30 Anal Sexual Positions for a Wild Orgasm!

Here, you'll find the 30 best anal sexual positions you can try with your partner and a few tips on how to make your anal sex even better
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Last updatedLast updated: February 17, 2024
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Are you planning to enter the exciting world of anal sex, or have you suddenly found this sex unenjoyable? Chances are you’re not making the most of all the fun you could have. If you’re new to anal sex, many positions can help you enjoy the experience. After all, there’s no one way to have fun; there are multiple ways. And knowing that a large amount of women enjoy anal sex, there’s so much fun to be had!

This article will discuss a wide range of anal sexual positions, including the options ideal for beginners, intermediates, and experts. As if that was not enough, we will explain various steps you can take to improve your anal sex experience.

If you’ve been stuck on one position for your anal sex, that’s about to change. Read on to learn the most fun and pleasurable sexual positions for butt sex!

1. Doggy style

We can’t bet against you knowing doggy style because it’s unarguably one of the most popular sex positions. This style is the one most people turn to for quickies. And it’s arguably the best position for anal sex because it gives great access.

In case you don’t know how to position yourself for doggy style sex position, it’s simple to perform. Ask your partner to get down on their hands and knees with their legs spread out to the sides. That leaves their ass pointing out to you. Then, get on your knees, insert your penis in your partner’s butt, and penetrate.

Without question, the doggy style gives the man or strap-on wearer most of the power because they are all over their partner. While in that position, the person on top can grab their partner’s hair, waist, and hips to make the experience more intense. Of course, nothing stops the receiver from pushing back onto the dick or dildo.

2. Missionary

The missionary sex position is as old as time, wouldn’t you agree? It’s probably the first sex position you know because it’s the beginner’s delight, thanks to its simplicity. In fact, many sources describe the missionary sex style as the most comfortable anal position or best coital position. It’s also among the least painful anal positions.

Besides being simple, the missionary style is a good position for anal sex. All you need to do is go a bit lower to the anus. Let your partner lay on their back with their legs spread to the sides to give you access. Then, get inside the space and insert your dick into their anus.

Performing this position gives you great control and helps you get deep inside your partner. It also enhances affection by helping make eye contact, talking, and kissing. It doesn’t get sexier than that.

3. Sandwich

The sandwich is one of the best anal positions for men because it gives great access. It requires your partner to lay on their back and you to kneel or lie like you would in the missionary position. But you won’t lean your hands on the bed to the sides. Also, your partner won’t spread their legs to their sides like they would for the missionary style.

Instead, you’ll push your partner’s thighs toward their stomach and hold them while penetrating their butt. Your partner should also keep their knees bent to help you hold the position. Your partner can spread their knees a bit if they want to play with their clitoris in the middle of the play.

Moreover, we recommend using a sex wedge to raise your partner’s butt. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of high-quality options on the market. For example, the Liberator Microfibre Sex Position Wedge is popular among buyers because it is effective. It offers a 27-degree angle of elevation for easier and deeper anal penetration.
Best of all, the wedge supports more sex positions. So, you’re not restricted to the missionary sex position.

4. Jockey

The jockey sex position is one of the easiest anal positions or best beginner anal positions you’ll find. It’s almost like the opposite of the missionary position. While the missionary style requires your partner lay on their back, the jockey position puts them on their stomach. Also, the latter requires your partner to close their legs together.

Once your partner is in that position, straddle them on your knees and lean over their back. Then insert your dick in their butt. The jockey position is another position that puts you in firm control of the action. Depending on your partner’s preference, you can decide to go hard or soft. Needless to say that this position gives you better access to the butt than the missionary position.
Feel free to place a pillow under your partner’s crotch to slightly raise their butt into the air.

5. Plug and Play

The plug-and-play anal sex position is another interesting option for newbies who want a seamless experience. It gives free access to the giver to get inside the receiver’s butt. To get on with this position, have your partner/receiver lie on their back on a bed. Then, ask them to raise their knees and spread them so that there is space for you to move in between their legs. It’s best to have a pillow raise your partner’s bum slightly.

Next, slot your dick inside your partner’s anus. That’s your dick plugged in. Now, how do you play? You play by getting your hands on your lover’s boobs. The beauty of the plug-and-play sex position is thrusting while playing with the boobs simultaneously. Don’t perform this position without playing with your partner’s tits.

6. Burning Man

The burning man sex position is not like you’re burning or anything; it simply means you’re on fire and in total control of the action. This position gives you free access to pound your partner’s butt as hard as you want. To get in the burning man anal sex position, let your lover lean on a comfortable table or sofa that puts their butt directly in front of your crotch.

With your partner lying on their chest, stay upright and lean over them. Then, insert your dick inside the anus and start thrusting. Your partner will be completely vulnerable to your will while you slam into their backdoor with absolute control. You can grab their waists, shoulders, or hair, depending on what comes to your mind in that intense period.

7. Lap dance

If you’ve been to the club frequently, you won’t have any problem visualizing the lap dance position. And if you can’t visualize that position, we’ll describe it. The lap dance position is the position you adopt if your partner/receiver wants to control the action because it puts them on top.

Sit on a sofa or a sturdy bed with your legs spread open and ask your partner to sit on your lap. Your lover should position their butt so that their butt is sitting directly on top of your dick. Then, ask them to raise their butt a bit so that you can insert your dick in their anus.

Of course, you can push up your waist to thrust in this position, but your partner will have more control. They’ll ride you like they’re giving you a lap dance.

8. Opposite poles

When you read opposite poles, what do you imagine? We bet you see two lovers in the opposite direction of the action. Notwithstanding, we’ll paint a clearer picture for you so that you know what to do the next time you have your lover on the bed for a hot session of anal sex.

In the opposite poles anal sex position, your heads face opposite directions, but you must position them correctly. The giver’s head needs to be between their partner’s legs, while the receiver’s head should be on the legs (close them together) of their partner. Of course, that means the receiver will be on top, with the giver penetrating from the bottom.

Once you get into position, slot your dick inside your partner’s anus. Then, hold their waist and thrust away. You can also play with your lover’s clit in this position. And if you have a foot fetish, your partner’s feet are at your mercy; rub, suck, and lick them.

9. Viennese oyster

The Viennese oyster anal sex position is another exciting option on our list of top anal positions. It leaves the receiver at your mercy. It’s worth mentioning that your partner must be quite flexible to be comfortable in this position. So, take that into account before making a decision.

Ask your partner to lie on their back to get into the Viennese oyster position. Insert your dick in their butt. Then, push their legs over their head and pin their ankles near their head on each side. Once you’ve pinned down your partner’s ankles, you can start thrusting. They won’t have any control over what you do other than hold on to your waist.

10. Bulldog

If you like the doggy style but want to enhance it, go for the bulldog position—one of the most innovative anal poses. It’s basically an upgraded version of doggy style. For the bulldog anal sexual position, ask your partner to kneel and put their hands on the ground. They should close their legs while you squat on top of them.

Then, hold your partner’s waist, hips, or shoulders with your hands while you thrust into their anus. If your want it to get intense, hold them by their hair. If your partner has good stamina, they can thrust back against you to make the action more exciting.

11. Cowgirl

The cowgirl position is a pretty popular sex position because it’s one of the few sexual anal positions that give power to women/receivers. Notably, it’s one of the best positions to do anal because the receiver controls the speed of the thrusts. It’s no secret that anal sex is more intense than vaginal sex for the receiver, so it’s good that the receiver can control the intensity in the cowgirl position.

If you’re unfamiliar with the cowgirl position, it requires you, the dick owner or strap-on wearer, to lie on your back. Then, your partner will straddle you and lower their butt onto your penis. In that position, they can control the pace and depth of the penetration, exposing their clitoris for stimulation.

Depending on your partner’s preference, they can switch to the reverse cowgirl position mid-session by straddling you while facing away. This position gives you an incredible view of your lover’s butt moving up and down your dick. If your partner gets tired, you can thrust from under them until they are ready to ride again.

12. Speed bump

The speed bump position probably looks like what you’re thinking. You need an exercise ball to act as the speed bump in this position. To perform it, ask your partner to lie on top of the ball on their stomach with their crotch area sitting at the edge. They should also close their legs together. Then, get behind your lover and insert your dick with your legs outside theirs.

The speed bump anal sex position allows you to grab your partner’s waist, shoulders, and waist. So, grab any of those body parts to balance your body as you thrust deep into your lover’s butt. Meanwhile, we don’t recommend grabbing your partner’s hair in this position because you might hurt them if you lose your balance, which is likely.

13. Leapfrog

You can’t go wrong with the leapfrog style if you’ve been having a lot of doggy anal sex and want to switch to a similar but more exciting position. This position makes the doggy style more intense. The leapfrog anal sex position requires the receiver to get on the floor or a sturdy bed and the giver to kneel behind them like they’re doing doggy style.

However, there’s a significant difference. Instead of the giver raising their chest and standing on their hands, the leapfrog position requires them to lie on their chest while arching their back nicely for your assault. Also, your partner should put their hands forward, farther than their head, in this position.

It’s worth mentioning that the arch your partner forms in the leapfrog position opens up many possibilities. You can eat their ass anytime you want and have smooth access.
You can also play with their asshole before using your dick. Dildos and butt plugs are excellent options for such a move. You can make the butt plug a vibrating one. You don’t need to sweat to find a functional vibrating butt plug; our list of the best vibrating butt plugs boasts high-quality options.

And if you want rimming sensations from your butt plug, the b-Vibe Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug fits the bill, according to various buyers. This plug uses rows of beads as well as seven vibration and rotation patterns with six intensity levels to mimic the sensations of rimming.

14. The turtle

The turtle anal sex position is yet another variation of the doggy style. It takes the leapfrog position to a whole new level. If your partner likes to submit and you enjoy being in control, the turtle position is one of the best anal intercourse positions to explore.

For this position, have your partner get on their knees like they would for doggy style. Then, ask them to lean over and pull their chest toward their thighs. Their head should rest on the surface. That’s not all. Have your partner tuck their hands behind their knee joints as a turtle would. Now, get behind them on your knees and put your dick in. Once your partner’s posture is comfortable, start thrusting!

15. Deep impact

The first thing you think of when you hear deep impact is deep penetration, and that’s what you get from this anal sex position. To get into the deep impact anal sex position, ask your partner to lie on their back on a sturdy table or bed. Then, get in front of them on your knees and insert your dick in their butt.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Instead of stopping at inserting your dick, you’ll proceed to put up your lover’s legs and hang their ankles on your shoulders. If they are shorter, put their ankles on your chest; just make sure their legs stay up while you thrust.

16. The cross

The cross anal sex position is one of the interesting butt sex positions. It is a style that makes you do all the work, dominating your partner while they lay there to take everything you throw at their innocent asshole. It’s also worth mentioning that the style is a difficult position for the dick owner or strap-on wearer. So, you’ll need good stamina to do this position effectively.

Firstly, your partner needs to lie on their stomach. Then, you have to lie over them, but not ordinarily. You must lie over them in a slant position like you’re forming a cross shape with your bodies. You can either rest your chest on the bed or support your weight with your hands.

While making the cross, ensure that there is an intersection where your dick and your lover’s butt meet. Then, insert your dick and thrust till you finish.

17. Rear entry

The rear entry position requires your partner, the receiver, to lie on their stomach and spread their legs to the sides. Then, you lie right on their back and enter them, facing the same direction as them.

The most interesting thing about the rear entry position is that it drives intimacy. Although you won’t be able to play with your partner’s breasts because your hands will be busy supporting your weight, you can kiss each other passionately in this position.

18. Teaspoons

The teaspoon anal sex position is unlike any style we’ve discussed since the beginning of this article. While most positions require only one participant to stay upright, the teaspoon style requires you and your partner to assume an upright position.

How do you get into this position? Have your partner kneel on a soft surface and kneel right behind them with your dick directly behind their butt. Instead of your partner leaning over, they have to stay upright, and you have to stay behind them in that position. Then, you can start thrusting.

In the teaspoon position, your partner can reach backward and embrace you to enhance intimacy. And if that was not enough, they could kiss you passionately for as long as they want while they take your consistent strokes. Another wonderful thing about this position is its flexibility. Your partner can easily drop their chest to the surface, and you’ll have yourself screwing them in the doggy style.

Meanwhile, we recommend performing the teaspoon anal sex position in front of a mirror. This move lets you see the passion in your partner’s face and vice versa as you make passionate love.

19. High-chair fun

The high-chair anal sex position is exactly what it suggests. It requires you to use a high chair. To perform this position with your partner, ask them to sit down on the high chair with their ass sticking out toward you. On the other hand, you will stand or squat behind your lover, depending on the chair’s height. If you don’t want the discomfort of squatting, we recommend a chair that is on par with your crotch.

Once you assume a position behind your partner, insert your dick, grab their shoulders or waist and start thrusting. If your partner would like to thrust back, put the chair in front of a kitchen counter or wall so they can push back against you while steadying their body simultaneously.

20. Pearly gates

The pearly gates’ anal sex position is reserved for lovers who want to maintain intimacy during the act. It’s also another girl-on-top option. It requires you, the giver, to lie on your back and the receiver, your partner, to come on top of you. Instead of facing you, your partner needs to come down on you with the opening of their butt facing your dick directly.

Also, your partner needs to put their legs on your thighs so that your legs are inside their legs. Ensure that you plant your feet properly to keep your balance. Once you’re all set, your partner can start riding you in that position, and you can start playing with their boobs and clit, while you kiss each other.

Frankly, the pearly gates’ position is arguably the best angle for anal sex. It lets your dick gets to the right places.

21. Bodyguard

The bodyguard anal sex position is another sensual, intimate option. It’s quite similar to the teaspoon position and arguably the most comfortable position for anal. However, the bodyguard position requires you to stand instead of you and your partner kneeling together. After all, bodyguards always stand. To perform this position, you and your partner should stand upright and face the same direction.

Then, enter your lover from behind while they lean back into you. Thrust as long as you can in this position while you caress your partner’s breasts and play with their clit. As we recommended for the teaspoon position, a mirror can also enhance your experience using the bodyguard position.

22. Pump

The pump anal sex position is not for the faint-hearted receiver. This position requires the receiver to squat throughout the session. So, your partner must have good knees before you consider this style. The pump position requires your lover to squat on a sturdy sofa and place their hands on the backrest. Then, you’ll move to the sofa’s edge directly behind them.

Next, enter your partner’s butt in a standing position, hold them by their waist to support them, and start thrusting. If your partner is up for it, they can push back to keep the session intense.

23. Seesaw

We bet you’ve seen how a seesaw works before. The seesaw anal sex position is an interesting style that mimics how a seesaw works. It requires both couples to face each other to form a see saw-like shape and a middle point of balance.

To be in the seesaw anal sex position, sit on a floor or sturdy bed and push your hands backward; don’t spread them to the sides. Then, have your partner sit on your lap so that their butt is sitting directly on top of your dick. Next, ask them to throw their hands backward and put them just below your knees.

Now, your lover can start riding you, and you can push back on their thrusts if you can. You can lie down if you’re struggling to stay upright with your hands. After all, your partner will be doing all of the hard work. No doubt, the seesaw anal sex position is a sensational option for receivers who want to be in control.

24. Double D’s

What’s stopping you and your partner from getting penetrated simultaneously? Nothing, except you. If you both have the fantasy of being penetrated anally at the same time, the double D’s anal sex position is suitable for you. This position requires two dildos in sizes you like. Then, suction them on the floor. Ensure that the space between the dildos can contain you and your partner.

Next, the two of you should kneel in front of each other in a position where your butts are right on top of the dildos. Now, you can slowly push your assholes into the dildos together. What next? You ride! If you’re struggling to find high-quality dildos for action, our list of the best anal dildos houses excellent options.

25. Lotus

The lotus anal sex position is another great option for receivers who want to be on top and in control. It’s a classic lap-sitting position that boosts intimacy between two lovers. You start by sitting on the floor or bed and crossing your legs inside you. Then, make your partner get on your lap and wrap their legs around your hips. Their legs should cross each other behind you.

Now, they can adjust their legs until they’re comfortable. Once your lover is in a good position, lift their body slightly to let your dick inside their butt. Then, you can leave your partner to do the remaining work. Notably, lotus works best when both of you have flat tummies.

26. Anvil

The anvil anal sex position aims to give you the perfect access to your partner’s butt. In fact, it offers the best position for deep anal. Make your partner lie on their back and put their legs up. Then, lean toward their legs so that your chest rests on them and their ankles rest on your shoulder, head, and chest, depending on the length of their legs.

Now, put your dick inside their butt, hands on either side of their head, and start thrusting. Besides giving you more access to your partner’s butthole, anvil also offers passionate eye contact.

27. Butterfly

The butterfly anal sex position is simple and provides great access to your partner’s butthole. Your partner should lie on a bed with their butt sitting at the edge of the bed. Then, stand beside the bed with your dick directly in front of your lover’s butt. Now, grab their ass and enter their hole while they rest their ankles on your shoulders. You can raise their butt a bit for a better angle.

28. Pile driver

The pile driver anal sexual position is arguably the most intense style on our list. The receiver must be flexible enough and up for the rigor before you try it. To be in this position, make your partner lie on their back. Then, grab their legs and press them back, so their ankles are by their head. Next, squat over your lover and push your dick inside their exposed butthole. Thrust as long as you can, or your partner can take.

29. Big spoons

You and your partner are the big spoons here. This position, also known as spooning, brings you together in one of the most intimate ways ever. How? You and your lover need to lie on your sides with you behind them. Position your dick directly behind your partner’s butt, get it inside the hole, and start thrusting.

While thrusting, hold your partner’s hip with one hand and chest with the other to increase intimacy. Besides driving intimacy, the spooning position is also incredibly comfortable, making it undoubtedly one of the best positions for first time anal sex. The receiver gets to control the depth of penetration to an extent.

30. Chill

The chill anal sex position is exactly how it sounds; it’s about relaxing. Sit on a comfortable and sturdy chair and have your partner sit on your lap, so they face you. Then, get your dick inside their butt. Instead of the cowgirl position where the receiver rides the dick, the giver does all the work here. So, slowly thrust your dick/strap-on into your lover’s anus at their preferred pace.
While you do most of the work, your partner can watch a sexy show.

How to Make Anal Sex Better?

Now that you know how to perform different positions for anal sex, it’s time to learn how to make sex better.


Communication is the first step toward pleasurable anal sex. This move helps get you and your partner prepared for the task ahead. You can also ask questions such as, “how deep can you go anal?” Although the average rectum is about 12 centimeters (about 5 inches) long Trusted Source Anatomy of Colon and Rectum | SEER Training The entire colon is about 5 feet (150 cm) long, and is divided into five major segments. The rectum is the last anatomic segment before the anus. training.seer.cancer.gov , you should listen to your body.

Jointly decide the positions you’ll perform before getting down to business so that no party is caught off guard.

It goes without saying that your communication should even consent talk. Don’t assume that your partner has given you consent for anal sex because they initially consented to vaginal sex. You have to get definite consent for anal sex because going ahead with it. Otherwise, you commit a crime Trusted Source What is consent? Consent is defined by section 74 Sexual Offences Act 2003. Someone consents to vaginal, anal or oral penetration only if s/he agrees by choice to that penetration and has the freedom and capacity to make that choice. www.nhs.uk .

Lots of lube

It’s an open secret that the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina. Hence, you need to use plenty of lubricants to bridge the gap. Even if you do a rim job before anal sex, the saliva won’t be enough for penetration. By the way, we advise against using saliva for anal sex because research has suggested that it carries harmful pathogens Trusted Source Use of saliva as a lubricant in anal sexual practices among homosexual men - PubMed Among MSM, use of saliva as a lubricant is a common, but not ubiquitous, practice in anal sex. The findings provide the rationale for formal investigation of whether saliva use in this way contributes to transmission of saliva-borne pathogens in MSM. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov .

So, it’s vital that you buy high-quality lubes for your anal sex. We also recommend desensitizing lubes to reduce the painful sensations from anal sex, especially for newbies. The Doc Johnson Rear Entry Desensitising Anal Lube is one of the best options on the market, according to many reviews. The high-strength formula numbs the butt opening for painless entry.

Proper toys and furniture

Toys are excellent tools for preparing to have better anal sex. For example, beginners need toys to familiarize themselves with the sensations of anal sex before using a dick. To get your butt ready for penis, stretch it with one of the best anal stretchers we’ve reviewed.

And if you want a more comprehensive anal preparation, you can’t go wrong with any of the best anal training kits on our list. Other sex toys you need for preparation and stimulation are vibrators, dildos, clit suckers, butt plugs, and nipple clamps, amongst others. Also, get relevant tools and furniture such as pillows, chairs, tables, beds, and sex swings.
If you’re unsure where to find high-quality sex swings, our list of the best sex swings provides excellent options.

Additionally, you can invest in sexy wear like the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Zipper Peek-a-Boo Teddy for your partner. This teddy sports a zipper that opens up your boobs and another that exposes your backdoor for some anal drilling.

Clean up

For the best anal sex experience, you want to keep your butt very clean for the action. Warm water can be enough for easy cleaning, but you’ll need an anal douche for a thorough cleansing. As many reviews suggest, the highly-rated Lovehoney Anal Douche is a great option if you’re looking for one. The bulb sucks in and spurts water for deep cleaning.

And if you care so much about how your butthole entry looks, you may be inclined to pick up one of the best anal bleaching creams to make your backdoor look good.

More foreplay

Anal sex requires a lot of patience. Hence, there’s no reason to rush for this kind of sex. Take your time and do a lot of foreplay to get in the best mood for what is to come.

You can also add toys like a prostate massager to your foreplay. If you can’t find a suitable option, you might want to consider the highly rated Aneros Helix Syn V Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager, which uses its ergonomic design for exceptional P-spot stimulation. Furthermore, this massager boasts eight vibrating patterns with three intensities each for several pleasure options.


Anal sex can be tricky, especially for beginners. Before you get down to the sex part, relax your nerves. A sensual massage or warm bath might help you relax your body and mind.

Listen to your senses

As we mentioned, you must be very patient when having anal sex. Listen to your body, and don’t push yourself too hard. If you feel discomfort, ask your partner to pause or stop.

Final Thoughts

As much as anal sex can be painful, it can also be extremely pleasurable once you get used to it. Speaking of getting used to anal sex, you must understand your body and identify the most suitable positions. Luckily for you, we’ve discussed 30 anal sexual positions in this article. Don’t let the numerous options overwhelm you; check out the visual representations and pick the different anal positions you find interesting.

Needless to say, you and your partner have to decide on the best position for anal penetration. The best position to try anal is the one you both find comfortable and pleasurable. Finally, we advise you and your lover to read this guide carefully, note the fascinating positions, and try them out!


Anatomy of Colon and Rectum | SEER Training
The entire colon is about 5 feet (150 cm) long, and is divided into five major segments. The rectum is the last anatomic segment before the anus.
What is consent?
Consent is defined by section 74 Sexual Offences Act 2003. Someone consents to vaginal, anal or oral penetration only if s/he agrees by choice to that penetration and has the freedom and capacity to make that choice.
Use of saliva as a lubricant in anal sexual practices among homosexual men - PubMed
Among MSM, use of saliva as a lubricant is a common, but not ubiquitous, practice in anal sex. The findings provide the rationale for formal investigation of whether saliva use in this way contributes to transmission of saliva-borne pathogens in MSM.
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