is their quality of providing excellent access to the vagina and butthole. If you pass the hurdle of a suitable sex position for deep penetration and your small penis becomes a headache, you can turn to a penis sleeve for help. Ultimately, we hope this guide has helped you learn how to do deep penetration alone and with your partner.


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The study purpose was to assess, in a U.S. probability sample of women, experiences related to orgasm, sexual pleasure, and genital touching. In June 2015, 1,055 women ages 18 to 94 from the nation…
Is Anal Sex Safe? – Cleveland Clinic
Your anus doesn’t create its own lubricant. That means you’ll need to lubricate it yourself. Without lubrication, the delicate tissue inside of your anus can tear, which can be painful and put you at risk for infection.
Possible to penetrate the cervix during sex?
The long and short of it is that the penis cannot penetrate the cervix during sex. The cervix has a small opening called the os that enlarges during childbirth.
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