Thorough Guide to Toe-Curling Testicle Massage

In this article, you will find the best tips for testicle massage done right - which toys and accessories to use and how balls play can end in orgasm
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The reason for testicles’ high sensitivity is not farfetched: the testicle sac is filled with several nerve endings that can produce ridiculously intense sensations. However, the sensations can be bad or pleasant depending on the kind of touch.

Say someone accidentally hit them, you’ll feel a bad sensation, but if they’re gently massaged, you’re bound to feel great pleasure. Try a soft touch on your testicles or that of your partner and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Despite the pleasure of testicle massage, many folks avoid it because they can’t get that image of someone squeezing their balls painfully out of their head.

If you’re one of the skeptics, we’re here to tell you scrotum massages are greatly pleasurable and beneficial when done correctly. In this article, we’ll tell you all about practicing scrotal massage pleasurably and safely.

Is Balls’ Massage Pleasant?

No doubt, no one wants to endanger their balls while seeking pleasure. Is balls’ massage pleasant? We’ll provide you answers below:

Scrotum anatomy

In case you didn’t know, the scrotum is typically a part of the male productive system located just under the penis Trusted Source Anatomy, Abdomen and Pelvis, Scrotum - StatPearls The scrotum is a male reproductive structure located under the penis. It has the shape of a sac and divides into two compartments. . It is a thin external sac of skin—lined with smooth muscle tissue—that is classified into two compartments. And each compartment houses one of the two testicles—the glands that produce testosterone (sex hormone) and sperm.

Essentially, the scrotum wall protects the testicles. The wall also boasts numerous nerve endings that make it quite sensitive to the touch. As with other parts of the human body, the scrotum’s sensitivity differs based on people. While some have moderately sensitive scrotums, others have overly sensitive walls.

Individual reactions

As we hinted earlier, individual reactions to testicle massage can either be good or bad. Essentially, the scrotum can be sensitive positively or negatively. Don’t be surprised, some testicle owners may not like the feeling of having their balls massaged. This may be because they find it too ticklish or they’re overly sensitive and they don’t want hands near the balls.

However, such testicle owners can change their minds depending on the techniques used on them. Some may prefer gently nibbling to squeezing. So, if you’re performing testicle massage on your partner, it will be on you to identify the ideal technique for them.

While you have some who don’t fancy balls’ massage, others want to feel the full sensations of the action. This group of people may also prefer specific techniques for their pleasure.

Bottom line is, individual reactions vary sharply when it comes to testicle massage. It’s up to you to find the technique that works for you or your partner.

Can guys not like it?

As we’ve suggested before, some guys don’t fancy the idea of someone playing with their scrotum. If you’ve asked to massage your partner’s balls and they’ve declined, it’s either they’re too sensitive to enjoy it or they’re scared of getting hurt. Trust us, these are valid reasons for some guys not to like testicle massage and you’ll have to respect their concerns.

However, if you can convince your skeptic partner, you’ll need to communicate a lot and not go overboard. On the other hand, if you’re a testicle owner who doesn’t welcome someone else playing with your balls, self-massage may be the way to go for you. Who knows? You may even find the right places to touch and let your partner know about them.

Testicle Massage Benefits

Testicle massage is not only incredibly pleasurable, but it also offers some vital health benefits that you or your partner won’t want to pass on. Below, we’ll discuss the very important testicle massage benefits:

Blood circulation

A very important part of sperm creation is the proper circulation of blood in the scrotum. There’s no way the testicles produce sperm as they should if blood doesn’t circulate properly. When you play with the testicles, you can trust blood circulation to improve in the impacted region, thus keeping the testicles healthy.

Healthier sperm

For the umpteenth time, the testicles produce sperm, and stimulating them can boost production as well as improve the quality. Specifically, testicle massage improves blood circulation and consequently, sperm quality. So, you can count on having healthier sperm if your balls are massaged regularly.

Essentially, you can use testicle massage for fertility if you’re struggling with infertility.

Reduces risks of inflammation

Without any doubt, inflammation can be a pain in the ass. From pain to swelling and other unpalatable symptoms, no one likes dealing with inflammation. Thankfully, regular testicle massage does well to reduce the risks of inflammation. When the massage ensures proper blood circulation, inflammation is inadvertently pushed to the back row.

Stronger erections

Remember when we mentioned that testicles are the glands responsible for producing testosterone? When these glands are massaged, the sex hormone inadvertently swings into action and triggers a stronger erection. So, if you want your penis or that of your partner to have a stronger erection, testicle massage just before sex can be a magic wand.

Testosterone increase

As we hinted just above, testicle massage does a good job of boosting testosterone production. If you or your partner is not aroused enough for sex, massaging the balls can go a long way in boosting the sex hormone for some action. Plus, the increase in testosterone can increase muscle mass, bone density, and improve brain function.

Therefore, we advise that you practice testicle massage to increase testosterone and maintain an exciting sex life.

Pain relief

If there’s pain around the scrotum, a testicle massage can help to relieve it. With gentle rubbing, the pain can be relieved to a reasonable extent. Now, you know that testicle massage for pain relief is a thing and should be taken seriously.

Besides relieving pain, testicle massage can help identify any irregularity such as swelling or lumps to prevent possible pain. That’s something if you consider the fact that around 6 in every 100,000 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer Trusted Source Cancer Stat Facts: Testicular Cancer New cases come from SEER 13. Deaths come from U.S. Mortality. in their lifetime. Whether it’s the regular testicle massage or the Japanese testicle massage, you can always trust you’re doing yourself a favor.

Before You Start

The last thing you want to do is begin testicle massage without preparation. Such an action could make the play less pleasurable and unsafe. Below, we’ll discuss some very important actions you must take before you start testicle play:

Discuss first

The number one step of preparation for testicle massage is communication. Communicating with your partner can’t be ignored when it comes to balls’ massage whether you’re the giver or you’re the receiver. Also, communication allows both parties to understand their roles and not go beyond them.

For example, the receiver communicates their taste and the giver must act according to what their partner consents to. This move ensures that the testicle play is defined before it gets started. If the receiver prefers mouth on their scrotum, the giver will have to do as their partner wants. If the receiver doesn’t fancy having hands on their scrotum, the giver will have to stick to using their mouth or toys.

Besides, some folks don’t only want pleasure, they want it mixed with pain. This group of people won’t mind some kind of torture. In some cases, the receiver doesn’t even know what they can enjoy, so the giver will have to communicate and experiment. Ultimately, communication guides the giver to act appropriately. Never start a testicle massage session without discussing it with your partner.

Prepare toys

Even though a good testicle massage can be performed with the mouth, hand, or foot, using the help of some toys won’t hurt; they’ll only make things more fun. Plus, they’ll add to your balls’ massage repertoire.

Ball stretcher

A ball stretcher is a pretty common toy for testicle massage. This toy, typically made from various materials, pulls the testicles down—away from the body. There are different types of ball stretchers you can choose from. For example, a cock sling, a type of ball stretcher, combines the functionality of a stretcher and ring.

Moreover, the Oxballs Atomic Jock Stretchy Cock and Ball Sleeve is a good example of an ideal ball stretcher thanks to its excellent qualities. The ball sleeve pushes the balls down for a light stretching sensation without endangering the user. Plus, the flexible TPR is designed to accommodate most ball sizes.

Cock cage

Another toy that can add some excitement to testicle massage is cock cage. If you didn’t know, the cock cage prevents the penis from becoming hard and also, ejaculating. While the penis is contained, the balls are free to be massaged or tortured depending on what style you and your partner have agreed to.

And it’s best to opt for the best chastity cage that boasts a high-quality material as well as a rigid frame. If you don’t like the idea of a cock cage, an innovation like the Male Power Jouster Pouch Thong seems to be a standout option you can consider. It features stretchy wet-look fabric and O-rings that can attach to any restraint system for enhanced bondage play.

Bondage gear

It doesn’t hurt (ignore the irony) to incorporate some bondage tools into testicle massage. It makes things a little kinky, won’t you agree? Depending on the kind of bondage play you want to combine with the testicle play, your bondage gear can include ropes, bandages, bondage tape, and other strings that you can wrap around the scrotum to restrict the balls.

Besides, we strongly advise against any bondage toy that can cut off blood circulation or break through the skin.


Just like clamps are clipped to nipples, they can be used on the scrotum too. There are different types of clamps with adjustable styles you can use for the scrotum. We advise that you choose a high-quality option to ensure safety. Moreover, clamps are ideal for people who want to add a little pain to the testicle play.

Ball rings

Think exciting pain, think ball rings. Ball rings are designed to restrict the balls and they’re typically far from being convenient. However, you’ll need to choose a model that has the right size or can be adjusted for safety reasons. The last thing you want to do is hurt your balls.

Some ball rings like the Lovehoney Silicone Ball Ring with Anal Beads which is popular among several users even add some extra features to them for more fun. The stretchy silicone ring and the petite anal beads are just perfect for double stimulation during your massage sessions.

Lube if needed

The scrotum is naturally flexible and soft to the touch. In most cases, you don’t need a lubricant for a smooth massage. However, you can enhance the experience and make the massage smoother by opting for a lube. For example, a slick silicone-based variant works well for massage, letting you run your hands over your partner’s scrotum with ease. Of course, that heightens the sensation.

However, if you’re planning to have sex and use a condom immediately after the testicle massage, don’t use oil-based lube. Oils usually degrade condoms and make them ineffective.


The sensitivity of the scrotum is a big part of testicle massage. If the sac doesn’t have the numerous nerve endings it has, the massage won’t be pleasurable. Unfortunately, pubic hair can cover these nerve endings and reduce the sensitivity around the sac. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution for that problem: simply shave the balls and the senses will increase.


Another preparation step to take before testicle massage is to warm up. You can warm up by soaking a soft hand towel in water and wrapping it around your balls. Alternatively, you can sit in a sauna for some minutes or simply have a hot shower. By warming up, the balls will enjoy better blood circulation, leaving them in a good place for some steamy massage session.

Prepare gloves

Your bare hands do not always have to do the job, you can use the help of gloves too. The texture of the gloves adds a different sensation to excite your partner. You should choose a glove that offers the kind of texture your partner can live with. One texture you may like is that of the Leg Avenue White Elbow-Length Satin Gloves.

As you can guess from the product name, the gloves are made from soft white satin that provides a largely smooth texture for exciting testicle massage. And you don’t have to worry about the size because the satin material stretches to fit most people for sexy tailored wear. Away from balls massage, the gloves can be worn outdoors for fancy dress parties or Halloween.

Testicle Massage Techniques

You can’t learn how to massage testicles without getting to know the various testicle massage techniques. Below, we’ll discuss several testicle massage techniques that can help you learn how to massage your balls easily and pleasurably:


The rub is perhaps the easiest and most common of all testicle massage techniques we’re going to discuss. Yes, all you have to do is run an open palm from your partner’s perineum over their testicles, repeatedly. It’s best performed with your partner lying on their stomach. Besides, not only does this technique massage your balls, but it also stimulates the perineum.

Running water

Contrary to what you might have thought, the running water testicle massage technique does not involve water. Notwithstanding, your partner will feel like it’s running water. To perform the technique, you’ll need to cup your partner’s testicles in your fingers and slowly move your fingers in a wave-like motion in such a way that the balls gently and quickly run through your fingers.

Of course, you’ll have to repeat the motion multiple times until you and your partner are satisfied.

Palm roller

Another testicle massage technique requires the aid of a palm roller. This massaging tool typically features multiple smooth, rolling balls. You can place the palm roller’s balls on your partner’s testicles and massage them in a circular motion. The smooth balls will continue to roll and stimulate the testicles.

Soft scratch

The soft scratch massage technique is nothing like the rubbing technique. This technique requires you to have small nails on your fingers before you can perform it efficiently. The nails shouldn’t be long or you’ll risk hurting yourself. Use your small nails to give your partner’s ball a soft scratch, repeatedly.

Gentle squeeze

Not every person is open to getting their balls squeezed because it makes them feel vulnerable to hurt. And you can’t blame them for being cautious. Nevertheless, there’s nothing to worry about if the squeeze is done gently. If your partner is open to it, then good for them. Simply cup their balls in your palm and gently apply some pressure to them. Afterward, release the pressure and apply more.


This should be easy but it requires proper communication and caution. All you have to do is tap your partner’s testicles with one of your fingers. You can either count the number of taps or tap the balls for a defined period. Tap on each ball with your middle or index finger gently and slowly to prevent pain. If your partner feels any pain, they should notify you so that you can stop immediately or tap lightly.


Yes, you read that right; you can tug the testicles although you’ll need to be very careful. This technique requires you to wrap both your index finger and thumb (in an “O” shape) above the scrotum and gently tug in a downward motion. You can tug in any direction you like. You can even separate the balls and pull on each of them with both hands simultaneously.

Furthermore, the tugging testicle massage technique can be done when the subject is standing or lying down. It’s more difficult if they’re sitting.

Vibro toy

Adding some vibrations to your testicle massage session won’t hurt. There are several vibro toys you can call on in this situation. You can invest in the best vibrating cock ring or the best prostate massager for excellent vibrations that will heighten the sensations around the balls. Even a vibrator will do.  Simply place the toy on the balls and leave it to do its magic.

You must consider your partner’s sensitivity level. If they’re hypersensitive or ticklish, use a low vibration level to massage their balls. Besides, this technique opens the door for a quick blowjob while the balls are being massaged.


Time to get your teeth to work. Trust us, a gentle nibbling on your partner’s sac can send sweet sensations rushing down their spines. You should use low pressure and avoid using the sharpness of your teeth to hurt them. After all, you’re looking to provide pleasure, not hurt.

Foot play

Who says your feet can’t join the action? If you have experience with a foot job, massaging your partner’s balls with your feet is more fun. This massage technique is most ideal for people who have a foot fetish. Lube up your feet and rub them against your partner’s balls either as a standalone exercise or add a foot job to it.

Besides, you can nudge or kick their balls gently if they’re willing to be dominated. In this case, too, communication is vital to ensure that your partner’s safety is not compromised.

Mouth play

Mouth play is another important testicle massage technique. You should suck a small part of your partner’s scrotum into your mouth. Then, you can suck their first and second balls. You can suck both balls in your mouth simultaneously. Alternatively, you suck on only one testicle at a time and alternate between both balls.

Any position that allows you to comfortably reach the scrotum is ideal for mouth play.

Sensual play

Sensual play is a pretty exciting and pleasurable testicle massage technique. A slick lube will work wonders for this technique. You can cup your partner’s balls and rub or tug them softly and gently. Remember that this is sensual play and it’s not meant to be rushed in any way.

Rough play

If your partner is masochistic, who are you to deny them the pleasure of being dominated? Some folks just don’t like their massage gentle, they want it to be more intense and torturous too. Essentially, they want you to treat their balls and body roughly. This sort of torture can involve pulling, stretching, pinching, whipping, ball busting, cock cage, clamps, and stepping on the genitals.

Moreover, you don’t have to try all of these moves if they seem too extreme for you. Try to figure out one that works best for you, figure out to do it safely, and stick to it. Despite how pleasurable your partner might find rough play; it shouldn’t be too rough. Never try to twist the testicles or you’ll be heading to the hospital soon in an emergency.

Additionally, you must practice aftercare if you get rough to ensure full mental and physical recovery after the exercise.

Final Thoughts

No serious person can bet against testicle massage: it’s simply amazing. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the scrotum, massaging the sac provides a great measure of pleasure. However, not everyone is comfortable with getting a nut massage. As we’ve mentioned a few times in this article, different people have different reasons for not fancying the massage but no one can argue against the many benefits of a good testicle massage.

Before going ahead with testicle massage, we strongly recommend proper preparation. Besides the discussion before the massage, there should be continuous communication during the session for great pleasure and safety. Moreover, there are several techniques you can use to massage the balls. You should use the one(s) you fancy and pick relevant toys to make your experience complete.


Anatomy, Abdomen and Pelvis, Scrotum - StatPearls
The scrotum is a male reproductive structure located under the penis. It has the shape of a sac and divides into two compartments.
Cancer Stat Facts: Testicular Cancer
New cases come from SEER 13. Deaths come from U.S. Mortality.
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