Semen Retention Meaning and Why You Should Try It

In this article, we've explained semen retention meaning in simple terms, highlighted upsides and downsides, and chosen the best techniques to practice
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If you’re confused by the medical terminology, don’t worry. In actuality, semen retention meaning is basically having an erect penis, engaging in sex, not actually ejaculating, but still experiencing an orgasm. For most men, the first reaction to this would be full of pain. After all, one of the best parts of sex is getting to ejaculate. However, there is a reason for practicing semen retention. These reasons include an improvement in sexual pleasure, increasing semen volume, increased physical health, and a mind-body connection. For those who are interested in discovering the benefits of not ejaculating, read on.

What is semen retention

Semen retention is when you don’t ejaculate. While it could refer to if you abstain from sex, more often it refers to having sex, not ejaculating, but still having an orgasm.

Semen retention takes time and practice. It can be hard to control your body, especially as a lifetime of having sex a certain way has conditioned you against it. However, those that have mastered it are quick to point out its benefits.

When did it start?

The practice of semen retention is gaining more popularity right now, mainly because of the internet. Men want to try new sexual techniques and it is easy to access the information to do so. However, engaging in semen retention has existed for centuries.

In fact, there have been many notable figures rumored to have mastered this form of self-control.

Among them include Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla, and Muhammed Ali were all said to engage in semen retention.

Benefits of semen retention

Obviously, there has to be a reason for men to want to practice this immense physical and mental control. In actuality, there are many benefits to semen retention.

Clear mind

When you come across the term semen retention, you will likely see it associated with tantric sex. While there are many aspects to tantric sex, under them all is a wanting to connect deeper with both your own body and your partner’s. Many tantric sex sessions last for hours and semen retention is one of the ways to prolong your lasting power.

Focusing your mind on your body and exercising self-control all you to have a much clearer mind. Instead of only looking at what comes next you can instead focus on what is happening in the here and now.

Better body

Amazingly, not ejaculating results in increased levels of testosterone in men. And with that increased testosterone, more muscle mass can be gained. While you could simply not masturbate or have sex and get reach the same testosterone benefits, engaging in semen retention allows you to have those pleasurable experiences while also maintain a lean body.

The only important note about all this, however, is that semen retention is not some magical exercise that can instantly give you bulging muscles. You still need to work out and eat healthy. The good news, though, is that in addition to a strong workout routine, the increased testosterone in your body will make gaining muscle a lot easier.

Improved mood

There are a lot of chemicals and hormones in the body but some that are among the most coveted are oxytocin and dopamine. Essentially, these are responsible for making you feel better and really, be happier.

After sex, you usually experience a mood boost and most people attribute this to the ending but in reality, it is the state of being aroused that contributes to increased levels of oxytocin and dopamine.

Furthermore, these chemicals can help you feel more confident. In addition to the chemical process, the fact that you know you have practiced and can now engage in semen retention is something that most other men can’t do. That feeling of achievement is something you can always carry with you.

Increased stamina

Lasting long in bed is important. While not every woman wants a partner that can last for hours, more than just a few minutes would be nice. If you find you are having to stop short and work hard to last as long as needed, semen retention may be something to consider.

Men who can orgasm without ejaculating will stay erect for longer. This means that even if you finish but your partner hasn’t you can still work to satisfy their needs.

More orgasms

At first, you might seem like you are wasting the ability to orgasm. But over time, you should be able to orgasm without actually ejaculating. The result of this new power is that you can keep having sex as you will still be erect.

Furthermore, if your partner is willing to keep going, there’s a good chance you will get to experience multiple orgasms. Suddenly sex can look a lot different.

Dangers of sperm retention

The really good news is that there aren’t any known dangers when it comes to sperm retention. Your body won’t suffer and while you may feel frustrated when you first start out, if this is something you want to practice, you will be happy with your perseverance.

How to train for ejaculation abstinence

If you’re expecting to be able to master your ejaculation experiences right away, unfortunately that just won’t happen. The goal of semen retention is experience an orgasm without ejaculating sperm.

Start by practicing your Kegel exercises. If you’re not sure how to do this, start by peeing and then stopping mid-stream. The muscle you use to perform this connects to your pelvic floor muscles.

Now that you know how to flex them, practice doing so whenever you can. Sitting, standing, or walking, simply clench those muscles ten times in a row.

Then it’s time to practice. During intercourse of masturbation, be aware of how your body is reacting. Once you approach an orgasm, squeeze down on your pelvic floor muscles. Keep your eyes open and be aware of what you’re feeling.

Some men have the issue of becoming too in the moment and as a result, instincts take over and they finish too early. While not as common as other devices, hollow strap ons can help create a bit of a buffer between your body and your partner’s. This may be just what you need to last a bit longer so you can really practice controlling your body.

For those practicing by masturbating, consider a realistic toy vagina, like a fleshlight. This will allow you to practice in a life-like setting so your results can be transferred when you have sex with a real woman.

Another good sex toy to think about is a male masturbator. While your hand may be do the job just fine, a stroking, vibrating masturbator will increase the pleasure experience and help you work on fighting the impulse to orgasm too quickly.

Most likely you will not achieve your desired results the first time. However, if you keep practicing you will be able to ride the wave of an orgasm without ejaculating.


Still have questions about semen retention? We’ve got answers.

Where does retracted sperm go?

When practicing semen retention, you might accidentally engage in retrograde ejaculation. This is when you ejaculate but instead of releasing the sperm out of your body, it becomes retracted sperm and enters your bladder. Then, you eventually pee it out.

How long can I practice semen retention?

Practicing this type of discipline is a purely personal matter. If you want it to be a part of a complete lifestyle chance, then you should keep practicing semen retention whenever you can.

There are no side effects, so keep going as long as it is what you want. If you find it’s not really working out for you, don’t be afraid to stop, try again later, or find something that is better for your body.

Can you have sex or masturbate while practicing semen retention?

Definitely. In fact, you will want to practice a lot in order to assert control over your body. If you are masturbating, consider using a more sophisticated, realistic toy. For example, the Dirty Talk Interactive Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator has both vaginal and anal canals and as a real treat will talk dirty to you.

If you want to masturbate with power, you can try the Apollo Hydro Power Stroker. It looks a bit like a bionic arm but thanks to its suction cup base and 30 vibration settings, you can have a real good time trying to master your mind over body techniques.

Final thoughts

The world of sex is really opening up. Men and women are more in control of their bodies and are now looking for ways to enhance their sexual experiences. In addition to the plethora of toys on the market, men are now looking at internal ways to enhance their performance. Once such method is semen retention. Instead of thinking that sex ends with ejaculation, it can now be an act you overcome. Essentially, semen retention meaning allows men to orgasm without producing ejaculate. The result is increased sexual performance, the ability to have multiple orgasms, a stronger physique, and a clearer mind. While some men may be skeptical about the results, when in doubt, try it out. You may find it’s what you’ve been looking for all along.

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