Sub Drop: Chemistry of Pleasure

This article will help you understand the chemical aspects of sensations you have during and after BDSM play and deal with sudden sub drop.
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It felt great! The pleasure, the sensual feel, stimulation, inexplicable happiness, passionate physical arousal are emotional highs associated with intense scenes. According Trusted Source The Surprising Psychology of BDSM | Psychology Today Who does it, what do they do, and how does it affect them? to Psychology Today, the film Fifty Shades of Grey sold 150 million copies by 2019, suggesting that the number of people practicing BDSM for beginners has increased by a significant percent around the globe. Researchers note that BDSM fantasies are widespread in both males and females, and the practice is gaining popularity by the day.

One prevalent occurrence during the procedure is the sub drop or the change of the good feeling to a mixture of sad and uncertain emotions after or during the practice.  Sub drop is an unwanted feeling that gets little or no attention making the practice undesirable. However, the best aspect is that there is care for you to enjoy your intense scenes without worrying about sub-drop. The aftercare kit solves the sub drop challenges and ensures that your subspace is well maintained.


It’s all in mind. It is a cliché sounding phrase that is repeatedly used when defining pleasure derived from intimacy. The brain remains the center controller of intimate situations that bring the best feeling you have been yeaning for. BDSM plays involve tactics that engage the brain to be part of the scene to guarantee the release of necessary chemicals. 

Subspace is, therefore, the state of mind that triggers different responses, emotions, and reactions. Subspace is a mental situation experienced through a mixture of intense emotions that can be expressed differently from one person to the other.
Some cry, some scream out loud, some have a firm grip that can scratch or tear apart the costume. Subspace is a euphoric response from the nervous system that brings an overtly good feeling to the players.

The feeling brings physical and emotional feelings together in an integrated manner that enhances total relaxation, calmness, and harmony. In the real sense, a partner is looking for subspace after engaging in an intense scene. You want after the practice to have an excellent mood reminiscing the pleasure you have derived from the practice. This is all an aspect of the subspace.

Chemicals behind it

Sub drop and subspace are natural occurrences resulting from chemicals released by your body as a response to a situation. There is no need to worry as it is normal for the body to react to the situation as directed by the brain. Numerous resources on the wide web have information on everything you need to know about subspace BDSM before engaging in the same.

For the subspace, the body releases a chemical known as endorphin and adrenaline. Authors have christened endorphin as the body’s natural opium for its ability to bring an extreme euphoric feel to humans. This chemical is released by the pituitary gland and the central nervous system to increase pleasure and reduce pain or discomfort. In biology, endorphins are perceived as analgesics that reduce the brain’s perception and pain triggers turning things around into happiness.

Adrenaline is a common chemical associated with giving the body the instructions of whether to fight or flee. Well, intimacy is also an activity that requires these directives.
Adrenaline is produced by the adrenal glands and central nervous system in the body. In essence, this chemical increases the heart rate, blood pressure, expanding passages of the lungs and even alliterating the body’s metabolism.

The chemical is released when there is a perceived danger or after a strenuous exercise. Well, BDSM is not a simple practice; thus, you will have an adrenaline rush. The adrenaline will be released after the intense scene since it is an energetic and overly active exercise. The endorphin will be released as a tranquilizer to give the body pleasure as the pain diminishes.

What is sub drop?

An intense scene or a BDSM is a process in which players derive pleasure by exhibiting both dominance and submission for erotic and sensory stimulation. However, this feeling of ecstasy may not last long. The sudden change or imbalance of the stimulate emotions is a common feature in intense scenes; it’s generally known as sub drop. It’s a situational reaction that may be an anticlimax bringing discomfort to the supposedly magical stage.

When the feeling of ecstasy suddenly stops either immediately or gradually, the emotional imbalance kicks in, and a sub drop occurs. A sub drop materializes when the emotional highs significantly reduce and dynamic vulnerability kicks in during, after a rest period, or even days later after an intense scene of BDSM.
This is the moment when the endorphins and adrenaline that were bringing a high-spirited feeling of pleasure that you can only wish lasts forever begin to drop. The moment when you whisper to yourself or your partner, it felt great, suddenly becomes an embarrassing moment filled with guilt and anger.

Sub drop is the nosedive in emotions after experiencing sensational feelings to being emotionally volatile, feeling embarrassed, having self-doubt, being irritable, disconnected, and lost even after a really wonderful experience; that is definitely a sub drop.

Pain and fatigue

Pain and fatigue feature predominantly in the intense scenes, and some consequences cannot be ignored. Yes, in BDSM, you are looking for pain, but when does this pain become too much to handle?  How do you suppress this pain with pleasure? The canning with a leather strap will definitely produce some pain and inflammation. Actually, the entire ordeal is exhausting, and it will feel like a whole day’s manual work. Using the ideal equipment and gear, such as the best spanking paddles in the market, will reduce bodily harm significantly.

Admittedly, pain and fatigue are the most obvious physical symptoms. Intense scenes of BDSM will leave body marks, scars on the skin, stiffness, light headaches, or muscle weakness; to some extent, you will even be unable to handle your daily activities. The ideal thought is that this practice should be a moment of fun, but we cannot give a blind eye to the fact that there are side effects that are physically presented. Do not allow sub drop to ruin your well-established pleasurable activity or daily routine.

Understand your limits and communicate the same to the other participant. This way, you get to enjoy BDSM and still carry on with your daily activities with minimal hassle.

Aftercare to help

The adrenaline rush experience during the subspace can be just for a moment. When the chemicals settle down, it’s time to deal with sub-drop. As mentioned earlier, sub drop can be detrimental and devastating at the same time. It is high time for anyone participating in BDSM to be equipped with the most functional and working aftercare plan. You don’t want to have pleasure for few minutes, then let it just vanish into the air, let it last longer with an aftercare kit or plan.

Aftercare refers to the actions, plans, measures, and care provided to the submissive by the dominant after the play. As much as the dominant is expected to give the care, it is imperative to be reminded that this is a personal responsibility as your partner may be less concerned or lack the requisite knowledge.
Remember, the entire process of sub drop and subspace is associated with chemical release in the body and brain actions. Aftercare, therefore, should try to find the balance in the body for mental and physical states. Research on BDSM aftercare to ensure that you are taking the best actions towards your recovery.

The mind may be calmed by having basic activities such as cuddling, taking a warm bath, enhancing closer contact with your partner, or even taking a drink to improve your electrolytes. These primary activities are essential, but there is a need for acquiring a drop kit to suppress the harmful effects of sub drop, especially the pain, fatigue, and negative emotions. Beginners will experience a significant reduction in their emotions after the play. It is pretty usual for novice members of the BDSM community to feel shy and self-doubt their decisions.

Experienced players also find themselves irritable and the activity quite exhaustive. An aftercare Trusted Source What We Can Learn About Consent (And Pleasure) From The World of Kink : Shots - Health News : NPR A lot of us stumble over conversations about sex. But people who are into kink make an art of talking about what they want or don’t want. drop kit comprises several items and plans to revamp your emotions and be psyched up for the next play. Most modestly, an aftercare kit is something that any player should have, as you may never predict when the drop will happen. Preparation is vital and inevitable if you want your pleasure to be meaningful.

Aftercare in public places

The most exciting thing about humans is that they are always shy to show their affection or their bedroom affairs in public. Shyness has an adverse impact on the most critical care activities that are fundamental for healthy living. You should understand that public display is unavoidable in some situations, mainly if the drop occurs in public places. It does not mean that you will hurt yourself just because you are outdoors.

You do not have to parade your personal issues to the public, nor allow the negative emotions to overwhelm you and diminish your subspace. As a participant in BDSM scenes, you should carry some aftercare items when going out to run errands or reporting to work. If the drop occurs, look for a safe space and do some primary care activities. For instance, text someone or give a call to your partner or close friend; you can smell your scented candles or even cuddle your teddy bear and rejuvenate your favorable feelings.

What is a top drop?

A common misconception is that BDSM aftercare is only for the subs. Experts consider an aftercare kit as a plan for both the top and bottom. A top-drop, in this case, refers to the dominant partner who is in control of the practice or the other player. The top may be in control of the game but not of the emotions. A drop occurs even for the dominant; hence, the name top drop.

The essential care aspect for both tops and bottoms is to be emotionally there for each other.
However, in most cases, dominants will provide instruction and care, which is known as a topping. They need to understand how the other partner is feeling or fairing after the scene. Secondly, an aftercare kit for the top is also essential to enable the brain to achieve a mental balance. Partners also need to visit reliable and trustworthy merchandise centers either in land-based stores or online to find out the best care for both of them. An individual can customize an aftercare kit to fit their needs as dictated by their role in BDSM scenes.

Final thoughts

Everybody wants pleasure; that sensual feeling of ecstasy is the ultimate outcome of any sexual activity. BDSM spices things up and makes the players have more fun elicited through pain during their activities. The good thing with the brain is that it understands how to derail pain when releasing chemicals associated with pleasure. Since pain is the pathway to this exciting moment, we should not allow it to take away what we have labored for.

It is also common knowledge that sub drop is an inevitable consequence that may be scary and detesting. Furthermore, do not assume you are not prone to or immune to sub drop. It is a common consequence that can occur to anyone. Just prevent it by having a well-planned and thoroughly researched aftercare plan and kit. Considering an aftercare plan will motivate and boost your playing mood.


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Who does it, what do they do, and how does it affect them?
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A lot of us stumble over conversations about sex. But people who are into kink make an art of talking about what they want or don’t want.
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