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Last updated: April 26, 2024

Lovense Gush Review: Overflow of Sensations (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: April 26, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for
  • Glans massage
  • Partnered play
  • Solo use
  • Long-distance play
Key features:
  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Tightness band
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  • Cleaning 9.5
  • Use time 9.7
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Your glans is unquestionably a very sensitive part of your penis that needs stimulating for sexual pleasure. But touching it with your fingers won’t elicit as much excitement as using a hands-free vibrator like the Lovense Gush. As you’ll read in our Lovense Gush review, this sex toy is a flexible glans massager for all penis sizes.

Additionally, the pleasure device provides a wide range of sensations thanks to its multiple vibration patterns. As if that wasn’t enough, it gives you the luxury of hands-free pleasure and stroking play. And don’t get us talking about the Lovense Gush masturbator’s classy design. Keep reading and learn all about this effective sex toy.

Main features

Our #7 pick for the best lovense reviews


Overall dimensions
3.39 x 2.05 in
Vibrations patterns
Intensity levels
Noise level
75 dB max
Working time
2 hrs
Charging time
1.5 hrs
Waterproof rate
1-year limited

Lonvense Masturbator Overview

The Lovense masturbator is designed to give penis owners a lovely time anytime they need it. It boasts a design that is not only elegant and classy but also compact. Most impressively, the device is adjustable and inclusive; it fits anyone. This masturbator is a sex toy you can carry in your small handbag, and no one will know what you have inside; it’s that compact!
Lastly, it comes with a one-year warranty that protects your investment.

How it works

Lovense Gush comes with accessories for first-time use, like a penis band that hold the erection longer

The Lovense masturbator is designed to give users two different play options. You can opt for the hands-free experience by keeping your hands off the masturbator, as it stimulates your glans with its vibrations. This option can leave your hands free to work on your partner or other body parts.
Alternatively, you can stroke the Lovense masturbator up and down your penis at your preferred speed if you want more intense sensations. And there’s an included optional band that you can use to increase the intensity and tightness of the sex toy whether you use it hands-free or not.
Moreover, the Lovense masturbator offers distinct sensations thanks to its various vibration patterns and intensity levels. You can cycle through the many vibration settings with the single button on the device, but it’s not the most convenient choice; the Lovense Remote app is. The Lovense masturbator is compatible with the app and enhances ease of use.
Apart from easing control, the Lovense Remote allows your masturbator to deliver unlimited sensations with countless vibration patterns. Essentially, you can hardly predict the sensations you’ll get from the Lovense masturbator when you use the app. And if that wasn’t enough, the app lets your partner control your masturbator from anywhere in the world.
Additionally, the Lovense masturbator features a rechargeable battery that offers a generous runtime. You can always count on the device to please you for an entire session uninterrupted. I

t’s also worth mentioning that this masturbator is waterproof, making it suitable for limitless play options alone or with a partner.

Frankly, only a few male masturbators might be better than the Lovense Gush. It all depends on your preference. Want to see some top options? Check our list of the best male masturbators.

How to Connect to Lovense App

We’ve hinted at what the Lovense Remote app can do, but that’s just scratching the surface. The app’s intuitiveness is almost unrivaled, and we’ll tell you all about it below.

Pairing device

Lovense Gush is compatible with Lovense app that can help you or your partner control the toy

Connecting the Lovense Gush masturbator to the Lovense Remote app takes about one minute. Download the app from your smartphone’s app store. Before you open it, press the button on your Gush sex toy for three seconds until its indicator light starts blinking, and it will be visible to the app.
Then, open the app and tap the “link” icon on the top right of your screen. Your screen will display “My Toys” and ask you to add a toy. Click the “+” inside the circle, and the app will ask you to turn on your Bluetooth if it’s not already on. Afterward, it will begin searching for your masturbator. The app typically finds the sex toy in seconds.
When the Lovense Remote app finds your masturbator, the name “Gush” will appear on your screen. Click the toggle icon to select/de-select your toy (pink is selected, and grey is de-selected). Then, tap “Done” on the top right of your screen to complete the connection.

Choosing patterns

You can pick the right pattern or setting right from the screen of your smartphone

The Lovense Remote app gives you easy access to vibration patterns. Tap “My Patterns” on the app’s homepage, and you’ll find four preprogrammed patterns. These patterns work like your music players. You’ll find different control options when clicking on any patterns.
Each pattern has a default runtime of 1:30 minutes, but you can let it repeat itself, move to the next pattern, or shuffle it by tapping the shuffle icon (usually present on music apps) on the extreme left of your screen. You can also pause or move to the next/previous pattern with one tap of your screen. You’ll find “Speed” on this tab. Tap the option, and you’ll see five different speed levels you can choose from.
Furthermore, the Lovense Remote app offers access to countless vibration patterns other users have created. Tap the “Discover” tab on the homepage to discover those patterns. Click “Patterns,” and you’ll find various options to download. Download your favorite options, which will stay in your playlist for future use.
This way, you can never run out of vibration patterns; there’ll always be something new for every session.

Custom programs

Lovense app allows you to create stimulation patterns by personal preferences and save those programs n memory for re-using

Since you can download the vibration patterns others have created, you can create your own. The Lovense Remote app lets you create and save up to ten of your own patterns. To create patterns, go to “My Patterns” and tap the “+” icon enclosed in a box above “Create Pattern.”
Your screen will display a tab with a pink floating slider. You can choose two options to use the slider; loop and float. When you move the slider randomly, the “loop” option keeps the movement going as long as you want. In contrast, the “float” option needs you to keep moving the slider until you’re done.
Once satisfied with what you’ve created, tap “Done” on the top right corner of your screen. Then, write a name for the pattern and save it. Press the “…” icon next to your saved patterns, and you’ll see options to let you share, rename, delete, and add to playlist. Use the functions as you deem fit.

Partner connection

You can pick the partner you to give device’s control to, such invitation to a personal party will excite anyone

The Lovense Remote app’s excellence transcends making control seamless; it also lets you give control of your Gush masturbator to your partner. This is a perfect feature for long-distance couples. Thankfully, securing a connection is straightforward. Tap the “Long Distance” tab below your screen on the homepage. It will ask you to log in or sign up if you don’t have a Lovense account.
Sign in to the app and ask your partner to do the same. Then, press the “+” button on the top right of your screen to add your partner. Write in their unique username, and they’ll get a request to accept your invite. Of course, both of you must have a good internet connection to connect your apps.
Once you’ve secured a connection, tap the “+” icon on the bottom right of your partner’s chat window, and you’ll see all the “play” options. Ask your partner to tap the “Live” button for the app to take them to the control tab. Their screen will display the same tab as when you want to create a new vibration pattern. They can move the slider as they want to control your Gush masturbator’s vibrations and speed.
You can text your partner via the chat window or video chat while they control your toy. There’s no better feeling than knowing they please you even though they’re not physically around.

Music syncing

Lovense Gush can vibrate to your favorite music beats, just turn something spicy on

Music syncing is among the functions on the Lovense Remote app’s homepage. Tap the “Music” tab, and you’ll see the songs in your music library. Unfortunately, the app no longer syncs with Spotify.
Since September 1, 2022, the music streaming app has discontinued support for third-party apps, including the Lovense Remote app. So, the app only syncs to music on your phone’s library. Play any song you like, and your Lovense Gush masturbator will vibrate to it.
Click on the song you’re using to control its sensitivity. You can also record and automatically save the song to “My Patterns” by tapping the grey circle icon on the extreme right of your screen, just above the sensitivity slider.


We can’t have a complete Gush Lovense review without discussing the sex toy’s construction. Therefore, this section explores various features that make up the masturbator’s construction.


The Lovense Gush masturbator is made with two materials. A high-quality ABS plastic is used to create the Lovense nameplate on the toy’s body. The rest of the vibrator’s body is covered with soft silicone.
Besides feeling pleasant on the skin, the silicone material is also body-safe, thanks to the absence of harmful substances like phthalates and latex in its construction. Although there is no consensus on the adverse effects of phthalates, there’s no doubt about latex being harmful. Latex allergy is known to cause itchy skin and hives or anaphylaxis Trusted Source Latex allergy - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic Latex allergy is a reaction to certain proteins found in natural rubber latex, a product made from the rubber tree. If you have a latex allergy, your body mistakes latex for a harmful substance. , a potentially life-threatening condition.
So, it’s a good thing that the Lovense Gush doesn’t contain these harmful additives.

Overall dimensions

One of the first noticeable features of the Lovense Gush masturbator is its compact design. The overall dimensions are perfect. The toy is only 3.39 inches long and 2.05 inches wide. This compact size fits nicely in your hand when you make a fist, and you can conveniently masturbate with the masturbator. The device is also small enough to put in a traveling bag and bring on vacation.


Lovense Gush is a flexible toy that can gently yet firmly wrap around the penis or head

The Lovense Gush masturbator’s ability to fit any penis size is one of its best features. That ability is due to the toy’s flexible design. At first glance, you can tell that the masturbator is shaped like a slap bracelet. The Gush’s flexibility makes it easy to wear. The device expands to take in your penis and contracts to your size to ensure that the vibrations hit you in the right spots.


Lovense Gush can be controlled via app, or with the use of a single button, you just need to learn the right gesture

The Lovense Gush masturbator offers a great user experience thanks to its ease of control. As earlier suggested in this Gush review Lovense, the toy features only one button. This button performs as many functions as you can think of. Firstly, it turns on the vibrator when you long press it for three seconds. It also turns the toy off when you press it for three seconds.
When you turn on the Lovense Gush, it will be on the low intensity setting. Press the lone button again to cycle through the other intensity levels and preset vibration patterns. If you miss a pattern, you’ll have to cycle through all others to return to it, making the one-button operation cumbersome. But we can’t complain when the Lovense Remote app offers a smooth connection and straightforward controls.

How to Use Gush Sex Toy

The Lovense Gush is pretty easy to use. Here are some simple tips to help you have seamless and pleasurable sessions:

  • Apply lube to your penis and expand the masturbator to get your penis in.
  • Let the top of the device target your glans to focus the stimulation.
  • Cycle through the vibration settings to pick your favorite option, or use the Lovense Remote app to choose a customized pattern and intensity.
  • Then, leave the toy to stimulate your glans.
  • Alternatively, stroke your glans by moving the masturbator up and down your penis.

Stimulation patterns

Lovense Gush offers 10 prese patterns to choose from, but you can create as many new ones as you wish

The glans penis is incredibly sensitive Trusted Source Glans Penis: Anatomy, Function, and Common Conditions The glans penis is the clinical name for the head of the penis. We’ll discuss function, anatomy, and more. , thanks to its numerous nerve endings. So, it’s befitting that the Lovense Gush masturbator offers various, distinct sensations to stimulate your sensitive glans. This toy features four preprogrammed vibration patterns, including Wave, Fireworks, Earthquake, and Pulse.
Each of the patterns delivers sensations that mimic its name. And you can cycle through them with the button on the masturbator. Preferably, use the Lovense Remote app to access the default patterns in the “My Patterns” tab.
Notably, the app doesn’t limit you to preprogrammed patterns. Instead, it opens the door to several vibration patterns that others have made. The app also lets you create your own patterns. Overall, you get unlimited vibration patterns from your Lovense Gush and can expect enjoyable orgasms from the exciting sensations.


The Lovense Gush masturbator offers three intensity levels; low, medium, and high. You can choose any level that suits your mood using the button on the device. If you want a slow session, opt for the low speed. However, the high intensity level will serve you best if you want intense stimulation.
Moreover, you’ll find five speed options on the remote app when you choose a vibration pattern. Make the app your friend if you want more than three speed options.

Tight band

You can use tight band as you like – you can either wrap it around the penis or around the toy making it squeeze harder

When you receive the Lovense Gush masturbator, you’ll find a tightness band in the box. Although the band is optional, you can use it to increase intensity and tightness for more intense stimulation. It also works for targeted stimulation.

Noise levels

The Lovense Gush toy’s maximum noise level of 75 dB is not the most impressive. That makes this masturbator a loud one. Of course, the noise is lower when you use lower intensity levels. But overall, the toy is noisy. Your partner will hear it buzzing if they’re in the same room as you. There’s also a chance of someone hearing your masturbator’s sound behind closed doors.

Working time

The Lovense Gush is an attractive option if you’re looking for a sex toy that won’t be dying on you in the middle of play. It offers an impressive working time of two hours at full charge. However, the runtime is shorter when you use high intensity levels, but you won’t still get less than an hour of fun.

Charging time

Lovense Gush can be fully charged in 1.5 hours giving you as much as two whole hours to play with it

The Lovense Gush’s charging time is lower than its runtime, which is not common among sex toys. It reaches full charge after about 90 minutes of charging, which is quite impressive, considering you’ll get up to two hours of play from a single charge. While charging this toy, an indicator light will turn red. The light goes off when the charging is complete.

Sound activation

Lovense Gush can follow the sounds that surround it and vibrate accordingly to them, making your moans a great control

You can use the sound activation function via the Lovense Remote app. Once you’ve connected your Gush to the app, tap the “Sound” tab at the bottom of your screen. Then, you’ll see a reading of sounds. You can adjust the sensitivity of sounds from 0 – 100%. Your masturbator will start vibrating in sync with the surrounding sounds, including your partner’s voice and background music.

Cleaning and storage

The Lovense Gush masturbator has an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning you can play with it in water without worrying about damaging it. The quality also makes the device easy to clean. We recommend cleaning the toy with a specialized toy cleaner. Alternatively, you can use soapy (mild soap) water and a clean cloth to clean the toy. Then, rinse it under running water without the risk of damaging it.
Let the masturbator dry completely before storing it away in a clean, dry, and dark place.

  • Compact design fits perfectly
  • App compatibility offers limitless play possibilities
  • Fits any penis size
  • Hands-free play
  • Generous runtime
  • Waterproof design supports wet play
  • Vibrations could be stronger
  • Inner texture pinches if enough lube is not used


After dissecting the Lovense Gush masturbator’s functions, we’ve concluded that it has everything it takes to satisfy every penis owner, including newbies and experienced sex toy users. This pleasure device is also ideal for playing alone and with your partner at home.
Finally, our Lovense Gush review has discussed everything you can expect from this masturbator, and we hope it’s helped you make the right decision.


Latex allergy - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic
Latex allergy is a reaction to certain proteins found in natural rubber latex, a product made from the rubber tree. If you have a latex allergy, your body mistakes latex for a harmful substance.
Glans Penis: Anatomy, Function, and Common Conditions
The glans penis is the clinical name for the head of the penis. We’ll discuss function, anatomy, and more.
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