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Last updated: May 08, 2024

Aneros Vice 2 Review: Prostate Massager that Can Surprise You (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: May 08, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Single men
  • Couples
  • Intermediate and advanced users
  • Prostate massage
Main features:
  • Multiple vibration settings
  • Dual motors
  • Ergonomic remote control
  • USB rechargeable
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Those looking for a high-quality prostate massager may want to check out the Aneros Vice 2, which is the upgraded version of the original Vice toy. Aneros accomplished this by adding a bit of extra length, magnetic charging, and multiple vibration patterns and speeds to an already fantastic toy. Of course, there is a lot more to the Vice 2 than those few extra features, so if you’re not sure what this toy has to offer, check out our Aneros Vice 2 review to see everything you get with this amazing toy.


Our #9 pick for the best prostate massager
Our #2 pick for the best aneros


Total length
5 x 1.3 in
Tip width
1.3 in
Mid-ridge width
1.3 in
Insertable length
4.4 in
Vibration patterns
Working time
50 hours
Charging time
90 min

The Aneros Vice 2 prostate massager may look similar to many of the other toys that this brand has to offer, though it is one-of-a-kind in its functions and results. It has a wide array of fantastic features that make it one of Aneros’ top-selling toys. Let’s take a look at what the Vice 2 has to offer.

Aneros Prostate Massager Overview

Aneros Trusted Source Our Company – Aneros Since 2000, the Aneros Company has been dedicated to bringing our customers unique, effective sexual aids that promote health as well as pleasure, led by our patented line of hands-free Aneros Prostate Stimulators. has been in business since 2000, creating new and innovative sex toys that stand out among the rest of the usual toys on the market. Their most popular and unique models are their safe and effective hands-free prostate simulators, like the Aneros Vice 2. This model takes this brand’s pleasure devices to a whole new level, thanks to the upgraded features that have been added to increase comfort and stimulation for all users.

Vice vs Vice 2

Aneros Vice 2 is a perfect upgrade to a previous model – it takes all the favorite features of its predecessor to a whole new level

The Vice and Vice 2 models from Aneros have several identical features, including the combination of silicone and ABS materials used to make them, the tip width, and the hands-free use. There are also several features that have been upgraded to make the Vice 2 somewhat more convenient and enjoyable to use.

First off, the Vice 2 has an insertable length and P-tab distance that are both slightly longer than the original. It can also be charged using a magnetic USB charge cord, while the Vice uses a battery to power the vibrating bullet.

The Vice only has 3 vibration patterns to pick from, while the Vice 2 includes 18 patterns and 4 speeds for you to scroll through for the most enjoyable experience possible. The Vice also lacks a remote control, while the Vice 2 includes a rechargeable wireless remote for both hands-free use and some exciting couple’s play.

The only downside to the Vice 2 is that it is somewhat more expensive than the original Vice model from Aneros. Of course, with all the extras that the upgraded model has to offer, it is worth the extra cost.


How a sex toy is constructed will determine many factors. These can include how comfortable the toy is, how you can use it, and how long it will last, even if you’re using it every day. Let’s take a look at what the Aneros Vice 2 offers in terms of construction.

Dimensions and weight

The Aneros Vice 2 is about 5 inches in length when measured from the very tip to the end of the base. It has a wavy design, though, at its thickest points, which include the tip and the middle area, it is about 1.3 inches wide.

This is a good size for those with intermediate or advanced experience when it comes to anal play but it may be too large for first-timers. If you are new to using these types of toys, it may be better to start with a slimmer model and work your way up to the Vice 2. You can check our list of the best anal stretchers if you feel you want to take in more.

As for the weight of this prostate massager, it is extremely light at only 0.24 pounds. Not only does this make it more comfortable to wear, but it also allows you to have longer play sessions with it.


There are several types of material that can be used to make sex toys, though some of them are better choices than others. This is mainly due to the chemicals that are used to create some of those materials, like rubber, jelly, and PVC.

Luckily, the Vice 2 doesn’t use any of these materials, sticking to the safer options. On the inside of this toy is ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and non-porous, so it is completely safe to use, plus it is cheap to manufacture. This piece is molded for the most ergonomic and pleasurable design possible.

Over the ABS plastic is a thick layer of medical-grade silicone. This material is high-quality, silky-soft, and non-porous, so it feels great and is easy to clean without the risk of any moisture absorption. The smooth finish helps the toy glide in easily with the use of the proper lubricant for the most comfortable experience possible.

Insertable length and width

Aneros Vice 2 is a rather thick toy with 4.4 inches of insertable length and curvy shaft

The insertable length of a toy refers to how much of it actually ends up inside of you during use. Though the Aneros Vice 2 is 5 inches long, only 4.4 inches of that toy is inserted into your anal cavity. Though this is a fine length for those experienced with sex toys of this type, it may be a bit too much for beginners to handle.

As we mentioned above, the width of this toy is about 1.3 inches at its widest points, which include the tip and the middle area of the toy, though the area between these two thicker sections is a bit thinner. Again, this is a great thickness for those with some experience in anal play looking for a fantastically full feeling, though it may be too much for beginners to handle. It may be a good idea to work your way up to this model if you’re not used to using these types of toys.


Waterproofing is a handy feature since it allows you to get a toy wet without worrying about any damage to the materials, motors, or any of the other parts of the device. Unfortunately, the Aneros Vice 2 isn’t completely waterproof, so you can’t submerge it in water during showers or baths, or when you’re cleaning it after use. This toy is splash-proof, though, so you can get it wet when needed, which helps when you’re washing the excess lube or fluids off of it after every session.

Lube compatibility

Aneros Vice 2 is compatible with most of the water-based lubricants that ensure smooth insertion

There are three main types of lubricant that can be used with sex toys, though they aren’t all compatible with the devices and other sexual aids that you’re using. A silicone-based lubricant is a popular choice since it is slick and smooth, plus it doesn’t dry out very quickly. The downside to this type is that it reacts with silicone materials, breaking down the surface of the material over time.

Oil-based lubricant is another option that lasts for a long time, reducing the need for reapplication, and has a slippery-smooth feel to it. This lube isn’t perfect, though, since the oil isn’t compatible with the latex material used for condoms, so if you’re trying to be safe, this is the wrong choice. It does work well for the use of sex toys, though, especially those designed for anal sex.

The best lubricant of them all is water-based since this won’t react to any of the materials of your toys or protective gear. It is water-soluble, which means that it may not last as long as the other two, though it is much easier to clean off of the toys when you’re finished with them. Aneros Sessions is a good option for water-based lube since it is hypoallergenic, won’t stain, and is free of glycerin, parabens, fragrances, and flavors, plus it comes in 2 sizes, so you can get as much as you need.


Performance is another factor that should be considered when choosing a new sex toy, no matter what it’s used for. The details in the following sections cover how easy the toy is to use and how much fun you’ll have once you put it to work.


One of the first things people look at in a new prostate massager is the stimulation it offers. The Vice 2 by Aneros is one of the more powerful models this brand has to offer in this area. It contains 2 strong motors that allow you to cycle through the many vibration and speed options to give you the perfect amount of stimulation for the most amazing results possible.

The curves of the toy also work to increase stimulation, thanks to the ergonomic design that hits both the prostate and the perineum simultaneously. This raises the pleasure levels even more. Of course, this toy is best used when you’re lying down to ensure the toy is sitting right and making you feel good rather than uncomfortable.

Vibration patterns and speeds

The original Aneros Vice only had 3 vibration patterns to choose from, which is fine for a starter model. The upgraded Vice 2 added 6 times the vibration patterns for a total of 18 to pick from, plus 4 speed options are included for even more stimulation than you ever thought possible. When combined, you can create up to 72 different pleasure combinations, making it almost impossible to fail to reach orgasm Trusted Source Prostate-induced orgasms: A concise review illustrated with a highly relevant case study Current medical literature does not describe precisely the activation and mechanisms of prostate orgasms. This brief review describes what we know about the anatomy and physiology of the prostate and its involvement in reproduction and especially its stimulation for sexual recreation. It is illustrated with a highly relevant case history. once this toy is powered on.

There is even a joy button on the remote control that includes an on-demand vibration, plus allows you to tap out any pattern that you like to ensure the most amazing experience and an explosive finish.

Remote control

Aneros Vice 2 offers a convenient remote control that allows to change vibration patterns and intensities without touching the toy

One handy addition that you’ll find with the Vice 2 is the remote control. Though there are buttons right on the toy that you can use to power it on or change the vibration pattern or speed, it can be tricky to reach those buttons when the toy is inserted inside of you. You could end up hitting the wrong button and throwing off the whole session.

The remote prevents such issues since it places the buttons right in your hand. They are easier to feel and manipulate, with the arrows that let you alter the vibes and the joy button changing the intensity or letting you tap out your own pattern. Keep in mind that there is no power button on the remote control, so you still need to press the power button on the device to get it running.

The design of the remote control is nice, due to the ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in your hand. The fact that it is wireless also allows you to hand off control to your partner, letting them tease and tantalize you from a distance. It has a range of 25 feet, they can even be in another room while stimulating you as they see fit.


Comfort is as important in a sex toy as pleasure and durability, so it’s a good idea to check out how a brand handles this feature when choosing a new toy for your collection. The Aneros Vice 2 has several comfort features built into the toy.

The first is the design of the toy, which has those ergonomic contours that fit your body nicely, hitting those sensitive areas perfectly. The flared base helps with the dual stimulation, plus it holds the toy firmly in place. The material also ensures comfort when using this toy, especially the soft, silky silicone that slides in smooth and feels fantastic against your skin.

Ease of use

How easy a toy is to use is another important consideration when picking one out since a toy that you can’t get the hang of won’t be fun to use. The Vice 2 doesn’t come with a very detailed manual, though it isn’t that hard to figure out how to use it. The tip of the toy has a slight curve to it, which should be pointed to the front of your body. You will also need to add plenty of lubricant before inserting it to ensure it slides in smoothly.

The remote is also easy to use since it only has three buttons to work with. There is little chance of hitting the wrong button when you’re in the middle of your session. The buttons on the toy are the only tricky part of the toy since they are out of sight when you’re using it. It can be hard to find the right one when you have to feel around between your legs to alter the settings, though not impossible if you have to use those buttons.


How you maintain a toy is something to consider when you’re purchasing it since not all toys are as easy to care for as others. Let’s take a look at the maintenance required for the Aneros Vice 2.


Aneros Vice 2 can be rinsed under warm water but we do not recommend having it wet for a long time

Cleaning the Aneros Vice 2 isn’t the most difficult task for a few reasons. First, the toy is splash-proof, so you can get it wet when washing it, though it can’t be submerged without risking damage to the toy. This makes it easy to wipe and rinse after each use.

The silicone material also helps with the cleaning process since this material isn’t porous, so it won’t absorb moisture. Any fluids or lubricants that collect on the toy will stay on the outside, making them easy to remove when your session is over.

Using a water-based lubricant makes the toy easy to clean as well since this type of material washes away easily. There won’t be any greasy residue left behind, though this does mean that you may need to use extra lube and reapply during a particularly long session. Cleanup is a breeze when using this type of lube, though, since it won’t collect and stick to the toy.

When cleaning the Vice 2, all you need is some gentle soap and water to get it clean. You can use antibacterial soap if you like or even a dedicated toy cleaner. You can also wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth as well or just use your hands to wipe it clean.


The compact size of the Aneros Vice 2 makes it relatively easy to store when you’re not using it. It can be tucked into a drawer, under your bed, or on a closet shelf until you’re ready to use it. It also fits nicely into any bag if you want to take your toy with you when traveling for work or vacations. The downside is that there is no storage box or bag included with the toy, so you may want to purchase one separately to keep the toy clean and dust-free between uses.


Though the Aneros Vice 2 is a fantastic prostate massager, it may not be the right choice for everyone. Luckily, there are several other options available, so you can choose one of the best prostate massagers on the market to give you the pleasure and comfort you’re looking for. The following three are just a few of the top models for you to consider.

Aneros Helix Syn V

Aneros Helix Syn V is a perfect beginner option, this compact toy offers 8 vibration patterns to choose from

The Helix Syn V is another one of Aneros’ prostate massagers, with a shorter insertable length of 3.75 inches and a slimmer design that makes it more beginner-friendly. It has a rigid design, though the silicone cover is soft and silky to ensure high levels of comfort.

This toy has fewer settings to pick from than the Vice 2 since there are only 8 patterns and 3 intensity levels available but these offer amazing stimulation and exciting finishes. This toy also has the benefit of being fully waterproof, so you can take it into the shower or tub with you for even more usage options.

Another great feature that the Aneros Helix Syn V has to offer is the rechargeable battery, which gives you 180 minutes of pleasure on a full charge. It’s a USB charge cord, so you can plug it into a computer or power bank, though you can’t plug it into an outlet unless you purchase an adapter separately.

Lelo Hugo

Lelo Hugo is a high-quality prostate massager that can be controlled via convenient remote

The Lelo Hugo is a mid-sized prostate massager that is quite versatile, allowing you to use it for solo play or as a stimulation device when you’re with a partner, enhancing the pleasure. It has a contoured design that hits both your P-spot and perineum at the same time for dual pleasure. The silicone material is soft and silky, increasing comfort for an even better experience.

This toy includes dual motors for double the power, increasing the intensity of the vibrations. There are 6 pre-programmed vibe patterns to pick from, so you can scroll through them as you see fit. The Hugo also includes a SenseMotion remote control, which has an interesting feature not found on most other brands. As you use the toy, every squeeze of the remote control in your hand alters the vibration, reacting to every movement you make for a unique experience.

Lovense Edge 2

Lovense Edge 2 is another option for experienced users with its bulbous tip and intense vibrations

Though the Lovense Edge 2 is a firm, rigid toy with a curved, bulbous tip for a stimulating prostate massage, it has a feature that many other models lack. This is the adjustable internal arm, which you can move however needed to ensure the toy fits your body for the most amazing sensations possible. The silicone material used for the Edge 2 is smooth and soft, increasing the comfort even more.

There are 3 speeds and 4 patterns built into the toy, plus you can sync it to the app to create customized patterns to drive you wild or add music to create your own session playlist. This rechargeable toy has a runtime of 100 minutes and includes a magnetic USB charge cord to ensure it’s always ready to go when you are. The Edge 2 is submersible as well, increasing its versatility and giving you even more play options to pick from.

  • High-quality soft silicone
  • Hands-free use
  • Interactive joy button
  • Multiple simulation options
  • Noisy, especially on higher settings
  • Not fully waterproof


The Aneros Vice 2 is the upgraded version of the original model and though it shares many of the same features, the improvements make the new model well worth the added cost. Though firm and rigid, the soft silicone combined with the ergonomic design ensures lasting comfort. The multiple settings and interactive joy button increase the pleasure and the addition of the remote control ensure hands-free use and stimulating solo or couple’s play.


Our Company – Aneros
Since 2000, the Aneros Company has been dedicated to bringing our customers unique, effective sexual aids that promote health as well as pleasure, led by our patented line of hands-free Aneros Prostate Stimulators.
Prostate-induced orgasms: A concise review illustrated with a highly relevant case study
Current medical literature does not describe precisely the activation and mechanisms of prostate orgasms. This brief review describes what we know about the anatomy and physiology of the prostate and its involvement in reproduction and especially its stimulation for sexual recreation. It is illustrated with a highly relevant case history.
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