Sybian vs. Motorbunny: Which Is More Pleasurable to Ride?

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There are a wide variety of sex toys on the market, including manual or thrusting dildos, butt plugs, and various other shapes and sizes of pleasure devices. Ride-on saddles are a popular choice that was designed for women to simulate sex in ways that the smaller toys can’t compete with. Those considering one of these saddle models may begin by comparing Sybian vs Motorbunny models since they have many similarities. Some important differences may also have you considering one brand over the other.

Both of these brands offer high-quality machines, though features like the price, attachments, durability, and functions can vary, so one of them may have a bit more to offer, depending on what you’re looking for in a sex machine. If you’re unsure which one will give you the sensations and pleasure you’re looking for, check out the following sections for more information.

What are Sybian and Motorbunny?

Sybian and Motorbunny are brands that make sex machines, also called ride-on saddles. These look like their name suggests, with a rounded piece that you can straddle, similar to the way you’d sit on a horse or a partner in the bedroom. The pleasure part of these toys comes from the attachment that is added on top. Depending on the toy, this can be a slightly raised area for grinding on, as well as a penis, a finger, or even a butt plug, so you can use this toy however you like for the fantasies you have in mind or the stimulation you’re trying to achieve.

What was first?

Sybian was the first company to make ride-on saddles, with the prototype in 1985 and the finished product finally taking shape about 3 years later. Since then, many different companies have jumped on the ride-on saddle bandwagon, trying to create their own design that is as high-quality as Sybian’s models. Motorbunny is one of those brands, though their first model didn’t appear until years after Sybian saddles paved the way.

Sybian vs. Motorbunny: The Comparison

Though you may not be able to tell the differences between the models these two brands have to offer just by looking at them, it is easy to compare them when you break down their specific features.


Both Sybian and Motorbunny have similar designs, with a rounded body and a flat bottom, creating a comfortable saddle shape that you can ride on for as long as you like. The difference is in the details. The Sybian model is a bit smaller, giving you less room, though this may not affect how you use it.

The Motorbunny sex machine also has more foam on the top of the machine where you sit, so it is a bit softer in this area, which many people may prefer, especially during those longer sessions. There is a downside to this extra foam, though. Around the edges of the Motorbunny machine, the excess foam buckles, so these edges aren’t as smooth as the ones on the Sybian. This won’t affect how you use the saddle but it does take away from the aesthetic appeal a bit.

Sybian models look cleaner and more polished, plus it may help increase the durability of the saddle since these edges won’t be constantly rubbed or brushed on when moving the saddle or riding it. This helps them to stay strong for longer usage.

Ease of setup

Both of these toys are rather easy to set up to get started with them. There is no complicated build process needed, so all you need to do is choose the attachment you want to use for the top of the machine, put it in place, and you’re ready to go.

Motorbunny does have two retaining pockets underneath their attachments that the Sybian models lack, so they hold a bit more securely once you have them in place and start using them, especially on the higher settings.

Motor power and speed

The motor power is close in these two machines, though the Motorbunny models include motors that are a bit stronger at 7000 rpm over Sybian’s 6000 rpm, which allows the Motorbunny model to have higher vibrations and faster twirling when you’re using it. Though this may be noticeable when you run them side by side, how it feels when you’re actually using these sex machines may not be so different.

When it comes to speed, the Motorbunny has 11 options to choose from for both the Twirl and Buzz options, so you can set them as needed for the pleasure you want. The Sybian models don’t include numbered settings, though they have similar dials. You’d be setting the speed by how it feels instead of using a specific number, which helps you focus a bit more during actual use, letting you adjust it a bit at a time for the stimulation you’re looking for. This makes it easy to learn how to use a Sybian saddle.


Both of these brands include standard controllers with their sex machines, though these pieces aren’t identical. The Motorbunny controller includes two dials, one labeled Twirl for the rotation and one labeled Buzz for vibration adjustments. You can adjust these dials independently to create the sensations and stimulation you want for the most pleasurable sessions possible.

The Sybian also has two dials for adjusting the rotation and vibration separately but adds on/off switches for both of these dials. You can turn on either the vibration or the rotation or use them both at the same time. The switches are lighted, too, so you always know which ones are being used at any given time.

Where Motorbunny has the advantage is that their controller is removable, so you can replace it with a Link controller, which is Bluetooth-enabled. This allows you to sync the controller with the Link app on your phone or another device for a wider range of settings and patterns. You can even customize the patterns, drawing your own using the interface on the screen, or reverse the Twirl function. It can also sync with your music app, so you can change it as you like, almost like creating your own sexy soundtrack.

Noise level

With any vibrating toy, there is going to be some noise to deal with, making it a bit difficult to maintain discretion when in a house full of people. Both the Sybian and Motorbunny devices are no exception, so if you don’t want anyone to know what you’re doing, it is best to use them when you’re alone.

Of course, these two machines are not identical when it comes to the noise level. Though the motor of the Sybian makes quite a bit of noise, the Motorbunny motor is stronger, and therefore louder, no matter what setting you’re using. When compared in a noise test, the Motorbunny was rated at 74 decibels, while the Sybian was lower at 72 decibels.

It is possible to hide these noises if needed by using loud music or a television but you’ll need to remember that those options will need to be even louder than the machine you’re using to keep anyone from knowing what’s going on in your bedroom.

Attachments included

Both the Sybian and Motorbunny include a few attachments with the sex machines, so you don’t have to worry about lacking some pieces if you choose one brand over the other. These attachments aren’t made of identical materials, though, so it is a good idea to consider what you’re getting before buying one of these devices.

The two default attachments included with the Sybian are made of silicone, which is extremely durable and non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about any fluids or dirt soaking into them during or between uses. This also makes them easier to clean, though you do need to be careful about what type of lubricant you use with your toy. Silicone-based lubricant can damage the silicone material, so it is best to stick with water-based lubes. There is also a set of four TPE attachments available if you prefer the softer material, so you can choose this option when purchasing the Sybian at no extra cost.

The Motorbunny’s four default attachments are made of TPE material, which is soft and comfortable to use, though it is porous, so these toys can’t be properly sanitized. Though you can clean them well enough to continue use, this does limit sharing the toys, so it is best to keep them to yourself. There are silicone attachments available for the Motorbunny but you have to purchase them separately, which will cost more than you may be expecting for your new sex machine.


The maintenance of these two brands is rather simple, so you don’t need to worry too much about this area when purchasing one of these sex machines. The Sybian has a relatively sturdy motor, so it won’t break down unless there is some issue with the parts or you’re extremely rough with it.

The Sybian is also easy to clean since there are no holes or crevices for fluids to soak into, so all you need to do is wipe down the saddle and clean the attachments. For the TPE attachments, thorough washing with antibacterial soap cleaner works best to remove any germs, bacteria, or anything else that may have accumulated on these pieces. Silicone toys are dishwasher safe and can be boiled or bleached as needed to sanitize them between uses.

Proper storage of the Sybian is also something to consider to ensure it is kept clean and safe between uses. The Sybian Storage Cabinet and Three Height Riser Set is a good option since it has two lockable compartments that fit the saddle and all of its attachments, keeping them clean and secure until you’re ready to use them.

The Motorbunny also has a decent motor that can handle regular use and the TPE attachments are easy to clean with the same antibacterial toy cleaner. You can wipe down the saddle to remove any fluids and store it all safely wherever you like to keep it safe from dust or unwanted hands.

Advanced features

Sybian hasn’t changed much in the decades this toy has been on the market, so it is pretty much the same as the first one sold. It has a few different color choices and both silicone and TPE attachments but that is really as far as it goes for what this brand has to offer.

Motorbunny has taken what Sybian created and upgraded it for a more modern world. This includes a few additions that can alter how you use this toy, depending on what you’re into. First, there are 4 eyelets on the saddle of the machine that can be used for restraints. This lets you add some bondage play into the mix for some forced orgasms with a willing partner.

There is also the option of using Bluetooth or the internet to link the Motorbunny controller to their Link app, which gives you a wide variety of new patterns and settings to choose from. This app allows you to hand off control to a partner in the same room or one that is far away, which can enhance a long-distance relationship.


Price is one of the most important features to consider with any product you buy, especially if you’re on a budget. When it comes to the Sybian vs Motorbunny debate, Motorbunny wins out due to the lower cost of the machine and any extras you’re interested in purchasing.

For instance, Sybian costs about $1245 but it comes with everything you need, including the saddle, 4 TPE or 2 silicone attachments, the controller, and the power supply. You don’t need to worry about purchasing any extras to use this sex machine unless you want some extra attachments to try out. This model is high-quality, so this is a relatively decent price if you want a sex machine that will last for several years.

The Motorbunny is cheaper for their sex machine at about $900 for the saddle, its 4 TPE accessories, and the default controller. If you’re interested in the upgraded controller with remote access and app use, this is an extra $200 on top of the initial cost. You can also opt for a silicone attachment to be added to the accessories but this adds an extra $35 cost per attachment.

This adds up to $1135 for the machine and all of those extras, which is still cheaper than the Sybian, so it may be a good option for those trying to save money on their sex toys. Motorbunny also offers financing, so you can choose a payment plan instead of paying for it all at once.

Dimensions and weight

As with many of the other features we’ve discussed so far, these two brands aren’t identical when it comes to the dimension and the weight of their sex machines. They are rather close in size, though, so you likely won’t need to do too many adjustments for storage if purchasing one of these models over the other.

When it comes to the dimensions, the Sybian is 10 x 13.25 x 12.5 inches, while the Motorbunny is 10 x 13.24 x 12.49, so they are almost the same size. This makes it easy to store them, too, since a storage box or area that fits one will fit the other as well. You won’t have to adjust your positioning with either of these toys during use since that fraction of an inch for the width and length won’t even be noticeable.

The difference in the weight of these toys is a bit more obvious since there are a few extra pounds on the Sybian. This model weighs about 22 pounds, while the Motorbunny is 17.4 pounds. This doesn’t make the Sybian impossible to move and those extra pounds may make it a bit sturdier during use, especially if you’re moving around on top of it but it is heavier to carry, so this is something to consider.


When it comes to the initial warranty included with these sex machines, both Sybian and Motorbunny have 5-year warranties for their devices. They also both have a 45-day money-back guarantee on the saddle, though this doesn’t include the attachments. Sybian takes their warranty a bit further, offering a lifetime warranty for $195, so for those who want to ensure their sex machine is usable for as long as they need it, this may be a good option.

Of course, neither of the warranties offered by these brands includes any return fees, so if there is an issue with your sex machine, you’ll have to pay to send it back to the company for repairs or replacement. For Sybian, this costs $175, while Motorbunny has a $200 return fee for their machines.

So, which to choose?

When deciding which one of these sex machines to choose, it all comes down to what you’re looking for in a ride-on device. Both of these machines are high-quality and fun to use, with some great accessories but they aren’t identical.

Sybian has a sleek design, with a decent motor that is a bit less noisy than the Motorbunny. You can choose either TPE or silicone attachments, with no extra cost unless you want extras added in for a bit more variety. This model also has a few extra color options, lighted on/off switches for the controller, is easy to maintain, and offers an upgraded lifetime warranty.

The Motorbunny is the modern version, with eyelets for bondage play, an app for upgraded patterns and settings, optional remote use, and it is a bit lighter. This model is also cheaper overall, even with the advanced features and extras, so it may be better for those on a budget.

Final thoughts

Though dildos and vibrators are fun for some solo play, they don’t always give you the experience you’re looking for, especially if you want to simulate riding a partner. That’s where sex machines, like the ones in our Sybian vs Motorbunny comparison, come into play. These handy devices allow you to switch out the attachments as needed to give you the stimulation you desire to complete the fantasies you have in mind.

The Sybian was the first of its kind, with a unique design that gives women, and even men, a new way to try out their bedroom activities. Though Motorbunny was essentially copying the details of the Sybian with their device, they took it to a new level, with some upgraded features that fit our modern world. This allows you to choose the perfect model to meet your sexual needs.

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