How to Put On a Chastity Cage: All You Wanted to Know

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There are a wide variety of sex toys available to help you pleasure yourself and your partner, including dildos, penis sleeves, and vibrating cock rings. Of course, you may want to try something new that actually stops you from getting aroused, such as a chastity cage. These don’t just prevent intercourse, they also prevent arousal.

If you are interested in trying one of these toys, it may seem like a tricky process to get it on. Learning how to put on a chastity cage is essential to prevent injury and keep you as comfortable as possible while you’re wearing it, no matter how long you have your private area trapped in this little device. If you’re unsure of where to start, the following sections can help you learn the proper method for putting one of these cages on.

What is it for?

A chastity cage is designed to fit over your penis to restrict you from getting an erection. These can be used in a few different scenarios. You may want to show your partner how dedicated you are to them. You also may be interested in some Dominant and Submissive play or maybe you just want to try something new. Whatever the reason, a chastity cage can be an interesting new device to check out.

They come in a few different types. There are metal models, like the Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage. There are a variety of plastic or silicone devices as well, so you can choose the one you like best or let your partner choose it for you.

Be sure to find the right size for your member to ensure the proper fit. They come in a few different sizes, so you can get the CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit if you are a bit smaller than average, or try a larger (and way more advanced) model, like the Man Cage Medium Chastity Cage with Silicone Urethral Sound if you need more room.

How to put it on? Step by step:

Once you’ve chosen your new device, it is time to learn how to put on a male chastity cage. Take your time with this to be sure you’re doing it right, at least until you get the hang of it.

What you’ll need

You don’t need a lot of items to put on a cock cage. As well as the pieces included with the device, which should consist of a ring, the cage, a few pins, a lock, and a key, you will also need a decent lubricant. You may also need a stocking if you want to try out this method.

Take a shower

Once you’ve assembled all the necessary items, it is time to clean up. Take a shower to clean your private areas, as well as the rest of your body, as much as possible. Be sure to shave your privates as well to prevent your pubic hair from getting caught in your chastity cage when putting it on or while you wear it.

Put the cock ring on

Putting the cock ring on is a bit tricky and needs to be done right to avoid injury. Start by putting your testicles through the ring, doing them one at a time. When both are through the ring, gently bend your penis and carefully push it through the ring. Adjust the ring so that it is right up against your body.


Though putting lubricant on before adding the ring may have seemed like the right step, doing so can actually make that process harder. Once the cock ring is on is the time to add some lube. This will make it easier to put the cage on. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the entire length of your penis, all the way up to the ring.

Put the cage on

Now that you’ve lubricated your penis, this process should be simple but don’t rush it. Take it slow to prevent discomfort or injury. First, insert the tip of your penis into the cage. Then slide the cage along the length of your penis, moving it slowly up to the ring. Check to be sure the cage and the ring are lined up properly and adjust the cage if needed.

The stocking method

If your chastity cage has an open end, you can try the stocking method for putting it on. You still do the ring as before, though you don’t need to use lubricant if you don’t have any or prefer to leave it out.

Cut a stocking off at the knee. Feed the cut-off end of the stocking through the opening at the tip of the cage and pull it through. Insert the tip of your penis into the open end of the stocking. Pull the stocking over your penis until it reaches the ring. As the stocking slides over your penis, the cage will move with it, sliding over you until it is on properly. You may need to adjust it to line up with the ring.

Attach the cage to the ring

Attach the chastity cage to the ring using the post or guide pins included with the device. Be careful, making sure the posts or pins are tightly secured.

Padlock the cage

Before locking the cage, make sure you know where the key is. If this piece has been misplaced, you won’t be able to remove the cage once it is locked. Put the key somewhere safe to avoid losing it.

With the key located, it is time to lock your chastity cage. Put the padlock in its designated place and close it. Check to make sure it is locked properly.

If you used the stocking method for your chastity cage, carefully pull the stocking out through the open end of the device after the lock is on. Those who used lubricant can wash this off as well.

How do you know you did everything right?

The first step in knowing that you have done everything right has to do with comfort. If the cage causes any pain or discomfort, you may have the wrong size. Take it off and try a larger size if this is the case. It may take a few tries to find the perfect fit, so don’t give up if the first one doesn’t work out as you wanted it to.

It should also be comfortable to wear for long periods. Think of it like a ring on your finger. If the ring doesn’t feel good while you’re wearing it, there isn’t a good reason to keep it on. A chastity cage is similar, though you will likely be more conscious of it than you would a finger ring.

How long can you wear a chastity cage?

You can wear a chastity cage for as long as you like, though you shouldn’t try to keep it on for long stretches in the beginning. It will take time for this particular part of your body to get used to having this cage on, so start slow, wearing it for short stretches at first. Over time, you can extend the length of your caged sessions until you can wear it indefinitely without discomfort, until you think those sexy thoughts, that is.

How to remove the cage

You remove the chastity cage in the opposite way that you put it on. First, get the key and remove the padlock. Then remove any pins or posts that attached the cage to the ring. Carefully remove the cage and then the ring. Be sure to be gentle, especially if you’ve been wearing the cage for a long time since your penis may be a bit tender.

How to maintain your cock cage

Maintaining your chastity cage is extremely important to be sure it is clean and works properly. To clean this device, you should use hot, soapy water. A cloth will help you scrub away any sweat, bacteria, or germs to prevent buildup on the cage. Clean in between all of the bars of the cage. If you’re using a more solid piece, put the cloth over the handle of a brush and use it to wash out the inside of the device.

Metal and silicone models can also be boiled if you want a more sanitary device. Submerge them in boiling water for a few minutes to kill any bacteria that may have accumulated. Be sure to read the instructions for the cage before trying this to be sure your device can handle the heat.

Dry it thoroughly and then store your cock cage in a cool dry place. Be sure all the parts and pins are together and place them in a container or plastic bag between used to avoid contamination.

Final thoughts

Though the thought of wearing a chastity cage may seem a bit scary, these little devices are more comfortable than you may think. Choosing the right size and learning how to put on a chastity cage can enhance your relationship with your significant other or anyone else you spend your time with. They can show the person you’re with how committed you are to them or teach you self-control with minimal discomfort and possibly a bit of enjoyment.

Before you get started, be sure to get to know your cage and how it works. You should also try it out to be sure it fits your particular member and go up or down a size as needed for comfort. Keeping your body and your cage clean is also a must for the best experience possible.

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