Homemade Penis Stretcher: Cheap Methods to Get Bigger

Thorough instructions to create homemade penis stretcher using common household products and instruments
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Men with large dicks enjoy bragging about them almost as much as they love using them. For those who are smaller in the pants, such talk is something they avoid being involved in, due to the shame they feel in their below-average trouser snake. Luckily, there are ways to alter their natural state into something they’ll want to show off, verbally or otherwise.

Though there are many products available that can help you extend the size of your penis, not everyone can afford them. For these men, a homemade penis stretcher may be the right choice. There are two methods to choose from, so you can build the model you’re most comfortable with. Let’s take a look at the best DIY penis extender options for you to consider.

DIY Penis Stretcher with Bands

A DIY penis stretcher made using bands is the easiest method, requiring only a few materials to create this handy item. It also doesn’t take very long to put the materials together once you’ve located them, though it will take some time to get the penis size you’re looking for. Until then, you can add the best hollow strap-on to your bedroom gear to keep your partner satisfied.

What you’ll need

For this homemade penis extender, the main piece of equipment is the resistance band. These are usually used for strength training for seniors, fitness newcomers, or gym veterans, allowing them to safely build muscle with minimal equipment. The Renoj Resistance Bands include 5 colorful bands, so you can pick the right one for the job.

You’ll also need a belt, a piece of cloth, a long, thin thread, and some adhesive tape. Once you’ve gathered the necessary items, set them out where they are easy to reach and remove all of your clothing.

Step 1: Secure straps

The first step is to secure the belt around your naked waist. It should be tight enough to stay in place but still comfortable.

Step 2: Wrap bands and cloth

Once the belt is on, take hold of the head of your penis. If you’re uncircumcised, do not pull the foreskin back. Keeping a firm hold on your penis with one hand, use the other hand to wrap the resistance band around it twice. Tie the thread around the band to hold it in place, ensuring blood circulation is not restricted. There should be a long end of the string remaining after tying.

Take the cloth and place it against the underside of your penis. Make a fold in the cloth as you continue to wrap the resistance band around. When the band is completely around your penis, use adhesive tape to secure it and the cloth in place.

Step 3: Pull down

Take the long end of the thread and gently pull it and your penis towards your feet. Then run it between your legs and pull it up over your bum, with the thread between your butt cheeks.

Step 4: Secure with Knot

Tie the end of the thread to the belt so it is pulling gently on your penis. Put your underwear back on.

DIY Penis Stretcher with Tubes

The DIY penis stretcher with tubes is a bit more complicated to put together, though it is also more detailed and effective. The finished product looks similar to some of the best penis extenders on the market, so it may be worth the effort.

What you’ll need

For this penis extender, the first thing you’ll need is ¼-inch latex tubing, like the Feelers Natural Latex Rubber Tubing, which is strong and safe to use. You’ll also need 2-inch by 1.5-inch PVC flush bushing and a 2-inch PVC coupling.

Add 2 5/32-inch and 1 4-3/4-inch eye-to-eye turnbuckles, 2 5/32-inch metal nuts, 2 wing nuts, 4 metal washers, 4 5/32 x ¾ inch machine screws, 2 ¼ x ¼ x .02-inch metal springs, and 2 2-1/2-inch gate hook and eyepieces to your supplies. The Zxuezheng 4 pcs 2-inch Cabin Hooks are solid metal and inexpensive, so are good options for this. Rolled Sterile 2-inch gauze and a larger metal paper binder clip are also needed.

There are also some tools required for this homemade penis hanger.  These include a wood saw, metal saw, drill with ¼ and 5/32-inch bits, screwdriver, vise, 60- to 150-grade sandpaper, pliers, file, and scissors.

Step 1: Drill holes in flush bushing

Take your PVC flush bushing and drill a hole about ¾-inch from the bottom on each side. File the inside of the drilled holes, sand them, and then add foam rubber strips to ensure comfortable wear. You can also saw 3/8-inch into the top of the flush bushing to give you more penis room.

Step 2: Modify gate hooks

Take your two gate hooks and remove the screws. Then saw off the hook ends and file the new sawed ends of the gate hooks until they are smooth.

Step 3: Modify machine screws

Using your 5/32-inch machine screws, thread a washer onto each end of your gate hooks, adjusting as needed. Then screw them through the opposing holes in the PVC, ensuring no metal protrudes on either side. Secure the assembly so it is perpendicular to the PVC. Then saw the 2-inch PVC coupling to a length of 1 ¾-inch and cut it vertically to create a half-pipe.

Step 4: Drill holes for rubber latex

Once your half pipe is created, drill a 5/32-inch hole on each side. These should be positioned about ½-inch from the rounded base and 3/8-inch from the sides. Now drill 2 ¼-inch holes ½-inch from the top of the half-pipe, about 3/8-inch apart from each other.

Sand the drilled holes. These will be used to thread the latex tubing through later.

Step 5: Adjust the rest of the details

On each of the ¾-inch machine screws, thread a wing nut and a washer and secure these 2 new assemblies into the 5/32-inch holes previously drilled into the half pipe. Add a small metal washer and spring to the gate hooks while dropping the turnbuckles. If the fit isn’t right, adjust the washers as needed. Then thread the latex tubing through the pipe’s ¼-inch holes, securing them in place using the metal binder clip.

Step 6: Adjust tension

Checking the tension of your homemade penis extender is an important part of the process to ensure it is going to work properly. These devices use tension to help with cell division, which will eventually add the length you’re looking for, so you need to be sure the tension is correct for safe and effective penis stretching.

To begin, thread a string through the 2 ¼-inch holes. The tail should then be threaded through the flush bushing assembly on the tail of the device. When this is done and the tail end of the string is secure, tie a measured weight to the loose end of the string. Begin with a light weight of 1.3 pounds, though you’ll also need 2-, 2.6-, and 3.3-pound weights as well.

Tie the lightest weight to the string. Then hold the homemade penis stretcher in one hand with the weight hanging down.

Take a ruler in your other hand and use it to measure how far the springs stretch. This is the tension of the first weight.

Repeat this process with all of the other weights. When you’ve completed the process, check your results and mark the gate hook on the device with the corresponding weight. This will help you find the right tension when you’re actually using the device for its intended purpose.

Step 7: Use the device

If you’ve fully assembled the device, you’ll need to remove the bushing and turnbuckle end from the half-pipe and tubing end. Take some time to do some manscaping, clearing the area of hair to prevent painful snags while adjusting and wearing the device. You may also want to wrap the glans and coronal groove in 8-inch sterile surgical gauze to reduce pinching and increase comfort when you’re putting the device on.

When this is done and the device is in 2 parts, take the bushing in your hands. Check to make sure the turnbuckles are at their minimum length. When it’s ready to use, slide your penis through the bushing.

Then take the half pipe tubing piece of the device and loop the head of your penis through the tubing. Tighten it carefully by pulling your penis through the device from the other side. Adjust the half-pipe and tubing assembly until you can attach the hooks on the turnbuckle to this piece. Screw the turnbuckles into the machine screws, tightening them slowly to prevent any pinching or discomfort. It could take several minutes to get the two pieces firmly attached without hurting yourself in the process.

When the turnbuckles are screwed securely in place with the machine screws, it’s time to adjust the tension. Turn the turnbuckles, using the markings you made earlier on the gate hooks to adjust the tension to the lowest setting for your first time using the device. A large metal binder clip can also be added to hold the rubber tubing sticking out of the half pipe’s back end out of the way.

For the first few weeks of using the device, keep the tension between 1.3 and 2 pounds. This will help extend the length without causing any damage to your penis. It is recommended to wear the device at this tension between 4 to 6 hours each day.

After about 3 weeks, increase the tension to between 2.6 and 3.3 pounds. You can also increase the wear time to between 8 and 12 hours each day. You can maintain this tension for about 3 to 6 months until you reach your desired length. When wearing the device at any tension, be sure to take 10- to 15-minute breaks every 3 hours.

Safety Advice

Though gradually stretching the penis can increase length, you need to do so safely. Aggressive stretching Trusted Source Penile Extenders Actually Might Work, Doctors Say | Live Science Doctor’s confirm the Andropenis penile extender can increase the flaccid length of a penis by nearly one inch. www.livescience.com can damage your penis permanently, though slowly increasing the tension can have lengthening benefits. You also need to be safe while using it, so one rule is to never sleep with the device on since rolling over could cause injury to your penis.

Wear a hot compress over the device to reduce discomfort. You should also check the color of your glans regularly. If they look blue or begin to feel numb or cold, remove the device. Wait about 10 minutes, ensuring the color and feel return to normal before replacing it.

If you aren’t comfortable with the device you’ve made, you can stick to manufactured items. The best penis sleeves can add length, and even some girth, to give you the size you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

Having a longer penis Trusted Source What size is the average penis? Many scientific researchers have tried to answer the question that males — and females — worldwide want clear information about: What size is the average penis? www.medicalnewstoday.com doesn’t have to be an unfulfillable dream. There are several devices on the market that are designed to add length, giving you a trouser snake that you’ll be proud to show off. Of course, if you want to save a bit of money, you can try either of our homemade penis stretcher designs.

The resistance bands option is easier to make and put on. The tubing model is somewhat more effective, though it is tricky to create for those who aren’t as skilled with the tools required to make it. Either way, with the proper use, you’ll end up with the results you want.


Penile Extenders Actually Might Work, Doctors Say | Live Science
Doctor’s confirm the Andropenis penile extender can increase the flaccid length of a penis by nearly one inch.
What size is the average penis?
Many scientific researchers have tried to answer the question that males — and females — worldwide want clear information about: What size is the average penis?
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