How to Self Suck: Best Positions, Techniques, and Tips for Sucking Your Own Dick

Techniques and tips for sucking your own penis, including how to stretch, recommended positions, and safety advice
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Last updatedLast updated: June 13, 2024
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Enquiring minds want to know… is it possible? Don’t tell us that you’ve never wondered if you could suck your own dick or perform autofellatio.

If you’ve tried sucking your dick before, it’s unlikely that you could do it. At least not at first. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, it’s just extremely difficult until you’ve done the proper flexibility training. In this guide, we’ll cover techniques, tips, and our favorite positions for self sucking.

If you’re not feeling up to the challenge you can check out our reviews of the best fleshlights and best masturbators on the market.

Is It Possible to Suck Your Own Dick?

The all-important questions: Can you suck your own penis? Is it possible to suck your own dick?


However, it takes a lot of work. There are many factors contribute to a successful autofellatio. To start, one needs to possess neck and spine (back muscles) flexibility. It will also help if you have the right spine length, a slim body size, and an above average penis size. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible otherwise, it’s just a bit more work.

Unless you are extremely gifted you’re going to need some exercises to help you along the way. Having a longer-than-average penis is a great advantage if you’re trying to learn to self suck. You can still learn some tricks if you have an average penis. You just need some time and effort to see results.

Autofellatio is not made for everyone. Unless you build the right neck and spine flexibility self sucking will remain a pipedream for you (pardon the pun!). For some, even if you put in the work, you may not be able to suck your own dick. 

A 1948 statistical study by American Biologist and Sexologist, Alfred Kinsey and his associates; Wardell Pomerov, and Clyde Martin, highlighted the difficulty of autofellatio. Kinsey estimated Trusted Source Autofellatio: The contorted history. The contorted history of autofellatio. that only two or three of every 1,000 males could suck their own dick.

If you want to join the exclusive club of autofellatio performers this self suck guide is for you.

Items To Help You Self Suck

What equipment do you need to get started with autofellatio? It might seem simple at first, but some preparation can help with your success.

  1. Yoga Mat – Before attempting autofellatio you need to work on flexibility. And when attempting the deed, you’ll want to be comfortable. A nice thick yoga mat can be a game changer.
  2. Lip Balm – A self suck session can be longer than you’d expect. Keep your lips from cracking by properly lubricating them with some high quality lip balm.
  3. Epsom Salt Bath – Loosening up your muscles will help you to be more flexible. One great way to achieve this loose state is a nice warm bath with Epsom salts.

Does The Autoblow Work Just As Well?

The Autoblow is a scientifically crafted device that will do all the sucking work for you. While not exactly the same as using your own mouth, it’s extremely difficult to self suck. Those that can self suck often say it’s too uncomfortable or annoying to even be pleasurable. For these reasons, and those looking to relax, the Autoblow is a great option. The Autoblow comes with built in AI software that can give a wide array of different pleasure scenarios including teasing, edging, full stroke, and more.

Are There Benefits to Sucking Your Own Dick?

The simple answer to that question is yes. It’s more convenient to have someone give you a blowjob, but doing it yourself has its merits.

1. Learn new techniques for yourself and others

There’s a belief in some circles that women eat/lick pussy better than men. This belief is often associated with the fact that women know women’s bodies better than men. Frankly, this is a no-brainer. Women know the right parts of the vagina to eat and lick for the best orgasms. The same thing can be said about men knowing men’s bodies better than women. 

Therefore, by licking and sucking your own dick, you learn new techniques that are quite pleasurable. To enhance your sex life, you can tell your partner about these techniques so that they can try them out and heighten your pleasure. And if you’re into men, you can use these new techniques to blow your man’s mind. 

2. Blowjobs are great, so why not get one whenever you want?

Have you ever found yourself craving a blowjob and your partner is far away? If you have, that must have been very disappointing. Frankly, you could have avoided disappointment if you had the ability to perform autofellatio. By learning how to suck your own dick or how to lick your own dick, you can have fun any time you want. 

3. Self sucking is hot

Another reason is that it’s a huge turn on! Trust me, whenever I suck myself in front of a man, it turns him on more than any foreplay could.

There’s something seductive and erotic about seeing a man perform oral sex on his own body. Once, my partner asked me if I could do it in front of him, and I said yes. I started by masturbating my dick with my hands to make it harder, bigger, and longer. Then I started kissing the tip of my dick and slowly went all my way down.

He said he loved watching me because it was like watching poetry in motion. Before I knew it, he was masturbating himself in front of me, and I got so turned on that we came at the same time.

4. Masturbate how you want

Another benefit of self sucking is getting to do what you want. The ability to suck yourself ensures that there’s no limit to what you can do or when you can do it. Whenever you don’t feel like stroking your cock but you prefer getting a blowjob instead, you can decide to suck your own dick and enjoy sexual pleasure. Even without help from your partner, nothing is standing in your way to having fun. 

5. Stretching is healthy

Performing autofellatio requires a decent amount of flexibility. It takes training and practice to suck your own dick. Just like yoga can be great for your body, stretching your body to suck your penis can also be healthy – just remember to take things slowly.

Autofellatio is essentially a type of yoga or stretching that keeps your bodies muscles in great shape. It’s easily one of the most fun ways that you can improve your flexibility. 

5 Steps to Prepare for Self Sucking

By now, you know that self sucking requires preparation and training. Below, we’ll cover 5 essseself sucking preparation below: 

1. Stretching your neck & back

Do you remember when we said you need the right neck and spine flexibility? Well, this is where you get it to work. The best way to increase your flexibility is by stretching. Specifically, you can trust yoga as an effective exercise to improve your flexibility. The exercise should focus on lengthening your neck and spine. 

Besides, the best yoga poses to aid autofellatio include the ‘cobra’, ‘the plow’, and the ‘downward facing dog’. And the most effective way to learn these poses is to enroll in a professional yoga class. Here, you can take weekend or evening lessons if you work during the day. However, if you don’t want to attend a yoga class, you can easily find an instructor to help out. 

Don’t for a second think your options are limited to finding a yoga class or an instructor: you can also search for yoga posture videos online, download and watch them. You can try the postures in the comfort of your room. However, you’ll need to be very careful here because you won’t have an instructor to advise you in real-time.

Therefore, you’ll need to start slow and stop immediately you think a posture is too dangerous for you. The last thing you want is breaking some bones just because you want to suck your own penis. That would be a pretty embarrassing reason to give to the physiotherapist. 

Besides yoga, another option to improve your stretching capability is Pilates. This physical fitness exercise can help you achieve the level of flexibility you desire. As we’ve suggested a few times in this article, not many men are born with the needed flexibility for autofellatio. Hence, most men will have to be patient and do constant practice to be flexible enough to suck their own dick.

There are other flexibility exercises you can perform and the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) explains Trusted Source Flexibility exercises - NHS Find out how to do these flexibility exercises that you can do at home to help improve your health and mobility. some of them. 

2. Lose belly fat

Away from working on your stretching capability, you’ll also need to work on getting fit when learning how to self suck. While stretching exercises are all about improving your flexibility, getting fit focuses on being in the right shape. For example, your beer belly is bad news for autofellatio because it restricts your penis. 

So, if you’re really determined to learn the art of sucking your penis, you’ll need to lose the belly. A flat belly gives your penis no obstruction to deal with when you’re trying to suck it. And the best way to shed the belly is to stop limit your beer intake and eat healthily. 

Furthermore, shedding your overall weight is the best way to go. For example, you can’t weigh 170 pounds and think you’ll have enough flexibility to suck your dick. Shedding some pounds can help you achieve the capability to perform autofellatio. How do you do this? By getting your ass in a gym and exercising consistently.

3. Try jelqing to increase your penis size

As we mentioned earlier, having a longer-than-average penis for self sucking is a great advantage but not every man is that gifted. So, what do you do if you have an average dick? You try to increase its length! While some people use a penis pump to increase their size, others go for penis enlargement stretching.

Notwithstanding, we advise that you try jelqing because it’s been proven to be more effective than most non-invasive penis enlargement techniques. Several young men have had to turn to jelqing in their bid to increase their penis size. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea if you also explore the technique to increase your autofellatio capability. 

Let’s talk about jelqing: it’s an exercise that involves pulling and applying pleasure on your dick to grow the organ in both girth and length. Once you pull and stretch the dick, the penile tissue suffers very tiny tears. Afterward, new cells are produced to repair the torn ones. It’s believed that the new cells help to increase the size of the penis. 

To enhance jelqing results, we advise that you try using the Bathmate Max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum. The product is reputed to be the world’s first jelqing enhancement serum formulated with testostomax. Plus, it’s a unique blend of 23 components designed to improve the male libido. On top of that, the serum is contained in an easy-to-use pump bottle. 

However, we must note that jelqing results are not quick, so you’ll have to be very patient. 

4. Stimulate yourself

Another essential requirement of a successful autofellatio is a powerful erection.

Frankly, a weak erection won’t get you anywhere if you’ll be sucking your dick. Essentially, you need your dick to stay erect as much as possible. You’ll need to stimulate yourself as much as you can.

Many sex toys can help you. Among these devices are male masturbators. With the best male masturbator, you have the ideal sex toy to stimulate your dick to a powerful erection. Male masturbators come in different forms. Some can be fully automatic while others can be manual.

Specifically, manual masturbators need you to operate them to get any movement. Automatic male masturbators usually work hands-free. In fact, the best automatic masturbator will come with an inbuilt vibrator or a different form of movement that ensures stimulation of your penis. 

Furthermore, the ideal automatic masturbator provides stimulation without requiring your hand to move the device around to stimulate. 

Another type of sex toy you can employ to stimulate your penis to an excellent erection is a prostate massager. Although the prostate massager primarily stimulates your prostate gland, otherwise known as the P-spot, it arouses you enough to develop a powerful erection just perfect for autofellatio.

Additionally, the best prostate massager typically features a tapered and pronounced end that eases insertion and reaches the P-spot easily. You don’t know what a high-quality prostate massager looks like? Maybe the Lovehoney High Roller Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager can help. The sex toy is a rotating vibrator for powerful and excellent P-spot stimulation. 

The prostate massager features a curved shaft with a bulbous tip that seeks out the prostate. It doesn’t end there: the device boasts a flared, textured base that massages the perineum and remote control that ensures hands-free fun. You have the ideal sex toy to stimulate yourself and achieve that powerful erection. 

5. Relax your mind and body

You can’t self suck your dick while your body is stressed. Hence, you need to relax your nerves, muscles, and body before going ahead with autofellatio. A good way to relax and loosen up your muscles is to warm up before the exercise. You can proceed to suck your dick as soon as your body feels ready to do.

Even when you begin, you should be careful not to go beyond your limits. Specifically, only use methods that are most convenient for you. To make life easier for you, we’ll get you familiar with the best methods in this article.  

6 Best Positions to Suck Your Own Dick

You probably know tens of sex styles but autofellatio does not have the luxury of several styles. Specifically, you have only a few positions to suck your own dick. This is mostly because autofellatio is nowhere close to the ordinary sexual act. While some men prefer to sit down to suck their dick, some may prefer to perform the exercise while lying on their side. 

Our sex toy testers have tried these methods, mostly with success. As long as you prepare yourself well for autofellatio, there’s a self sucking technique for you. Below, we’ll discuss the self suck techniques you can consider for your autofellatio journey:

1. Lying on side

Just like the name of this position suggests, you’ll have to lie on your side while you suck your penis. Frankly, this position is pretty tricky but it requires the joint effort of your waist, spine, and neck, making the exercise easier. To perform autofellatio while lying on your side, you must lie on a soft and comfortable bed. 

After lying on your side, bend your head and neck towards your crotch area. You’ll also need to move your legs at the same time to meet your bending head. This way, they can all meet in the middle and you can start sucking your penis. If stretching while lying on your side is too uncomfortable for you, you can try other positions that we’ll soon discuss. 

2. Raised legs

If you prefer to lie on your back to suck your dick, you’ll be needing the help of a headboard or a wall. Once you’ve achieved a powerful erection, you can lie on the back of your bed. Whether you’re using a headboard or a wall, ensure that it’s a foot away from your head. You can also have a pillow under your head to make yourself more comfortable. 

After lying down, you can lift your legs over your head and press them on the headboard or wall. Besides, ensure that you use your arms to support your lower back. Then, slowly and gently walk your feet against the headboard or wall. Furthermore, bend your head and allow your legs and penis to towards your mouth so that they can all meet in the middle.

Without any doubt, this position can stretch you out to a large extent but you shouldn’t have any problem as long as you’re prepared. Notwithstanding, always try not to stretch things too far. Be mindful of your neck and spine. 

3. The big X

The big X is a pretty difficult self suck position and is mostly used by experts. You wonder why? You’ll find out soon enough. This position requires you to roll your legs over your shoulders and then cross them at the back of your neck. This move automatically lifts your penis closer to your face. 

A little and important piece of advice: the big X position is not worth it if you’re not an advanced player. Of course, you can try it once you’re extremely confident about your flexibility because it’s one of the best positions. But you shouldn’t consider it if you’re a beginner to avoid compromising your safety. 

4. Sitting down

The seating down position is exactly what it says it is; you sit down and suck your own penis. Like other positions, this one also requires great flexibility. The seating down position requires you to sit down on a chair, the edge of your bed, or the floor and slowly bend your head down until your mouth reaches your erect dick.

Unlike some methods where your crotch meets you halfway, you don’t have that luxury here. Your head will need to go all the way. You can use your hands to tighten your legs while you suck your penis. The seating position is pretty straightforward and, unsurprisingly, it’s usually recommended for beginners. 

5. The big P

The big P position is another option you can opt for but it’s among the most challenging ones. It requires you to stand up to suck your dick. You’ll need to stand and lower your face until it reaches your erect dick. Then, clasp your hands behind your thighs.

Of course, you won’t be getting any help from your legs here too. Your neck and spine will have to do the job all alone. Always be careful and try to use gravity to lower your head. 

6. Friendly help

If your partner doesn’t mind, you can involve them in your autofellatio adventure. Instead of struggling to bend over yourself, your partner can bend you properly. That will require them to push your head down gently until it reaches your erect dick. Having someone watch as you suck your own dick can even heighten the sensations. 

Safety Advice

As we’ve sought to point out throughout this article, sucking your own dick isn’t without its dangers. Hence, you’ll need to be very careful when performing the exercise. To keep you safe, we’ll discuss some self suck tips below: 

Don’t rush

Rushing to suck your own dick would be a costly mistake. You don’t want to rush and break your neck. You want to bend your neck gently and quickly stop if you feel any kind of pain. If you feel like your neck can’t go further, never force it. Just stop and work more on your flexibility.

Keep phone close

Again, self suck can be a dangerous adventure, especially if you’re not flexible enough or you rush things. Things can even go south when you take the necessary precautions. Therefore, we advise that you keep your phone nearby in case things go wrong so that you can easily call for help. 


Before you suck your dick, get yourself relaxed with a nice warm shower. This move will calm your nerves and get you ready for the exercise that lies ahead. 

Ask for help

Having a partner around can also be a good thing for your safety. They can help you press your back or legs gently and save you from the trouble of doing it yourself. You can tell them to stop immediately you feel pain or sense something going wrong. Never hesitate whenever you sense trouble.

You and your partner can develop safe words or safe signals that can alert them when it’s time to release their hold and get you back to your original position. 

Final Thoughts

If you’ve tried to suck your own penis and it’s always felt impossible, that’s mostly because you didn’t know what to do as you’ve now learned from our self suck tutorial. Even though our guide provides a clear path to suck your dick, the exercise is not as straightforward. Besides working on your flexibility, you may also need to try to increase your penis size if it’s not long enough. 

Learning how to self suck involves different positions. As we explained earlier, some positions are meant for experts while others are ideal for beginners. So, if you’re an autofellatio novice, you’ll do yourself a huge favor by opting for only beginner-friendly positions. Remember to always take our safety precautions to avoid unnecessary trouble. 


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The contorted history of autofellatio.
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