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Last updated: May 01, 2024

Lush 2 Review: Is It the Best Egg Vibrator? (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: May 01, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
What’s special about it:
  • Easy app compatibility
  • Capable of partner play
  • Low noise
  • Water resistance
Key features:
  • Body-safe material
  • Unlimited vibration patterns
  • 3 hours working time
  • Music synchronization
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  • Stimulation 9.7
  • Settings 9.6
  • Ease of use 9.8
  • Noise level 9.5
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Gone are those days when you could only get sexual pleasure from physical touch. The advent of sex toys with Bluetooth and internet connectivity has changed the way people have fun. As various sex toys try to outdo one another, the Lovense Lush 2 vibrator has managed to stand out—positively. This is not surprising considering the toy’s array of smart features.

With our Lush 2 review, you will learn everything about this sex toy, including the many exciting features that caught our eyes. From this vibrator’s incredible app compatibility to its powerful motor, waterproof design, and more, it’s hard to bet against it. Let’s introduce you to this wonderful sex toy in the Lovense Lush 2 review!


Our #1 pick for the best egg vibrator


Insertable length
3.5 in
Overall length
8.2 in
4.5 in
Working time
3 hrs
Charging time
2 hrs to full charge
Vibration patterns
Noise level
45.5 dB

Lovense Lush 2 Overview

Lush 2 is an egg vibrator with plenty of in-app functions for hands-free use

What is a Lush toy? A Lush toy is any sex toy that belongs to the Lush family, among which is the Lush 2. The Lush 2’s biggest selling point is arguably its smooth connectivity features that take automatic control to another level. This toy also has a great shout as Lovense’s most successful product.

Once we dive deep into the world of the Lush 2, you will understand why it is highly regarded. This vibrator is an internal vibrator designed to seek your G-spot and stimulate it. If you are thinking of clitoral stimulation, sorry, Lush 2 is not your guy. Notwithstanding, you can still try it out but do not expect a miracle of clitoral orgasm except you are extremely sensitive.

Furthermore, the Lush 2 features a signature pink tail that dangles out of your labia after the egg-shaped head (this toy is perhaps the best egg vibrator on the market) has been inserted into your vagina. When it comes to controlling the vibrator, you have two options; manual and automatic. The manual option involves using control buttons that are located at the tip of the vibrator’s tail. The toy’s on/off button is also at the tail’s tip.

The automatic option, on the other hand, requires the use of an app that is downloadable on the Google Play Store and the App Store. This option offers roffer control at both close range and long-range. That means you can bring a partner into your pleasure session. All you need to do is have the Lovense app on your phone and pair them together to the toy.

You will need a strong Bluetooth connection for the close-range mode which features a lot of pleasure options.

Since the Lush 2 is a wearable vibrator, you can even wear it in public while your partner controls the sensation. Surely, public play adds a unique excitement to your relationship.

For the long-distance mode, you will need an internet connection to connect the toy, your phone, and your partner’s phone together. Regardless of where your partner is, they will be able to control the sensations you feel from the toy.

Moreover, the Lush 2 is made from high-quality silicone that will not hurt your skin or body in any way. Plus, the toy is submersible in water, making it ideal for use in the tub, shower, or even the pool. That means there is no serious restriction to where you can have fun.

More impressively, the Lush 2 is USB-rechargeable. That makes life easier for you as you won’t have to wait for a power outlet to charge your vibrator. After all, your laptop can provide your toy with power. Good for you, the power can take up to three hours of continuous use. Talk about nonstop pleasure!

No way we will do the Lush 2 overview and not mention the vibrator’s powerful motor that delivers incredibly strong vibrations. Generally, the stronger the vibrations, the more exciting the sensations. Even if you want weaker vibrations, you have the controls to help you out. Despite the strong vibrations of this vibrator, it is nowhere near the noisiest sex toy.

Besides, the Lush 2 comes with several vibration patterns and speed settings you can explore to find what works best for you. In addition to the included vibration patterns, you can customize patterns yourself (more on that later). You can also sync the toy to music or other sounds via the app. That leaves you with unlimited vibration patterns.

Lush 2 vs Lush 3

From the name of the Lush 2, you could tell that it is not the first edition in its line and it is probably not the last. If you guessed the latter, you are right. There is a Lush 3. Expectedly, the Lush 3 enjoys some improvements on the Lush 2. Let’s get you a Lush 2 vs Lush 3 review matchup to learn the significant differences and similarities between both vibrators.

First of all, the Lush 3 can work up to 5 hours on a full charge. In contrast, the Lush 2 has a working time of 3 hours. Also, the Lush 3 is a bit quieter than the Lush 2 with a maximum noise level of 43 dB. Another important improvement is the Lush 3’s magnetic charging cable. No doubt, it makes charging easier than the ordinary USB cable of the Lush 2.

Even though the Lush 3 is an impressive upgrade to the Lush 2, the latter holds its own. They share the most important similarities. For example, both models share the same app-control features. Additionally, Lush 2 and Lush 3 are both made from body-safe silicone. Plus, the strength of their motors is the same. Lastly, both models have the same size.

In our opinion, Lush 2 and Lush 3 share more significant similarities and differences. Besides the longer working time of the Lush 3, there is not much that it has over the Lush 3.

What’s in the box?

When you unpack the packaging of the Lush 2, you will find these items:

  • 1x Lush 2 vibrator
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x quick set-up guide

Lovense Lush 2 App Review

Remember that we mentioned that the Lush 2 can be connected to the Lovense app. We will explain how that works below:


One of the most attractive functions of the Lush 2 is the ease of connection to the Lovense Remote app with Bluetooth technology. Thanks to this innovative connection, you can control your vibrator from your smartphone when masturbating solo. More excitingly, you can hand someone else the control of your toy from their phone.

Essentially, the remote app offers you excellent control options and leaves you to choose whatever rocks your boat. However, you must pair the Lush 2 with the Lovense app before you can use it as a remote control. Thankfully, the pairing process is not a complicated one.

Firstly, you must turn on the vibrator by pressing and holding the switch button for 3-5 seconds. Once you see a blinking red light at the tip of your Lush 2, know that the toy is ready to connect. Then, download the app “Lovense Remote” on your phone from Google Play Store (for an android device) or the App Store (for an Apple device).

Once you have downloaded the Lovense app, it’s time to register your account if you do not have an existing one. Click ‘Sign Up’ to set up your user account. If you have an existing account, simply add the vibrator to it. After ‘Log In’ or ‘Sign Up’, click the ‘connection’ icon to add the Lush 2 to your account. You will find the icon in the top right corner of the app.

After finding the vibrator, click the ‘Done’ icon in the top right corner. At this point, your vibrator is paired with the Lovense app on your smartphone.

To pair with someone who’s far away from you, click the ‘Long Distance’ icon at the bottom of your screen. You will find options such as ‘Adding People’, ‘Accepting a Request’, and ‘Control Link’. The first two options allow you to add someone by looking for their username and giving them your own.

Firstly, you add them using their username and they will get a request from you. Secondly, the person will have to accept your request to create a connection. Once your request has been accepted, the person will be automatically saved on your list of ‘People’. That makes it easy to connect with your partner for subsequent sessions.

Of course, you can remove someone from the list anytime you feel the need to (we have more on this later).

If you don’t want your connection with someone saved, you will need to use the ‘Control Links’ option. This option anonymously provides someone with access to your toy only for a short period that you set. You get to choose how many seconds or minutes they have access. This feature is ideal if you are a cam performer or you want to link up with one anonymously.


By now, you already know that the point of pairing the Lush 2 with the Lovense Remote app is to control the vibrator. The app’s control pattern is divided into three sections; Close Range, Long Distance, and Patterns. You’ll find all of them at the bottom of the app. The close range section involves control of the vibrator in the same vicinity as the toy.

In contrast, the Long Distance section involves control of the toy by your partner, who is far away.

For the Close Range mode, there are five different ways you control your toy. These ways include Remote, Alarm, Music, Sound, and My Patterns. You can use any of these options to achieve sexual pleasure. The ‘Remote’ option is the most influential of the control options. It gives you or your partner complete control of the vibrations.

When you click the ‘Remote’ icon, you’ll find various options. One of them is ‘Loop’, which repeats the vibration patterns and drives you to repeated orgasms. There is also the ‘Float’ icon which is perfect for people who like a consistent vibration. You can drag the floating pink icon to your preferred intensity and leave the vibrator to deliver a steady vibration.

Additionally, the ‘Remote’ section features the ‘Traditional’ panel which is a bit similar to the ‘float’ setup. It makes you push a slider to your desired vibration intensity.

Away from the ‘Remote’ section, there is the ‘My Patterns’ section which features four built-in patterns; Pulse, Fireworks, Earthquake, and Wave. Each of these patterns has five different speed settings that you can pick from to customize your vibrator. Interestingly, you can create your own patterns by tapping the ‘Create Pattern’ icon (more on this later).

Another control style is Alarm. This function allows you to set a time when your vibrator will go on or go off.
In addition to that, you can tell your vibrator what to do when it comes on; whether to use the ‘Pulse’ vibration pattern or any other pattern. That means you can wake up to your toy vibrating inside you if you so wish.

Furthermore, the Close-Range mode includes the ‘Music’ section which allows you to sync songs to your vibrator. Essentially, the vibrations from your vibrator will be determined by the tempo of the music. The last control style—Sound—is similar to music.

But instead of syncing to songs like the ‘Music’ function, the ‘Sound’ option uses surrounding noise to control vibrations. That means you can wear your Lush 2 in the club and it will start vibrating to the sounds around you. That’s some exciting feature!

For Long Distance mode, you will find many fun controls on top of the regular controls. This mode ensures that you have a lot of fun even when your partner is with you physically. When your partner is online, click on the contact and you will see a chat platform where you can engage in regular voice messages and texting conversations.

At the bottom right of your screen, you will find a ‘+’ icon. When you click this icon, more options such as Photo, Patterns, Video, Alarm, Live Control, etc., will pop up. The more exciting options are the Video and Live Control functions. The Video function allows a video call and the Live Control function lets you give access to your pattern to control your vibrator.

That means your partner will get to see your reactions as they control the vibrations inside you. When you cede Live Control, you will not be able to control the vibrator again until you cut off their control. As the toy owner, you have the access to record the live video but your partner won’t be able to do the same.

Moreover, we found a major drawback when testing the controls of the Lovense Remote app. The vibrations stop whenever you try to switch between different control styles. They only come back on when you select another control style. We don’t like the disruptive nature of this function. In our opinion, the vibrator could keep vibrating while you make the transition.

Music syncing

You can choose from preset and downloaded songs in your app for Lush 2 to vibe in rhythm

As we hinted earlier, the Lovense Remote app allows your Lush 2 to sync to the music. This function automatically pulls up the songs you have stored in your phone’s music library. You can also connect the app to your Spotify app or any other music streaming app on your phone. Even better, create a playlist that includes the song you will want your vibrator vibing to.

With the ‘Music’ function, your Lush 2 will vibe out various patterns based on the intensity and rhythm of the songs in your playlist. Trust us, there is hardly anything more stimulating than being treated to continuous and constantly changing vibrations. The rhythmic vibes will continue to change with the song and you won’t know what to expect at every second.

All you need to do to get started is to click the ‘Music’ icon on the homepage top right corner of your screen.


You can create your own vibration patterns and intensities in Lush 2 compatible app

As you probably know already, the Lovense 2 offers you a wide range of opportunities to customize your Lush 2 to your taste. For example, you get icons on your screen that you can pull up or down to increase or decrease vibrations. Also, you can pick any vibration pattern that you find most exciting.

Even better, you have the option of creating your own vibration patterns. Simply click the ‘My Patterns’ icon and you will find the ‘Create Pattern’ icon. Once you tap the latter, you will be able to create your own unique pattern. You can use a song with a nice rhythm to create your pattern.

Good for you, there is no limit to the number of patterns you can create. You can create as many vibration patterns as possible to have numerous options you can explore. Remember to save the patterns you create and they will stay on the app.

Removing partner(s)

You can delete the unwanted devices from Lush 2 app to prevent your partner from learning your secrets

In the future, you can decide to remove a partner from your Lovense App for any reason. After all, relationships are not set in stone. Here’s how you can remove a partner you no longer want on your app:

  • For Android – Tap and hold the contact for a few seconds and an option “Remove the person from the friend list” will pop up. Click the option to boot the contact out.
  • For iOS – Click on the contact and swipe it to the left. An icon that says ‘Delete’ will pop up. Tap the icon to remove the partner.

It’s as simple as that!

Lush 2 Design

The Lush 2 boasts a unique design that is easily noticeable. Apart from the look, the design also contributes to the vibrator’s effectiveness. Below, we will dissect various factors associated with the vibrator’s design:


Lush 2 has a fairly flexible “tail” that won’t stick out if you’re using the device in public

The Lush 2 sports a flexible design that makes it easy to use. Both the bulbous end and the antenna are flexible. While the flexible bulbous end moves smoothly to hit your G-spot, the antenna stays outside using its flexibility to search for a Bluetooth connection.

Additionally, the flexibility of the antenna makes it easy to bend to any angle you find discreet. This helps you stay unnoticed when you wear the Lush 2 in public.


The Lush 2 uses a USB pin charging cable that goes right inside the provided port. The charger plugs into any device that has a USB port, including a power bank, a laptop, etc. That means you can easily recharge your Lush 2 even if you run out of juice in public.

Additionally, the vibrator features a red indicator light that lights up once the charger is connected and the toy starts charging.

Water resistance

You can fully submerge Lush 2 for a long period of time – this vibrating egg won’t let any amount moist ruin the pleasure

One of the most important features of the best vibrators is water resistance. Unsurprisingly, the Lush 2 boasts this feature. It is fully submersible in water. That means it is suitable for some exciting wet play in the bathtub or the swimming pool. Besides enjoying wet play, the water resistance makes the cleaning process much easier.

Lush 2 in Action

How does Lush 2 work? We will let you in on how the vibrator works below:

Long-distance functionality

Lush 2 uses Bluetooth connection to operate so the distance between toy and phone should be rather little

If you use/used the Lush, you will know that it has some issues with its Bluetooth connectivity. While some users experience poor connection from as little as three feet away, others suffer a continuous drop in connection. Frankly, these connection issues are quite frustrating. Thankfully, Lovense has fixed these issues and they don’t affect the Lush 2.

When we connected the Lush 2 to the Lovense App to test the Close Range features, we did not experience any connection. The connection stayed strong for about 40 – 45 feet. After 45 feet, we began to experience inconsistent vibrations. Once we moved closer to the phone, the consistent vibrations returned immediately.

So, if you and your partner are staying in the same room and not separated by walls, you can trust the connection to stay stable for as long as you want it. Even when you open other apps, the connection between your Lush 2 and the Lovense App will not be affected. Believe us when we say some brands won’t stay connected in the same situation.

In the case of long-distance connections, there is nothing to worry about as long as your internet connection is stable. Also, ensure that you do not block the vibrator’s antenna while at it. Overall, the Lovense app offers great connection strength and comfort.

Using without app

The Lush 2 works as a manual and automatic vibrator. If you do not have access to your phone or you want simplicity, you can go manual without using the Lovense app. First of all, turn the device on with the switch located at the tip of the antenna. Once a red indicator light flashes, the device is turned on.

Moreover, the Lush 2 features seven built-in vibration modes that you can explore. You can press (do not hold) the switch button repeatedly to cycle through the various vibration modes. You should stop pressing once you get to a mode that works for you.

Ease of use

You do not need any major lessons to learn how to use Lush 2 because the controls are easy to understand. Whether you are using the Lovense App or you are using the vibe manually, controlling the toy is a breeze!

Besides the controls, the Lush 2 offers internal comfort when it is inside you. It sports a smooth body-safe silicone that goes right in without issue as long as you add lubricant. Once you learn how to wear Lush 2 properly, you can walk, dance, stand, and lay with it without feeling uncomfortable. Overall, this vibrator is a pretty easy one to use.

Vibration patterns

As we have mentioned before, the Lush 2 comes with four vibration patterns; Wave, Pulse, Earthquake, and Fireworks. Each of these patterns behaves like its name. For example, you can expect the Pulse pattern to keep pulsing while you use it. Plus, you can expect incredibly powerful vibrations from the Earthquake pattern.

If you are using the Lovense App, simply click on patterns and tap any vibration pattern you fancy. If you are going manual, simply cycle through the vibration modes using the switch button to arrive at your preferred pattern. You won’t get to the first pattern until the fourth press of the button.

More specifically, the fourth press is Pulse. The fifth press is Wave. The sixth press is Fireworks. The seventh press is Earthquake.

Overall, you can expect intense, powerful vibration patterns from the Lush 2.

Insertable length and circumference

Lush 2 is a compact toy with just 7 inches in total length – perfect for discreet storage

When it comes to sex toys, insertable length and circumference are two very important considerations that cannot be ignored. While the insertable length determines how far inside you the toy goes, the circumference determines how well the toy fills you up. In both areas, the Lush 2 fares well.

Measuring 3.5 inches in insertable length, this vibrator is just long enough to reach your G-spot and stimulate it for as long as you desire. Also, the circumference, which measures 4.5 inches, is wide enough to fill you up and send sweet sensations through your spine.

Noise level

Noise level is another important feature that should concern you when checking out a vibrator. Thankfully, the Lush 2 is far from being the loudest vibrator. For a vibrator that you probably want to wear in public, you want it to be as quiet as possible. With a maximum noise level of 45.5 dB, this toy won’t snitch you out at the club, even at its loudest.

If you turned the Lush 2 on without inserting it into your vagina, you will get a false sense of it being louder than normal. Once you insert the vibrator in your vagina, the noise goes away and it will stay discreet.

Working and charging time

When it comes to working and charging time, the Lush 2 offers fair deals. The Lush 2 charging time is about two hours. At full charge, the toy vibrates uninterrupted for up to three hours. If you are using the highest vibration speed, you might not get more than 2.5 hours of use. No doubt, that is still a good one.

When you get more than two hours of operation from a charge, you have a lot of time to explore your body every session.

Safety of use

In terms of safety, the Lush 2 is as safe as you can ask for. Not only is it made from body-safe silicone but it is free of known allergens such as latex and phthalates. While latex has been known to cause itchy skin Trusted Source Latex allergy - Symptoms and causes Latex allergy is a reaction to certain proteins found in natural rubber latex, a product made from the rubber tree. If you have a latex allergy, your body mistakes latex for a harmful substance. , phthalates have been linked to various health risks Trusted Source Phthalates are everywhere, and the health risks are worrying. How bad are they really? Health and wellbeing Phthalates are everywhere, and a tidal wave of new research has documented their wide-ranging negative health impacts, but what are the real risks? . With the Lush 2, you do not need to worry about latex and phthalates.

Furthermore, the app is safe to use as there is no risk of malfunction.


When it comes to the price of the Lush 2, it is a bit expensive but you cannot expect anything less considering its many premium functions. Regardless of its cost, you can trust that you will get good value for your money.


We know there is a chance you still have unanswered questions about the Lush 2, we will answer some important questions below.

Can Lush 2 be used for anal play?

No, we do not advise using the Lush 2 for anal play because it is not safe. The vibrator does not feature a flared base that can keep the toy from getting lost inside your anus.

Can I turn off the light on Lush 2?

Yes, you can turn off the light. Once your Lush 2 is connected to the Lovense app, tap the toy’s name and you will find a setting that asks you to enable/disable LED. Click on the icon to turn it off.

How can I wear Lush 2 in public?

Insert the Lush 2 into your vagina and keep the flexible antenna at a comfortable and discreet angle. Also, ensure that the dress you are wearing is not tight (leggings are a no-no) so that the toy’s shape is not visible outside the cloth.

How to tell if Lush 2 is fully charged?

Remember that we’ve mentioned in our Lush 2 vibrator review that the toy turns on a red light when it is charging. This light turns off once the vibrator is fully charged.

  • Powerful vibrations
  • Wearable
  • Easy to insert
  • Easy-to-use remote app
  • Unlimited vibration patterns
  • Water-resistant
  • No travel lock
  • No storage pouch


The Lush 2 has proven itself to be a valuable asset to anyone who cares very much about sexual pleasure. Not only does this vibrator offer powerful vibrations but it also provides ease of use with its app compatibility. With our Lush 2 review, you can learn all you need to know about this sex toy.


Latex allergy - Symptoms and causes
Latex allergy is a reaction to certain proteins found in natural rubber latex, a product made from the rubber tree. If you have a latex allergy, your body mistakes latex for a harmful substance.
Phthalates are everywhere, and the health risks are worrying. How bad are they really? Health and wellbeing
Phthalates are everywhere, and a tidal wave of new research has documented their wide-ranging negative health impacts, but what are the real risks?
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