DIY Sybian – How to Make Your Personal Sex Machine

This article will provide easy-to-follow instructions to make a DIY Sybian - whether you can work with electronics or not
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There are a wide variety of sex machines on the market, with the Sybian brand being one of the most popular. This is due to the durable and high-quality construction of these toys. Of course, not everyone can afford the high price tag that comes along with one of these sex devices, so it is no surprise that so many people are trying to make their own DIY Sybian machine.

Luckily, these machines are easier to build than you may think, provided you have the skills to put them together. They only require a few parts, all of which you can purchase separately in person or online. You may also need some homemade Sybian plans for the more complicated builds to ensure you’re putting it together properly. If you’re interested in building one of these devices but aren’t sure where to start, the following information can help.

Can You Build Your Own Sybian?

You likely expect the best sex machines and Sybian saddle devices to be rather complicated to build, though it is possible to create a simplistic version of one of these toys. They only require a few parts and the skills to put them together, making this a job almost anyone can do. Best of all, it doesn’t cost very much to build one of these toys, so you’ll spend a fraction of what you would on the brand-name devices.

Is it safe?

Whether or not a home-built Sybian is safe depends on your skills and the materials you use Trusted Source The Importance of Choosing Body-Safe Materials - Beyond Delights With an unregulated sex toy industry, the safety of consumers heavily depends on their own knowledge about body-safe materials. to build it. It does require a motor and some type of speed control device, so you need to choose the right ones very carefully to ensure you aren’t making a toy that is too powerful for you to handle.

They also need to be put together properly to ensure they run as they are supposed to without any risk to you. If you aren’t sure that you can do all of the work yourself, you can ask a friend or hire someone to do the more technical work for you, provided you’re comfortable sharing this type of information with another person.

What You’ll Need

If you want to learn how to make a Sybian at home, there are a few items you’ll need to purchase in order to create the pleasurable device you’re interested in.  The main piece is the motor, which is what creates the vibrations of the toy. The Venmar Broan Nutone OEM Ventilation Fan Motor is a good model since it is compact and powerful, though not too much to handle.

You’ll also need a controller, like the JOD Router Fan Variable Speed Controller, which can be adjusted between 500w and 1800w, so you can turn it down or up as needed to give you the pleasure you’re looking for.

Bearings Trusted Source What Are Bearings? Let's learn about the basic functions of bearings! / Bearing Trivia / Koyo Bearings(JTEKT) This page introduces News releases. What Are Bearings? Let’s learn about the basic functions of bearings! should also be on your list of supplies since these will hold everything together, allowing the necessary parts to rotate and move smoothly without falling apart.

Most importantly, you’ll need some sort of sex toy, like a dildo or some other type of penetrating attachment. This is the piece that will vibrate as you adjust the controller settings, offering stimulation for the maximum pleasure possible.

Home Built Original Sybian Instructions

It’s easier than you may think to learn how to build a Sybian sex machine, though it is important to follow the instructions as closely as possible. The following sections can help you complete this process.

Find casing

The first thing to do is find a casing for your new sex machine. Models like the Motorbunny sex machine include a saddle-style casing with vegan leather material and padding for extra comfort as you ride the device. You don’t have to be this elaborate but soft material over some type of foam padding is a good idea to ensure you enjoy those long sessions.

The casing will need some support, which you can make of wood, plastic, or some other sturdy material that will hold it in place. You can shape it how you like to make a saddle or seated area for you to relax on when you’re ready to use your new homemade device.

You should also build some type of frame or platform to hold the motor and the casing over it. This can be made of wood or some other hard material, with a few springs added to support the vibrations that the motor will create.

Attach motors

Once you have your casing created, it is time to attach the motors. You may need more than one of them, depending on how powerful your motors are. Attach it to the controller, then put it in place inside the frame or on the platform you’ve created.

Test with dildo

Once the frame and motor are all put together, you can attach your dildo or other attachment to the design. After you have it all hooked up, you can turn it on and see how it works. It is best to do this on its own before you actually get onto the toy and start using it vaginally or anally to be sure it is running properly. This will reduce the chances of injury.

Adjust the controls, using your hand to feel how powerful the vibrations are and to ensure they aren’t going to be too much to handle. When you’re sure the toy is working as it’s supposed to, you can strip down, add your favorite lubricant to the attachment you’re using, and then put it to good use.

Homemade Sybian Tips

If the above method is a bit more complicated than you want to experiment with, there are a few other pieces that you can use to build a DIY Sybian sex machine that is simpler and requires less skill to create.

Choose sex pillow

Rather than building an elaborate casing that includes a platform and padded seating area, you can purchase a sex pillow that you can use instead. The Liberator BonBon Toy Mount is a good option since it can be used with almost any dildo or vibrator, regardless of whether it has a flared base. Of course, for motorized hands-free action, a wired or remote control vibrator gives you the varying sensations, much like a motorized sex machine will do, though you don’t need to connect any motors.

This sex pillow also has a non-slip microfiber case that can be removed and tossed in the washing machine after use to keep your sessions as sanitary as possible. The high-density foam is comfortable, plus it is sturdy enough to support two people, so you can use it for some fun couples play.

Add chair

Along with the sex pillow and your favorite toy, you’ll also need some type of chair. You can use any chair you have at home, though it needs to be low enough to fit over the accessorized pillow and include a gap for the toy to fit through.

Rather than destroying one of your home chairs, you can purchase a dedicated sex chair. The Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair is a sturdy piece that is designed to be used for your sexual encounters, with a partner or a sex pillow.

It has a durable metal frame, with soft foam on top to keep you comfortable during those long, satisfying sessions. There are also 4 layers of wide, reinforced elastic that allow you to bounce in the chair while still offering the support you need to stay in your chosen position.

You can position the chair over the sex pillow so that the accessory is directly below your private areas. It is also easy to dismantle when your session is over so you can tuck it away in a closet or beneath your bed until you’re ready to go again.


When you have all your gear gathered, add your toy to the sex pillow. Position the chair over it, sit down, and enjoy your easy-to-make sex machine. Though it isn’t as elaborate as other sex chairs on the market, you’ll still find it to be just as much fun at a much more budget-friendly cost.

In Case You’re Handy

If you happen to have the skills to create a more elaborate DIY Sybian, there are ways you can do this for a more powerful machine. This gives you a more powerful machine that will drive you wild every time you use it.

Use powerful motors

You can use a much more powerful motor to get the vibrations you want from your DIY Sybian sex machine. A good option offers a minimum of 6000 RPM, though you can likely go as high as 10,000 RPM if you like.

You may need to pull the motor from a specialized tool, though, like an adjustable random orbital sander or a variable speed wood router. These have strong motors with multiple speed options, so you can adjust them as low or high as you need to give you the stimulation that you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that these motors do take a bit more skill to hook up, plus they are much heavier than the smaller fan motors that we discussed above. This will make your entire sex machine heavier, though likely not too much to move whenever needed.


If you’re going to upgrade the motor you use for your homemade Sybian machine, you may also want to build a stronger casing for it to ensure the vibrations of the motor don’t destroy the frame that is designed to hold your weight. This may require stronger materials, like thick wood or even metal for the frame, though the latter will likely also need some welding to hold it all together. You’ll also want a comfortable seating area, with thick padding and soft, yet washable, material over it to make it easier to clean when you’re done with it.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different sex toys on the market, from the smaller handheld toys to the larger seated sex machines. The downside is that the larger the toy is and the more features it offers, the higher the cost will be. Luckily, with the right plans and pieces, you can make your own sex toys at home.

Creating a DIY Sybian sex machine can be as simple or as complicated as you can handle, so you can make the one that suits your needs without forcing you beyond your skill level. You can make one of these machines for a few hundred dollars or less, depending on the materials you use, so you never have to step outside your budget to enjoy your favorite toy.


The Importance of Choosing Body-Safe Materials - Beyond Delights
With an unregulated sex toy industry, the safety of consumers heavily depends on their own knowledge about body-safe materials.
What Are Bearings? Let's learn about the basic functions of bearings! / Bearing Trivia / Koyo Bearings(JTEKT)
This page introduces News releases. What Are Bearings? Let’s learn about the basic functions of bearings!
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