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Last updated: February 11, 2024

Esca 2 Review: Small but Naughty Toy (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: February 11, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Discreet use
  • Public play
  • Long-distance fun
  • G-spot stimulation
Key features:
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Buzzy vibrations
  • LED lights
  • Rechargeable
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Gone are those days when you could only enjoy the sweet sensations of a vibrator indoors. People now discreetly enjoy sexual pleasure outdoors, thanks to top-notch wearable sex toys like the OhMiBod Esca 2 vibrator. As our Esca 2 review will tell, this wearable vibrator is a versatile sex toy you’ll enjoy having in your corner. Besides being wearable, it delivers exciting vibrations.

Furthermore, the Esca 2 vibrator is compatible with mobile apps that open up a world of opportunities, including much more distinct sensations and long-distance control. Then, there’s the lovely head designed to target your G-spot. Frankly, the opportunities are endless with this sex toy, and we’ll discuss them all in this article.


Our #4 pick for the best egg vibrator
Our #1 pick for the best g spot vibrator


Silicone, ABS
Insertable length
3 in
Overall length
7.3 in
4.5 in
Working time
3 hrs
Charging time
1.5 hrs
Vibration patterns
Remote range
26.2 ft
1.9 oz
1-year limited

Esca 2 Egg Vibrator Overview

As the famous saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” This saying is true for the OhMiBod Esca 2 egg vibrator. It is a product of two top companies; OhMiBod and Kiiroo. Both companies collaborated to bring various vital features together to make a masterpiece that is the Esca 2 vibrator. It’s no surprise that the toy is popular among users.
Moreover, the OhMiBod Esca 2 egg vibrator boasts an egg-like head that goes right for your G-spot. It delivers burgeoning stimulation that is going to blow your mind. Needless to say that this pleasure device works hands-free, thanks to its wearable design and Bluetooth connectivity.
The Bluetooth connectivity makes the Esca 2 vibrator compatible with an app that gives you many more control features. With a simple Bluetooth connection, you or your partner can control the toy via your smartphone in a room. If your partner is not in town, both of you can use an internet connection to interact through the vibrator.
Besides, the Esca 2 vibrator has three Bluetooth settings that use its illuminating LED lights to provide visual feedback. The first setting gives full motor strength and full LED lights. The second offers half the motor intensity and full LED lights. The last one provides full motor intensity and no LED light.
So, it’s up to you to decide whether you want the lights on. Also, you can choose the motor’s intensity. While Bluetooth connectivity provides ease of use, that’s not the only way to use the Esca 2. You can use the button on the toy’s tail to operate it manually.

Esca vs Esca 2

Though Esca 1 was a good toy, the next gen egg vibrator is superior in all the parameters

At first glance, you might find it difficult to tell the differences between the original OhMiBod Esca and Esca 2 vibrators because they look alike. However, you’ll see the differences between both egg vibrators when you start to look closely. As you might have guessed, the Esca 2 boasts significant upgrades on the Escas features.
You can find one of the improvements on the body of the Esca 2. While the original Esca has a metal ring around its neck, the newer model features ABS plastic, which is more comfortable to touch. Also, the Esca 2’s neck is a bit more flexible, making it easier to maneuver. These are all the differences you’ll notice from the outside.
Underneath the Esca 2’s ‘skin’ lies the chunk of its upgrades differences. First, the latest model uses a newer version of Bluetooth that makes connections smoother, stronger, and faster. That’s a significant upgrade for those who appreciate app control. Also, the Esca 2 has a slightly more powerful motor than the one on the original Esca. So, you can expect stronger vibrations from the newer model.
Furthermore, the Esca 2 vibrator boasts a better battery that doubles the strength of the original Esca’s battery. More specifically, the Esca 2’s battery offers up to three hours of runtime, which is significantly longer than the 60-90 minutes you’ll get from the Esca. So, the OhMiBod Esca 2 effectively addresses user complaints about the Esca’s short battery life.
Another concern that users often associate with the Esca is its inability to turn off the light on its tail. This drawback means the original model is not suited to discreet use. In contrast, the Esca 2 ensures that your secret is never out in the open. It lets you turn off the light on its body whenever you want discreet fun.

What’s in the box?

Esca 2 comes in a box with the set of useful accessories, including satin storage pouch

When you see the OhMiBod Esca2 vibrator’s packaging, you can tell you’ve bought a classy device. It includes almost everything you need to start the party. Here are the items you’ll find in the white box:

  • OhMiBod Esca 2 vibrator
  • USB charging cable
  • Satin storage pouch
  • User manual

Esca 2 Design

One of the Esca 2’s defining qualities is its unique design. This section will explore various features related to the vibrator’s design.

Materials and flexibility

OhMiBod Esca 2 is made of body-safe materials that are pleasant to touch, it can be easily cleaned

The OhMiBod Esca 2 vibrator is made of silicone and ABS plastic. The silicone boasts an extra softness and matte finish that make it feel so good on the skin. Besides this material’s soft feel, it is body-safe, thanks to its hypoallergenic construction. That means it does not feature allergens such as latex and phthalates that pose health risks.
For example, health experts have associated latex with allergic reactions Trusted Source Latex Allergy: What It Is, Symptoms, Prevention A latex allergy is a reaction to natural rubber (or latex), which is used to make things like examination gloves and balloons. There is no cure for allergy to latex. such as skin irritation, itchy rash, running nose, hives, sneezing, and the deadly Anaphylaxis. So, it’s great that the Esca 2 doesn’t expose you to these avoidable health issues.
Notably, the silicone material covers all parts of the sex toy except the band below the toy’s neck and the light bulb at the end sporting a button. Rest assured, the ABS plastic is also body-safe.
Moreover, the Esca 2’s neck is so flexible that you can direct it to wherever you want. However, it hardly stays put, which can be frustrating. Although you can direct the neck to your clitoris, don’t expect much stimulation because it doesn’t have a motor to deliver vibrations.


You’ll be disappointed if you were expecting to find a magnetic charging port on the Esca 2 egg vibrator. Magnetic ports ensure that there are no holes in the bodies of vibrators, making them standard features on waterproof sex toys. In contrast, the Esca toy features a pin-hole charging port on its neck near the ABS plastic band. And it comes with a compatible USB charger.
While the pin-hole charger limits the vibrator’s waterproof capabilities, we didn’t experience any issues using it to charge the toy. So, it’s a charger you can trust to get the job done.

Water resistance

As we hinted earlier, the Esca 2 vibrator’s pin-hole charging port is a liability. While it does its job well, it complicates the toy’s waterproof limit. The charging port exposes the vibrator to an influx of water, which can cause damage. Indeed, the Esca 2 offers a bit of water resistance that comes in handy when washing it, but it’s not ideal for shower play.
Therefore, you can’t play with the Esca 2 in the shower, pool, bathtub, and other wet places you might like. However, your squirt won’t damage the vibrator. So, there’s no need to limit your fun.

How Esca 2 Works with the App?

The biggest feature of the Esca 2 egg vibrator is arguably app control. As you probably know, app control is much more tricky than manual control. Luckily for you, we will simplify the process in this section.


The OhMiBod and Kiiroo collaboration extends beyond the features of the Esca 2; the vibrator uses their different apps too. Specifically, the Esca vibrator works with the OhMiBod app and Kiiroo’s FeelConnect app. Hence, we will separately discuss how to pair your toy to both apps below.

OhMiBod app

OhMiBod Esca 2 can be connected to the app – you can pick favorite patterns, change intensity and even pair the toy with compatible devices

Download the OhMiBod app from your smartphone’s app store and open the app. You’ll meet two options; ‘Play Locally’ or ‘Play Remotely.’ Pick ‘Play Locally’ close-range control. Then, click on the ‘Connect your BLE device’ tab on the homepage, and you’ll see a new page with various OhMiBod sex toys.
Tap Esca, and you’ll see the options of Esca 2 and Esca. Pick Esca 2, and the app will ask you to enable location. Once you give location access, the OhMiBod app will need you to enable your smartphone’s Bluetooth if it is not already on. Allow the app’s permission, and you’ll see a page asking you to press and hold your vibe’s power button to turn it on.
After turning on the device, it will connect automatically to the app. You can check the status of your connection in the profile section.
If you want to connect with your long-distance partner, pick ‘Play Remotely.’ It requires you to log on to your account or create one if you don’t have it. You can add a profile picture if you like. Ask your partner also to create an account. After creating the accounts, connect your Esca 2 vibrator to the app like you’re playing locally.
Then, let your partner go to their profile section. They should tap the ‘Connect to your partner’ menu near the top of your screen, search your partner’s username, and request to control your Esca 2 vibe. Accept their request, and they’ll have total control of your toy.

FeelConnect app

OhMiBod Esca 2 can be connected to the app in seconds – you just pick your device from the available toys list

Turn on your OhMiBod Esca 2 vibrator to make it visible to the FeelConnect app. Click the ‘Connect device’ tab on the app’s homepage and allow it to access your location. It will start searching for the Bluetooth devices around you, including your vibrator. Tap your toy’s name once it shows up, and you’ll secure a connection. Now, you can control your vibrator using the app.
If you’re pairing with your long-distance partner, tap the ‘Friends’ tab at the bottom of your screen to sign up or log in to your account. After creating an account, change your profile visibility settings to make yourself visible to your partner. Then, ask your partner taking control of the toy to create a FeelConnect account, search your username, and connect to it.
Then, accept their request. You can also search for usernames from your end to invite friends.


You can choose you experiences with OhMiBod Esca 2 while sliding towards the preferable option

OhMiBod app

The homepage of this app features five different pleasure options to control the Esca 2 vibrator. The options are Music, Rhythm, Tap, Touch, and club vibe. They offer countless vibration patterns that promise exhilarating sensations. And you can easily slide to each option and navigate their on-screen settings.
Besides the five basic play options, the long-distance mode offers control features such as video chat and text chat. During a video chat, your partner’s screen displays the five pleasure options so that they can control your toy’s vibrations and watch you simultaneously.
You can pause or adjust the intensity of the patterns your partner uses, but you can’t take full control and choose your own pattern. Also, you can mute yourself or switch off the video feed during video chat. You’ll find the relevant settings on your screen.

FeelConnect app

Once your Esca 2 vibrator has been paired with the FeelConnect app, you’ll find play settings such as Touch Control, Presets, and Clap Control. When you click on ‘Start’ in the front of each setting, the app will display an intuitive on-screen guide that you can use to control your toy’s vibrations.


You can pick vibration patterns that can sync the motions of your favorite song’s beats

OhMiBod app

The first customizable option is Music which you’ll find on the app’s homepage. This feature can sync to your Spotify and Apple Music libraries. So, when you play songs from any of these libraries, the vibrations from your OhMiBod Esca 2 vibrator will match the intensity of the music. So, you can open your favorite playlist and experience the unpredictable vibes from the music.
After the Music option, you’ll find the Rhythm section. It uses six preset patterns you’ll see on your screen. Tap the patterns to choose them, and use your phone’s volume buttons to adjust their intensity.
The Tap section is the third customizable option on the OhMiBod app. This feature gives you the freedom to create your own vibe patterns. Click the ‘Tap’ tab in the middle of the screen continuously to keep your Esca 2’s vibrations going, and drag the circle around the tab to control the intensity. You can save your preferred patterns to your favorites and use them for subsequent sessions.
Right after the Tap option is the Touch feature. It offers vibration patterns that feel like a rolling wave—nothing like the regular, flat vibration. Additionally, this feature uses a dot you can move around the screen to control the strength and speed of the wavelike vibrations. The lower the moving dot, the slower the vibrations. And the higher the dot, the quicker the waves.
Moving the dot right and left increases and decreases the vibe power. Next is the Club Vibe feature. This one uses your phone’s mic to pick up sounds around you, and it uses them to control your Esca 2’s vibrations. So, the vibrator vibrates in sync with the surrounding noise. You’ll find two sliders on both sides of your screen that let you adjust your mic’s sensitivity and vibe intensity.
The Club Vibe option is one feature you’ll want to try out at the club or a concert. The unpredictable vibes will blow your mind. These five pleasure options are available for close-range play.

However, your long-distance partner can access only the Rhythm, Tap, and Touch features to control your Esca 2 vibrator from anywhere in the world.

FeelConnect app

The FeelConnect app offers access to three fun options. The Touch Control feature gives you total control of your Esca 2 vibrator’s vibrations. You can slide across your screen to control the pattern and intensity of the toy. So, the sensations you experience are up to you.
The Presets feature is the next play option. This option features your toy’s default vibration patterns. Instead of pressing the button on your Esca 2 vibrator repeatedly to use the vibe patterns, the app’s Presets option lets you choose each pattern with one click.
Lastly, the FeelConnect app offers Clap Control. This play option is similar to the OhMiBod app’s Club Vibe because it also turns surrounding sounds into random vibration patterns. The Clap Control feature on the FeelConnect app also lets you adjust its sensitivity.

Removing partner(s)

The beauty of both apps—the OhMiBod app and the FeelConnect app—is that you’re not stuck with partners you add; you can remove them anytime you want. To remove a partner from the OhMiBod app, go to the ‘Connect to your partner’ menu, where your play buddies are saved. Then, click and hold the name you want to remove until an option pops up to remove it.
The FeelConnect app’s removal process is similar. Go to the ‘Friends’ tab and click on the name of the partner you want to remove. Choose the remove friend option to block the person. Of course, you can reconnect to removed partners whenever you want to.

Connecting to other devices

You can have simultaneous experiences with your partner by connection the toys motions to each other’s devices via app

The OhMiBod app feels like the overall better app, but it comes short in one significant area; a device-to-device connection. The FeelConnect app offers this feature, allowing teledildonic interaction between your Esca 2 vibrator and another sex toy. However, the app supports only interactions between two Kiiroo sex toys.
If you’re in a romantic relationship, you don’t want to miss out on experiencing the device-to-device function. There are various couple sets you can invest in to experience the thrill. These sets often include two different sex toys that have Bluetooth connectivity. The Keon + FeelStroker & Esca2 Couple Set is a perfect example.
This set includes the Keon by KIIROO automatic masturbator and the Feel stroker. So, your male pattern can insert their penis into the stroker and connect the Keon to your Esca 2 vibrator. Then, you can control the toys together with the FeelConnect app and experience the same sensations. There’s no better way to bond as a couple!

Esca 2 in Action

You must have wondered how the Esca 2 egg vibrator is in action. Your days of wondering are over because this section will discuss every part of the toy’s operation.

App compatibility and distance

For emphasis, you can control the OhMiBod Esca 2 vibrator using free, downloadable OhMiBod and FeelConnect apps. Essentially, this vibrator is compatible with two different apps. Unsurprisingly, these apps have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, the OhMiBod remote app is better suited for close-range or solo play because it offers plenty of sensational functions.
On the other hand, the FeelConnect app is better suited for long-distance partnered play because if offers a stronger connection. Notwithstanding, the two remote apps work for both close-range and long-distance control. Moreover, the OhMiBod app boasts much more functionality than the FeelConnect app. It just feels like the OhMiBod app is made for the Esca 2 vibrator, which is true.
In contrast, the FeelConnect app has less functionality and feels more like a third-party app that can connect to the toy. Overall, the OhMiBod remote app is more compatible with the Esca 2 egg vibrator. So, we recommend the app, except if you want a device-to-device connection which you can get from only the FeelConnect app.
Moreover, the Esca 2 vibrator can give you only close-range control if you rely on just a Bluetooth connection. And your toy and phone (where the app is) should not be more than 26 feet (8 meters) apart to keep the connection. On the other hand, long-distance control does not have a distance limit as long as you and your partner have a strong internet connection.

Using without app

What happens if you can’t get access to either the OhMiBod or FeelConnect app? You turn to the OhMiBod Esca 2 vibrator’s manual mode. This mode does not require any connection. You have only one button to use—the button at the toy’s tail. Long press the button to turn on the vibrator. The LED lights will flash to signal that you’ve turned on the device.
Then, you can press the button repeatedly to cycle through the four preset vibration patterns. After cycling through the four modes, the next button press turns off the vibrator. It’s that simple. So, you can trust the Esca 2’s manual mode to deliver whenever you can’t access your remote apps or want to skip them for quick orgasms.

Ease of use

To start using the toy on a default setting you can just press the button on the smaller part of the Esca 2

Everything about the OhMiBod Esca 2 egg vibrator screams ease of use. One look at the toy’s design, and you can tell it’s easy to use. It boasts a bulbous head that goes inside the vagina with ease and a thick tail that is easy to hold on to during your sessions and when it’s time to remove the toy. However, you may notice the tail moving around in your knickers, which can be a bit uncomfortable.
In terms of discreetness, the Esca 2 vibrator’s compactness is a big advantage. It makes the toy slip inside your pants comfortably without anyone knowing a thing. Also, the single button on the tail ensures smooth operation. So, there’s no need to worry about multiple buttons with various functions.
Furthermore, the Esca 2 vibrator features three LED lights that flash different colors representing three different preset patterns. This visual feedback helps you understand the status of your toy.
Finally, connecting the Esca toy to the OhMiBod and FeelConnect apps is a simple process that you can do without help. Overall, this vibrator offers impressive ease of use.

Vibration patterns

While you can enjoy unlimited vibration patterns with the OhMiBod Esca 2 egg vibrator when you use the app, the toy comes with four different preset vibration patterns that you don’t need an app to use. As we already explained, the device’s one button can help you cycle through the four patterns.
Of course, the preset vibration patterns offer different sensations. More specifically, they go from Pulsating high to Pulsating Low, and Fast deep rumbles to Slow mild buzz. So, it’s up to you to choose whatever sensation you want.
Moreover, if you’re familiar with vibrators, you’ll know they can have rumbly (lower frequency) and buzzy (higher frequency) vibrations. Rumbly vibrations feel deeper and are broader. In contrast, buzzy vibes deliver more targeted stimulation. You get rumbly and buzzy vibrations from your Esca 2 vibrator, but the toy’s vibes are buzzier than they are rumbly.
In terms of strength, this vibrator’s vibrations are not among the most intense on the market, but they get the job done if you’re looking for effective G-spot stimulation. However, you may want to look for alternatives if you get off on extra intense vibrations.

Insertable length and circumference

When investing in a vibrator, insertable length is one of those factors you can’t ignore. While the OhMiBod Esca 2 measures 7.3 inches in overall length, only three inches of the toy can enter your vagina. The insertable length might seem short, but it’s enough to reach and stimulate your G-spot. Remember that it’s an egg vibrator, not your regular vibe.
Moreover, the length is in the range of other egg vibrators on the market. So, you can expect the toy to deliver satisfying results. Besides insertable length, you also need to care about your vibrator’s circumference. That’s the toy’s girth. It determines how well the vibe is going to fill you up.
The Esca 2 egg vibrator doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The toy measures 4.5 inches in circumference, which isn’t surprising when you look at its body. The bulb has the perfect girth to stimulate your vaginal walls nicely. Overall, the Esca 2 has the ideal size for satisfying stimulation.

Noise level

Esca 2 is surprisingly quiet toy that can reach only 45 dB on the most intense setting, making it perfect for public use

The OhMiBod Esca 2 vibrator prides itself on many qualities, including discreetness, but that’s worth nothing if the toy is noisy. As with all other vibrators, this toy’s noise depends on your vibration setting. At the lowest intensity, the Esca’s noise level is around 33 decibels (dB), but it gets noisy once you move to a higher power setting.
On the highest vibration intensity, the Esca 2 vibrator measures around 45dB. Frankly, this toy’s maximum noise level isn’t out of hand when you put it in context. According to the CDC, a refrigerator hum's noise level is 40dB Trusted Source What Noises Cause Hearing Loss? | NCEH | CDC Noise is a significant source of hearing loss, but you can protect your hearing. An important first step is to understand how noise causes hearing loss. , and the sound of normal conversation is 60dB.
That means the Esca sex toy is much quieter than a normal conversation and just a little louder than a refrigerator hum. You’re in the clear if you use the vibrator in usually noisy places such as bars, concerts, and clubs. No one will hear your pleasure device buzzing in those places.
However, someone sitting near you in a quiet coffee shop with light music might hear your Esca 2 vibrator buzzing at the highest power level. This might not be the case if you go for lower intensity levels. Overall, this vibrator’s noise level lets you wear it discreetly in every place with ambient noise.
So, it’s up to you to choose the places where you wear the Esca 2. Your target should be locations with consistent ambient noise levels to ensure there’s never a risk of your toy ratting you out.

Working and charging time

Esca 2 offers great variety of interactive features that can drain the battery pretty quickly, the most intense use will let your toy last for 100 minutes

As we mentioned before, the OhMiBod Esca 2 enjoys a significant upgrade in terms of battery. It comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. At full charge, this battery works for about up to three hours. Comparing this runtime to what you get from similar egg vibrators, the Esca 2’s three-hour working time is impressive.
Ultimately, the working time you get from the vibrator is up to your choice of vibration setting. Naturally, the highest vibration setting consumes power the most. If you continuously use the highest intensity, the Esca 2’s battery won’t last more than 90 to 100 minutes. That’s still a solid runtime if you ask us. It’s plenty of time to enjoy as many orgasms as possible.
Of course, you’ll get more time to play when you use lower power settings. If you want to use the Esca 2 for three hours, you’ll have to go for the lowest vibration intensity, which may get boring quickly. Regardless of the setting you choose, this vibrator offers you enough power to get through every session. So, prepare to recharge it after each session.
Speaking of recharging the Esca 2 vibrator, it uses a USB charging cable that lets you charge the toy from various USB-compatible devices, including your computer, power adapter, soundbar, etc. In our estimation, the toy takes 1.5 hours (90 minutes) to reach full charge. When you think about the runtime, the charging time is decent.

We recommend recharging the Esca 2 immediately after every session so you won’t need to wait for it to reach full charge for your next session. Besides, don’t think about using this vibrator while charging it because it won’t vibrate. That keeps you safe from any electrical risk.

Safety of use

When you have to insert an object inside your vagina, it must be very safe. Thankfully, the OhMiBod Esca 2 vibrator is generally safe to use. As you already know, it is made with body-safe materials that won’t trigger allergic reactions. Also, it features a tail that stays outside your vagina when the bulb is sitting inside.
This tail helps you easily determine how much of the Esca 2 goes inside your vagina. Also, it lets you remove the toy from your vagina with ease. All you need to do is draw it out, and the vibrator’s bulbous head will come out with it.


If you’re looking for a moderately priced vibrator, the OhMiBod Esca 2 is your guy. This toy is in the middle compared to the prices of egg vibrators. And that’s a good thing because of the vibe’s quality and many app-controlled capabilities. So, it seems to be worth the price. If you’re looking for a budget egg vibrator, you need to look elsewhere and not expect app control.


No doubt, there are many things to know when it comes to Esca 2. If you’re still curious about some things, there’s a good chance you’ll find some answers below.

How can I wear Esca 2 in public?

The main concern when considering wearing the Esca 2 vibrator in public must be discreetness. To discreetly wear this toy in public, insert it inside your vagina and wear regular pants or a dress. Ensure that the cloth is not tight (tight clothes will show the vibrator’s lining and expose you). Also, bend the tail, so it’s not pointing out and showing through your cloth.

Can Esca 2 be used for anal play?

It’s not safe to use the OhMiBod Esca 2 for anal play. We strongly advise that you don’t try it because you may risk an embarrassing and harrowing trip to the ER. If you’re wondering why you can’t use the vibrator, it does not have a flared base that can keep your butt from sucking it in.

How to tell if Esca 2 is fully charged?

The Esca 2 vibrator has an LED light that blinks while charging the toy. The light stops blinking once the vibrator is fully charged. If you see your toy’s light stop blinking while charging, remove it from the charger and get it to storage or start using it.

Can I turn off the light on Esca 2?

You can turn off the light on the OhMiBod Esca 2 vibrator. Press the toy’s single button twice, and the light will go off. This is an impressive feature that helps keep public play discreet.


The Esca 2 is not the perfect egg vibrator. So, if you’d like to consider alternatives to the toy, we’ll briefly review a few options below.

Lush 2

Lush 2 is one of the most intense egg vibrators and can be a great toy for those who desire quick satisfaction

The Lush 2 is one of the most popular egg vibrators on the market. Like the Esca 2, it is compatible with an app that offers unlimited vibration patterns and syncs to sounds. If the Esca 2’s buzzy vibrations don’t thrill you, the Lush 2’s strong, rumbly vibes will make your toes curl. Also, the Lush 2 simultaneously stimulates your G-spot and clitoris.

We-Vibe Jive

We-Vibe Jive is an app-compatible alternative to Esca 2 – these toys are similar in their action and differ in pattern variations

The We-Vibe Jive is another alternative to Esca 2’s vibrations. This We-Vibe toy offers vibrations that deliver broad stimulation to your G-spot. Also, it has app capabilities, including long-distance control, customizable options, etc. And the manual mode offers ten preset options. Furthermore, this toy is completely waterproof.
So, if you want a toy that allows underwater adventures, you should choose the We-Vibe Jive over the Esca 2. When you buy the We-Vibe toy, it comes with free accessories such as a satin drawstring bag and a lubricant sample.
If you’re interested in seeing other top alternatives to the OhMiBod Esca 2, then you should check our list of the best vibrating panties.

  • Body-safe and comfortable
  • Seamless app connectivity
  • Unlimited vibration patterns
  • Long-distance control
  • Limited waterproof capabilities


The Esca 2 boasts plenty of features, including app control which helps you achieve discreet public play, intimate couple’s sessions, and convenient solo use. You can enjoy all of these pleasurable features whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an experienced user. Finally, we hope that our Esca 2 review has provided you with enough information to make the right decision.


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