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Last updated: January 31, 2024

Lush 3 Review: the Upgrade We All Desired (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: January 31, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Why it’s worth your attention:
  • The Lush 3 pairs with the Lovense app, which gives you the ability to customize vibration patterns
  • The Lush 3 stimulates your G-spot and clitoris, all at the same time
  • The 43-dB sound level is extremely quiet so you don’t have to worry about noise
  • Thanks to the app, you can give control over to anyone, in any part of the world
Key features:
  • The Lush 3 can be a bit hard to insert at first
  • The insertable length is only 3 inches, so don’t expect a feeling of fullness
  • While you can use the Lush 3 on its own, the app has way more controls and features
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  • Noise level 9.9
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Intense pleasure is what many women crave but finding the right toy to allow your wildest dreams to come true can be hard to find. However, we’ve stumbled upon one of the best vibrators that is currently in production. In our Lush 3 review, we’ll let you know what makes this powerful toy just so wonderful.

Gone are the days when women had to work hard to orgasm with a sex toy. Now, thanks to the Lush 3, you can have every sensation you ever wanted. The Lush 3 actually pairs directly with any smartphone and through its app, you can select all the features you want. Or, if you want to relinquish some of that control, you can let your partner help you out. Let’s dive into what makes the Lush 3 so dynamic so you can decide if this is the toy that will give you everything you need and desire.


Our #11 pick for the best vibrator
Our #5 pick for the best vr sex toys
Our #3 pick for the best lovense reviews


Insertable length
3 in
Overall length
8.3 in
4.5 in
Working time
4.5-5 hours
Charging time
4 hours
Vibration patterns
Noise level
43 dB
1-year limited


When we first came across the Lush 3 vibrator, we knew we had to review it. This is a powerful sex toy that will leave you completely satisfied. More and more women are purchasing vibrators Trusted Source How sex toy habits changed in the pandemic (especially demand for quiet ones) - The Globe and Mail The increased alone time helped people reconnect with self-love and masturbation, making new discoveries along the way , both for solo and partner play, so it makes sense to find a product that will meet all your needs. While it is not the cheapest feature out there, it is more than worth its price. Indeed, you might just get a little addictive to it. Waterproof, non-toxic, and full of surprises, there is very little not to love about the Lush 3.

Lovense Lush 3 Overview

The Lovense Lush 3 is a vibrator that works to stimulate both your clitoris and your G-spot. It can be controlled on its own but it really shines when used via the free Lovense app. This vibrator is incredibly quiet, very powerful, and will give you all the sensations you are lusting for. It is one of the best egg vibrators, in that it is small but powerful. Let’s look at everything you need to know about the Lush 3.

Lush 2 vs Lush 3

One of the best features of the new Lush toy is convenient magnetic charging

As you might have intuited by the name, the Lush 3 is the third installment of this vibrator. The first, the original Lush, was created in 2015 and the Lush 2 was created in 2018.

When the first Lush was introduced, it was an instant success. Powerful but affordable, and able to sync with an app, it was revolutionary.

With the Lush 2, technology was further refined. The design of the vibrator changed slightly, making it easier to insert and more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. While the app was always ok, the connectivity of the Lush 2 was made better and the antenna was slightly redesigned. Furthermore, the Lush 2 had a larger motor which meant more power.

Now, with the Lush 3, you have a better, more impressive vibrator. The biggest change is the charging capability as, instead of a port, there is a magnetic connection. The design is also a bit different so that you can wear the Lush 3 for longer and still be comfortable. This is especially important if you want to use the Lush 3 during the day when you are out in public. As for the vibrations, the Lush 3 is even more powerful and has the ability for more controls.

You can still find the Lush 2 for sale, and if you are on a budget, this can be the better option. While you will get more out of the Lush 3, thanks to its upgrades, there was nothing wrong with the Lush 2. It was still a powerful vibrator and its connectivity remains to be strong.

What’s in the box?

First off, let’s talk about the actual box. When you order your Lush 3, you will receive a plain brown cardboard box. This discrete shipping makes so much sense and while it’s a small part of why we love the device, it can mean a lot to people. If you are someone who doesn’t want their mail carrier to know their most intimate purchases, or if you don’t want your roommates to go snooping, having the discrete packaging is a welcome bonus.

Once you open the box, you will find a second one that is marked with the brand, Love Honey. This will have all you packaging information. Inside, you will find the Lush 3. It comes with a charging stand and a nice bag, but that’s about it.

You will need to download the Lovense app to your smartphone, but this app is free so there is no extra charge. Your Lush 3 may be charged but it’s best to check the charge and increase it to a full charge so you aren’t disappointed the first time.

How Lush 3 Works with Lovense App?

One of the best features of the Lush 3 is that is can be controlled via an app. This is not a complicated process but there are a few things to be aware of before you get started.


Lush 3 is controlled through Lovense app that offers unique control features

Pairing your Lush 3 with the Lovense app is very easy. First, start by downloading the app. Then, find the Lush button on your toy and then press and hold it. After this, a light will appear. In the app, click the “link” button. A list of options will appear and you can find your Lush 3 toy from these. Finally, click “done” and you will be all set up.

The good news is that after your initial setup, the app and your toy will continually be paired. Every time you turn your Lush 3 vibrator on, it will automatically connect with the app.

If you don’t have a smartphone, or like the ease of a computer better, you can actually pair the vibrator with a computer. To do so, turn the Lush 3 button on until the light appears. You will need to use a USB Bluetooth adaptor and plug it into your computer. On the computer you can find the Lovense app and then go through the same setup as with your smartphone.

Connecting with a partner

Finally, you should become familiar with connecting with a partner. While your partner can simply use the Lovense app on your phone to control your Lush 3, they can only do so via Bluetooth which has a range of 25 to 30 feet. Using another smartphone is the better way to do this. It also gives you the option of travelling and still having your partner be able to sync with you.

To start, your partner will need to download the Lovense app on their own smartphone. During this process, they will create a username, which you will need in the next few steps.

As for you, open your Lovense app and find the section called “Long-Distance. Tap on the “+” button. It will ask you for their username, which your partner will have had to create after installing the app. Then, tap “Add.”

Your partner will get a notification on their smartphone asking them to confirm this addition. After they allow it, you will then all be synced up. Again, take the time to really figure out all the options as it can be a bit overwhelming at first to discover the many controls.


With Lovense app you can choose vibration patterns creating unique designs

Once you download the Lovense app, take the time to familiarize yourself with all the available controls. Here you will find basics such as vibration intensity and patterns. While there are 10 pre-made vibration patterns to choose from, you can actually create your own.

What’s more is that you can see what other people have created and use those patterns, too. There are a lot of features and while they might seem overwhelming at first, the more you discover them, the more pleasure you will unlock.

Music syncing

If you are looking for an incredibly nuanced way to use the Lush 3, then you will love the fact you can sync it to music. You will need a Spotify account, but this is free and easy to also set up.

Pick your favorite song from Spotify through the Lovense app. Once you press play, the Lush 3 will actually vibrate according to the rhythm of the song. Obviously, this can create some intense experiences.

Most people have had sex to music at one time or another, and while you may have adjusted your rhythm slightly, it is nothing compared to the power of this app. You can find songs that are perfect for building to a climax or ones that are slow and steady if you are in a teasing mood.


As we already mentioned, the Lush 3 comes with 10 vibration patterns but you can actually create your own patterns through the app. With the controls, you can easily increase or decrease the speeds, add some extra teasing, or quicken everything up.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can actually find other people’s custom vibration patterns. You can then use these on yourself or your partner and test them out. If someone else has created a vibration pattern that works really well, it makes sense to try it out yourself.

Removing partner(s)

While it is great to allow your partner to have control over your Lush 3, you may want to get that control back. The steps for this are quite simple. Simply go back into the “Long-Distance” section and find his account. You can then tap on it so they no longer have control. You can go back and forth over control but the good part is that you, as the owner of the Lush 3, have the ultimate say in who can control it.

If you decide you don’t want your partner to have access ever again, you an also block any partners. This will remove them from your device and stop them from having any access.

Lush 3 Design

If you want a premium vibrator, the Lush 3 is able to deliver. Let’s look at its innovative design so you know what you’re getting.


Lush 3 features flexible ‘tail’ that would come in helpful when you need to pull out the device

Because the Lush 3 has two prongs, it does a decent job of being flexible. The two areas, one that sits inside your vagina, and one that sits outside, can be moved but not a lot. There is enough flexibility that you can insert the one end and then position the other end towards your clitoris.

The Lush 3 can take a little bit of bending to be comfortable, so it’s best if you can try it out on your own to see how it fits. Most people, however, are able to use the Lush 3 in a comfortable manner.


The Lush 3 is all about innovative technology. While it uses a rechargeable battery, you can simply recharge it thanks to the magnetic charge point. This makes it incredibly simple to use.

Water resistance

The Lush 3 is completely waterproof which is a huge bonus. You can take it with you in the shower, the bathtub, or even swimming. The versatility of this toy is simply incredible.

Lush 3 in Action

Now that we know what the Lush 3 is, let’s see how it works in action.

App compatibility and distance

There are two ways to use the Lush 3 app: up close or by longer distances. Both work well so as long as you stay within the parameters, you won’t have any issues.

If your partner wants to control the Lush 3 with the app, then they need to be within 30 feet of you. However, this is only if you are standing. If you are sitting, then the range shortens to just 25 feet. For these closer distances, the app works via Bluetooth and you only need to have the app on one phone.

For those that are outside the 30-foot radius, then you will need to have two phones and each needs to have the app. As the person who is using the Lush 3, you need to have your phone (and the downloaded app) near you. Then, your partner will have their own smartphone and downloaded app to control your Lush 3.

While it takes a little extra to set the two phone system up, it does mean that you can then control the Lush 3 from anywhere in the world. This is perfect for long-distance relationships, business trips, or even just those that want to be surprised during the day.

If the latest pandemic has taught us anything, even if you have a partner half-way around the world, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with them. App-powered sex toys Trusted Source Sex Toy Sales Are Buzzing With Social Distancing From COVID-19 Coronavirus During this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, not every business is drooping. In fact, a number of different industries seem to be on the rise including, drum roll please, the sex toy industry. are increasing in popularity and if you use the Lush 3 vibrator, you’ll quickly understand why.

Using without app

One of the major benefits of the Lush 3 is that you can control it via an app. However, you don’t actually need the app to control it. This is good news if you want a quick and easy solo session, or even if you just don’t have access to your phone.

While you can’t sync the Lush 3 to music without the app, you can still press the easy buttons on the toy to control the vibration speed and patterns.

Ease of use

You will be surprised how easy it is to customize Lush 3 via app and use its various features

Overall, the Lush 3 is very easy to use. We do recommend, however, playing around with it first before actually using it. This includes downloading the app and learning the different functions. While the basic settings are easy to understand, there are many more complex settings that can enhance your fun. It’s a good ideas to get to know the app better so you know what all your options are.

As for actually inserting the Lush 3, this is not too hard but can take a bit of effort the first few times. Any time you insert something vaginally, it can take a bit for your body to get used to it. Even though the Lush 3 is made from silicone, which is naturally warm, it is still a hard material. And, while the length isn’t long, it is still a foreign object.

Take the time to insert it on your own before you actually take the toy for a ride. You may find you need to move it around a bit or change the angle. Start out by only using for a shorter amount of time so that it doesn’t feel comfortable. If it does start to get uncomfortable, you can always remove it from your vagina and focus on the clitoral stimulation.

Vibration patterns

Any good vibrator will have multiple vibrating patterns and the Lush 3 is no exception as it comes with 10 pre-made patterns. This is good but not exceptional. However, you can actually program your own vibrating patterns.

Through the app, you can design your own patterns and even see what other people have come up with. It’s the perfect way to take advantage of the Lush community.

Another amazing experience is the use of patterns set to music. You can actually sync the app to your Spotify account, select a song, and the Lush 3 will vibrate along with the rhythm of the music. This is truly the exciting part about future technology.

Insertable length and circumference

Lush 3 is a bit bigger that its predecessors with 3 inches of insertable length

The Lush 3 has great measurements that will ensure comfort with most women. Its insertable length is just 3 inches but this is more than enough to reach the G-spot of women. As for the circumference, it measures 4.5 inches.

If you are worried about the shorter length, remember that this is a vibrator and not a dildo. While dildos are usually larger and meant to create a fuller feeling, vibrators are more about the sensation.

We get that 3 inches probably wouldn’t be your ideal length in other circumstances but with the Lush 3, it is more than enough for maximum pleasure.

Also, remember that the Lush 3 also stimulates your clitoris. Together, the two ends are made for ultimate satisfaction.

Noise level

Here’s another area where the Lush 3 really shines. It is whisper quiet. The maximum sound input is just 43 dB, which is incredible. Most women have experienced the annoyance at having a vibrator that seems to echo in a bedroom, especially if there are roommates on the other side of the wall.

Furthermore, if you want to use the Lush 3 out in public, you don’t want to worry that somebody will hear your toy. The low noise can’t be heard over the hustle and bustle of normal life, so it is completely discreet.

Just remember that the harder the vibrations, the louder the toy can be. If you are really worried about the extra noise, start it off on a lower setting.

Working and charging time

The Lush 3 is battery-operated but this battery is rechargeable, which is great for the environment. Charging is incredibly simple as it actually uses a magnetic charge point for faster and easier use. It takes four hours to come to a complete charge, which is recommended to do.

You can use your Lush 3 toy for 5 hours straight on weakest vibration mode

Once fully charged, the Lush three will work for four to five hours before needing to be recharged. As there are multiple vibrating settings, the more intense you work it, the faster the battery will drain.

Safety of use

When you add technology into anything, you may be worried about just how safe it can then be. While the Lush 3 does use an app for its controls, it is still extremely safe to use. While there have been no known reports of the app malfunctioning, if it does, there is a fail-safe. The Lush 3 has controls on the toy itself, so if something goes wrong you are still in control of it.

As for other components, the Lush 3 is made from silicone which is allergen-free. You don’t have to worry about allergies or irritation when using this toy.


If you compare the Lush 3 to other vibrators on the market, it will seem like this product is very expensive. However, what you are comparing to is key. Standard vibrators that either are for insertion or clitoral stimulation work well but are a lot more basic.

The next category to compare the Lush 3 to is rabbit vibrators. These, like the Lush 3, work to stimulate both your clitoris and the inside of your vagina. They are dual-purpose and cost more than regular vibrators.

Then, you need to add in the fact the Lush 3 can be controlled via an app. This technology does come at a premium but it also offers a world of opportunities. Not only does it make solo play easier but it is perfect for when you want to give up control to a partner.

When you combine all these factors, the price tag of the Lush 3 is actually pretty decent. While it may be at the top of most people’s budgets, we do think you will get a lot of pleasure out of it, which is the key with any vibrator.


Below are answers to some burning questions you may have about the Lush 3. If you still have questions after you purchase it, the customer service is excellent and offer round the clock help.

Can Lush 3 be used for anal play?

Even though the Lush 3 was designed for vaginal insertion, there’s no reason not to try it for anal play. You may need to adjust the toy a bit and move around to ensure it is comfortable. Overall, though, the Lush 3 is pretty maneuverable so if you are into anal play, it’s worth trying this toy out.

Can I turn off the light on Lush 3?

There is a small light on the Lush 3 that tells you it is synced with your phone. Unfortunately, unless you un-sync your phone, the light will stay on. If you are worried about this light being visible when out in public, there shouldn’t be an issue. Just be sure to wear underwear and this will diminish any extra light.

How can I wear Lush 3 in public?

Everyone has their own kinks and if you are into exhibitionism, then you will love the Lush 3 and its corresponding app. The toy is extremely quiet which means you can wear it in public, which is made all the more exciting if someone else is controlling it via the app.

We would caution that you want to practice walking around with the Lush 3 at home first, before you head out. While it is pretty comfortable, it can get a bit used to. The more natural you are at wearing it, the less notice you will attract when out in public.

The Lush 3 is designed to hug the insides of your body and through its placement, it will stay in place. You should still wear underwear at first just in case it moves around or slips out. As we said, the more practice you have at wearing it at home, the easier it will be to wear in public.

How to tell if Lush 3 is fully charged?

You can check the charging status of your Lush 3 via the app. Simply open it up and it will tell you the battery life of your Lush 3. This is useful as you don’t want to be in the middle of using your Lush 3, only to discover that it is lacking a charge.

  • Incredibly quiet and discrete
  • App is easy to use and has amazing features
  • Can be used on own or controlled by a partner
  • Can be a bit hard to stay in when moving
  • Only has a 25-30-foot Bluetooth range


Whether you want a vibrator for your solo play or love the thrill of giving control over to a partner, the Lush 3 is the ideal vibrator. This toy can be controlled via the Lovense app, which works on all smartphones. Through the app, you can control vibrating settings sync to music from anywhere in the world.


How sex toy habits changed in the pandemic (especially demand for quiet ones) - The Globe and Mail
The increased alone time helped people reconnect with self-love and masturbation, making new discoveries along the way
Sex Toy Sales Are Buzzing With Social Distancing From COVID-19 Coronavirus
During this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, not every business is drooping. In fact, a number of different industries seem to be on the rise including, drum roll please, the sex toy industry.
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