How to Store Sex Toys: Learn the Way to Do It Right

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One of the best ways to spice up things in the bedroom is with the use of sex toys. With enough practice, you can find many different ways to engage with sex toys but what happens when they are not in use? Understanding how to store sex toys is incredibly important. High-end sex toys can be quite expensive as they are made with quality materials that are meant to last for a long time. But without proper storage, these toys can deteriorate, leading to less enjoyment and the need to replace them. We’ll walk you through the important steps and tips to properly store your sex toys. This way, not only will they be ready when you need them, but they’ll last for a lot longer and therefore be a better return on your investment.

Why it is important to store your toys right

Sex toys are constructed in a particular manner so that they feel amazing when in use. Furthermore, their construction means you may have to spend a lot of on the items. Proper storage not only protects the materials but means you don’t have to worry about replacing the items sooner than you would like to.

The problem with storing sex toys is that when they aren’t in use, they are usually forgotten. Furthermore, after using a sex toy, people are normally too tired or distracted to think about cleaning and storing them. However, these steps are incredibly important.

Before you worry too much, though, know that you are not alone. The first step is to realize that sex toy storage is important and the next steps are to understand the best ways to go about it.

Clean it thoroughly first

Yes, you are probably tired after using a sex toy, and yes there are better things to be doing with your time, but cleaning your sex toys is priority number one and must be done before storing.

Sex toys will have remnants of bodily fluids and lube on them. If these are not washed off, harmful bacteria can easily grow. Then, if you use a dirty sex toy on the most sensitive areas of your body, infections can easily happen. We don’t mean to scare you but at the same time, the importance of cleaning your sex toys can’t be overstated.

The good news is that most sex toys don’t require a lot of effort in cleaning. Warm soapy water should be fine for most sex toys including vibrators and dildos. Other toys, such as fleshlights, require more maintenance, but still can be done quite easily.

Get a storage bag/case for each

Each sex toy should be stored on its own. Therefore, you need a special case or bag for each toy. The nice part of this step is that most sex toys do come with their own case, so be sure to keep this for storage.

However, if you have a sex toy that doesn’t have an included case, don’t despair. A cloth bag works best as you can find appropriate, discreet bags in many local stores. Many are advertised for different items, but can still work well for sex toy storage.

You don’t want to store your sex toy in a plastic bag, though. Plastic bags don’t let the items inside breathe, and if there is still a bit of moisture leftover on your sex toy, this can lead to the growth of bacteria. Furthermore, some sex toys can absorb the chemicals found in plastic which not only leads to bad smells but the breakdown of the sex toys themselves. Sex toys made from rubber, silicone, or gelatin, are particularly susceptible to this.

Another alternative is a box. There are even specialty cases that are form fitting for vibrators and other accessories. These cases are especially good for glass dildos as they will protect them from being scratched or even broken.

Finally, if you have small pieces, such as nipple clamps, that are not made from sensitive materials, you can make sure they don’t get lost by storing them in Ziploc bags. This way pieces of a set stay together and nothing gets lost.

Not only do special coverings protect your sex toys from damage but they prevent the accumulation of dust or debris. After spending time properly cleaning your sex toys, the last thing you want to do is have to clean them again before use. Proper storage allows the toys to remain clean so you can use them whenever the mood suits you.

Tag each of your bags

Now that all of your sex toys are in their proper storage bags, it’s time to tag them. You might have quite the collection and if the storage bags or cases are not see-through, it can take a bit of time find what you’re looking for.

To prevent this unnecessary delay in pleasure, take a moment to tag your containers. A simple description is all that is needed. You can either tie a tag on the bag or even put a sticker on it.

Choose a place that is discreet

Sure, there may be some people who take pride in their sexual lives. But most people would feel a bit embarrassed if guests come over and are met with a wall of toys.

To prevent any embarrassment, find a place for your sex toys that is discreet. This should be large enough for your whole collection. While you may need to place various toys in different locations, too many hiding spots means you could potentially forget about certain toys, thus missing out on their enjoyment.

Find a place that is both discreet and easy to access. While the top shelf in your closet is certainly discreet, if it involves having to grab a chair or ladder to access it, you might want to find a different place.

Furthermore, look for a discreet place that can’t be found by small hands. Kids are naturally curious and if a drawer is at their level, they will look in it. Again, to avoid some embarrassment, think about discreet places that kids won’t be naturally drawn to.

Your drawer

One of the most common places to store sex toys is inside a drawer. Whether this is your bedside table or a dresser, drawers are discreet and easy to access.

We mentioned earlier that kids love to open drawers; therefore, if you have young children, you might not want to store your sex toys in a bedside table. A better alternative might be the top drawer of a dresser, perhaps under some clothes.

If you’re on your own, then the bedside table is ideal as you can quickly grab your sex toy when needed and it is easy to store it afterwards.

Shoe box

If you have multiple sex toys, then you probably want to store them in the same place. A shoe box is simple and ideal for this.

While your sex toys should be stored in individual bags or cases, once they are protected, you can place them in the same box.

A shoe box has the added benefit of being incredibly discreet as it isn’t see-through. It can easily hide its contents and if you have guests over, they won’t think twice of seeing an old shoe box under the bed.

The only thing to consider is that you might forget where your sex toys are stored. A label won’t make the box discreet anymore, but the last thing you want is to donate a seemingly old pair of shoes that is really your collection of sex toys.

Do not store the toys together

While you can definitely store your sex toys in the same area, they should absolutely not be stored in the same bag or case. In fact, sex toys that are stored together so that they are touching have a very high chance of becoming ruined. This is because materials like rubber and silicone can actually melt if placed together. And, because sex toys are contoured in a specific way, having any parts of them melt or become disfigured can really impact the sensations they are supposed to produce.

Again, as long as each sex toy is stored in its own specific case of bag, then this won’t be an issue. A simple bit of organization is all you need to keep your sex toys lasting for a long time.

Final thoughts

Part of having an active and pleasurable sex life is the inclusion of sex toys. And while these are no doubt fun, they do require some upkeep. Quality sex toys are made with sensitive materials and they can be quite the investment. Proper storage maintains the construction and prolongs the life of sex toys. Knowing how to store sex toys is fairly easy as long as you remember to first clean them thoroughly. Then, place each individual toy in a cloth bag or special case. Finally, find a discreet place for your sex toys. It should be hidden but still easily accessible. Following these simple steps will result in you being ready for fun at any time.

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