How to Use Sybian: Make the Most of Your Toy

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Chances are that at some point you’ve used a vibrator or a dildo. And while these are both pleasurable sex toys, there may come a time when you’re ready to go to the next level. If this is the case, then a Sybian may be just what you’re looking for. At first glance, it may be a bit confusing to understand how to use Sybian models. However, once you get the hang of it, it is actually quite easy. We’ll walk you all the steps you need to get started and give some helpful tips to get the most pleasure out of it. Just be warned that once you get started, you may never want to stop.

What is it?

First of all, what exactly is a Sybian? While some people may be familiar with this sex toy, others may be completely new to it. Essentially, a Sybian is a type of sex toy used mainly by women for their own pleasure. While it could be used with other people, it is primarily used for self-pleasure.

The Sybian has two parts to it. There is the dildo part, in which you sit on it, and then there is the mechanical part that does all the moving for you. You sit down on top of the machine and insert the dildo inside of you. Then, you turn on the machine and adjust the controls to your pleasure needs.

The Sybian is a brand name of a sex machine and while it is certainly amazing, there are other very similar products you may also want to consider. For example, there is the Cowgirl sex machine that is padded for your comfort. There is also the Tremor, which has a very easy to use dial control.

How does it work?

A Sybian works through electricity, so you need to have it close to a power outlet, although the power cord that it comes with should be long enough to give you enough space to move around.

Within the mechanical part, there are different settings you can choose from. While it’s recommended to start out slow, to get the hang of it, you can choose how fast the Sybian moves, and speed it up or slow it down as you wish.

What does it consist of?

As we have mentioned, there are two parts to the Sybian. There is a larger, mechanical portion, of which you can sit on. Then, there is the dildo part that is attached to the larger mechanism.

The really fun part about the Sybian is that there are multiple attachments you can choose from. While you may want to start off with a standard dildo, once you get used to this attachment, there are plenty others you can discover.

These attachments include the G-Egg which is made from silicone and has plenty of texture. The egg-shaped dildo is meant to produce a very full sensation, and it has ridges on the head. The base also is textured, to better stimulate the clitoris.

Another attachment to consider is the Triple Delight Silicone. Although it only has one insertable area, there is a raised edge at the front for your clitoris and a raised edge at the back for the anus.

When you purchase the Sybian, you may only receive one or two attachments. However, there are plenty more you can purchase for more different experiences.

How to use it:

Now that you know what a Sybian is, it’s time to learn how to ride a Sybian.

Take a shower

While it’s definitely not mandatory, it is nice to take a shower before you use a Sybian. Because part of the device will be inside of you and around sensitive areas, the cleaner you and the machine are, the less risk of any infections.

Place the device on a well-padded surface

The Sybian can move a lot, depending on what setting you have it at. As a result, you want to place it on a carpeted surface so that it can’t move around. Furthermore, depending on the angle you are riding it, you may want to placed it on a padded surface for your legs or knees.

Don’t simply place the Sybian on a hardwood floor. Not only is this uncomfortable for your body, but the device can move around, scratch the floor, and potentially roll over.

Decide if you need a riser

One of the best details about the Sybian is that it is very customizable. There are many ways to find the most intense amount of pleasure and one of these includes a riser. With your purchase of a Sybian, there should be included a set of risers. Basically, these risers raise the clitoral area. Depending on your body shape or how you are positioned, you may need more friction on your clitoris. The risers can help with this.

Again, start off in the most basic mode and play around with your Sybian. You know your body best and if you’re not getting the sensation you really want, then try out the riser. You can always adjust as you go along.

Choose an attachment

We talked earlier about different attachments that the Sybian comes with. While it will come with a few different attachments, there are plenty others you can purchase for a full range of experiences.

When it comes to attachments, you want to think about what will give you the most pleasure. Sometimes a simple dildo will suffice and sometimes you want more clitoral stimulation, or even anal stimulation.

Some people have even paired a hands-free vibrator with the Sybian for even more intense pleasure.

Familiarize yourself with the speeds and patterns

The beauty of a Sybian is that it is really customizable. There are many speeds and patterns to choose from. While these are fun to experiment with, before you even get started you may want to see what the machine has to offer.

Give it a test ride without inserting anything, or without disrobing. This can allow you to become familiar with the machine so that it isn’t so overwhelming when you’re in the middle of the act.

If you are new to sex machines, it can be a bit weird to have something else move you. A bit of practice can allow you to become familiar with the motions. This way, when you really use the Sybian, you are prepared and ready for all the pleasure.

Use a lube

How many times have we stated the importance of lube? Well, we’ll tell you again that lube is essential, especially with sex toys. Find a water-based lube and use plenty with your Sybian. Even if you don’t normally use a lube during sex of masturbation, with this type of toy you will want to use one.

The Sybian is a powerful machine and there can be a lot of friction involved. You don’t want to have a rash or burn from the movement, so protect yourself with lube.

And, trust us, the more lube you use, the better your experience with your Sybian will be.

Get on top and start it nice and slow

Now that you’re familiar with your Sybian, it’s time to get started. Set the atmosphere, maybe by dimming the lights or lighting some candles. Place yourself on top and make sure you are fully comfortable. Depending on what attachment you are using, it can take a bit to get fully comfortable. That’s ok.

Start your Sybian on the lowest setting and go slowly. It can be a lot to handle at first, so make sure you are aware of how your body is reacting. Once you become more comfortable, you can start to adjust your position and the settings.

Remember that you know how your body should react, so be aware of your senses and your needs. If you need to take a break, that’s ok, too.

Hopefully, the first time you use your Sybian will be a pleasurable one. After the first time, it gets easier and easier to know which settings work best. Have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment.

How to use Sybian with a partner

While the Sybian is often used in solo play, there are many ways to incorporate it with your partner.

One of the most basic ways is to have you partner watch you. If you like the thrill of exhibitionism, or partner just thrills in seeing your pleasure, this is a simple way to include multiple people.

Another way to use a Sybian with a partner can take a bit more trust, but it can be used in a BDSM relationship. Basically, the Sybian works so well that you are almost guaranteed an intense orgasm, or possibly more than one.

Using this knowledge, you partner could tie you up and force you have agonizingly good orgasms. Furthermore, your partner could also tease you with a magic wand vibrator, increasing the intensity of your own pleasure.

Finally, while most people use the Sybian with an internal attachment, there is an attachment that is made mostly for clitoral stimulation. Using this feature, your partner can have penetrative sex with you while you are straddling the Sybian. The vibrations can be felt by both partners and the ridges on the attachment will be able to hit your clitoris for extra stimulation.

There really are multiple ways a Sybian can be used with you and your partner. The best way to go about it is to experiment and as long as you are comfortable, take a few risks along the way.

How to maintain Sybian when you’re done

Like all sex toys, your Sybian does need to be properly cleaned and stored.

To start with, be sure to use a water-based lube as it will make cleaning much easier. After each use, be sure to use warm soapy water to clean the attachments. There can be a lot of left over fluids and lube and this all needs to be cleaned before the next usage. The silicone used in the attachments is sensitive, so be gentle while cleaning but still make sure you get into any nooks and crannies.

After a good cleaning, leave the attachments to air dry. The must be fully dry before being put away; otherwise, bacteria and mold can grow, which can lead to bacterial infections in your most sensitive areas.

While the mechanical part of the Sybian doesn’t need a deep clean, you may want to gently wipe it down, in case things get a bit messy. A regular cleaning will ensure there is no dust or debris that can get in the way of pleasure.

Finally, once everything is nice and tidy, it’s time to put your Sybian away. While there may be some people happy to leave it in the corner of their bedroom, most people will want to put this large sex toy in a more discreet area.

Common hiding places include the closet but, because it is so large, it won’t easily fit under the bed. Another alternative is a Sybian storage container. These are built purposefully for this sex machine, so they are larger enough for the whole unit. Furthermore, they are discreet and often just look like a mini ottoman.

If you are really short on space, then you may have to resort to placing a towel over your Sybian and hope that there are no nosy visitors that come over.

Final thoughts

The Sybian is an amazing sex toy machine. It is powerful and works really well, so you probably won’t be disappointed with it. While the biggest thing to consider with a Sybian is that it looks overwhelming, once you try it out, you will find that there are many settings for your own comfort zone. Whether you use the Sybian by yourself or with a partner, there are sure to be hours of entertainment ahead for you. We hope that you now know how to us Sybian devices and can find the pleasure you’ve always dreamed of.

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