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Last updated: April 17, 2024

Motorbunny Review (Fall 2023)

JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Last updated: April 17, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Why it’s worth your attention
  • You can try some BDSM action
  • It allows exploring new positions and orgasm patterns
  • It can be a fun device for a couple to play with
  • It can be paired with a great variety of accessories
  • Wireless control
  • Four to nine attachments included
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Supports heavier users
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Thanks to innovation, there are endless sexual possibilities to explore and spice up your sex life. Motorbunny is an innovative sex toy that you can use to increase your sexual possibilities. You can even buy one for your partner to enhance their sexual experience. The product, which is the subject of our Motorbunny review, is a stylish, straddle-style sex machine engineered to give you consistent mind-blowing orgasms. 

Besides, the Motorbunny starter kit consists of different attachments and accessories dedicated to heightening sexual pleasure. Also, controlling the sex machine to get what you want is a breeze and you don’t want to get us talking about how easy it is to use. Ride along with us as we give you more vital information about the Motorbunny sex toy. 


10H x 13.2W x 12.5L inches
Vibration motor power
0.08 HP/7000 vibrations per minute
Rotation motor power
0.04 HP
Weight capacity
1000 lbs
Attachments included
Bluetooth connectivity
Cable length
12 ft
17.8 lbs
5 years limited


The Motorbunny sex toy is a top-of-the-line gadget designed to deliver pleasure in a multitude of ways. Beyond its exceptional performance, it comes with a range of useful add-ons and thrilling extras. You’ll be impressed by its sturdy weight capacity and the reassurance that comes with trusted safety certifications. All in all, it’s packed with countless impressive features that are sure to enhance your experience.

Motorbunny vs Sybian

It’s not unusual to see people compare Motorbunny and Sybian because they are both sex-machine brands that use a rounded piece/attachment that you can straddle and ride. However, Sybian was the first company to create ride-on saddles before other companies. The Sybian was even part of a running segment of the Howard Stern show. Eventually other companies joined the market including Motorbunny. Their sex machines give you the chance to fulfill your fantasies or any type of stimulation you want to achieve.

Expectedly, Motorbunny and Sybian are different in certain areas as you will soon find out. The Motorbunny sex machines are a bit bigger than the Sybian toys, giving you more room to enjoy yourself. Also, Motorbunny models boast stronger motor power at 7000 RPM compared to Sybian’s 6000 RPM. Plus, Motorbunny machines’ controllers are removable to be replaced with a Bluetooth-enabled Link controller which allows the device to be VR enabled. The Sybian toys lack this function.

However, Sybian sex machines have the advantage when it comes to noise level because Motorbunny toys are a bit louder. Overall, both brands make excellent and valuable sex machines but Motorbunny has more modern features and is also cheaper.

Overall Performance

The Motorbunny sex machine is just there for you to straddle and ride yourself to orgasm. It features a powerful motor that causes the attachments to vibrate and give you amazing sensations. This toy gives you consistent sensations as long as power is uninterrupted.

As we hinted earlier, accessories add fun to the play. The Motorbunny features four sturdy eyelets (two each in back and front) for clipping or tying accessories such as Motorbunny nipple clamps, knee pad, or wrist & ankle restraints.

Then, there are the starter attachments that vary in size as you would expect. The Motorbunny comes with four TPE attachments, including Flat which only starts the play without penetrating. The others, including Small, Medium, and Large, penetrate and twirl.

How to use it

The Motorbunny sex machine uses electric power to provide intense sexual pleasure. How to use the sex toy? Plug the power adapter into the port with a lightning bolt symbol. Then, plug the cable into the wall. When you see a green indicator light, it means your sex machine is powered on. You can then slide your preferred attachment into the insert, whether rod or spring.

After that, connect the controller to the Motorbunny. The controller helps to control the twirl and the buzz. The twirl penetrator buzzes in circles to send waves of pleasure throughout your vaginal tract. The buzz penetrator, on the other hand, triggers vibrations that you can control via the dial.

However, if you get yourself the LINK Bundle, you can connect your phone to the machine through the app. You’ll get several control features that include Bluetooth and internet connectivity. With the control features, you can control the motor movements in many dynamic ways.


When it comes to technologically advanced features, you can’t take anything away from the Motorbunny. It is made up of a powerful motor that allows various Motorbunny attachments to twirl and buzz at high speeds that are adjustable with the help of a controller.

If you’re not satisfied with the manual controller, the brand offers a LINK Technology that aids wireless connectivity with the controls. So, with the built-in technology, you get several preprogrammed routines to explore. This technology also allows you to share control of the sex machine wirelessly from anywhere in the world.


The Motorbunny has two major designs; the Motorbunny Original and the Motorbunny Buck. The Motorbunny original features the brand’s Starter Kit as we detailed earlier in this article and the LINK controller. The LINK technology provides you much better control over your riding journey.

On the other hand, the Motorbunny Buck offers a premium option. It replaces the Original’s “Twirl” function with two different thrusting motions – Thrust and G-Thrust. While the “Thrust” function moves up and down, the “G-Thrust” moves up and forward.

The thrust motions use the three premium 100% Silicone attachments available, including Flat, “Sweet Spot”, “Thumper”. The Motorbunny Buck also boasts a LINK-enabled controller.

Motor power

The Motorbunny uses the two-motor mechanism (vibration motor power and rotation motor power) to power the motions of the sex-machine. Plus, this machine can clock up to 7000 VPM and power up to 0.04 HP (6000 RPM). You can rely on this product’s motor power to deliver the right levels of sensations required for amazing orgasms.

Power supply

As mentioned before, the Motorbunny uses electric power to function. The sex machine’s A/C Adaptor and Cable Input is 100-240V ~2.2A with an Output of 36V/3.5A. The adaptor voltage is universal, making the machine travel-friendly. The DC Length is 12 feet and gives a good distance between the socket and the machine.


We can’t stop talking about Motorbunny’s connectivity option. Thanks to Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, the machine can interact with an app that allows you to control the play from for phone. The app even features integrated gaming, Siri voice-command, and music sync.

Noise level

No thanks to the Motobunny’s dual motors, it makes an awfully loud noise that can be frustrating, but as we advised earlier, you can use background music to mask the noise to an extent.

Cleaning easiness

Cleaning the Motorbunny sex machine requires extra work mostly as a result of the highly porous TPE material that can host fungal/bacterial infections. Notwithstanding, you only need soap and water to clean the machine. Clean thoroughly and let it dry completely before you store it.

Dimensions and weight

With dimensions of 10″ (H) x 13.24″ (W) x 12.49″ (L), the Motorbunny doesn’t take much space. It also has a reasonable weight of 17.8 pounds and can still be packed for travel.


The Motorbunny offers a 5-year warranty and also a 45-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the machine.
However, the warranty doesn’t cover the attachments.

Discreet shipment

When you’re dealing with a sex machine like the Motorbunny, you want to keep the purchase as private as possible which the manufacturer helps you do with discreet shipping. With this type of shipping, no one has to know what just got delivered to your doorstep.


The Motorbunny sex machine boasts CE and RoHS Safety Certifications. The CE certification signals that the sex toy met legal directives set by the European Union regarding consumer safety, health, and environmental health. On the other hand, the RoHS certification signals that the machine’s electrical design is environmentally safe regarding recycling and recovery.

Price tag

The Motorbunny sex toy’s price is quite reasonable. The price varies based on the attachments and accessories included in each kit. The Standard Kit costs $899, the Connected Kit costs $999, the Supreme Kit costs $1,139, the Ultimate Road Trip Kit costs $1,269, and the Ultimate Kit costs $1,279.

If these price tags scare you, you can try you hand at making your own DIY Sybian or sex machine at home.

How it feels

We’ve tried several options and attachments for Motorbunny and can say that this machine can feel kind of weird at first, but once you take the right position and vibration strength – the fun begins. With various movements and vibration patterns, you can delay the orgasm several times while having the best time of your sexual life.

This machine allows for personal experience and for couple’s play. We like the couple’s sessions just for the pure wait of which sex game will your significant other choose. The teasing and the wait add necessary dynamics and spice to foreplay. With preprogrammed routines, you get capabilities that are beyond any human controller while the wireless control allows your partner to direct the play from anywhere they are.

This is clear – you won’t stay dissatisfied with this device.

Vibration patterns

By now, you know that the Motorbunny features Twirl, Buzz, and Thrust vibration patterns. It offers 11 intensity levels for the Twirl and Buzz options. You can adjust the dials or LINK controller to create the perfect stimulation and sensations for yourself.


As you now know, Motorbunny attachments are the ones who deliver the pleasure. There are many of them available for both Motorbunny Original and Motorbunny Buck. Attachments compatible with the Original include Standard attachment, low attachment, large attachment, larger attachment cover, XL cover, XXL cover, premium silicone Mt. Gushmore attachment, premium silicone clit stim attachment, premium silicone “lolli” attachment, amongst others.

The attachments compatible with the Motorbunny Buck are a flat attachment for Motorbunny Buck, Sweet Spot attachment, and Thumper attachment.


The Motorbunny offers different exciting accessories designed to heighten pleasure and enhance the sexual experience. While some accessories are designed to make you as comfortable as possible, others help you fulfill fetishes such as BDSM. Motorbunny accessories include the easy rider freedom sling, knee pad attachment, Motorbunny controller, Motorbunny Original cover, Motorbunny mobility & storage case, nipple clamps, and BDSM restraints.

Weight capacity

Since you’ll be straddling the Motorbunny, it must be able to carry your weight. But you don’t need to worry because the machine is built to carry 1000 pounds or even two persons at a time. You can count on the machine to last long as long as it doesn’t carry beyond its capacity.



  • LINK technology for wireless control
  • Four eyelets for attaching accessories
  • Four starter attachments
  • Impressive weight capacity
  • CE and RoHS safety certifications
  • Five-year warranty
  • Noisy
  • Challenging to clean


You can deny every other thing but you can’t deny the fact the Motorbunny sex machine delivers exceptional stimulation to trigger profound orgasmic experiences. Without any doubt, our Motorbunny review contains everything you need to know about this intense sex toy.

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