Primal BSDM Explained: It’s Time for Wild Play

This article will help you enter the world of primal BDSM - you'll learn the rules, roles and various scenarios, as well as the aftercare methods
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BDSM can take many forms and whether you are new to the scene or experienced in it, you may be looking for new ways to satisfy your desires. You may already be familiar with a more traditional definition of BDSM, which employs a series of rewards and punishments, but primal BDSM can take things to a whole new level.

If you have ever felt the need to act out your deep desires in a safe space and get in touch with an animalistic nature, then primal BDSM may be just what you are looking for. Here we’ll go over what exactly primal play BDSM is and how to take on the roles of hunter and prey. We hope you’ll find some useful tips and suggestions, and maybe a few accessories that will help bring each scene better to life.

What’s Primal Play?

The ultimate in role play, primal play is all about finding the animal within yourself. It allows you to be your authentic self, even this is an animalistic endeavor. You may just want to explore how an animal acts, or you may even feel that you don’t identify as human. Trusted Source Otherkins – the 'trans species' people who don't identify as human Otherkins are a group of people who do not identify as human. The origin and exact definition of otherkins is somewhat nebulous.

While primal play will be different for everyone, you can expect one of the people involved to act like an animal. This, again, can be different for everyone. Common animals include tigers and foxes. The other person involved is then usually involved in a more dominant position, such as a hunter or a larger animal.

Expect a bit of savagery with primal play, including scratching, running, and biting. Consent, of course needs to be of the utmost importance, especially if physical violence is on the table.


Costumes are essential to primal BDSM but you can decide how intense they will be. Easy add-ons, such as ears and tails are the most common places to start. These small accessories can easily be enough to transform you into a role.

Women who are into primal BDSM may want to think of costumed lingerie. There are many outfits with leopard spots that work well. You can also opt for different colors, such as black if you want to transform into a panther and white if you want to be a snow tiger.

Those that want to play out a trapped fantasy may want to purchase a muzzle, such as the VONDAGE K9 MUZZLE. This allows you to act out being caught and trapped, allowing to further succumb to the fantasy.

You can choose a more complicated path for a play – body art. Paint the animal’s sprint on yourself but remember to choose proper paints that can stay on you for a day or two if needed. Remember to pick the washing liquids Trusted Source Face and body painting If your client shows any signs of an allergic reaction during the painting session stop the session immediately and seek emergency medical advice. Always call dial triple zero (000) in an emergency. to remove the print quickly.


Unlike other forms of BDSM, toys are not always used with primal BDSM. Often, the act of animalistic behavior is the focus. However, if you want to add toys, there are certainly many that can be used.

You can try something cage-like, such as a chastity cage for men. These work by inhibiting an erection and work really well with primal BDSM if you are playing out a scenario where the animal is captured.


While there are many different ways to play around in primal BDSM, there are usually two people who take on traditional roles. The person who identifies more as a dominant will become the hunter and the person who identifies as a submissive will become the hunted.

A common scenario is the prey trying to be stealthy and avoid being caught, only to be ensnared by the hunter.

Once caught, you can play out more savage instincts and try to put up a fight. Once this animal is caught, then the hunter can have their way with it, including teasing, punishment, and if the animal finally submits, pleasure.

Prepare to Play

Primal BDSM may not be super common but it may be exactly what you need to let your natural instincts out. Before you enter into a scene, there is a lot to consider.


It can be scary going to primal BDSM for the first time and research is always recommended. Talk to other members of the BDSM community Trusted Source BDSM BDSM is an umbrella term for a wide range of sexual practices that involve physical bondage, the giving or receiving of pain, dominant or submissive roleplay, and/or other related activities. for first-hand accounts. They can tell you what has worked well for them in the past and also offer some suggestions for scenarios you may not have considered. The more work you do ahead of time, the more fun it will be.

Discuss actions

While you want an organic scene to unfold, hard limits must be discussed first. You don’t want to be so overcome with emotion that you forget the other participant is a person with their own boundaries.

Talk about what is ok and what the other person consents to. Are you allowed to bite, scratch, or hit? What action can you take in response to a person’s genitals, and what parts of the body are off-limits?

Finally, always discuss your safe words. You may find a scene too overwhelming, or the other person may become uncomfortable. The better prepared you are, the better it will play out.

Get into character

If you think about character preparation as an act of foreplay, it will make any scenario that much more satisfying. Research how animals act and test them out. Put on your costume, both for the hunter and the prey.

Hunters can opt for intimidating boots and even have a prop, such as the Scandal Faux Leather Whip. Take some time to wear your costume and slowly you will become the character. It also helps to get ready separately so that when you first see the person in their new role, you will only see them as their new persona.

Pick location

Unlike other forms of BDSM, primal BDSM needs a bit of room. The person playing the animal will want space to roam around, hide, and even create a habitat. However, this can be hard depending on where you live.

Decide where is off-limits first. If you have a dining room full of breakable china, you probably don’t want to play in there. The backyard may be perfect but if you live close to your neighbors, you may not want them prying into your private lives.


Take your time and play around. Think about what animal you identify with and then think about scenarios that would work. If something doesn’t feel right when acting out the scene, you can always stop and adjust. Just remember that there is no right or wrong way to engage in primal BDSM so you should always follow your instincts and do what you and your partner want.

As you start a scene, take your time. Really set it up and get comfortable in your role.
Not only does this make things more interesting, but it allows you to warm up and feel what you are comfortable doing. It can be hard to act around someone so you may want to practice on your own first.

How to Be Prey

Submissives that want to take on the role of prey have a bit of homework to do. But it should be enjoyable and the process should make the results all the better.

Learn sounds

One you decide which animal you want to impersonate, it’s time to do some research and learn their sounds. Animals make different sounds for different reasons and it will be fun and more authentic to learn these sounds.

For example, tigers have a low growl, akin to the purr of a cat when they are happy or want to be social. Then, if they are frightened, they will emit a fiercer, louder growl.

Get sweaty

Be prepared to be at your most intimate with your partner, and that includes getting sweaty. Animals move around a lot and if there is a struggle, you will sweat. Not only is this natural, but it is also a way of releasing a natural scent that your dom will appreciate.

Likewise, expect your hair to come out of its place if you have done it up. A ragged, unkempt look is part of the appeal and allows you to find your inner savage.

Scratch and bite

Part of the fun of primal BDSM is being able to act how you want. Your hunter may tempt you into submission, but be sure to put up a struggle. Run away, hide, and when cornered, fight back.

While you should discuss what is allowed, scratching and biting are natural defenses and usually employed with primal BDSM. Get into character and stay in character as you fight for your freedom.

Can prey become tamed?

Although you should put up a fight, at some point the scenario usually ends up with the animal being tamed. This should not be right away, however, as the hunter needs to earn your trust.

Take your time and slowly be allowed to come closer and create a relationship with your captor.

Rewards are often used in this stage and if you are going for a sexual element, they can be sexual in nature. Learning that you will be satisfied if you submit to your hunter will make you a happy and content animal in captivity.

How to Be Hunter

When you decide to be the hunter, you can think of yourself as a human hunter or as a larger animal looking for prey, or even as a similar species looking to mate. The main thing to consider is that you are the dominant and looking to overpower your submissive animal.

Be cautious

Wild animals are dangerous, so you want to be wary of them. Be cautious and move around slowly. If your animal is hiding, you may need to follow trails and listen for signs of them. Then, once found, slowly work on cornering them.

Try lashes

Part of being a hunter is intimidation and you may need to show your strength at this stage. Use a whip to show strength and make yourself look large and scary. You are the person in charge and at some point, your animal will be aware of it.

Prepare cage

Whether you decide to use a cage or not is up to you. At the very least you can use restraints to symbolize the cage. Useful toys to have around include anal hooks, which you can insert after you catch your animal to further make them submit.

Be patient

You get to decide just how long your scenario will last. But with all the preparation, it makes sense to stretch out a scene. If your animal is particularly wild, you may need to try coaxing it out of hiding with food, and if that doesn’t work, you can try to use force. As a primal BDSM hunter, be prepared for plenty of squirmishes as you attempt to capture your prey.

Primal Play BDSM Ideas

Now that you have an idea of how to engage in your primal fetish, it’s time to decide on a scenario. Here are a few suggestions.

Primal hunter vs primal prey

Perhaps the most common, the dominant assumes the role of a hunter and the submissive is the prey. You can alter this as you go forward by changing the location, the animal, and even the purpose of being caught.

Wounded beast

When an animal is wounded, it will react more defensively. It has nothing left to lose, so will employ all of its natural defenses. This scenario is good if the submissive really wants to act out their base desires. However, a discussion definitely needs to be had about how far the fighting can go.

Remember to discuss which parts of the body are off limits and what behaviors are ok. Biting and scratching are often used with a wounded beast, and this needs to be agreed upon.

Caught in cage

For those that want to make one scenario last a few sessions, you may end with your animal being caught and then picking up at a future time with the animal inside a cage.

With this scenario, it’s all about making your captured animal into a subservient pet. Practice a series of behaviors and rewards, with your animal receiving more attention, food, and sexual acts.

With a caged animal, you may need to start with restraints. You can try hand cuffs or open mouth gags to set the scene. The more obedient your animal becomes, the fewer restraints they are forced to wear.

Hide and seek

Those that have a larger space to play in may want to try a hide and seek variation. This is where the animal is in its natural habitat and is being stalked by the hunter. The animal must hide and avoid discovery.

Hide and seek can take a while so to vary it up, you may want to get close to capture, only for the animal to put up a fight and run away and hide again.

Final Thoughts

If you think you have an animal inside of you that is just waiting to be unleashed, then primal BDSM may just satisfy your desires. Within this act, one person is more submissive and becomes the animal while the more dominant person becomes the hunter. It is a safe way of finding the savage part of yourself and allowing it to run free. As with any form of BDSM, you should always talk to your partner about what is and isn’t allowed. Spend time ahead of the act to decide what you want to pursue and what you are both comfortable with. Then, when the time comes, take your time and enjoy it. There is a lot to discover about yourself with primal BDSM and it can take your sensations to wild new heights.


Otherkins – the 'trans species' people who don't identify as human
Otherkins are a group of people who do not identify as human. The origin and exact definition of otherkins is somewhat nebulous.
Face and body painting
If your client shows any signs of an allergic reaction during the painting session stop the session immediately and seek emergency medical advice. Always call dial triple zero (000) in an emergency.
BDSM is an umbrella term for a wide range of sexual practices that involve physical bondage, the giving or receiving of pain, dominant or submissive roleplay, and/or other related activities.
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