How to Use the Rose Toy to Get Breathtaking Orgasm

Enjoy a simple yet effective new way to get an orgasm unlike any other with this innovative toy. Find out how it works and what makes it so special!
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If you’re looking for the best orgasm that money can buy, you might just want to learn how to use the rose toy. This sweet rose is the perfect simulator for all the right places, and it’s even shaped to look like a rose. This design allows you to take it anywhere with you and no one will even know what it is unless they help you put it to use. It’s a very focused toy, designed to perfection with just the right amount of sucking technology to give focused attention to your clitoris and bring you to the brink of ecstasy over and over again.

Keep reading to learn more about using the rose flower toy for the best results and know all the tips to have the most pleasurable experience. It’s simple and easy and always promises a delectable time!

What Is the Rose Toy?

The rose toy is a clitoral stimulation toy that uses air pulse and pressure technology to suck on the glans head of the clitoris.

There are multiple different types of rose toys out there. But we are specifically referring to how to use the rose toy for women that was designed for clitoral stimulation. It’s a small, lovely red rose that has a small hole in the center. This is just the head of the rose, with no attached stem or anything. It’s small but perfect to fit in the palm of your, or your lover’s, hand. At the center of the rose is a small hole, and that’s where the magic really happens.

This is not your average red rose, although you’re certainly going to feel some of the passion that red roses represent Trusted Source The Meaning, Symbolism and History of Red Roses Fresh Flowers Deep red roses convey deep emotions, a bright red rose means romance a red rosebud symbolizes young love. Know the different meanings behind red roses here. . It’s really easy to use and loaded with a sucking technology that gives focused concentration directly to your clit. It’s bound to make your toes curl with 7 different settings and long-lasting battery life. It’s so much more than the best finger vibrators. The focal point of this toy is the sucking motion. It’s not an oral replacement, but it tantalizes your most sensitive area and brings you to the brink over and over again. It’s highly recommended by TikTok influencers right now, also.

How Does the Rose Sex Toy Work?

The rose offers a sucking sensation via the spout-shaped feature that wraps around your clitoris at the top of the toy.

If you know how to use the rose sex toy right, you’re going to have a much better experience with it. It’s great to use for foreplay but also when you just want to experience a really intense orgasm. It’s a focalized toy, so it’s not really like your average toy, like the best quiet vibrator you have in that bedside drawer. Aside from the viral reviews on TikTok, the rose toy has taken the world by storm with hashtags and tons of feedback. It’s really good for that focused attention.

It’s really easy to use. The hardest part is finding the right spot. Once you get your placement down, you will be good to go. More on that later.

The toy works with a simple on and off button that you can press to activate. When you want to try or utilize a different setting, you just give one click to the same button, and you have 7 different functions to choose from. They range from slow and steady to really intense. You get to pick your poison, and of course, you can always play around with the settings or mix it up at will. They aren’t just speed settings here. There are different patterns and intensities, so choose what works for you at that moment. Or you can keep it exciting and try different settings every single time. That’s your call.

When using the rose toy, you will place it on your clit, finding the sensitive area. You can use it in other areas too, but this is what it was designed for. When powered on, the hole in the center produces varying suction motions that are focused wherever you place the toy. The toy is made up of a composition of body-safe silicone Trusted Source What to know about using silicone for skin Silicone has various uses in skin care products. Certain creams and moisturizers contain silicone, which can promote hydration and smooth fine lines. as well as ABS plastic Trusted Source ABS Plastic Properties Advantages Of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS plastic is an amazing plastic with tons of properties such as strength and toughness, which makes this an ideal material to use for wall sockets and LEGO bricks. .

This toy doesn’t require any batteries to operate. It recharges with its own internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a simple charging cord. The battery lasts for a lot of hours, so you can just charge it occasionally when needed, depending on how much you’re using it and for how long. It’s not a waterproof toy, but it is splash-resistant, so cleaning it won’t be overly difficult. We will provide some cleaning tips later in this guide.

For now, let’s talk about best practices for how to use the rose toy for women.

How to Use the Rose Toy for Women: Instruction

It seems pretty straightforward to operate the rose toy, but there are a few tips that will help you get the best results. Of course, you can do all the teasing, tantalizing, and extending the foreplay that you want. These instructions are primarily designed to help you learn how specifically to use the functions and know where to place and hold the toy. Sometimes the little details can make a big difference, which is where these helpful instructions might be necessary for you.

First of all, we want to say don’t fall for the cheaper knock-offs. You may be placing yourself in an unsafe position by doing so. You might also be royally disappointed when you get this highly-rated toy that doesn’t seem to work well despite your best efforts. There are tons of knock-offs out there that were placed on the market because of the viral reviews from TikTok that made the rose toy such a popular product. Lovehoney also has a similar product that works well, but theirs was also created after the trend began.

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Here is a quick overview of the steps for how to use the rose toy.

  1. Use a lubricant if you like. This is optional, but if you are using lubricant, apply that to the toy first. You can apply it on the suction hole as well as the petals to make your play more exciting.
  2. Determine whether you want to play and appreciate the full scope of the toy or just get right to it. More on play options are below.
  3. The petals are gentle and stimulating, particularly if you’ve already turned on the toy. It begins vibrating so you can move it around and tease yourself before the focused sucking attention on your clit.
  4. When ready, move the suction area directly over your clit. Change the patterns or settings to that of your liking.
  5. Enjoy an amazing orgasm.
  6. Don’t forget to clean it!

There are some tips you have to be mindful of when using the toy. If you get overly excited and apply excessive pressure, this might actually cause the toy to stop or turn off. It can apparently get overstimulated as well. It just needs a moment. If this happens, just back off for a second and turn it right back into action! It’s just a small hitch, but since you know about it, maybe you can work that into your teasing delight. This is less likely to happen with high-quality toys like the one we shared above.

The toy does vibrate while it’s applying the suction motion, so you will feel stimulation in surrounding areas that are touched by the toy. This is also where you can integrate the foreplay that we mentioned earlier as well. If you turn the toy on, you will feel steady vibrations. You can use the rose petals to tease the clit, as well as areas around the clit, before you set it up for the focused suction pleasure experience. This can draw it out or help you get warmed up and ready for action too.

There are 7 completely different settings. They are all unique in some way. Some of them have patterned movements, while others produce more intense feelings for your most sensitive parts. You can play around, change it up, or find your favorite. You’re likely to reach orgasm mode quickly unless, of course, you purposefully draw it out for yourself.

Don’t forget to clean the toy. You can find tips for cleaning and maintenance below.

Additional Ways to Add Pleasure with the Rose Toy

If you’re looking for some other ways to change it up and get more excitement out of the experience, try adding one of the best vibrating butt plugs to your pleasure time. This will increase stimulation and make this experience more closely resemble oral sex with vibrations and added sensations. If you want to stay on the same theme as the rose petal, consider this popular red rose butt plug. It’s stunning in appearance and will work wonders in adding more play and stimulation to your total experience. It’s just another way to add excitement.

You can use the rose toy with lubricants as well. It’s best to use a water-based lubricant for this purpose, so oils don’t break down your silicone. Try lubricants that add heat or other intensities like tingling to

How to Maintain the Toy Properly: Tips

Clean the rose toy with fragrance-free soap or special sex toy cleaner, dry it off with a soft towel, and keep it out in the open.

Maintaining and caring for sex toys like the rose toy is very important. When it’s not cleaned and stored properly, you leave yourself exposed to bacteria and the possibility of infection. It’s simply not worth the risk to have to deal with discomfort or even unsafe conditions down there, right? Whether you use lubricant or just enjoy the pleasure free, you still have to clean the toy. Here’s how!

  1. Use a toy cleaner, toy cleaning wipes, warm water, and gentle antibacterial soap.
  2. Lather the petals around the suction hole, and then rinse or clean them right away with warm water. Be sure you don’t get soap down inside the hole, and get it well rinsed too.
  3. Pat the rose toy dry or allow it to air dry completely.
  4. Place in a toy bag or another safe and clean storage space until next time.

It’s best to clean the toy right after use. Never put it away for storage while it is still wet. If you follow these simple steps and tips for care, your toy will last much longer overall and be more reliable for a long time to come. We also want to point out that you should only use silicone-friendly lubricant with the toy. If you use an oil-based lubricant, it can wear down the silicone and negatively affect your impression of the toy or how long it lasts.

Pros and Cons of the Rose Toy

Much like any other toy out there, the rose toy isn’t 100% perfect. Your own experience very well may depend on which roes toy you buy. Be sure to watch out for the cheap ones that are mentioned as being loud and not very strong. As long as you buy a quality rose toy, the pros outweigh the cons, at least in our humble opinion. It’s up to you to determine whether the toy will provide the stimulation needs that you are looking for. If nothing else, that elegant rose design will likely snag your interest! Take a look at these pros and cons for a quick recap of the best things about the toy.


  • Clitoral suction and simulation
  • The petals add more play
  • Vibrates and suctions on a minimum of 7 different patterns
  • Easy to use and experience pleasure
  • Discreet and simple to carry with you wherever you want to go
  • Rechargeable with a cord
  • Beautiful, discreet rose design


  • There are some unreliable models out there, so be careful of choosing cheap knockoffs
  • The suction might stop or pause if you get too excited
  • Not waterproof but is splash resistant


Every person is different and has very different physical needs when it comes down to it. Overall, the rose toy is a great little gadget, and we would recommend it for foreplay, self-play, or simply enjoying a really great orgasm. This guide for how to use the rose toy is meant to help you achieve the best orgasm, but you know your body best. Play around with the settings and functions to figure out what works for you or you and your partner for enjoyment. Don’t forget the cleaning and care tips as well to keep you safe so you can enjoy your toy for a very long time to come (pun intended).


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Deep red roses convey deep emotions, a bright red rose means romance a red rosebud symbolizes young love. Know the different meanings behind red roses here.
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Silicone has various uses in skin care products. Certain creams and moisturizers contain silicone, which can promote hydration and smooth fine lines.
ABS Plastic Properties Advantages Of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
ABS plastic is an amazing plastic with tons of properties such as strength and toughness, which makes this an ideal material to use for wall sockets and LEGO bricks.
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