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Last updated: March 04, 2024

Holy Trainer Review: Is This a Comfortable Chastity Cage? (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: March 04, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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  • Thin penis
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Key features:
  • Natural resin
  • Magic locker
  • Air holes
  • Storage bag
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

What’s a BDSM relationship without a cock cage in the mix? Incomplete! Even though this chastity device is becoming more popular and more available by the day, it’s still hard to choose the right fit. To make life easier for you, we’ve identified a top-quality cock cage—the Holy Trainer—to serve you perfectly.

As you will find out in our Holy Trainer review, this chastity device promises different ring sizes, high-quality material, innovative lock, and many more features incorporated for optimum safety and comfort. You’re eager to know whether the Holy Trainer cock cage is worth the money? All you need to do is ride along with us as we tell you all you need to know about the product.


Natural resin
Cage length
2.32-4.33 in
Cage height
0.79-2.48 in
Cuff rings inner diameter
1.42-1.97 in
Inside diameter
1.34-1.46 in


Holy Trainer has been around for several years, making different models of chastity devices. With every new upgrade comes new, innovative features. Below, we will dissect all the features the Holy Trainer V4 has to offer and how it’s different from its predecessors.

Overall performance

Holy Trainer is an example of how to make comfort and discomfort bring pleasure at the same time

After reading so many glowing reviews about the Holy Trainer V4 model, we also decided to test the cock cage to know more about it ourselves. Guess what? The device’s performance didn’t disappoint us. It’s an excellent upgrade and it offers the best of everything you want in an ideal chastity device.

Besides, the Holy Trainer V4 is made from medical, natural resin—a material that can contract with cold and expand with heat. These qualities proved very helpful when the cage and ring arrived somewhat out of shape. However, after putting them in hot water, they returned to their original shape for the ideal performance.

Another big part of the Holy Trainer V4 is the comfort it provides once it reaches the temperature of 36° C—approximately the body temperature. Once the cage is at this temperature, it becomes silky and smooth, perfectly fitting the penis, but fully preventing stimulation. Plus, there’s no allergy risk when you wear this chastity cage, so you can be confident about your safety.

Unlike metal cages that rust and silicone cages that come off easily, the medical resin stays on comfortably well without any trouble. Apart from the incredible material, the Holy Trainer V4 is more ergonomic, compact, and comfortable to wear. The larger air holes help with breathability and they also allow you to urinate easily while in the cage.

The comfortable wear is further enhanced by the adjustable cuff rings. There are four different sizes to choose from, thus giving you the important chance to customize the ring for a perfect fit. And the cuff ring is not the only one with different sizes to offer; the cage and the tube also offer five different lengths.

Besides that, the Holy Trainer V4 comes with a magic locker and two keys. That means you won’t need to carry a padlock with you during travels because that can be a problem with airport security. The magic locker—a discreet and reliable lock—locks the cage quite cleanly and securely. Also, it gives complete power to the dominant as it’s impossible to unlock without the key.

Although there’s not a lot to fault about the performance of the Holy Trainer V4, the multiple-size offerings do not extend to the cock cage’s circumference. Specifically, the device’s circumference is the same for all sizes. Hence, men who possess thicker than average members will find the chastity cage a bit challenging to use.

Previous versions

As we’ve hinted and mentioned a few times in this article, the Holy Trainer V4 has a few predecessors, including the Holy Trainer V3 and the Holy Trainer V2. As you would have expected, the Holy Trainer V4 boasts a few upgraded features compared to the previous models. For example, it appears most ergonomic, sleekest, and most comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, the Holy Trainer V4 features larger air holes, flatter, and wider rings than the Holy Trainer V3. These changes offer more comfort and safety. Also, the V2 offers two different sizes and the V3 offers four different sizes. However, the V4 outclasses both versions with its five different sizes of Nub, Nano, Small, Standard, and Maxi. This means there are more customizable options for users to get the perfect fit.

Additionally, the V4’s magic locker is an upgrade on the V3’s equally unique internal locking system that also does not require a padlock. The magic locker is integrated with the tube, making it quite the discreet lock. Overall, the V4 is expectedly the most superior version and promises a great chastity performance.


Having established that the Holy Trainer V4 is quite sleek and ergonomic, we’ll discuss the different features that make up the chastity cage’s construction below:


The Holy Trainer comes in a great variety of sizes that fit different penises

The Holy Trainer V4’s cage is designed with comfort and safety in mind. That explains the cage’s five different sizes; Nub (the smallest), Nano, Small, Standard, and Maxi (the largest). From the sizes, you can choose the one that best fits your penis. Regardless of the size you choose, the interior of the cage is the same. The inside is extremely polished and smooth, thus ensuring your safety.

Besides, the cage can come in three different colors—clear, baby pink, and black—so it’s left to you to choose your most preferred color. If you don’t fancy any of the colors, Holy Trainer offers a custom option that allows you to choose from more than 20 different colors. However, you’ll have to pay an extra $20.

Additionally, the Holy Trainer V4’s cage boasts a unique locking system that is integrated into the tube for absolute discreteness. Apart from looking better than cages with padlocks, it won’t make any sound when you move around. If you’re open to wearing the Holy Trainer V4 in public, you can trust the cage to keep your penis area as discreet as possible.


You’ve read us talk about the four ring sizes offered by the Holy Trainer but we’re yet to discuss the sizes in detail. The cuff rings’ diameter goes a long way in determining whether a ring fits you or not. The options exist because penis girth is not the same when it comes to different men.

While the 1.42-inch cuff ring may be the best option for someone whose penis girth is small, someone who has a larger penis girth may find the 1.57-inch ring as the perfect fit. If the two sizes do not work, you can choose between the 1.77-inch and 1.97-inch cuff rings.

Moreover, choosing the right size is very important because it affects both your comfort and safety. If you choose a cuff ring with the wrong diameter for your penis, you won’t be very comfortable. Also, you may hurt your member in the process of wearing an unfitting ring.

Remember that the goal is to punish or be punished, not to get hurt. Besides, abuse and sexual domination are very different things Trusted Source There is a line between dominance and abuse — and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is blurring it - The Washington Post It’s a fairy tale to believe you can turn your abuser into someone who cares about consent. according to author Leslie Steiner in the Washington Post. So, you must go for the most comfortable cuff ring.

Holy Trainer features rings that can be changed for various penis girths


If there’s another thing we appreciated about the Holy Trainer, it’s the cage length. Unlike some chastity cages that offer a definite length, the Holy Trainer offers five different lengths. Frankly, some people can prefer a very short cage length depending on the length of their flaccid penis while others can prefer the cage much longer.

Besides, the Holy Trainer is designed to cater to various categories of persons, hence the multiple cage length options. The Nub size has a cage length of 2.32 inches while the Nano size has a cage length of 3.11 inches. Also, the Small size has a cage length of 3.35 inches with the Standard size measuring 3.74 inches in cage length. Lastly, the Maxi size measures 4.33 in cage length.

Moreover, the cage is not the only component of the Holy Trainer with multiple lengths. The tube also offers multiple lengths, including the Nub size’s 0.79 inch, the Nano size’s 1.18 inches, the Small size’s 1.57 inches, the Standard size’s 1.97 inches, and the Maxi size’s 2.48 inches. The tube length determines the cage’s height, so you can choose your most preferred size.

Inside diameter

Another important feature in the construction of the Holy Trainer is the inside diameter of the cage. This is quite different from the diameter of the cuff rings. The cage’s inside diameter also determines whether your penis fits in or not. The inside diameter options include Nub, Nano, Small, Standard, and Maxi.

Besides, the Nub size’s internal diameter of 1.34 inches might fit your penis without trouble. If it does not, the Standard size’s internal diameter of 1.38 inches might be exactly what you need. If that doesn’t satisfy you, the Maxi size’s internal diameter of 1.46 inches is another you can opt for.

Ultimately, your aim should be about choosing the one that fits you comfortably well, especially since you might be wearing the cock cage for long periods.


Holy Trainer has a retractable lock that is easy to clean and use

The Holy Trainer V4 features a magic locker that comes with two keys. The locker is smartly integrated into the tube, making it discreet. Also, it is quite secure, meaning it stays locked until your partner is done punishing you or you’re done punishing them.

Furthermore, we liked the Holy Trainer V4’s keys because of their small size. Your partner can wear them as a necklace to tease you while punishing or you can wear them to tease your partner while you punish them depending on who’s in control. The tease can make the punishment tougher as the submissive looks up helplessly to the keys standing between them and their orgasm.

Overall, the Holy Trainer’s lock seems like the ideal option as you don’t have to deal with the trouble of padlock which can be a burden to carry through airport security.


Every device or specifically, chastity cage, is shaped by its material. Essentially, a bad material births a bad cock cage. However, this is not the case with the Holy Trainer. The chastity cage is made from 100% natural/organic resin without any petroleum derivatives in the formula. Besides, resin combines sugar, rapeseed, and other bio-additives.

Moreover, the resin material is quite strong and promises excellent durability, making the Holy Trainee chastity cage a reliable BDSM tool that you can count on for many years to come. Another important positive is that the material has no allergy risk, so you can forget about allergens troubling your skin when wearing the cock cage.

Additionally, the Holy Trainer’s plastic construction makes it travel-friendly, making it a cock cage that you can trust to be discreet during your trips.


Besides the Holy Trainer’s construction, the use of the chastity device is another important factor. Below, we’ll discuss how comfortable it is to wear the cock cage, how easy it is to put it on and off, and how easy it is to clean it.


When it comes to comfort, not many cock cages on the market offer more than the Holy Trainer V4. As we’ve mentioned various times in this article, the latest model of the chastity cage is designed to be more ergonomic and comfortable to wear. Wearing this cock cage reveals that it’s comfortable to wear it as long as the right fit is worn.

Besides, the Holy Trainer offers various cage sizes, tube sizes, and cuff ring sizes to choose from so that you can choose the best fit. Also, the ring design contributes to the cock cage’s comfort. The ring is wider at the top but it narrows down to the bottom. Plus, the ring isn’t designed to be a perfect circle. Instead, it is designed to fit men’s bodies in the right places, inadvertently ensuring comfort.

Additionally, the Holy Trainer is designed for beginners. That means if you had never worn a chastity device before, you could wear the Holy Trainer V4 cock cage for an extended period without any serious issue.

Putting on

Putting the Holy Trainer on is one of the easiest things to do but first, you must choose the right fit. Although most users opt for the standard ring size with a diameter of 1.75 inches, there are other diameters to choose from. Before making your order, you should measure the diameter around your penis and scrotum, using a string.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal fit, the next thing is wearing the cock cage. We advise that you lubricate your penis and the cage for the smoothest entry. After lubing up, you can place your penis and scrotum in the ring. You’ll need to pull the scrotum’s skin until the testicles are completely inserted. Then, insert your penis into the ring and slide the tube inside the ring.

The last thing to do after wearing the Holy Trainer is to lock the magic locker and give the key to the dom. Overall, putting the cage on is not a complicated venture.

Holy Trainer takes three seconds to put on for comfortable use


In terms of safety, the Holy Trainer is not lacking and that’s obvious with the kind of material it is made from. The chastity device is not made from unsafe materials with allergens, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to safety.

However, you must wear the cock cage gently, safely, and in a non-forced condition. Besides, it’s no more BDSM when it’s used in a forced condition. And that could also jeopardize the safety of the wearer. Also, we don’t recommend sleeping with the chastity cage due to safety risks.

Taking off

Taking the Holy Trainer off is perhaps the easiest thing to do here. All the dom needs to do is insert the key and unlock the magic locker after the sub is done serving his punishment. After unlocking the locker, you can gently remove your penis and scrotum from the cock cage.


The Holy Trainer doesn’t offer you the chance to keep your penis clean while you wear it, no thanks to its enclosed design. If you’ll be wearing the chastity device for extended periods, you’ll need to remove your penis at least every two or three days to do a proper cleaning. According to the Alberta’s Health Services, proper cleaning can help prevent penis rashes. Trusted Source 11 Causes of Penis Irritation and What to Do About It Penis irritation is an unpleasant, but not an uncommon, problem. You might have pain, itchiness, swelling, a rash, or other symptoms on or around your penis. Thankfully, cleaning the cage is not hard. All you need for a thorough cleaning process are soap and water.

  • High-quality medical resin construction
  • Five cage size options
  • Four different ring sizes
  • Breather holes
  • Magic locker
  • Storage bag
  • Circumference is constant for all sizes


Without any doubt, the Holy Trainer is a top-quality chastity cage that offers it all, including different size options that let you customize your ideal fit. As our Holy Trainer review has explained, the V4 model offers the best of all its predecessors, promising great comfort and safety. If you’re a good lover of chastity punishment, this is a product you might fancy to add to your collection.


There is a line between dominance and abuse — and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is blurring it - The Washington Post
It’s a fairy tale to believe you can turn your abuser into someone who cares about consent.
11 Causes of Penis Irritation and What to Do About It
Penis irritation is an unpleasant, but not an uncommon, problem. You might have pain, itchiness, swelling, a rash, or other symptoms on or around your penis.
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