All You Need to Know about Medical Fetish

This article will explain the right way to get engaged in the medical fetish - we'll explain how to choose the right toys, which scenarios to play and stay safe during
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There are many sexual fetishes to be aware of but while some are more commonplace, others are lesser known. The bottom line with any sort of fetish is that as long as all people involved consent to it, then there should be no shame around it.

While perhaps not as mainstream as others, having a medical fetish is common and there are many ways to include this fetish in the bedroom. If this is something you feel you are interested in, then please continue to read our article. Whether you have become interested by listening to medical fetish stories or you just intuitively know this is something you want to explore, we can help you along the way. We’ll explain what exactly a medical fetish is, what it can look like, and how you can involve role play into the bedroom in a fun and safe manner.

What is Medical Fetish?

There is both a simple and a complex definition when it comes to a medical sexual fetish. In its simplest form, it means that terms, objects, or scenarios around the medical industry turn you on.

You can act on these impulses and try to recreate scenarios with a partner or by yourself, or you can simply be aware of what you find interesting. With any type of fetish Trusted Source What Is a Sexual Fetish? When Are Fetishes a Problem? Just because your partner likes to see you in sexy high heels doesn’t mean he has a fetish. Fetishes can be part of a healthy sex life, but they can also be the signs of a sexual disorder, experts tell WebMD. , as long as no one, including yourself, is getting hurt, then it is safe to proceed.

If you do want to take the next step and act on your medical fetish, there are many ways to go about this. They range from simple to complex and are all dependent on you and your partner’s comfort level.

A medical fetish can be as simple as wanting to use medical-grade latex gloves when you are either alone or with a partner. Or, it can be as detailed as role-playing a gynecological exam. You can also add a BDSM element into they dynamics and have a power-play element.

How is It Developed?

Every person is unique and there is no straightforward reason as to why somebody develops a medical fetish. You may have felt some kinship to the medical profession at an early age, or you may suddenly come to this fetish as an adult.

For a lot of people, a medical fetish begins gradually. Perhaps, on different visits with a doctor, you felt safe in their companionship. Perhaps you liked the smell of latex gloves or antibacterial soap. You may have enjoyed the physical touch of somebody near you.

Other times, people come to medical fetishes by talking to other people or experimenting with different types of porn. A friend or partner may describe their medical fetish and this in turn can make you want to explore it further.

There’s also a more basic understanding of how a medical kink can develop. Every Halloween, there is an abundance of sexy costumes and a sexy nurse or sexy doctor is a mainstay. Seeing someone who you already think is attractive turn up in such a disguise can get your kink going.

It is all these elements combined that can inspire a medical fetish.

Medical Kink Equipment

The first step in exploring your medical play kink is to gather the right equipment. One real benefit that has arisen over the past few years is an acceptance of different fetishes. As a result, you can find equipment that is specially designed for a fetish. This means it is easier to find such devices online and they are also safer to use.

Over time, you may want to experiment with DIY equipment and devices. However, as a beginner, it is recommended to purchase them from legitimate sights. They will be easier to use and you can be assured that they are safe and clean.

Gloves and posture collars

The simplest type of equipment to start out with is ordinary latex gloves. You can find them in almost any pharmacy or drug store. You should always go with latex gloves as some people have allergies to rubber or other materials. However, if you know that you have an allergy to latex, then you should obviously find a different type of glove.

Medical gloves come in many different sizes which is great as you can experiment with their uses. You can use the gloves for something as simple as solo masturbation or you can use them in different scenarios. If you are just starting out on your medical fetish journey, even something as simple as your partner wearing gloves can be a real turn on.

As for a posture collar, these can be simple or more complex. A simple foam collar is an inexpensive product to start with. However, you might also enjoy a more sophisticated back brace. This has an element of bondage to it and is great for those wanting to get into a BDMS medical fetish.

Again, posture collars are easy to find. You can find them at any drug store and if you have something more specific in mind, there are many online options. Posture collards can get a bit pricey, so just be aware of this extra cost.

You can also get a posture collar that serves no practical function and instead is specifically made for the BDSM community. This will be complete with an O-ring at the front as is usually made from leather. The Deluxe Padded Medical Posture Collar is padded so it isn’t too uncomfortable, and there are three D-rings for more versatility.

Anal toys

For men, having a prostate exam is necessary to check for any issues. You can recreate a prostate exam and also use other sex toys to enhance the fantasy.

Anal hooks work by inserting them into your anus. You can then attach the hook to a collar or a rope, depending on your comfort level. This look at the best anal hooks available can give you some inspiration.

You can also experiment with douching, either solo or with a partner. There are many douching kits available at local drugstores. You can also make your own DIY douche if you are interested. If you think you will want to regularly add douching to your experience, the Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Set is a good product to consider.

Finally, if you are really into anal play, there are a number of electronic dildos to consider. These have different vibrating options and you can even find toys that are controlled by a phone app for a more intense experience.

Vaginal toys

A common scenario with medical fetishes is a gynecological exam. As most women know, this is when a doctor will check your cervix for signs of cancer. To open your vagina wide enough to see and take a sample, a speculum is used.

These medical instruments used to be hard to find, as they only were available in the medical community. But now, you can find many online. The Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum is made from stainless steel and you can decide whether you want more or less pain. The material is cold, which you may want to take advantage of, although if you are new to the experience, we suggest running it under warm water to take a bit of the edge off.

Nipple suckers and urethral dilators

Those that want to add a pain element to their medical fetish also have many options. Nipple suckers are quite common and they provide an intense suction to nipples which can be adjusted by a partner.

A urethral dilator Trusted Source Urethral Dilation: What to Expect at Home Urethral dilation is a procedure to stretch the sides of the urethra. The urethra is the tube that carries urine from your bladder to outside your body. Sometimes scar tissue narrows the urethra. This is called urethral stricture. involves a tube that will stretch the sides of your urethra. This is a more advanced experience and isn’t recommended to beginners. If you are interested, there are many home kits available at local pharmacies.

Finally, if you want to add another pain element, you can look at chastity cages. These go over a flaccid penis and when it becomes erect, it can hurt as there isn’t enough space to grow. This list of the best chastity cages options is a good place to start if you are interested.

Sex swings and pillows

Even though toys are obviously important, so, too, is setting the scene. If you want to roleplay a doctor/patient relationship, then you should find the necessary furniture to set this up.

Pillows are great and while you can use ordinary couch pillows, it’s nice to invest in a set that has waterproof or removable covers. This way it will be easier to get any stains out.

A sex swing can help you maneuver into wide-open positions. You can lie back and be completely supported so that your partner can act out a medical exam.

When purchasing a sex swing, make sure it has an appropriate weight limit. Always follow the setup instructions. This list of the best sex swings can help you find a product that will fit your needs.

Pinwheels and rolling drums

A pinwheel is a simple but effective medical device that can be used in multiple ways. It has a thin handle on it and a wheel with small spikes that turn as you push it forward. In medical settings, a pinwheel is used to test sensory issues on your skin. For a fetish, you can use it for the same sensation or for a mix up pleasure and pain.

The Kink by Doc Johnson Three Wheel Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel is a great product to consider. It has three pinwheels that have small spikes on the edges. The result is an intense experience and you can easily control the amount of pressure you use.

A rolling drum is similar as it also rolls but the wheel is much thicker and can cover more area on your skin. Again, you can use this in different scenarios or for a mix of pleasure and pain.

Preparing for Medical Fetish Play

Once you have acknowledged your medical fetish, it’s time to have some fun. Here are a few more steps you need to take to get ready.

Discuss beforehand

Role play should have some room for spontaneity but it should also be carefully discussed beforehand. If you are engaging with a partner in any sort of roleplay, the rules and boundaries need to be agreed-upon.

Tal about who will play what role and what props and toys are needed. Take the time to set up the scene together so the other person isn’t overwhelmed.

Above all, talk about limits. What are hard limits, that absolutely shouldn’t be discussed? Then, what are soft limits, that can be introduced but the partner has the right to stop at any time.

This is a good time to come up with safe words, if you don’t already have them. Yellow usually means you are still ok but need to go slower while red means stop immediately.

Clean equipment

Cleanliness is one of the most important ways to stay safe with any sort of bedroom play. While you should always clean your toys or equipment after use, it’s also a good idea to get in the habit of cleaning them again before you use them. At the very least, you should inspect any equipment for signs of dirt or dust.

If you are tired of all the cleaning, get in the habit of properly cleaning after use and then storing them away so no debris can interfere with them.

Do research

Even if you have your own personal fantasies, it’s always fun to see what else is out there. Take the time to research medical fetishes. There are many subgroups in this genre, including gay medical fetish and medical gyno fetish. The more research you do, the more ideas you will get. All this will simple enhance your experience.

Don’t rush

Whether this is your first time or your hundredth, don’t be afraid to slow down. At each step of a scenario, check in with yourself to ensure you are still comfortable. And if you’re not, it’s ok to stop.

Enjoy what you are experiencing and if something feels good, you can pause and take more time with it. The journey is sometimes more satisfying than the destination.

With a medical fetish, you have a lot of opportunity to really draw the experience out. Think about that feeling when you are in the waiting room and aren’t sure what will happen. There’s a certain thrill in it, and you can even add this element to your kink. The same goes with a medical exam.

Start with a basic overview and then slowly work your way up to the actual “internal exam”. Foreplay is key and with a medical fetish, it is easy to add this element.

Stay safe

Last but certainly not least, is to stay safe. Protect yourself both from physical and emotional harm. Remember that if you are trying to recreate what a doctor does, that that person is a trained professional. Just because you have seen someone else done something or watched videos about it, doesn’t mean you can automatically be an expert.

If you are using medical equipment, there is a certain purpose for it. Any deviations can cause pain. While some pain is good, if that is what you want, unwanted or unexpected pain, is not ok. You may want to try some of the equipment out on yourself first to see how it feels.

Always clean and properly store your equipment after use. If something was slightly painful during a scenario, be sure to check yourself afterwards and, if need be, give your body a break between scenarios.

Always listen to what you are feeling. It is better to ask your partner to slow down or stop if you are comfortable than to regret not saying something after the fact. As for the person in charge in the scenario, it is also your job to listen to your partner. Even if they aren’t asking you to stop, pay attention to their body language and constantly check in with them, especially the first few times.

Medical Kink Scenarios

There are many types of medical kink scenarios and you might be attracted to some more than others. There is no right way to explore a medical kink so take your time and try a few scenarios out. If are going on this journey with a partner, you will want to talk with them to see what ideas they have.

To get you started, here are a few of the more common scenarios.

Medical exam

A simple way to start with a medical kink scenario is to assign one person as the doctor and one person as the patient. Then, the sky is really the limit.

To set the scene, you will want to have an exam table, and a bed is usually fine for this. The doctor or nurse should be dressed appropriately, and there are many costumes to choose from. You can make the costume as realistic or as sexy as you want it to be. As for the patient, they can be in their own clothes but a hospital gown gives you more options.

The doctor or nurse can then start the examination. Gloves are a key part, as are devices like pinwheels. You can add in a BDSM element by having the doctor assert power over the patient.

Prostate exam

A common scenario for men with a medical fetish is to have their partner perform a prostate exam on them. This will start similar to a medical exam but then become more specific. Anal play is usually at the forefront of a prostate exam. You can start simple with just your hands but you can also add in anal toys for a more complex scenario. Pretend to be a  doctor who is really interested in healthy prostate of your patient.

Gyno exam

For women, a gynaecologic exam is a common scenario. Again, you can star with a basic medical exam and then transition to something more specific. The woman can decide if she wants to be on the table or bed, or you can use a sex swing for a different dynamic.

Gyno exams are some of the more intimate scenarios with medical fetishes as the woman is completely open to her partner. You will want to go slowly and check in with your partner to make sure they are fully comfortable with what you are doing.

Baby care

While not as common as other scenarios, there is room for baby care as a medical fetish. In this scenario, one person is the parent or caregiver and the other is the baby. This scenario takes a lot of trust so be sure to communicate your limits.

Baby care is often associated with a medical diaper fetish, in which the person acting like the baby needs their diaper changed. Again, as long as both parties involved are ok with the use of a diaper, this fetish can be explored.

BDSM option

Any time you have role play scenarios where there is a power dynamic, there is an opportunity for a BDSM option. The roles of doctor and patient are perfect for BDSM. The key with a BDSM option is to be as open as possible with your partner.

Start by deciding who will be the doctor and who will be the patient. If you are already in a BDSM relationship, this will be a natural decision. However, if you are transitioning from a medical fetish into a BDSM role, you may have to negotiate with your partner.

Then, decide on parameters. How much power will the doctor have and how will they know when to stop? Safe words are key.

You can really explore the power dynamics with a BDSM medical fetish. From unwanted touching to forced behaviors, as long as you both agree ahead of time, you can really push your boundaries.

As for equipment, you will most likely want a mix of medical gear and BDSM gear. There are plenty of options that straddle both worlds, such as posture collars. These often come with O-rings and you can add extras such as leashes or hooks for different scenarios.

Final Thoughts

What goes on in your bedroom can be anything you want, as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult. When thinking about your preferences, you may realize that you have a fetish. There are lots of fetishes and one of them is a medical fetish. This involves enjoying the sensation of being in a medical setting and either acting out procedures on others or having them acted out on yourself. To get into the world of a medical fetish, make sure you have the appropriate costumes and toys. Equipment can be a mixture of actual medical instruments and fake instruments that are adapted for a more sexual atmosphere. As with any fetish, take your time to explore it. A medical fetish can be fun with the right partner and there is plenty of room to test your limits.


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