How to Swallow Cum and Enjoy It Every Time

In this article, we've picked the most helpful tips on how to swallow cum without gagging and described techniques that can ease the process
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There are a ton of different ways that you can enhance your sexual experiences with your partner. For the ladies, there are sex pillows for the perfect positioning and a variety of large and small dildos to pleasure you with or without your partner present. There are also toys available for men, though giving your significant other a blowjob may be enough to do the trick. For some, this may mean that you have to learn how to swallow cum since men prefer this ending over you spitting it out.

You might think that this is an easy task, especially if you already have him in your mouth, but some women don’t like the idea of swallowing a large volume of semen or gag at the taste of it. Luckily, there are many ways to make this process much easier by training yourself to do it, altering the flavor, and even trying out different techniques. Our cum eating tips below will help get you started.

Why man want their cum swallowed

Men love having their cum swallowed for a few different reasons. One is that it is extremely erotic for them to know that their partner is ingesting their man juices. Swallowing semen is also a somewhat submissive gesture and since many men prefer to maintain the dominant role during sexual activities, this adds to that bit of role-playing for them. They may have even watched a porno where this type of activity has occurred, which is something that they now want to try out at home with their significant other. No matter the reason, it is something to consider if you’re going to be giving your man a blowjob.

How does it taste?

Semen can be rather bitter and salty, which is why it may take some time to learn how to swallow cum without gagging. Of course, what your man has eaten that day can also alter the flavor of his semen. Strong-tasting foods or items that are rather greasy may make it taste worse, which means it will be even more unpleasant to have it in your mouth. There are ways that you can alter the flavor, though, which we will discuss more below.

Prepare to swallow semen

Rather than just forcing yourself to swallow your man’s semen, it may be a good idea to take some time to prepare yourself for this task. There are a few ways to do this, which will help keep you safe and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible with the idea of trying this out before you get started.

Safety first

Before trying out any sexual activities, you need to make sure everyone is being as safe as possible. The first thing to do is get tested for STDs, especially if you plan to swallow your man’s semen.It could contain a variety of diseases that could be transmitted to you during any type of intercourse, including oral sex, so be sure both of you are checked out to ensure you’re healthy and free to do as you see fit in the bedroom.


Degustation is tasting small samples of food items, focusing mainly on the gustatory system, which involves the sense of taste. Though it normally involves sampling various meal items, you can try it when learning how to swallow sperm. This can help you get used to the way it tastes in small doses rather than trying to swallow a mouthful.

To do this, ask your partner to save some of his cum for you to try in small doses to get used to the flavor. If you find that it tastes particularly bad, you can even discuss him changing his diet to alter the flavor so it is more appealing.

Talk with your partner

When you’re considering trying anything new in the bedroom, it is best to start with communication before you even begin any new activities. This makes it easier to discuss any wants you have, including a willingness to try to swallow their semen, to see if this is something both of you are interested in doing. This also gives you a chance to discuss any concerns or discomfort either of you may have with this type of addition to your normal routine.

Another reason to talk with your partner is to discuss any medical issues that may be of concern.
This includes the possibility of any STDs that could be potentially harmful if the cum is swallowed, as well as any issues with ejaculation that you may not be aware of. It also allows you both to set any boundaries.


Training yourself to swallow semen is the best way to learn how to do it without gagging. Our how to swallow cum tutorial below is the best way to go about this since it includes a variety of tips to make it easier and more pleasurable to finish your man off in a way that makes both of you feel good.

Learn to breathe

Another way to learn how to swallow semen is to learn the proper breathing techniques. Rather than gasping for air, try to control your breathing. The best way to do this is to practice taking slow, deep breaths before any sexual activity has begun. This helps to relax your body and reduce any anxiety that you may be feeling. You can also take breaks during oral sex to prepare yourself as needed for a calmer experience and a better frame of mind for a more comfortable finish for both of you.

Tips for semen eating without gagging

If you’re interested in trying out this part of oral sex, there are a few tips for swallowing cum that can make it a much more enjoyable experience.

1.      Change the taste

One way to get used to swallowing semen is to alter the taste of it to make it less unpleasant. There are a few ways to do this.

Using food

Using food to alter the flavor of your man’s sperm is easy to do.

What he eats can alter the taste of it, so having him eat something sweet, like fruit, a few hours before you perform oral sex can also sweeten the flavor of his ejaculate.

You can also use food or drinks to alter the taste. Eating the sweet fruits yourself is another good option, altering the flavor of his cum after it enters your mouth. You can also chew gum or suck on some Tic Tacs or a lollipop ahead of time, leaving those flavors on your taste buds before you go down on him.

Using flavored lube

Though you likely won’t need lubricant for the actual blowjob, using some flavored lube can help to mask the taste of semen. There are many different options available but a popular choice is the Wet Dessert Flavored Lubricant. It comes in Frosted Cupcake and Whipped Cream flavors, both of which smell and taste exactly as their name suggests, plus they are edible and stain-free for less of a mess when you’re finished.


You can also try out some liquids to help alter the taste of your man’s juices. If he drinks fruit juice a few hours ahead of time, it will sweeten the flavor of his semen. Citrus drinks like orange or pineapple juice are good options since they have that strong flavors that can mask almost anything. Even the softer flavors of fruit juices can alter the natural flavor of semen, so you can try any juice you like. Soda is another good option for sweetening the cum, so give him a can of it to drink a few hours before you’re ready to get started.

2.      Choose the position

Being comfortable with the whole experience can help make it easier to learn how to swallow cum. That’s why it may be helpful to choose the position you are both in when performing oral sex. If you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself while you pleasure him, it will help reduce discomfort and anxiety when you reach the end of the blowjob.

You can also set the mood a bit using your favorite music, altering the lighting or burning some candles, and adding some pleasurable scents using incense or essential oils. You can also start with some massages to increase both of your comfort levels and help you relax.

3.      Be prepared

Being prepared for your man to come is also something you should consider. You can discuss how to do this beforehand, telling your man how you’d like to be notified when he’s almost done. This could be with a tap on your head or shoulder or he could say a code word if this is something you prefer. Knowing when he’s close gives you ample time to get ready by controlling your breathing and preparing to swallow.

4.      Practicing is the key

Practice makes perfect, so this is one of the best things to do to get used to swallowing your man’s semen. One way to do this is to try to catch it as it leaves the penis. Doing this repeatedly allows you to slowly train yourself to push the head of his penis deeper into your throat, which makes it easier to swallow almost immediately after he finishes. This also prevents it from getting onto your tongue and taste buds, reducing the likelihood that you’ll actually have to taste it, which is a must for those that are put off by the flavor of cum.

You can also practice on your own with a few different methods. You can use a drink, like juice, coffee, tea, or a smoothie. Use visualization techniques, picturing yourself performing oral sex and then swallowing the liquid of your choice. Being turned on during this process can make it much more realistic.

You can use a squirting dildo for even more realism during your practice sessions. The Big Shot Squirting Vibrating Dildo is a great choice for this since it looks and feels like the real thing, plus it has 10 vibrating patterns and speeds for some extra fun. You can fill the dildo with edible lubricant or some other type of liquid with a similar consistency to semen and simulate giving your man a blowjob, complete with ejaculation.

5.      Hold the head right

Positioning your head the right way can also make it easier to swallow cum, especially if you want to avoid any unpleasant tastes and the gagging that may come along with it. Tilting your head back at a slight angle can help direct the cum to the back of your throat, so you can swallow it right after it shoots into your mouth.

Sperm swallowing techniques

There are a few different sperm swallowing techniques that you can try out. Not everyone likes all of these different methods, so it may be a good idea to try them all out to see which ones you prefer and which ones you’d like to avoid.

1.      Off the face

Once you’ve gotten used to swallowing your man’s semen, trying out the off-the-face technique can add a bit of spice to your already enjoyable activities. For this to work, you need to hold his penis, aiming it at your face when he’s about to finish. If it lands on or around the mouth area, you can lick it off as he watches. If it’s too far for your tongue to reach, you can use your fingers to scoop it off of your face and into your mouth.

2.      Catch

If you want to taste the cum rather than just having him shoot it into the back of your throat, you can catch it on your tongue instead. This requires you to pull back a bit as your man ejaculates. Then you can roll it around in your mouth, enjoying the flavor of it before you swallow it.

Of course, you may want to make sure that your man has taken steps to ensure his semen is as sweet tasting as possible. Encourage him to eat some tasty items a few hours ahead of time, like fruit or juices. If you see him eating or drinking something that will give his cum a nasty flavor, you may want to avoid this technique and try something else instead.

3.      Vacuum

The vacuum technique is another one that you may want to try out to get that semen quickly to the back of your throat. This involves sucking on the head of your man’s penis hard enough to pull your cheeks in, creating a vacuum in your mouth. Then, when he finishes, the cum shoots straight back, skipping your tongue and making it easier to swallow it all at once.

4.      Swapping

The swapping technique of eating cum requires you to hold it in your mouth for a bit after your man is finished. Then you kiss, swapping the cum from your mouth to his and back again.
You can do this for as long as you like before one or both of you swallows it.

This technique isn’t for everyone, though. Like women, some men don’t enjoy the taste of their own fluids, so may not want to try this out. Some men also refuse to kiss their partners after oral sex until they’ve rinsed their mouths out, which can be a bit of a turnoff for the one performing the blowjob. If he thinks it’s gross for him to taste it, he shouldn’t expect you to want to either.

Since this technique requires both partners to take part in it, you should discuss whether or not your man is interested in trying it out before you spring it on him. This helps him prepare for it as much as you have to ensure he’s comfortable trying this with you. This also gives him time to prepare by altering his food and drink choices to make sure his semen is as tasty as possible.

5.      Right position

Choosing the right position is a good way to start when giving your man a blowjob but it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to that position every time you go down on him. Switching up your positons each time can add a bit of variety to your bedroom activities and you may find that you like a few of them that you haven’t tried before. The more you enjoy the beginning and middle part of giving your man a blowjob, the easier it will be to get comfortable with the end of it. Some positions may even make it easier to swallow the semen than others, especially if you let gravity do some of the work for you.

Final thoughts

Though you may enjoy giving your man a blowjob, not everyone likes what happens at the finish line. Choosing whether to spit or swallow is something to consider, especially if you’re dealing with semen that has a bitter, unpleasant taste. Luckily, there are several ways you can alter the flavor and make it easier to learn how to swallow cum.

As well as changing the way it tastes, there are many different tips and techniques you can try out to make this a much more enjoyable part of the process. Practicing how to do it, learning a few different positions, and preparing yourself for the actual swallowing part of the blowjob are only the first steps, so take your time and do some experimenting. You should also make sure to discuss this option with your partner to ensure you’re both comfortable with every decision made.

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