DIY Prostate Massager Ideas

This article will explain the simplicity of using homemade prostate massagers - from safety advice to which household objects are plausable
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Don’t miss out on stimulating your prostate (or P-spot) because you can’t afford a prostate massager. Nothing should separate you from your sexual pleasure, especially when there are homemade solutions.

Homemade prostate massagers are not as sophisticated as dedicated massagers. However, we think you’ll be shocked at their effectiveness. There are many household materials you can turn to for your homemade solution. You can even mold one yourself and customize it to suit your taste. This article will outline the ideal objects for homemade prostate toys. Read on to learn all you need to know about a DIY prostate toy. 

Would you rather buy a ready-made solution? Check out our reviews of the best prostate massagers and best prostate dildos available.

Why Do You Need a Prostate Massager?

If you’re wondering whether you need a prostate massager or not, the simple answer is you do as long as you have a prostate. Many men don’t know that stimulating the prostate can give them incredible pleasure. Below, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why you need a prostate massager: 

For Fun

You can spoil yourself with a prostate massager whenever you feel lonely and you’re thirsty for some wild fun. You can stimulate your prostate and enjoy the great pleasure that comes with it. 

To Explore Your Anus

If you didn’t know, your anus has several nerve endings that promise great pleasure. A prostate massager provides you the perfect tool to explore those nerves during your lone time. 

Pros and cons

Prostate massager offers a lot of benefits but it’s not without its disadvantages. Below, we’ll outline the pros and cons of a prostate massager:


  • Clears the prostatic ducts
  • Controls urine flow when prostate glands are swollen
  • Relieves pain and tension in the surrounding parts
  • Can be an effective treatment for chronic prostatitis according to a 1999 study Trusted Source Use of prostatic massage in combination with antibiotics in the treatment of chronic prostatitis Chronic prostatitis is often refractory to antibiotics, however biopsy and molecular data indicate persistent symptoms may be due to occult infection. by researchers D. A. Shoskes, S. I. Zeitlin
  • Boosts the intensity of ejaculation


  • Delicate prostate tissue lining is prone to tears and cuts, creating the risk of hemorrhoids or bacterial infection.
  • Causes the inflammation of the epididymitis or urethra. 
  • Causes the release of toxic antigens which can lead to sepsis.

Safety First!

Frankly, prostate massage is nowhere near the safest sexual activity, so you’ll need to be very careful when performing it. Below, we’ll discuss some safety precautions that you need to take to prevent injury when stimulating/massaging your prostate:


The best prostate massagers are designed with skin-friendly materials but you may not have that luxury with homemade massagers. For example, the tool you use can leave unsafe particles in your anus. The best way to avoid such situations is to use a condom every time you stimulate your prostate to avoid direct contact with the massager.

If you don’t have condoms, we recommend this variety pack from Trojan which will let you try 4 different types of condom.


As we suggested earlier, transferring certain particles into your anus can have devastating consequences. One reliable way to avoid such mess is by cleaning your prostate massager thoroughly before and after your kinky play.

Soap and water may not be enough, so we recommend a toy cleaner. And there are many options on the market, including the high-quality Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner—a water-based formula that is safe for use with all toys. It also boasts an easy-to-use spray nozzle for precise application.

Take things slowly

Remember that we mentioned the prostate tissue lining is quite delicate, so it will be unwise to rush anything when massaging your prostate. Rushing the action will only hurt you and you want to avoid the trouble that comes with that. Massage the prostate gently and stop/adjust at the slightest feeling of pain. 

Besides, S. Adam Ramin, MD, a board-certified urologist and founder and medical director of Urology Cancer Specialists in Los Angeles, also Trusted Source Prostate Massage: What to Know An expert evaluates whether this type of therapeutic massage helps reduce prostate cancer risk.  The medical expert stated that vigorous prostate massage can cause pain and other problems.

No sharp objects

Not only is the prostate tissue lining delicate, but the anus lining is also prone to tears. Inserting sharp objects can cause some very avoidable problems. Hence, we advise that you stay away from sharp objects for your homemade prostate stimulator. 

Flared base

A common feature of real prostate massagers is a flared base to avoid your anus sucking it in. So, we advise that you ensure that your homemade prostate massager also has a flared base to avoid an embarrassing visit to the emergency room. 

What Can Be a Homemade Prostate Stimulator?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, various household materials can be made homemade prostate stimulators. Below, we’ll discuss the materials that are ideal for this purpose: 

Wax candle

Wax candles make nice homemade prostate massagers thanks to their feel and texture. Besides their smooth surface, they’re also a bit flexible. While the subtle flexibility is an advantage, it can still be a problem in case of breakage which is not out of the question. So, if you’ll be using a candle as your household prostate massager, we strongly advise that you be gentle.

Here’s a list of candles that we recommend trying.

Since the anus doesn’t have natural lubrication, you’ll need to lubricate your butthole and the candle with a lubricant. The right lube will ensure smooth entry and movement. For example, the best lubes for handjobs typically provide slipperiness, longevity, and sensation. Those are the qualities you want in an ideal lube for prostate massage. 

Banana or cucumber

Bananas and cucumbers are pretty sexualized fruits and vegetables, aren’t they? While they make fun dildos, they make great homemade prostate stimulators too. You can deploy a banana or a cucumber as your DIY prostate tool. However, stay away from ripe bananas and cucumbers because they’re prone to breakage.

Don’t have fruit laying around? No problem! You can buy a cucumber here, or buy a banana here.

We know the thought of having a banana stuck in your ass drives you crazy, so it’s best to prevent such a scenario. 


Most electric toothbrushes are shaped like actual sex toys. And they’re also good options as homemade prostate massagers. Besides the bottom of an electric toothbrush fitting nicely into your ass, the vibration that comes from the brush gives the feeling of a vibrator.

Need an electric toothbrush? Click here to view a few great options.

To even enhance your experience, invest in a sex pillow that can provide much better access to your P-spot. Trust us, the best sex pillows ensure deeper penetration and faster stimulation of the prostate. And they also get to sit around innocently in your living room without anyone knowing what they are.

Big Spoon

Don’t be surprised: a big cooking spoon from your kitchen can be all you need to stimulate your P-spot and have a fun-filled afternoon. If you choose a wooden spoon, make sure to use a condom over it since porous materials can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 


You can opt for a hairbrush with a thick handle, some handles have ribbed rubber wrapped around them that can stimulate you further.

Create a Molded Device

If none of your household materials doesn’t fit the bill for you, you can decide to clone your penis and have a replica of your member to massage your prostate. According to most reviews, the Сlone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit is a very effective product to mold a prostate massager at home.

While the silicone kit is completely body-safe, it comes with a molding tube, two-part platinum-cured silicone mix, specially-timed molding powder, single-speed vibrating unit, stirring stick, thermometer, full instructions—the exact materials you need to mold your penis. 

Final Thoughts

By now, you know that there are various household items (even food items!) you can turn into your DIY prostate massagers. Prostate massage is among the best sexual exercises you can use to have fun and kill time whenever you’re lonely. So, it’s a really good thing to have a homemade solution instead of spending some dollars on an actual prostate massager. 

While homemade prostate massagers are quite tempting, they can be unsafe. Eventually, you may need to opt for a factory-designed prostate massager. Frankly, real massagers are the best and safest options because they’re well designed for the main purpose of massaging the prostate. However, if you can’t find an actual massager for yourself, a homemade massager is a fair option to fall back on. Remember to always adhere to safety precautions.


Use of prostatic massage in combination with antibiotics in the treatment of chronic prostatitis
Chronic prostatitis is often refractory to antibiotics, however biopsy and molecular data indicate persistent symptoms may be due to occult infection.
Prostate Massage: What to Know
An expert evaluates whether this type of therapeutic massage helps reduce prostate cancer risk.
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